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  • Offer Profile
  • Roemheld, Hilma and Stark – The three ROEMHELD Group brands are among the market leaders worldwide for production solutions in industrial manufacturing technology, assembly technology, clamping technology and drive technology. We make your production more efficient and flexible with our components, products and systems.
Product Portfolio
  • Workpiece clamping elements

  • Hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and mechanical elements for clamping of workpieces.
      • Bore clamps

      • Hydraulic clamping elements for clamping in bore holes
        • single and double acting
        • with and without centring function, with pull-down clamping
      • Position flexible clamping elements

      • Hydraulic clamping elements for "floating" clamping of workpieces
        • double acting
        • single acting with spring return
      • Clamps and clamping cylinders

      • Hydraulic clamps and clamping cylinders
        • single acting
        • with and without spring return
        • double acting
      • Hinge clamps

      • Clamping elements with hydraulic operation of a clamping lever
        • double acting
        • single acting
      • Swing clamps

      • Clamping elements with swing piston
        • hydraulically, electrically or pneumatically operated
      • Work supports

      • Hydraulic elements to support workpieces
        • single acting
        • with and without spring return
        • double acting
      • Concentric clamping elements

      • Hydraulic clamping elements for concentric clamping
        • for interior or exterior clamping
      • Fixture clamps

      • Compact machine vices for use on fixtures
        • double acting
      • Hollow-piston cylinders

      • Clamping cylinders with round steel housing and through hole in the piston
        • single and double acting
      • Mechanical clamping elements

      • Spring clamping elements
        • with and without sealing
        • clamping force: 10 .. 300 N
        • clamping stroke: 0.8 .. 3.4 mm
        • pin diameter: 3 .. 10 mm
    • Workpiece clamping systems | Machine vices

    • Mechanically, hydraulically or electrically operated machine vices and systems

      for vertical machining | horizontal machining | 5-axis machining | automation | mill turning
        • Vertical machining

        • Machine vices and systems
          for vertical machining
          • mechanically, mechanically/hydraulically or hydraulically operated
          • single and multiple clamping systems
          • clamping against the fixed jaw or concentric clamping
        • Horizontal machining

        • Machine vices and systems
          for horizontal machining
          • single and multiple clamping systems
          • mechanically, mechanically/hydraulically or hydraulically operated
        • 5-axis machining

        • Machine vices
          for 5-axis machining
          • mechanically or hydraulically operated
          • clamping against the fixed jaw or concentric clamping
        • Automation

        • Machine vices and systems
          for automation
          • hydraulically operated
          • single and multiple clamping systems
          • clamping against the fixed jaw or concentric clamping
        • Mill turning

        • Box jaws for mill turning
          • mechanically operated
      • Hydraulic cylinders

      • Hydraulically operated cylinders for clamping tasks and linear motions of every type.
        • single acting, with and without spring return
        • double acting
          • Hydro-cylinders

          • Hydraulic cylinders, design with tube
            • double acting
          • Universal cylinders

          • Hydraulic cylinders with round housing
            • single and double acting
          • Threaded-body cylinders

          • Hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic pistons for screwing in
            • single acting with spring return
            • double acting
          • Block cylinders

          • Hydraulic cylinders with block-type body
            • single acting
            • with and without spring return
            • double acting
          • Hydraulic slides

          • Hydraulic cylinders with 2 or 4 integrated guides
            • double acting
          • Accessories for hydraulic cylinders

            • Magnetic sensors for position monitoring
            • contact bolts
            • spherical bearing
        • Hydraulic components

        • Hydraulic elements to built hydraulic systems.
            • Hydraulic valves

            • Valves to control and adjust hydraulic processes
              • manually, mechanically or electrically operated
            • Couplings

            • Couplings to separate and connect hydraulic lines
              • Versions for manual and automatic coupling
              • Versions for pneumatic and vacuum line
              • coupling against system pressure or depressurised coupling
            • Hydraulic accumulators

            • Diaphragm accumulator for hydraulic oil
              • with nitrogen gas filling
            • High-pressure filters

            • High-pressure filters to protect hydraulic elements against contaminations
              • stainless steel and steel
            • Rotary couplings

            • Rotary couplings and rotary valve couplings
              • rotary couplings: 1 to 6 passages
              • rotary valve couplings: loading and unloading in one or two stations
            • Intensifiers

            • Hydraulic and pneumatic-hydraulic intensifiers
              • for single and double acting cylinders
              • with fixed intensification volume or continuous redelivery
            • Pressure switches

            • Hydro-electric signal converters for hydraulic oil
              • pressure switches with continuously adjustable switching point
              • electronic pressure sensors with radio transmission
            • Pipeline elements

            • Fittings, precision steel pipes, pipe clamps,
              hydraulic high-pressure hoses, plug connections, pressure gauges, hydraulic oil
          • Power units / Pumps

          • Electrically, pneumatically or manually operated pumps for the generation of hydraulic pressure.
              • Power units

              • completely equipped power units as well as
                basic power units that will be equipped as per customer's specification.

                • with gear pumps or radial piston pumps
              • Hydro-pneumatic pumps

              • Pneumatically-operated pumps to generate hydraulic pressure
                • for single and double acting cylinders
              • Manually operated pumps

              • Pumps with hand lever or pedal | screw pumps
                • for single-acting cylinders
            • Pneumatic Elements

            • Elements for use with air.
                • Swing clamps

                • pneumatic clamping elements with swing piston
                  • for adjustable magnetic sensors
                  • double acting
                • Rotary couplings

                • Rotary couplings for use with air
                  • Pneumatic rotary valve couplings
                • Pneumatic accessories

                • Pneumatic elements to built pneumatic systems
                  • Hoses
                  • Fittings
                  • Service unit
                  • Silencer
                  • Connecting block
                  • Valves
              • Die clamping technology

              • Die clamping and changing systems for press automation. Quick changing systems for machines, presses and equipments.

                Hydraulic, mechanical, electro-mechanical and magnetic clamping elements

                Die changing technology. Roller bars, ball bars, carrying consoles and changing carts
                  • Hydraulic clamping elements

                  • for presses and machines installed in a fixed position, integrated in the machine table or movable in the slots of the presses.

                    Hollow-piston cylinders | Spring clamping cylinders | Double-T clamping bars | Clamping bars | Swing and pivot cylinders | Wedge clamps | Extending clamps | Sliding clamps | Angular clamps | Rapid clamping systems | Built-in pistons | Swing / swing sink clamping elements | Pull clamping elements | Grip rail couplings
                  • Electro-mechanical clamping elements

                  • no hydraulic, automatic clamping of dies on the ram, blank holders and machines at ambient temperatures up to 70C.

                    Electro-mechanical clamping elements for maximum operational reliability as a result of mechanical self-locking. Recommended for applications where a hydraulic system cannot be used. All elements are suitable for retrofit and for installation in original equipment. The result is shorter downtimes by minimizing the set-up times, thus more effective machine uptimes.

                    Angular clamps | Tenon-type clamping elements | Swivel and pull clamping elements | Swing clamps | Wedge clamps
                  • Mechanical clamping elements

                  • for clamping and locking dies on press beds and rams

                    High clamping forces, easy operation, compact design and low acquisition costs are to the fore here.

                    Sliding clamps | Clamping blocks | High-pressure spindles | Clamping nuts
                  • "M-TECS" Magnetic clamping technology

                  • Magnetic clamping systems

                    Magnetic clamping plates for different sectors of industry as e.g. for thermoplastics, elastomers, duroplastics, polyurethane, pressure die casting, metal forming and milling appications.
                    The magnetic clamping systems or clamping plates have been especially designed for injection moulding machines, rubber presses, die casting machines, mould carrier, presses for metal forming and milling machines.
                    All non-standard die moulds can be replaced quickly and easily without making any changes, because the standardization of dies.
                  • Die changing technology

                  • Elements and systems for quick, simple and safe die change.

                    Roller and ball bars and roller conveyors | Carrying consoles | Die changing carts
                  • Hydraulic power units

                  • Hydraulic clamping power units or clamping pumps are especially designed for hydraulic clamping.

                    Hydraulic power units of compact design, ready for connection Suitable for the control of all of the listed clamping elements Individual solutions are possible by using the unique modular system On request also with turnkey on-site installation
                  • Accessories for die clamping technology

                  • Elements for oil supply to hydraulic elements.

                    Fittings | High-pressure hoses | Couplings | Connecting blocks | Plug-in connectors | Hydraulic valves | Pressure gauges| Pressure switches | Hydraulic oil | Clamping pumps
                  • Rotor locks

                  • Modular rotor lock for on- and off-shore wind power plants

                    Locking cylinder to fix rotors of large off-shore wind power plants for maintenance work.
                • Magnetic clamping systems

                • for all clamping tasks on milling machines and machining centres, injection moulding machines, forming presses, rubber presses and mould carriers.
                    • Magnetic clamping systems for deformation molds

                    • "M-TECS" Magnetic clamping systems

                      Magnetic clamping plates for different sectors of industry as e.g. for thermoplastics, elastomers, duroplastics, polyurethane, pressure die casting, metal forming and milling applications.
                      The magnetic clamping systems or clamping plates have been especially designed for injection moulding machines, rubber presses, die casting machines, mould carrier, presses for metal forming and milling machines.
                    • Magnetic clamping systems for metal cutting

                    • Magnetic clamping plates with electro-permanent magnets for milling applications

                      Magnetic clamping systems with square pole technology offer diverse application possibilities in machining. The arrangement of the magnetic poles guarantees a safe compensation of machining forces in all directions. An electrical impulse is only required for clamping and unclamping.
                      No energy supply is required in the machining centre.
                  • Handling technology

                  • Equipment for the assembly of heavy workpieces.
                      • modulog module system for handling tasks

                      • Modules for rotating, lifting, tilting and moving of heavy workpieces

                        All modules are independent functional units that can be easily combined to built multi-functional units.

                        Lifting columns | Rotating and tilting equipments | Chassis | workpiece clamping fixtures
                      • Assembly tables

                      • Equipments for lifting, swivelling and rotating of heavy workpieces
                        • workpiece weights up to 250/500/1000 kg
                        • electrically-operated
                    • Press-in devices

                    • modupress - press-in devices
                      of the modular system
                          • Press-in devices

                            • hydraulic or electrical drive
                            • portal design or C-frame design
                            • max. press-in force: 7 .. 100 kNstroke: 100 .. 400 mm
                            • operation: two-hand operation
                      • Drive technology

                      • Electro-mechanical and hydro-mechanical linear actuators.
                          • electrical linear actuators

                          • Electro-mechanical linear actuators for linear adjusting procedures in automotive engineering, industrial technology, medical engineering as well as agro-industry
                            • voltage supply: 12 or 24 VDC
                          • Manually-operated linear actuators

                          • Hydro-mechanical linear actuators for universal linear adjusting procedures
                            • operation with foot pedal or hand lever
                        • ROEMHELD FSS clamping systems

                        • Flexible clamping and support systems for clamping of thin-walled workpieces with free-form surfaces
                              • ROEMHELD FSS clamping systems

                              • The core elements of a FSS clamping system are the clamping and support elements that can be used in unlimited quantity and that together form the contact surface of the workpiece. Since each element can be positioned individually on the relevant workpiece geometry, FSS clamping systems allow for a flexible configuration of individual surfaces to clamp and support workpieces.
                          • Systems for production engineering

                          • Consulting, design, planning, engineering, construction design, production, delivery, commissioning and maintenance of clamping and positioning systems.
                              • Engineering and services

                              • All from a single source

                                From the idea to the engineering up to start up and maintenance

                                If it is the matter of planning of clamping systems for a new machine tool or of optimising and transition to flexible of already existing clamping processes, we give you our advice and support.
                                Based on your demands, we develop for you ideas and support you in engineering, start up and maintenance.
                              • Systems made of standard components

                              • Approved and reliable solutions

                                Clamping and fixture systems made of standard modules for horizontal machining, vertical machining, and 5-sided machining.

                                With the experience in realising versatile individual projects in the individual companies of the ROEMHELD Group, we are now in the position to offer an unique, modular product range of clamping and fixture systems.
                                The use of approved and reliable standard modules is the key for optimised production and engineering costs and guarantees the realisation of individual system solutions without risks.
                              • Customer-specific systems

                              • System solutions - directly from the manufacturer of power workholding

                                Design, production, delivery and more

                                Our engineering know-how and the huge number of fully-developed clamping and positioning technologies in the ROEMHELD Group allows us to produce and to deliver customer-specific systems.
                                Due to design and production of the relevant components within the ROEMHELD Group we have access to extended know-how and well-proven production engineering, which together with our engineering know-how guarantees a fully-developed and reliable function of the complete system.