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  • Offer Profile
  • The Föhrenbach Group with around 80 employees, founded in 1975 by Manfred Föhrenbach, is one of the leading manufacturer of high-precision components, units and systems for linear and rotary movements in the automation technology and precision machinery industry. Föhrenbach products solve requirements for guiding, drive, movement, control and positioning. Additionally Föhrenbach offers products to complete the portfolio for customized complete solutions up to special machines.
Product Portfolio
  • Mechanical components / Manual guides

  • Föhrenbach precision slide guides are available in two series with identical dimensions as dovetail slides or as roller bearing slides. We produce them in series in standard widths of 30 to 400 mm and lengths of 35 to 1,800 mm. Due to this modular system, an optimum version regarding technology and price can be supplied for virtually every problem.
      • Dovetail slides

      • The Föhrenbach dovetail guides are made of grey cast iron and of aluminium, but makes of other materials are possible, too. The play is adjusted by means of an adjusting bar. All types are equipped with greasing nipples and greasing grooves. All outside surfaces are ground and the guides milled fine.  Also on sale are one axe or multi-axe slide types that run on roller bearings. These are made of grey cast iron (GG 25) or of aluminium. Aluminium models are anodized black. Slides for higher loads can be delivered as reinforced execution. The Föhrenbach slide types that run on roller bearings run in prestressed, hardened and ground Vee-guides. Even under high loads they assure smooth running operation, free from play and guarantee an extremely precise lengthwise motion. As compared to guide rails (dovetail type) they enable exact and easy displacement of parts, free from play.
        Due to this modular system, an optimum version regarding technology and price can be supplied for virtually every problem:
      • Roller slides

      • Our slides that run on roller bearings, in single-axis or multi-axis designs, are supplied in the materials grey cast iron and aluminium. The roller bearing slides run in preloaded, hardened and ground Vee-guides. This ensures a smooth, zero-play and extremely precise longitudinal movement - even under high load. Slides which must be designed with T-grooves or higher rigidity can be produced in a
        reinforced version.

        Due to this modular system, an optimum version regarding technology and price can be supplied for virtually every problem:
      • Cross Slides

      • Our cross roller guide rails are freely interchangeable standard elements. Our guide rails allow the assembly of extremely rigid and precise linear guides without any play.


        • Able to carry high loads
        • running extremely smooth
        • require little space
        • long serviceable life

        Mounting instructions:

        When mounting the guide rails make sure the bearing surfaces have been machined in a parallel manner and are to the angle. The tolerances of the bearing and mounting surfaces shall conform to the process tolerances of the guide rails (standard quality). The prestress applied depends on the respective mounting conditions, on the rigidity of the assembled slide structure respectively. We recommend to apply a prestress equivalent to a value between 5 and 20 % of the maximum admissible load. However, the load carrying ability of the overall guide rail structure thus realized will, at any case, be reduced by the prestress applied.
      • Miniature roller slides

      • The miniature roller slides can be delivered either as open type or with end plates. The exterior part
        is made of aluminium, the interior part consists of hardened steel. With standard drilling pattern.
      • SVAN Dovetail Slides

      • This guiding system makes it possible to accurately position your products. Furthermore, you can fix it exactly at the desired place. The innovation lies in the backlash-free clamping, horizontal and vertical side misalignment ≤ 3 μm. Useful advantages: compact sizes and the possibility of adjusting and locking the guide by a hex screwdriver.

        Clamps permit a fast combination to 2 axis systems and/or 3 axis systems or the fitting of axis systems on a base plate.


        • Dovetail slides made of Aluminium, natural anodized
        • 5 sizes: 20, 30, 50, 80, 120 mm with standard stroke between 5 and 100 mm
        • Backlash-free clamping
        • Compact sizes
        • Adjustment with knurled micrometer knob (standard) or hex screwdriver
        • High load ratings
        • Guides without play
        • High damping
        • Scale with knurled micrometer knob
        • Mounting kit (clamps)
        • Easy and quick to combine to 2 axis systems and/or 3 axis systems
    • Motorized precision slides with integrated linear motor

    • As internal development by Föhrenbach, the integrated linear motors are precisely adapted to the respective requirements and provide consistently high speeds and acceleration values.
        • Motorized precision slides PFL / PCL /PKL

        • The highest accuracy class “Ultra-Precision plus” impresses with an accuracy of 0.0005 mm, thus 0.5 µm. Due to the fact that the control unit of the Föhrenbach slides is compatible with the interfaces of almost all measuring systems, this extraordinary repeatability does not depend on a particular system or a specific provider.

          Advantages oft he linear drive:

          • Optimal machine design
            Gearbox, pinion, racks, spindles, tooth belt and chain are not needed.
          • Excellent synchronisation characteristics
            In connection with a high resolution measuring system very good synchronisation characteristics can be arrived also in the case of low speeds.
          • Strong and reliable
            Also under adverse operating conditions Föhrenbach linear motors are a guarantor for high reliability of the complete system due to the complete integration into the machine.
          • Increased performance of the machine
            The high rigidity of the mechanical system gives a better stiffness of the automatic control loops.
          • Greatest efficiency
            Optimum ratio of torque resp. force to inertia resp. power to weight.
          • Highest positioning accuracy
            No inaccuracy caused by transmission play, toothed belt elongation, rotation shaft torsion, resonance or hysteresis, Highest positioning accuracy with integrated measuring system, high dynamics, high acceleration rates.
        • Precision slide guide KCL

        • Föhrenbach’s precision slide guide type KCL with ball bushings and integrated linear motor, is an alternative solution to belt and rack axes.
        • Handling Module LDH

        • Design and construction of the LDH assure optimum smoothness of running.


          • Drive
            Iron-free, electronically commutated 3-phase DC linear motor with permanent magnetic secondary part.
          • Measuring system
            Incremental measuring system with optical scanning.
          • Mechanical guidance
            Precise profile guide rails with ball deflectors ensure high running accuracy, rigidity and loading capacity.
          • Assembly and mounting option
            Standard bore and screw surfaces allow a flexible use.
          • Field of applications
            Handling and positioning applications requiring high dynamic and speed with high positioning accura.
      • Motorized precision slides with spindle drive

      • The motorized precision slides with spindle drive have been designed for the requirements of the mechanical and special engineering. Due to the almost modular design, an optimal model concerning the technical use and the price is virtually available for the solution of any problem. Covers and lengths are available in different variants and for different use cases.
          • Ball Bushing Slides KBS / KCS

          • KBS (basic equipment)

            • ball screw spindle drive in accordance with standard lay-out
            • bellows cover; material PUR bothsides coated
            • internal inductive end of travel limit switches (pnp contacts) incl. plug connector
            • base plate, shifting element, flange and end plates; aluminium natural anodised
            • steel shafts
            • ball bushing

            KCS (basic equipment)

            • ball screw spindle drive in accordance with standard lay-out
            • sheet metal cover
            • internal inductive end of travel limit switches (pnp contacts) incl. plug connector
            • base plate, flange- and end plates aluminium natural anodised coating
            • shifting element GJS-400-18 (GGG 40)
          • Profiled guide slide PFS / PCS

          • The profiled guide slide PFS is available in 5 series with sizes from 100 mm up to 425 mm width and strokes up to 2000 mm. To protect them against dirt accumulations, the slides are covered with bellow covers. Other covers on request.
            The slides are available in aluminium (nature anodized), or casted iron GGK-25. Optional steel C-45. The ball thread spindle drives are available in the qualities T5 and T7 with spindle pitches from 5 to 50 mm.

            PFS (basic equipment)

            • ball screw spindle acc. to standard type allocation
            • screwed up bellows cover coated on both sides
            • integrated inductive limit switches (PNP break contact) incl. plug-connector in the endplate
            • base plate, sliding element and endplate: material: aluminium natural anodised grey cast iron GGK-25, bare
            • guide rails
            • rail guided carriage
            • short sliding element with 4 rail guided carriages or long sliding element with 6 carriages
            • Motor flange of anodised natural aluminium
            • Motor assembly of anodised black aluminium
            • The profiled guide slide PCS is available in 3 series with sizes from 100 mm up to 225 mm width and strokes up to 1.825 mm. To protect them against dirt accumulation, the PCS are covered with cover. The slides are available in aluminium (nature anodized), or casted iron GGK-25. The ball thread spindle drives are available in the qualities T5 and T7 with spindle pitches from 5 to 50 mm.

            PCS (basic equipment)

            • Ball screw spindle acc. to standard type allocation
            • Base plate, and endplate, material: aluminum anodized natural. Options see order key.
            • Sliding element material: cast-iron chemically nickel-plated (Dimension 100: Aluminum anodized natural)
            • Guide rails
            • Rail guided carriage
            • Short sliding element with 4 rail guided carriages
            • Motor flange of anodized natural aluminum
          • Roller bearing slides - and Dovetail slides MR / MS

          • Key Features

            • Type MR - roller bearing mounted slide /Typ MS - dovetail slides
            • Positioning accuracy: 0,001 - 0,1 mm according to the spindle used and the feedback system
            • Drive: Stepping or direct-current motors
        • Multi axis systems

        • In addition to individual components, Föhrenbach supplies systems ready for installation as well. These systems can be assembled from different components, manual / motorized axes and / or rotary axes - as desired and depending on the requirements.
              • Individual customer applications

              • With high demands on accuracy and dynamics, the base frame in welded construction or hard stone is also a possible and reasonable part of the scope of supply. Here, all axes are specified, assembled, aligned, measured, tested and recorded - according to desired specifications. By means of hard stone, the required accuracies can be achieved. Hard stone offers all the characteristics required - ranging from a small coefficient of expansion, high abrasion resistance, optimum vibration damping, absence of unwanted residual stresses up to the necessary accuracies regarding flatness, parallelisms and angularity.
          • Rotary tables and rotation axis

          • Positioning with system! With the rotary tables from Föhrenbach you get an extensive and at the same time flexible solution for your requirements - everything from a single source and any time expandable. Our solutions are characterized by precision, durability and big light aperture.
              • Rotary tables with worm gear series RT1

                • Field of Applications:
                  Assembly technilogies, measuring and testing equipments, laser writing, welding, cutting, as well as special mechanical engineering. The standard light aperture can be used for optical systems or for execution by cable.
                • Drive
                  Worm drive i=72:1, with simple measure-oriented adjustment. Flange and coupling are available for all common stepper- and servomotors (motors are not included, please ask for suitable motors).
                • Material
                  RT1A 300 / 400 Housing and rotary plate: Aluminium anodised black RT1G 300 / 400; Option: Housing and rotary plate: Gray cast iron; Option: Housing surface colored varnished.
                • Protection Class
                  Protection class IP 50 (Other protection classes on request)
                • Ambient temperature
                  Ambient temperature at the operating location: +10 °C to +40 °C
                • Bearing
                  Precision roller bearing with high moment rigidity and concentricity and axial run-out accuracy. Higher concentricity and axial run-out accuracy on request.
                • Lubrication
                  Lifetime lubrication with input speed ≤3000 and ED ≤20%Continuous operation and high dynamic applications on request.
                • Options Blocking air connection, Application on temperature range -40 °C to +80 °C
                  Application on vacuum to 10-6 mbar, Limit switch for the containment of the operating range, PNP-NC, Reference point at rotary plate, PNP-NO
              • Rotary tables with worm gear series RT2A

                • Field of Applications
                  Assembly, measuring and testing equipments, laser writing, welding, cutting, as well as special mechanical engineering. The standard light aperture can be used for optical systems or for execution by cable.
                • Drive
                  Non self locking worm drive i=36:1 (i=25:1 for RT2A075), with easy adjust clearance.
                  Flanges and couplings are available for all common stepper and servo motors (motors are not included, please ask for suitable motors).
                • Material
                  Housing: Aluminium anodized black
                  Rotary plate RT2A 075, RTA 100: Steel
                  Rotary plate RT2A 150, RT2A 200: Aluminium anodized black
                • Protection Class
                  Protection class IP 50 (Other protection classes on request)
                • Ambient temperature
                  Ambient temperature at the operating location: +10 °C to +40 °C
                • Bearing
                  Integrated roller bearing with high moment rigidity and concentricity and axial run-out accuracy. Higher concentricity and axial run-out accuracy on request.
                • Lubrication
                  Lifetime lubrication for 360° applications with input speed ≤3000 and output torque ≤0,2Nm. For intervall mode lubricating cycles must be provided.
                • Options
                  Application on temperature range -40 °C to +80 °C, Application on vacuum to 10-6 mbar, Limitation of rotation and reference point switch (PNP-NC or PNP-NO), pneumatic locking
              • Rotary tables with direct drive series RT3 and RT4

              • Rotary tables with direct drive series RT3

                The rotary tables with direct drive are available in different types:
                RT3A 100x100, RT3A 100x115, RT3A80x130, RT3A150x100, RT3A 150x130, RT3A 250x170, RT3A 150x60, RT3A 200x60 und RT3G 630x225

                Rotary tables RT3G 630 – high dynamics, high precision, high loading capacity

                This direct driven rotary table RT3G 630 has particularly been developed for machine tool industry and assembly machines. It is characterised by its high precision, highdynamics and its high loading capacity. The rotary table is driven by a permanently excited 3-phase synchronous motor. The rotary plate and the housing are made of gray cast iron. To record the exact position and speed of the rotor and to commutate the motor an incremental measuring system with optical scanning has been integrated. Additionally to the seals, a blocking air connection offers protection against the permeation of dirt and humidity.

                Rotary table RT4A – high dynamics, high precision and extremly flat construction

                The rotary table RT4A 400 is an exceptionally flat rotary table with air bearings. The rotary table housing and the rotary plate are made of aluminium. The integrated direct drive and its low overall height assure the realization of applications that cannot be performed with conventional worm drives. The drive principle also offers high accelerations and short cycle times.

                Field of applications: Suitable as loading and unloading station, Pressing parts up to 2500 N

                Direct drive: Electronically commutated 3 phase synchronous motor with permanent magnetically excited rotor. The motor develops a high turning moment. By standard, the commutation is effected via measuring system.

                Bearing: The rotary table runs on a highly precise air bearing. If the compressed air supply is stopped, the rotary plate rests on the rotary table with very high load carrying capacity and rigidity.
              • Rotary-swivel unit RT3A100

              • Features

                • 3-phase synchronous drives, permanent-magnetic
                • B-axis swivelling range: -10° to +110°
                • C-axis rotary range: Infinite
                • Maximum load capacity: 6kg
                • Mechanical clamping without position influence, 20Nm
                • Blocking air connections
                • Compact installation space
                • Ready-to-connect structure

                Measuring system
                • Absolute, optical measuring system Renishaw Resolute IM
                • Connection via external interface
                • Available data protocols: Fanuc, Siemens DRIVE-CliQ, BiSS, Mitsubishi

                Protection class
                • Protection class without blocking air: IP40
                • Protection class with blocking air: IP54

                Directives, standards

                • CE conformity
                • EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
                • EU Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS) 2011/65/EU

                Operating conditions

                • Bearing temperature: -20°C to +60°C
                • Operating temperature: 0°C to +40°C

                • Total weight: 8.4kg
              • Swivel unit for rotary tables

              • A lever clamping permits a simple, fast and exact adjusting of different working levels, without any efforts to adapt the devices. The swivel unit is available for the rotary tables RT2A 075, RT2A 100, RT2A 150 und RT2A 200.

                Field of applications: Assembly technologies, measuring and testing equipments, laser writing, welding, cutting, as well as special mechanical engineering.

                Features: Individually adjustable swiveling range from -5° to +95°. Fixed stop iin the 0° and 90°. Other positions possible by customer request. Clamp and locking effect through laterally installed, adjustable clamping lever. On one side appropriate scaling in 1° steps. Fixing of the swivel unit through four countersinking holes in the base plate.

                Material: Aluminium, anodized black
              • Rotary table RT2A with compact drive

              • While the conventional drives are dependent on an external controller unit, for the compact drives no additional controller is needed. The complete electrical parts, including the drive controller and encoder, are integrated on the motor board. Programming is done via standard PC using free software. The operation can be done without a PC, the created driving programs are stored in the compact drive and can be accessed via a separate input.

                • Compact design
                • Integrated motor controller and encoder
                • RS485 or CANopen Interface
                • Operating modes: positioning, speed, flag-position, clockdirection, analog, analog position, torque
                • Position monitoring with automatic error correction up to 0,9°
                • Step resolution max. 1/64
                • Integrated temperature monitoring
                • Step frequency 0-50 kHz at clock-direction-mode and 0-25 kHz at the other modes
                • Up to 32 motion data sets can be stored in memory n Simple programming with free software
                • Plug & Drive for quick installation and start up
              • Clamping systems

              • Automatic clamping takes place over disc springs, which are adjustable in the pre-loading and are solved pneumatically to the workpiece change.

                Manual clamping is made by a knurled knob on the opposite side of the collet.

                Due to the integration into the existing through-hole of the rotary table, the rotary table with the clamping system remains very compactly.

                • Compact
                • High run-out accuracy
                • Easy to operate
                • Retrofit possible
              • Dividing apparatus TA3A / TA3G

              • The drive is perfectly backlash-free. The housing is made of aluminium. An automatic
                clamping system for collets without axial movement is available.

                Field of applications: Rotation axis for angle positioning of work piece carriers in:
                Processing centers, CNC - grinding machines, Tool machines, Laser processing machines, etc.

                Direct drive: Electronically commutated 3-phase-synchronous motor with permanent magnetically excited rotor. The motor develops a high torque up to revolutions zero. The
                intended liquid cooling prevents a warming up of the machine by the dissipated heat of the direct drive.

                Bearing: Linked up angular contact ball bearings guarantee a high rigidity and maximum load.
                A high concentricity is reached by special manufacturing processes.

                Measurement system: TA3A 100: Measurement system incremental with magnetical or optical sensor and analogous output signal 1 VPP. With integrated reference mark.

                TA3G 180: Measurement system incremental with magnetic sensor and analogous output signal 1 VPP.

                Because of the direct drive the rotation axis TA3G 180 is outstandingly suitable for round processings up to 1500 1/min. Thus, e.g. workpieces can be worked on by external cylindrical surface grinding to be worked on. The drive is absolutely backlash-free. The housing is made of gray cast iron. An automatic clamping system for collets and an automatic Hydrodehn clamping system (hydraulic expansion technology) is available.

                Tool holding system: Automatic clamping system for collets, uncoupled clamping system in the strained condition, flexible, applicable universally.

                TA3A 100: Actuates pneumatically, collets easily replaceable from the front, collets without axial movement, uncoupled clamping system in the strained condition, short overall length by integrated clamping system in the spindle shaft.

                TA3G 180: Automatic Hydrodehn clamping system for highest concentricity and repeating accuracy, < 5 μm (100 mm to the tool holder), high clamping safety by the clamping system closed in itself, short overall length by the clamping system integrated into the
                spindle wave and short-stroke cylinder as release unit.

                Assembly and mounting option:
                TA3A 100: Attachment at the housing foot (bore hole for screws 4 x M5). Adjustment by means of two bore hole in the housing foot.
                TA3G 180: Attachment at the housing foot (bore hole for screws 4 x M8). Adjustment by means of four nuts in the housing foot.
            • Pressing axis

            • Föhrenbach precision pressing axis are with direct drive. These press axis are characterised by highest precision and rigidity. The press axis are made in 2 sizes with a power of 12,5 kN up to 100 kN. The stamp speed varies from 100 mm/seconds to 150 mm/seconds.
                • Pressing axis FMP 32-25-1

                • Material: Housing: Aluminium anodised black, Connecting rod out of CF 53

                  Mechanical guidance: The spindle sleeve is anti-twist protected in a ball guide bush

                  Drive: For the drive stepper motors and servo motors are available; The attachment of the motors is made either via flange and coupling or via belt drive

                  Protection class: Protection class: IP 50 (Other protection classes on request)

                  Lubrication: Lifetime lubrication

                  Ambient temperature: Ambient temperature at the operating location: +10 °C to +40 °C

                  Field of applications: Assembly technology, joint technology, measuring and test equipment, as setting drive, or feed unit

                  Options: To be used in vacuum up to 10 Torr, Stainless version
                • Pressing axis PA 25 / 50 / 100

                • In addition the type Pa 100 has a hollow shaft. The installation of an additional rotation axis permits the angle positioning of pressing tools. The drive is made by service free, brushless torque motor. The force translation is made by ball screw spindle. The position control of the stamp is solved by an incremental, magnetic measuring system. In combination with appropriate force receivers a process control of < 1% of the maximum force is possible.
                  Without additional force receivers a process control can be realized with the current evaluation of the Torque motors with an accuracy from 3% of the maximum power.
              • Controller and drives

              • With the control and drive services we provide, we assist our customers in pursuing their key manufacturing targets in the area of automation technology. In order to achieve success in the long-term, continuous improvements need to be made to machines and equipment as well as technology fundamentally renewed.
                  • Drive Technology

                  • 2-phase and 3-phase stepper motors
                    Our 2-phase and 3-phase stepper motors are reliable and low-cost drives with a long service life. They are available in different sizes and types of power output, are continuously developed and are thus suitable for a variety of applications.

                    AC servo motors
                    The AC servo motors meet the highest demands regarding dynamics and accuracy and are used if dynamic, exact positioning or smooth running characteristics are required. The different types of power output and sizes cover the most diverse requirements.

                    The benefits at a glance

                    • Highly dynamic
                    • High efficiency
                    • Long service life
                  • CNC continuous path control unipos 330

                  • Features

                    • Interpolating continuous path control for a maximum of 3 servo axes
                    • CNC programming using G code
                    • 1 to 3 axes / stepper motors or servomotors
                    • Processor: 32-bit microcontroller, 400 MHz, without fan
                    • 7" touch screen, resolution: 800 x 480 DPI, TFT colour
                    • 3x freely programmable keys
                    • Connection option for up to three drives
                    • Either servomotors or stepper motors
                    • Modular overall structure
                    • USB interface, on the front side
                    • Ethernet network interface TCP/IP, on the front side
                    • Remote maintenance via the internet
                    • Option: Integrated emergency stop SIL3, emergency stop circuit guided on connector
                    • LINUX operating system

                    NC servomotor axes

                    • Axis controllers: 1 to 3 servo controllers integrated in the device
                    • Motor types: Various manufacturers, Föhrenbach linear motor
                    • Commutation via measuring system
                    • Intermediate circuit voltage: 325 volts
                    • Nominal current / axis: 3 amperes
                    • Peak current / axis: 9 amperes
                    • Measuring systems: Resolver, 1Vss-SinCos, Incr. encoder, EnDat2.1, EnDat2.2, Hall-UVW, Hiperface-Sick-5V, Hiperface-Sick-8V, Tamagawa-17-Bit-single-turn, Tamagawa-17-Bit-multi-turn

                    NC stepper motor axes

                    • Number of axes: 1 to 3 axes integrated in the device
                    • Stepper motor power output stages for 2-phase stepper motors
                    • Multistep operation, 256 micro steps
                    • Motor types: Various manufacturers
                    • Operating voltage: 9V…48V, maximum 2.8A
                    • Holding torques: Up to 3.10 Nm

                    Communication / interfaces

                    • 24x digital input PNP (24VDC), 16x digital output / (24 VDC, 1A, total max. 8A); on SUB-D connector
                    • Option: 8x analogue input (0-10V), 2x analogue output (0-10V) on Sub-D connector
                    • 1x Ethernet port 10/100 Base-T (front side of housing)
                    • 1x USB 2.0 (front side of panel PC)
                    • Option: Fieldbus port: CANopen on back side
                    • Extension via CANopen: Decentralised in-outputs
                  • The control unit unipos 420-W

                  • Features:

                    • 4 Axes analog and simultaneously (16 Bit resolution, 5 MHz Encoder Input) up to 8 axes analog via auxilary module 2 NC channels max. CNC Tables: D (tool radius),H (tool length), zero offset shifts (G54-G59), macro programming with variables Intel CELERON Processor (2 GHz)
                    • 80 digital I/Os (48/32, on-board) up to 2040 digital I/Os and max. 8/8 analog I/Os via auxilary module (Pamio) or Profibus DP
                    • 1 PCI slot to fieldbus
                    • 450 NC blocks/second (ISO)
                    • 20 Gbyte NC memory
                    • 2 ms position loop
                    • Path Graphics
                    • Logic Analyzer
                    • USB-Interface for floppy, CD-ROM, memory stick
                    • Adaptive look ahead function
                    • Comprehensive safety and remote diagnostics functions
                    • Standard DIN 66025 ISO-Programming
                    • Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
                    • CNC operation with analog interface
                  • The control unit unipos 820-W/-WH

                  • Features:

                    • 64 axes with SERCOS and / or analog interface
                    • 8 NC channels max. 7200 NC blocks/sec., min. 0.125 ms position loop
                    • Adaptive Look Ahead 3D
                    • Path-Graphics , Logic-Analyzer®
                    • Optional I/O access with ProfiBus DP® (Master and / or Slave)
                    • 20 GB NC program memory
                    • 19" panel with 12.1" TFT and full keyboard with function keys
                    • Standard DIN 66025 ISO programming
                    • CNC tables: D (tool radius), H (tool length), zerooffset shifts (G54-G59), macro-programming with variables
                    • Intel Pentium Processor (3 GHz)
                    • Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
                    • CNC operation with: Sercos, analog interface
                • Special-purpose machines

                • As a solution provider and manufacturer of special machines, the Föhrenbach group is a recognised partner of leading companies of mechanical engineering and related industries. The innovative technologies and products will be developed in-house with our experienced development department - in line with customer requirements.
                    • The Graphite milling centre F-UMG 803

                    • Unlike commonly used milling centres which can handle graphite, the F-UMG of Föhrenbach does not have to struggle with the law of gravity. It makes use of this law.
                      The reason: With our centres, guides, spindle and tool magazine are not located at positions where they are exposed to the graphite dust, but they are both fitted at the top and hermetically sealed. The axis system is located above the machining plane in the dust-free area. If dust occurs, the guides are therefore not affected. In a reliable manner, the media distributor keeps the cutter free of chips - even in deep cavities. The precisely directed air flow ensures a stable process and minimum wear. All graphite dusts produced when milling are extracted by suction downwards using a large-volume bell.
                      For this reason, the F-UMG requires only little maintenance and can fully exploit the advantages of the material graphite
                    • Surface treatment machine F-Decor 305

                    • The machine structure with solid base plate is extremely compact and stable. All necessary components are integrated in the machine housing: mechanical axes, pneumatic components, control with drive electronics and mounted 12 "touch display.
                      Depending on the desired version, the F-Décor 305 can produce surface patterns like circular grainings, côtes de Genève, engravings or decorative millings on mechanical watch parts. The machine guarantees high precision and high productivity. The F-Decor 305 is delivered ready for connection with either 1 or 2 working spindles.
                    • The straightening machine RM 1000

                    • Brief description of RM-1000

                      • Solid carbide deep-hole drill in soldered-in steel shank
                      • Deep-hole drill with soldered carbide drill bit
                      • Deep-hole drill with indexable inserts
                      • Straightening method / 4-axis: Radial run-out
                      • Straightening method / 6-axis: Radial run-out, camber, axial run-out
                      • Drill Ø: 1.3mm to 28mm
                      • Drill lengths: Up to 1,000mm
                      • Taper shank -Ø: 4.0mm to 32mm
                      • Maximum pressing force: 50kN
                      • Control / operation: B&R / touch panel 15“
                      • Operating voltage: 400V / 32A
                      • Compressed air: 6bar / ½“ connection
                      • Dimensions (WxDxH): 882 x 1,320 x 2,457 [mm]
                      • Weight: Approx. 1,400kg
                      • Automation with mobile compact robot cell
                      • Marking with laser system
                  • Services

                  • Benefit from our long-standing expertise.

                     We offer our customers a wide range of services and a comprehensive all-round service. This includes consulting, development, training and support.

                    • New developments
                      Customer-specific requirements and smart solutions are among the core competencies of Föhrenbach
                    • Project planning and construction
                      The requests of our customers are thoroughly handled and realised by qualified employees with long-standing development experience. It is our motivation to develop and design for customers.
                    • Control technology
                      Complex production processes require both the optimum use of control technology and optimum control software. Our services include controlling the systems and monitoring them.
                    • Measuring technology
                      Precision in the µ-range is a part of the everyday business at Föhrenbach. The measurements have to be correspondingly exact as well. In order to meet this challenge, we have developed high-precision measuring instruments and optimised measurement methods.
                    • Employee training
                      We will support you during the implementation of new technically complex solutions, introduce your employees to the machines and train them. After the product launch, we will offer you help and advice.
                    • Maintenance & service
                      In case of maintenance and service, our technicians are ready to provide you with expert knowledge - via remote maintenance or even on-site. The experience gained by our technicians during their maintenance and service jobs will be used when designing future solutions.