Company Profile

Together with the clamping technology specialists HILMA and STARK, ROEMHELD forms a group of companies offering a comprehensive product range in the field of clamping technology for production technology.
The product range is supplemented by numerous hydraulic elements for general industrial use as well as assembly and drive technology components and systems.
Thanks to the diversity of its products and long-standing experience, the ROEMHELD group is able to develop and supply customer-specific solutions across the entire company.
The ROEMHELD Group has around 500 employees in total and an annual turnover of approximately € 92 million.
With a focus on global presence
Export business is becoming increasingly important in addition to its domestic customers who receive comprehensive support from 17 sales offices and sales partners in Germany. Roemheld already has an export share of around 50% today, which increases to over 65% due to indirect exports.

Subsidiaries in Great Britain, France, USA, Japan and South Korea as well as numerous sales partners ensure that Roemheld customers receive extensive advice, effective sales and distribution and comprehensive service worldwide.

Product Range

  • Clamping device
  • Clamping System
  • Clamping: 5-axis machining
  • Clamping: Clamping bolts
  • Clamping: Clamping units
  • Clamping: Die changing technology
  • Clamping: Electro-mechanical clamping elements
  • Clamping: Horizontal machining
  • Clamping: Hydraulic clamping elements
  • Clamping: Magnetic clamping systems
  • Clamping: Mechanical clamping elements
  • Clamping: Mill turning
  • Clamping: Power clamps
  • Clamping: Vertical machining
  • Clamping:Bore clamps
  • Clamping:Concentric clamping elements
  • Clamping:Fixture clamps
  • Clamping:Mechanical clamping elements
  • Clamping:Workpiece clamping elements
  • Couplings
  • Couplings: Rotary couplings
  • Hydraulic accumulator
  • Hydraulic accumulator: Diaphragm accumulator
  • Hydraulic cartridge valve
  • Hydraulic cartridge valve: Corrosion resistant cartridges
  • Hydraulic cartridge valve: Directional cartridges
  • Hydraulic cartridge valve: Pilot control - directional cartridges
  • Hydraulic cartridge valve: Pilot control - flow control
  • Hydraulic cartridge valve: Relief valves
  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Block cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Block Cylinder with non rotating piston rod
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Compact cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Cube Cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Custom design
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Cylinder, low profile
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Cylinders for tool changers
  • Hydraulic cylinder: DIN standard cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Double acting cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Flat cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Gripper cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder: High pressure cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Hydraulic cylinder with external guide
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Hydraulic slides
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Hydro-cylinders
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Stabiliser cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Standard cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Threaded-body cylinders
  • Hydraulic cylinder: Universal cylinders
  • Hydraulic filter
  • Hydraulic Intensifiers
  • Hydraulic manipulator
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Hydraulic pump
  • Hydraulic pump: Hydro-pneumatic pumps
  • Hydraulic valve: Check valve
  • Hydraulic valve: Directional control valve
  • Hydraulic valve: Flow control valve
  • Hydraulic valve: Flow divider, combiner
  • Hydraulic valve: Pilot operated pressure relief valve
  • Hydraulic valve: Pressure control valve
  • Hydraulic valve: Pressure limiting valve
  • Hydraulic valve: Relief valve
  • Hydraulic valve: Sequence valve
  • Hydraulic valve: Shut off valve
  • Hydraulic valve: Switch off valve
  • Linear actuator: Electric linear actuator
  • Linear actuator: Guided rodless cylinder
  • Linear actuator: Hybrid linear actuators
  • Linear motion: Electrical cylinders
  • Linear motion: Linear actuator
  • Linear motion: Linear module
  • Pneumatic clamping elements
  • Pneumatic-hydraulic intensifiers
  • Pneumatic: Swing clamps
  • Press-in devices
  • Wind energy: Rotor locks
  • Workpiece handling & holder
  • Workpiece handling: Clamping plates
  • Workpiece handling: Clamping system