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    Constantly changing market requirements, customised products with a vast range of variants, increasingly shorter production cycles and the fully interlinked and automated production of Industry 4.0 present a set of completely new challenges for your intralogistics. Conventional transport systems such as conveyor belts will quickly reach their limits. Only integrated transport and process solutions with intelligent controls, maximum flexibility and optimum availability will enable your company to sustainably advance its competitive position and make it fit for the future.

Product Portfolio
  • montrac®

      • Shuttles

      • Rail System

      • Peripherals

      • Control

      • montrac® Configurator

    • Shuttles

    • Core components of the montrac® system, montrac® shuttles are intelligent single or twin-axle conveyors equipped with an on-board power supply. Moving self-centered on the monorail, the shuttles are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors that prevent potential collisions with obstacles or other shuttles.

      Each shuttle is powered by a maintenance-free, low-voltage motor located in the axle. Cams on the T-grooves along the track specify shuttle speed and stopping positions. Speed parameters can be pre-configured to optimally meet your individual requirements.

        • montrac® Shuttle MSH4

        • The standard shuttle with maximum driving speed of 55m/min and load capacity up to 30 kg is qualified for many transport tasks.
        • montrac® Shuttle MSH4 CR

        • The cleanroom shuttle for use in clean rooms. Minimum abrasion-Optimized, rubberized drive and support rollers with pointed support surfaces on the mono rail as well as non-mechanical stopping ensure the lowest particle emissions.
        • montrac® Shuttle Customer Specific

        • The colour of the housing of the montrac® shuttle can be adapted to your corporate design and enables the imprint of your logo. The individualized Shuttle transport products and workpieces up to 20 kg with a speed of up to 30 m/min.
      • Rail System

      • Modular monorail components for customer-specific transport operations around tight bends and over multiple floors.
          • Trac

          • The monorail consists of a colorless anodized aluminium rod extruded profile. The conductor rails can run along the left or right of the entire Trac, thus allowing a flexible positioning of the control modules.
          • TracLink

          • The TracLink is the connecting element between two Trac sections or active components (e.g. TracSwitch). This element provides the electrical connection for the conductor rails and serves as the feeding point of the TracSupply.
          • TracCurve

          • The TracCurve enables changes of Trac direction by 90° or 45° with a radius of 220 mm / 520 mm. A 180° curve can be constructed by using only two 90° TracCurves.
          • TracSwitch

          • The TracSwitch is used to distribute Shuttles from one lanes to two, and vice versa. Thanks to the narrow radii, branches can be realized in a confined space.
          • TracSwitch Arena

          • The TracSwitch Arena either diverts Shuttles into a bypass or allows them to continue on the main lane. The TracSwitch Arena makes it possible to perform a complete bypass with a single component.
          • TracCrossing

          • The crossing makes it possible for two lanes to intersect each other at a right angle.
          • FlexTrac

          • By providing the option of moving diagonally, FlexTrac allows a montrac® transport system to reach different heights. Depending on the configuration, shuttles can move at an angle of up to 12°.
          • TracDoor

          • The TracDoor (gate) allows access by a montrac® route or access to, for example, manual workstations within the route.
          • Lift

          • The lift is used for the vertical transport of Shuttles to solve the following tasks: connecting two or more systems with different working heights and feeding of Shuttles from a station to a ceiling system or vice versa.
          • IsolationTrac

          • For larger systems with a lot of shuttles that require an electrical current greater than 40A, the system must be divided into appropriate segments in terms of power supply. These are electrically decoupled from one another using two IsolationTracs.
          • TracSupply

          • The purpose of TracSupply is to supply the conductor rail of the montrac® transport system with a current of 24 V DC. The shuttles get their power from these conductor rails while on the move.
        • Peripherals

        • Supporting, positioning and folding devices for enhanced ergonomics at work centres.
            • SupoTrac

            • The SupoTrac serves as a support for manual workstations. In the SupoTrac the workpiece platform is slightly raised from the Shuttle. Thus processing is possible without having to strain the Shuttle with forces (the forces are transmitted to the Trac).
            • PositioningUnit

            • PositioningUnit PU G4 is used to precisely position a shuttle and/or where a platform requires additional support during the work process to withstand up to 4,000 N of force. The PositioningUnit is available for single or multiple positioning.
          • Trac Control

          • TracControl routing modules for both simple and complex layouts.
              • TracControl 1

              • The TC1-IRM (Intelligent Routing Module) is an optoelectronic communication module for exchanging data to enable interaction between the shuttle, rail system and SPS master control.

                The shuttle and TC1-IRM communicate with each other via infra-red signals. The TC1-IRM can serve as a communication interface between the rail system and master controller or as an autonomously functioning control component.

              • TracControl 2

              • TracControl 2 offers numerous montrac® transport system control options, with modules comprising individual standard montrac® components controlled centrally by a TracControl 2 unit (TC2U).
              • Material Flow Controller

              • The TracControl 2 Material Flow Controller (TC2-MFC) serves to visualise, control and record the material flow in a montrac® system and monitor the system status. This optimises control of system utilisation and prevents blocks and congestion.
            • TracSet

            • TracSet assembly components form a reliable base for monorail systems.
                  • TracSet

                  • TracSet is a universal, modular, height-adjustable system for creating customised montrac® system assemblies and base frames. Thanks to the practical compression joints (dovetail joints), the robust and versatile profile system can be quickly and easily assembled. No mechanical processing of the profiles, e.g. drilling, is required.
              • montrac® Configurator

              • Design and optimise your own customised montrac® transport and process system.
                    • montrac® Configurator

                    • montrac® Configurator is a convenient software solution for designing customised transport system layouts with just a few clicks of the mouse.

                      All standard montrac® transport system components are stored on the configurator. The required components are positioned in the configuration window via drag & drop. All commensurate connection points are automatically recognised by the software.

                      Operation is extremely simple and intuitive. For clarification, the integrated user manual provides extensive information on creating layouts and many other options provided by the software. These include, for example, the generation of stock lists, import of drawings, 3D export of the layout and a variety of tips on how to use the configurator more easily.

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