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  • Offer Profile

    Constantly changing market requirements, customised products with a vast range of variants, increasingly shorter production cycles and the fully interlinked and automated production of Industry 4.0 present a set of completely new challenges for your intralogistics. Conventional transport systems such as conveyor belts will quickly reach their limits. Only integrated transport and process solutions with intelligent controls, maximum flexibility and optimum availability will enable your company to sustainably advance its competitive position and make it fit for the future.

Product Portfolio
  • Shuttles

  • Core components of the montrac® system, montrac® shuttles are intelligent single or twin-axle conveyors equipped with an on-board power supply. Moving self-centered on the monorail, the shuttles are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors that prevent potential collisions with obstacles or other shuttles.

    Each shuttle is powered by a maintenance-free, low-voltage motor located in the axle. Cams on the T-grooves along the track specify shuttle speed and stopping positions. Speed parameters can be pre-configured to optimally meet your individual requirements.

      • montrac® SHUTTLE S015 & X030

      • The standard shuttle for many transport operations offering a maximum speed of 55 m/min and loads of up to 30 kg.
      • montrac® SHUTTLE S015CR, W040CR & W070CR

      • The cleanroom shuttle specifically for cleanroom applications. Rubberised drive and support rollers optimised to minimise friction with a minimal point of contact on the monorail, in tandem with contactless rather than mechanical braking, result in extremely low particle emissions. Maximum speed 55 m/min, max. load 70 kg.
      • montrac® SHUTTLE X050

      • Next generation transport efficiency. Shuttle variants with payloads up to 50 kg offer the perfect transport solution for any application. Innovative 5-beam sensor modules that are optionally available on the front and rear axles ensure collision free and monitored turning and reversing while also allowing wide workpiece carriers to be monitored.
      • montrac® SHUTTLE W040 & W070

      • Technical advancement of Generation X. The two shuttle variants with a payload of up to 40 kg (W040) and up to 70 kg (W070) transport heavy workpieces safely via the space-saving monorail. Possible collisions are prevented by innovative sensor modules. The W070 also offers optional sensor-monitored reversing.
    • Rail System

    • montrac® Rail system – THE RAIL SYSTEM FOR THE montrac® SHUTTLE

      The montrac® modular system encompasses all the components required to construct customised rail systems. montrac® Trac is compatible with the TracSet profile system. Components such as curves, junctions, switches and lifts are all available to enable flexible routing.

        •  Trac (STRAIGHT MONORAIL)

        • The Trac monorail is made of a colourless anodised, extruded aluminium profile. Conductor rails can run left or right along a Trac, allowing flexible placement of the TracControl routing module.

        • A TracLink is the connecting component between two sections of Trac or active components (e.g. TracSwitch). TracLink facilitates the electrical connection to the conductor rails and serves as a feed-in for the TracSupply.
        • TracCurve (CHANGE OF DIRECTION)

        • A TracCurve enables 90° or 45° changes in direction with connection radii of 220mm or 520mm. Two 90° TracCurves can be used to create a 180° curve.
        • TracSwitch (SWITCH)

        • A TracSwitch redirects shuttles from one track to two or vice-versa. Narrow radii enable junctions to be created within confined spaces.
        • TracSwitch Arena (SWITCH)

        • A TracSwitch Arena redirects shuttles from a track onto a bypass or further on/back to the main track. As a consequence, a single component enables a complete bypass to be created and used.
        • TracCrossing (JUNCTION)

        • A TracCrossing allows two tracks running at right angles to cross.
        • FlexTrac (INCLINE)

        • FlexTrac enables height variations on a track to be overcome through inclined travel. Depending on the configuration, shuttles can move up an incline of up to 12°.

        • The TracDoor allows employees to pass through a montrac® line or access, for example, work centres within the line.

        • The lift is used to vertically transport shuttles. For example to link up two or more systems at different operational heights or to move shuttles from a station to a ceiling system or vice versa.
        • IosolationTrac (ELECTRICAL DECOUPLER)

        • For larger systems with a lot of shuttles that require an electrical current greater than 40A, the system must be divided into appropriate segments in terms of power supply. These are electrically decoupled from one another using two IsolationTracs.
        • TracSupply (POWER SUPPLY)

        • The TracSupply supplies the conductor rails on the montrac® transport system with 24V DC voltage. Shuttles draw their power from the conductor rails.
      • Peripherals


        The montrac® transport system offers a number of practical peripheral components to meet specific work centre and automatic assembly area requirements. For example, components to support the product to prevent burdening the shuttle or inclining platforms to enhance ergonomics. These options allow you to further optimise your production and work processes.

          • SupoTrac (SUPPORT DEVICE)

          • SupoTrac is a supporting device for work centres that prevents outside forces from burdening the shuttle. SupoTrac lifts the shuttle platform slightly up from the shuttle. This enables work to take place without burdening the shuttle and trac.
          • PositioningUnit PU-4 (POSITIONING)

          • PositioningUnit PU G4 is used to precisely position a shuttle and/or where a platform requires additional support during the work process to withstand up to 4,000 N of force. With a positioning accuracy of ± 0.02mm, it meets the highest requirements. The PositioningUnit is available for single or multiple positioning.
        • TracControl

        • montrac® TracControl – YOUR TRANSPORT SYSTEM CONTROL CENTRE

          System-specific controls ensure optimum functioning and utilisation of the montrac® transport system. Our modular TracControl routing components allow you to precisely control and seamlessly monitor your system – regardless of whether the layout is simple or highly complex. Diverse interfaces enable the integration of external control components or overriding routing systems.

            • TracControl 1

            • The TC1-IRM (Intelligent Routing Module) is an optoelectronic communication module for exchanging data to enable interaction between the shuttle, rail system and SPS master control.

              The shuttle and TC1-IRM communicate with each other via infra-red signals. The TC1-IRM can serve as a communication interface between the rail system and master controller or as an autonomously functioning control component.

            • TracControl 2

            • TracControl 2 offers numerous montrac® transport system control options, with modules comprising individual standard montrac® components controlled centrally by a TracControl 2 unit (TC2U).
            • Material Flow Controller

            • The TracControl 2 Material Flow Controller (TC2-MFC) serves to visualise, control and record the material flow in a montrac® system and monitor the system status. This optimises control of system utilisation and prevents blocks and congestion.
          • TracSet

          • montrac® TracSet –THE FLEXIBLE ASSEMBLY SYSTEM

            Suitable TracSet base frames are available for all montrac®components. Similar to the Trac rail system, the base frames are also of modular design. Base frames are individually height-adjustable to meet customer requirements.

                • TracSet (ASSEMBLY SYSTEM)

                • TracSet is a universal, modular, height-adjustable system for creating customised montrac® system assemblies and base frames. Thanks to the practical compression joints (dovetail joints), the robust and versatile profile system can be quickly and easily assembled. No mechanical processing of the profiles, e.g. drilling, is required. montrac® Design Guide
            • montrac® Configurator

            • montrac® Configurator – YOUR montrac® TRANSPORT SYSTEM AT THE CLICK OF A MOUSE

              Design and optimise your own montrac® transport system. Use the free montrac® Configurator to configure complete production lines via drag & drop - including 3D visualisation and detailed material stock lists. It couldn't be simpler!

                  • montrac® Configurator

                  • montrac® Configurator is a convenient software solution for designing customised transport system layouts with just a few clicks of the mouse.

                    All standard montrac® transport system components are stored on the configurator. The required components are positioned in the configuration window via drag & drop. All commensurate connection points are automatically recognised by the software.

                    Operation is extremely simple and intuitive. For clarification, the integrated user manual provides extensive information on creating layouts and many other options provided by the software. These include, for example, the generation of stock lists, import of drawings, 3D export of the layout and a variety of tips on how to use the configurator more easily.

              • Areas of application


                montrac® is the intelligent automation and transport system for interlinking industrial production and logistic processes. montrac® offers a broad range of applications and guarantees exceptional levels of flexibility, reliability and efficiency.

                  • INTRALOGISTICS

                  • Intralogistics and production processes generally optimised down to the last second. montrac® maximises material throughput in the shortest of cycle times and provides exceptional system stability. All this plus flexible expandability of the system as a whole.
                  • PROCESS SEQUENCING

                  • In terms of assembly automation, montrac® masters complex transport tasks in confined spaces and over multiple floors – from a lot size of one in any given variant right through to high-volume production. montrac® also enables just-in-time operation of processing centres – reliably, trouble-free and around the clock. This allows individual production steps to be flexibly interlinked – right through to systematic process sequencing and the total automation of entire production lines.
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