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  • Offer Profile
  • IBARMIA is a family owned machine tool company that provides specific solutions with high added value. This customer orientation of IBARMIA has evolved from its origin 60 years ago

    It is not our goal to manufacture the best machine in the world; our goal is to provide the best solution for our customer.

    Although we have a long history, IBARMIA is today a young and dynamic company committed to provide specific Machine Tool solutions for every customer.

    This commitment makes us grow every year.

    Welcome to your machine tool point.
Product Portfolio
  • Machining centres

      • Moving column machining centres with fixed table

      • An unrivalled proposal in ergonomics and flexibility.

        It has been more than a quarter of a century since IBARMIA launched the first moving column machining centre ZVL-2000 in 1986. Since then we have created the most extensive product range following the same concept. Our machines offer the highest quality, accuracy and precision with excellent ergonomics and flexibility.
          • ZV Classic

          • The series of machining centres of fixed table and moving column with vertical spindle is named CLASSIC for being the most similar to that model launched in 1986. The mechanical and electronic improvements along these years are endless but some fundamental concepts have not been modified. We continue using cast iron to build the moving structures of this Series.
            • The main spindles are provided with heavy duty bearings to ensure the maximum rigidity and material removing capacity.
            • The belt and pulley transmission offers medium speed ranges with a very high reliability.
            • Due to the tall construction of this machine Series, the full enclosure of the working area is made on request.


            • x: 12.000 mm
            • y: 600 - 1.000 mm
            • z: 800 mm
            • P: up to 26,6 kW / 6000 rpm


          • ZV Extreme

          • Designed for customers and applications where a vertical spindle is required, but also high revolutions, the ZV EXTREME is a perfect solution with all the advantages it provides.
            • High revolution range and high turning torque.
            • High positioning dynamics and high accelerations on the axes.
            • Working area fully encapsulated: maximum comfort and safety.
            • Interior vertical protection up to the roof on the X axis: it optimizes chip and coolant evacuation.
            • Top enclosure of the working area with roof: it allows the access with a bridge crane.
            • Tool change and tool changing arm out of the working area. Ideal solution to machine light materials that generate chips of high volatility.


            • x: 12.000 mm
            • y: 600 - 1.100 mm
            • z: 600 - 1.100 mm
            • P: up to 48 / 74 kW / 12.000 rpm
          • ZVH Extreme

          • Since 2001 we turn the head but still look ahead. In 2001 we decided to add the B axis or continuous tilting head to the valuable advantages of our machining centres of fixed table and moving column.

            We apply the most advanced technology in the market: Transmission by a torque motor installed on the rotating shaft and direct measuring on the axis. Result: extraordinary dynamics, automatic recovery after collisions and maximum precision in positioning and repeatability.

            The high torque for position holding, working as a live axis as well as blocked axis, with an additional braking function for the 2nd case, guarantees the axis position during the most demanding machining operations.


            • x: 12.000 mm
            • y: 600 - 1.100 mm
            • z: 900 - 1.100 mm
            • P: up to 48 / 74 kW / 12.000 rpm
          • ZVH Multiprocess

          • The integration of machining processes in the IBARMIA MULTIPROCESS Series minimizes the amount of machines required and reduces considerably the machining times of complex pieces.

            But these are not the only advantages of applying the most advanced, groundbreaking and unstoppable technology of the last years, a technology that sets a milestone in the machining universe and clearly raises the bar of its users over their competitors.

            The efficiency associated to the MULTIPROCESS centres improves the quality of the final piece as fewer machines and thus fewer piece set ups are required; it reduces the cost of the initial investment as well as the floor space required, eliminates the transit of pieces between machines and simplifies the production management.


            • x: 12.000 mm
            • y: 800 - 1.100 mm
            • z: 900 - 1.100 mm
            • P: up to 48 / 74 kW / 12.000 rpm
        • Universal moving column 5 axis machining centres

        • Big swing diameter with or without pallet change.

          For big swing diametres IBARMIA proposes the series T with various head configurations (horizontal, continuous 45º tilting head, 1 axis fork type) and travelling rotary tables.
          The dimensions of the working tables are ø1000mm ø1250mm and ø1600mm, for a maximum swing diameter of 2200mm. Depending on the application, the rotary table can work as a vertical turning lathe or as a 5 axis milling table, giving life to the MULTIPROCESS concept.
            • T Extreme

            • There are two available heads in the range, both for continuous 5axis machining with high dynamics. The B axis head with a turning angle at 45º and the A axis head which allows working on negative angles. Both heads work by direct transmission with a torque motor on the turning shaft, avoiding backlash issues and guaranteeing dynamics and accuracy while minimizing maintenance and repair costs in case of collision.
              Ideal for applications with medium to big swing diameters and requirements of high performance and versatility. Perfect solution for single pieces or batches, as 5 faces can be machined in one clamping, avoiding unproductive stops for preparations and increasing the accuracy.
              Various automation solutions based on rotopallets, pallet pools and large tool magazine that allow customizing the machines to specific requirements.


              • x: 1.200 - 2.200mm
              • y: 1.100 - 1.600 mm
              • z: 1.000 - 1.500 mm
              • Ø: 1.200x1.200 - 2.200x1.500 mm
            • T Multiprocess

            • The integration of various machining processes in one machine is today a reality in high performance machine. IBARMIA offers this technology across the range of machines. The efficiency of the MULTIPROCESS machines is even more important in the T series, as the parts are bigger and their handling and clamping procedures are more complicated.
              High milling, drilling and turning capacity. When in lathe mode, the machine incorporates a weight balancing function that eliminates unbalanced set ups. Long turning tools can be fixed in different ways for internal boring and turning operations.
              Various automation solutions based on rotopallets, pallet pools and large tool magazine that allow customizing the machines to specific requirements.


              • x: 1.200 - 2.200mm
              • y: 1.100 - 1.600 mm
              • z: 1.000 - 1.500 mm
              • Ø: 1.200x1.200 - 2.200x1.500 mm
          • Machining solutions for big circular pieces

          • Efficient turning and drilling of big flanges and bearings.

            Engineering capacity and construction flexibility made IBARMIA a leader in machining big flange and bearings up to 8 metres diameter. Either in gantry type machines or opposing machines, IBARMIA offers integral solutions -machines and fixturing devices- as well as an optimum evacuation of high volumes of chips generated in the process.
              • S Series

              • The basic Series, SV (Vertical spindle head) or SVK (Automatic vertical/horizontal spindle head) make the basic range at IBARMIA.
                Components fixed around a rotary table make an efficient drilling centre. The machine is made by a transversal axis generated by the column to adjust to different diameters and a vertical axis generated by the spindle head. The SVK version with a vertical /horizontal universal spindle head is recommended for horizontal drilling works such as the hole for ball introduction and the drilling and tapping of the holes used to grease the bearing tracks.
              • F Series

              • This time there are 2 spindle heads working simultaneously on the same part. The machine can be configured with 2 vertical spindles (FVV), with a vertical spindle head and a universal one (FVK) as well as 2 universal heads (FKK).
              • P Series

              • The P Series is based on a portal architecture of fixed cross rail where one or two spindles can be integrated. When horizontal operations are required it is possible to use an automatic change of 90º angle heads, or depending of the operations, it is also possible to use angular heads directly placed on the tool holder.
              • L Series

              • The L series is made of cast iron structures, hydrostatic rotary tables and powerful turning forces.
                The usual configuration contains a double RAM although it can also be provided with single RAM.
                The cross rail is fixed and the RAM “Z” travel up to 1200mm for a more rigid structure.

                Different piece clamping solutions can be provided: from independent manual chucks to hydraulic self centering fixtures for raw or previously machined pieces.
                There are also various options for tool changing, from manual cutter holders to automatic change of Capto tools.

                The L MULTIPROCESS Series integrate live spindles so drilling, milling, tapping and even grinding operations can be executed apart from the usual turning operations.
                The machine includes automatic head and tool changes for these operations.
            • Sectors and applications

            • Small, medium and large companies trust IBARMIA. IBARMIA trusts them all.

              Our machines provide precision, productivity, technology as IBARMIA provides commitment, proximity, partnership.
              We personally know 90% of our clients. We have established a direct partnership with them based in trust and often friendship.
              Many large companies who value the importance of partnership, choose to buy their machinery from small and medium sized manufacturers.
                • Aerospace

                • IBARMIA provides the high dynamics and the high rpm required by the light materials used in this Sector. The large longitudinal strokes up to 12 metres and the automatic tilting heads make theses models ideal for various components of the Aerospace sector.
                • Automotive

                • Probably one of the most demanding sectors in the machine tool industry. Many suppliers to this industry use IBARMIA machines due to their flexibility and productivity. IBARMIA provides machines to Tier 1 suppliers and even to the car manufacturers themselves.
                • Flanges and bearings

                • IBARMIA offers specific solutions to machine large circular pieces up to 8 metres. A product range made of powerful machines for simultaneous drilling and rigid vertical turning lathes. The most prestigious manufacturers of these components use IBARMIA machines.
                • Railways

                • We have experience in train components and accurate rail diversion mechanisms used in high speed trains. The large longitudinal strokes and the high torque of our machines perfectly fit the requirements of this sector.
                • Cranes

                • A crane is made by many parts of various lenghts and union points. The robust construction and versatility of the IBARMIA machines make them ideal for this application, as it is possible to machine a great variety of parts and shapes with the same machine.
                • Sectors and applications

                • The agricultural machinery manufacturers identify the flexibility and rigidity of the IBARMIA machines as suitable for their production requirements. These customers usually machine medium series of parts made of hard materials.
                • Mold and die

                • Many manufacturers in this sector prefer the part to be static during the machining process. Our machines meet that requirement. Furthermore we add strong headstocks, spindles with the right balance of speed and torque so tough operations can be combined with finishing jobs. High dynamic axes accurate in the inversions, efficient counter weight system for the Z axis, a thermally stable machine.
                • Oil & Gas

                • The need of deeper drilling and more efficiency pushed this sector to use better perfoming equipment. The large longitudinal axes of our moving column machines and the horizontal turning axes with support and part holding equipment allow milling and drilling of large pieces, with our MULTIPROCESS range even turning operations are possible. The sector leaders trust IBARMIA.
                • Subcontracting

                • It is hard to choose the right machine in this Sector due to the vast variety of parts to be manufactured. The right choice should add value, flexibility and diferentiation. IBARMIA can provide a wide range of axes lengths and the combination of turning axes and tilting heads for every requirement.
                • Valves & pumps

                • It is possible to machine 5 sides of complex valve and pump housings in one single clamping, inceasing the accuracy and reducing the cycle times. The possibility of doing turning operations with the MULTIPROCESS range avoids the transit of semi finished parts between machines, minimising the required floor space and other related costs.