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  • Offer Profile
  • Increase productivity with TAWI lifting solutions. Our lifting equipment enables everyone to lift large and heavy goods, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in your business. With the right lifting equipment, everyone can lift.
Product Portfolio
  • Smart Lifting

      • What do you want to lift?

          • Bags

          • Easy lifting with smart sack lifters

            TAWI sack lifters let anyone handle large and heavy sacks. We offer sack lifters for all types of material, such as paper, plastic and woven sacks.
          • Bales

          • With the right tools, lifting bales is safe and easy

            Start lifting bales with ease! Need to lift something other than rubber bales? Contact us to find a solution.
          • Boxes

          • Lift boxes in all shapes and sizes with smart box lifters

            We offer box lifters for all types of boxes and cartons. No matter if your boxes are open or sealed, placed on a pallet or high up on a shelf, we have a box lifting device for you.
          • Components

          • You can lift components in all shapes and sizes

            Big or small, round or flat, metal or plastic? No matter what type of components you need to handle, we have the tools to help you.
          • Containers

          • Lift all types of canisters with our smart container lifters

            TAWI container lifters lets you handle one or multiple containers, making manual handling easy and efficient. Streamline your operations and packaging with smart container lifting.
          • Crates

          • Lifting crates in all types of industries

            How are you lifting crates? Make crate handling easy for everyone with ergonomic crate lifters that can lift, tilt and transport everything from meat to car components.
          • Drums

          • Find the drum lifter for your needs

            Lift drums of varied sizes, tilt to empty contents, or simply transport your drums without effort. No matter what type of drums you handle, we have the drum lifter you need.
          • Food

          • When lifting needs to be clean

            Lifting blocks of cheese or meat? No problem, we have lifters for handling all types of food products. Stainless-steel lifters or customized solutions for cleanroom environments; we have equipment ideal for food production.
          • Glass

          • Reliable glass handling equipment

            Safely lift windows, glass sheets and other fragile goods. We offer systems designed to handle glass with great care and precision.
          • Home appliance and furniture

          • Lift anything from mattresses to washing machines

            Lifting toilet seats, bath tubs or kitchen bench tops? We have lift systems for handling odd shapes and sizes. Our solutions can be customized to meet your specific needs.
          • Metal

          • Lift metal in all shapes and sizes

            Our smart lifters let you handle big sheets of metal, ungainly steel components or tall metal profiles with minimal effort. Smart solutions allowing anyone to lift.
          • Reels

          • Lift, rotate and place your reels with smart reel handling equipment

            Our reel and roll lifting equipment makes reel handling easy and efficient. We offer solutions for handling reels and rolls in all types of environments, including industries with specific requirements.
          • Sacks

          • Easy lifting with smart sack lifters

            TAWI sack lifters let anyone handle large and heavy sacks. We offer sack lifters for all types of material, such as paper, plastic and woven sacks.
          • Sheets

          • Lift and tilt sheets of glass, wood, metal and more with our sheet lifters

            Need to rotate or tilt your sheets 180 degrees? No problem, our sheet lifters can be customized to meet your every need.
          • Stone/cement

          • Stone vacuum lifter makes lifting easy

            Safely lift stone or cement goods with an ergonomic stone vacuum lifter. Our stone lifters make the handling of heavy stone or cement effortless and efficient.
          • Tyres

          • Tyre lifts to handle all types of tyres

            Our tyre lifts offer smart solutions for streamlining tyre handling in all types of automotive industry or car shops.
          • Wood

          • Lift wood of all shapes and sizes

            Need to lift sheets of wood, doors, planks, wooden furniture, or entire walls? No matter what size or shape of wood you need to lift, we have a solution for you.
          • Pallets

          • Pallet handling made easy

            Streamline pallet handling with customized tools for smart lifting. Our lifters make lifting and transporting pallets easy and efficient.
        • Vacuum lifters

        • Lifting with vacuum

          Vacuum lifters use vacuum power to grip and lift the load. Vacuum technology offers sustainable, safe and efficient handling of most types of goods.
          • Ergonomic and safe for the operator.
          • Safe grip without damaging the goods.
          • Time- and cost-efficient lifting.
            • TAWI VacuEasylift

            • Lift anything you need with reliable vacuum technology. Easy, safe and efficient. TAWI VacuEasylift handles anything from flour bags to windshields.
              • Lift goods with ease and speed
              • Reach high without straining your body
              • Tilt, rotate and move freely

              Technical Specification
              • Lifting capacity: 30 kg - 270 kg
              • Max length lift tube: 2 500 mm / 4000mm
              • Hose Ø: 100 mm - 300 mm
              • Stroke: 1 800 / 2 600 mm - 1 700 / 2 400 mm - 1 500 / 1 800 mm
              • Lifting speed: 0-1 m/s
              • Stainless steel mode: available
            • TAWI VacuCobra

            • High-speed box handling has never been easier. Grip and lift boxes quick and easy with just one hand, powered by reliable vacuum technology.
              • High-speed box handling.
              • Grip from the top or from the side.
              • One-handed lifting with user-friendly joystick handle.

              Technical Specification
              • Lifting capacity: 20kg - 50kg
              • Hose diameter: 80mm - 140mm
              • Lifting speed: 0-1m/s
              • Max length lift tube: 21mm
              • Stroke: 1590mm - 1680 mm
            • Tools

            • Suction feet for TAWI vacuum lifters can handle most types of goods, securely gripping everything from sacks to cartons and sheets.
              • Suction feet designed for your goods.
              • Customized tools for difficult loads.
              • Quick coupling lets you switch between tools in no time.
            • Accessories

            • Modify lifters to meet your every need with our smart accessories.
              • Efficient noise reduction for a comfortable work environment.
              • Save time and energy with automatic stop/start function.
              • Switch between tools quick and easy with a quick coupling.
            • Pumps

            • TAWI vacuum pumps are direct driven, minimizing friction and unnecessary wear to ensure uninterrupted operations.
          • Hoists

          • Electric hoist lift

            TAWI hoist is faster than a chain hoist, ideal for precision lifting when you need full control of your load.
            • Precision lifting with variable speed control.
            • Wide selection of tools for handling all types of goods.
            • Easy to use, maneuvered with one hand.
              • TAWI ViperHoist

              • Our Viper is one of the fastest wire hoists on the market, effectively handling most types of goods with both speed and precision.
                • Optimal precision and speed
                • Wide selection of tools for all types of loads
                • Ergonomic and user-friendly, allowing everyone to lift

                Technical Specification

                • Lifting capacity: 60 kg
                • Lifting speed: 0.35 m/s - 0.75 m/s
                • Power supply: 230V +/- 10%
                • Lifting height: 2000 mm
                • Speed control: variable
                • Frequency: 47-63 Hz
              • Hoist tools

              • Our hoist tools include flexible gripping tools and hook tools for various applications, all designed to help you lift with optimal precision.
                • Adaptable for different types of loads in various sizes.
                • Designed to minimize the burden on the operator.
                • Speed up work and increase productivity.
            • Crane systems

            • Custom made crane systems

              TAWI crane systems are adapted for specific customer requirements, securing optimal suspension of lifters and ideal workflow for every business.
              • Aluminium and steel profiles.
              • Custom made systems integrated in your facilities.
              • Portable jib cranes for mobile operations.
                • TAWI Overhead Bridge Cranes

                • Our overhead cranes are adapted for specific customer requirements, securing optimal suspension of lifters and ideal workflow for every business.
                  • Aluminium and steel profiles.
                  • Custom made systems integrated in your facilities.
                  • Complete solutions for efficient lifting.
                • TAWI Jib Cranes

                • A jib arm gives a wide range of motion, ideal for high frequency lifting and efficient handling of most types of goods.
                  • Floor mounted, wall mounted or portable.
                  • Flexible suspension for all types of lifters.
                  • Optimal range of motion.
                • Suspensions

                • TAWI crane systems offer a wide selection of suspensions, adaptable to your facilities.
                  • Easy installation in your facilities.
                  • Safe suspension in all types of ceilings.
                  • Customized solutions to meet your requirements.
              • Mobile lifters

              • Portable lifting devices

                Our robust and user-friendly lifting trolleys are easily adapted in height, width and strength to meet your specific requirements.
                • Selection of tools for various types of loads.
                • Easy and ergonomic, saving users from strenuous manual handling.
                • Lift anywhere you need with portable lifting devices.
                  • TAWI Mobile Order Picker

                  • Unique solution for order-picking from pallet racks. Simply pick up the mobile unit with any kind of forklift or truck and drive wherever you need to go.
                    • Mobile vacuum lifter.
                    • Integrated pump and battery.
                    • Stand-alone unit.
                  • TAWI Lifting Trolleys

                  • The innovative, modular design together with a wide selection of tools, make TAWI Lifting Trolleys ideal for flexible and efficient handling of most types of goods up to 250 kilos.
                    • Ergonomic and easy to use.
                    • Efficient handling of reels, drums and more.
                    • Safe and reliable for everyday use.

                    Technical Specifications

                    • Lifting capacity: 40kg - 200kg
                    • Stroke mm: 840 - 1950
                    • Weight of unit kg: 41 - 158
                    • Total height of unit mm: 1440 - 2540
                    • Battery charging procedure: 100-240V, grounded 50-60 Hz
                    • Lifts per charge: 40kg/200kg x 1m x 100 times
                    • Up and down motions: Control panel (one speed) / Hand control (two speed)
                    • Front wheels: Swivelling / Fixed
                    • Brake system: Rear wheels separately braked / Central brake with directional lock
                    • Overload protection: Incorporated in circuit load
                • Tools & Accessories

                    • Booms

                    • Our booms make reel handling effortless and ergonomic, supporting an efficient workflow in your production.
                      • Easy lifting and transporting reels.
                      • Effortless loading and unloading of reels.
                      • Safe, reliable and ergonomic.
                    • Platforms

                    • Our platforms are ideal for lifting and transporting boxes or other packaged goods.
                      • Robust and reliable
                      • Stainless steel surface
                      • Various sizes available
                    • Fork tools

                    • A selection of fork tools enables efficient handling of various reels and crates.
                      • Grip and lift reels, safe and efficient.
                      • Handle reels and crates with the same tool.
                      • Move reels and crates, easy and ergonomic.
                    • Coregripper

                    • Our most flexible reel handling tool grips reels from the core.
                      • Manual or electrical tilt and turn.
                      • Safe gripping of reels from the core.
                      • Lift, move and mount reels on machine axis.
                    • Tyre tool

                    • This specialized tyre tool ensures ergonomic installation and removal of tyres.
                      • Lift and transport tyres, easy and ergonomic.
                      • Efficient handling of car tyres.
                      • Flexible tools adaptable to your needs.
                    • Crane arm

                    • A crane arm is ideal for reaching into narrow spaces, easily handling machine parts, small drums and more.
                      • Adjustable hook for flexible lifting.
                      • Effortless material handling in confined spaces.
                      • Safe, reliable and ergonomic.
                    • Accessories

                    • Innovative features make your mobile lifter even more efficient and easy to use.
                      • Superb precision with innovative QuickLoad.
                      • Efficient use of multiple tools with quick coupling.
                      • Safe drive in sensitive environments with ESD wheels.
                  • Vacuum gripper

                  • Strong grip with vacuum

                    TAWI vacuum gripper lets you handle big sheets of wood, metal, glass etc. with minimal effort and optimal precision.
                    • 180-degree tilt and rotation.
                    • Compact, low weight tool for big and heavy loads.
                    • Efficient and effortless sheet handling.
                        • TAWI Grip

                        • The user-friendly control panel, compact design and adaptability of this innovative vacuum gripper makes it ideal for efficient and ergonomic handling of all types of sheet material.
                          • Ergonomic and user-friendly design.
                          • Optional electric tilt function.
                          • Electric or pneumatic source.

                          • Lifting capacity: 500 kg
                          • Vacuum source: electric or pneumatic
                          • Suction cups: dimensioned for double the load

                          • Lifting capacity: 250 kg
                          • Suction cups: dimensioned for four times the load
                          • Tilt: 90°
                          • Vacuum source: electric or pneumatic
                    • Industries

                        • Automotive Industry

                        • In the everchanging automotive industry, adaption is key. TAWI solutions help you keep up with – and ahead of – the game.
                          • Agile
                          • Safe
                          • Reliable
                        • Food

                        • Vacuum technology for increased safety in the food industry.
                          • Clean
                          • Reliable
                          • Flexible
                        • Logistics

                        • A TAWI system can handle any type of logistics lifting, from picking and packing to palletizing and depalletizing.
                          • Fast
                          • Efficient
                          • Mobile
                        • Wood & Steel

                        • Vacuum technology for increased productivity in the wood and steel industries.
                          • Fast
                          • Safe
                          • Flexible
                        • Mechanical

                        • All mechanical industries require a perfect combination of power and finesse.
                          • Powerful
                          • Accurate
                          • Safe
                        • Pharma & Chemical

                        • The pharmaceutical and chemical industries require maximum quality and maximum reliability – both in their products and from the equipment that moves them.
                          • Accurate
                          • Reliable
                          • Hygienic