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Company Profile

Simplex Motion’s integrated electric servo motors are engineered for high output torque, energy efficiency and precise control. The compact design enables cost optimization and easy configuration. The technology behind the products is designed and developed in Sweden, and patented since 2012.

Product Range

  • Motor control: Decentralised motor controls
  • Motor drives
  • Motor: Compact drive and motor solution
  • Motor: Complete servo motor package
  • Motor: Complete, ready-to-use motion system
  • Motor: Decentral drive solution
  • Motor: Integrated DC-motor
  • Motor: Integrated servo motor
  • Motor: Multi axis servo and motion system
  • Motor: Smart motor
  • Robot actuator: Rotary actuators
  • Servo motor: Positioning drive
  • Servo motor: Positioning servo motor
  • Servo motor: Rotary actuator
  • Servo motor: Servo actuator