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  • Offer Profile
  • TÜV Rheinland is a leading international technical service provider. Our goal is to be the world’s best independent provider of technical services for testing, inspection, certification, consultation and training.
    Since 1872, we have been developing solutions to ensure the safety, quality and economic efficiency of the interaction between man, technology and the environment. We firmly believe that social and technological progress is inextricably linked together.
    Safety, quality, health, efficiency and compliance are the results of our work, service is our profession; economic efficiency is our mission and customer satis¬faction is our motivation. This applies to our operations in all markets, be they local or global.
Product Portfolio
  • Plants and Machinery

  • Take advantage of our auditors' and experts' know-how - so that everything runs smoothly on your end. TÜV Rheinland can offer intelligent solutions - for maximum safety, functionality, and trouble-free operations of your plants and systems. From elevators to solar power stations - we have the expertise and accreditations you're looking for.
  • Renewable Energy Sources

  • Wind power, solar thermal energy, and photovoltaic energy are becoming increasingly important in the energy mix. The same applies to their quality, safety, and performance capacity. We support manufacturers, operators, and service providers in the market for renewable energy with all aspects of plant safety, technical safety, quality assurance, and profitability.
      • Biogas Plants

      • Green Energy from Biowaste
        By using biogas made from organic waste products such as manure, old grease or food waste, you put your trust in an inexhaustible energy source that provides valuable electricity around the clock. Which is why biomass is becoming becoming increasingly important as a source of CO2-neutral energy - besides wind and water power.

        Our experts help manufacturers and operators of biogas plants through all phases - from planning and construction to safe plant operations. So you can maximize legal certainty in dealings with authorities and minimize your risk of outages and accidents.

        Benefits At A Glance
        With services for biogas plants by TÜV Rheinland, you:
        • Gain planning and operational peace of mind throughout all phases of the project.
        • Minimize the risks of outage and plant failure.
        • Benefit from our long-standing customer and industry experience, our high quality standards, and our neutrality.
        • Rely on the support of our large network of experts with highly trained personnel.
        Our Services for Biogas Plants at a Glance
        Our services for biogas plants encompass the whole life cycle:
        • Planning and approval document check
        • Consulting for technical optimization processes of your plant for heat supply systems and CHP concepts
        • Review of the plant in terms of the relevant building regulations and codes
        • Review of the plant in terms of requirements for building permits and the authorization notification
        • Review of safety equipment, including electrical and lightning protection systems
        • Creation of explosion protection documentation and risk assessments
        • Testing of steel chimneys for compliance with DIN V 4133
        • Staff training
        • Assessments
        • Certification of plant material flow in compliance with EEG
      • Fuel Cells

      • Ensure Your Fuel Cells Comply with All Safety Regulations
        If your company produces fuel cells for consumer use, your product must comply with the ANSI Z21.83 “Fuel Cell Power Plants” standard.
        TÜV Rheinland provides testing services for the United States and Canada, conducted in accordance with ANSI Z21.83 and other standards and guidelines, such as the National Electric Code-Article 692, based on their applicability.

        As a partner for developing and testing this technology – including regulatory consulting of all safety aspects and assessment of conformity to regulations and standards – we are highly knowledgeable in fuel cell technology and can assure you top-quality service.

        Benefits at a Glance
        With fuel cells services from TÜV Rheinland, you can be sure of:
        • Safety and quality
        • Conformity to standards set by ANSI (American National Standards Institute)
        • CE marking and other requirements
        • Greater market access
        • Meeting set standards and regulations
        • TÜV Rheinland’s exclusive, one-stop service
        • A lead against the competition with a neutral audit seal
        • Reduced risk of company liability with documented safety standards
        • Fast audit times and long-standing experience from a company with a global presence and reputation
        • Compliance with local government and legal requirement

        Testing for the U.S. and Canada is conducted in accordance with the ANSI Z21.83 “Fuel Cell Power Plants" standard.

        CE marking testing for fuel cells typically includes an evaluation to the draft standard IEC/EN 62282 “Fuel Cell Technologies,” 2006/95/EC “Low Voltage Directive,” 98/37/EC “Industrial Machinery Directive,” 2004/108/EC “EMC Directive,” and their harmonized standards as applicable.

        Other directives and standards might be relevant, depending on the size and design of the fuel system – for example, 94/9/EC “ATEX Directive,” 97/23/EC “Pressure Equipment Directive,” and other possible requirements of the country of designated installation.

        The typical process is as follows:

        • Quote
        • Document/application submission
        • Preliminary investigation
        • Testing
        • Certification
      • Photovoltaics

      • Eco-Friendly Energy Production
        Photovoltaics is one of the pillars of renewable energy production. TÜV Rheinland can support manufacturers and service providers by testing the quality of their PV modules, PV components, and PV systems. TÜV Rheinland’s new Solar Energy Assessment Center in Cologne has been in operation since June 2009. With optimized process flows and state-of-the-art testing and simulation facilities, the 2,000-square-meter center is one of the world’s leading test laboratories.

        Benefits at a Glance
        With TÜV Rheinland’s PV testing services, you:
        • Profit from TÜV Rheinland’s 30 years of experience in the field of photovoltaics
        • Take advantage of the capacities of our seven test laboratories, which offer you fast, first-class service all over the world
        • Gain a partner that has earned worldwide acceptance
        • Earn the TUVdotCOM quality seal to prove that your PV components and PV systems have passed tests conducted according to national and international standards ensuring their high quality, safety, and reliability
        Our Services - PV Modules
        We perform:
        • Standard test condition and capacity measurements and electroluminescence analyses
        • Qualification, certification, and tests according to international standards
          IEC 61215, IEC 61646, IEC 61730, IEC 62108, ANSI/UL1703, and IEC 61701
          Tests for special conditions, for example, for ammonium or transport loads
        • Yield measurements
        • Long-term testing, for example, open-air weathering tests
        PV Components
        We qualify and certify:
        • PV installation systems (frames)
        • PV backing films
        • PV connectors, including T-connectors and Y-connectors TUV
        • PV sockets
        • PV inverters
        Complete PV Systems
        We perform:
        • Energy yield prognosis
        • Site evaluation, including yield assessment
        • PV system qualification and certification
        • PV inspections and PV acceptance
        • Defect and damage assessments
        • PV system monitoring
        • Project Certification of large PV installations (TUVdotCOM)
        Qualification of Manufacturers and Service Providers
        We perform:
        • “Power-controlled” certification, including confirmation of module capacity
        • Flasher classification (sun simulators)
        • Calibration of PV measurement systems
        • Certification of PV installation operations
        • Monitoring of manufacturing facilities
        • Pre-shipment inspection
        • Transport loads tests
      • Solar Power Plants

      • Industrial Energy Production from Solar Energy
        TÜV Rheinland provides a one-stop shop service for companies that operate or invest in grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems and solar thermal power plants. Adapted to your project phases, we can help you ensure plant safety and reliability. We can also support you in achieving and maintaining profitability for large-scale PV systems and solar thermal power plants – from choosing the right site to full-scale operations.

        Benefits at a Glance
        With project support and certification of your solar power plant from TÜV Rheinland, you can:
        • Be certain – as an operator, general contractor, or investor – of the high quality of your plant, knowing that it complies with applicable standards and regulations
        • Achieve investment security through risk minimization and the necessary bankability
        • Rely on a competent contact for all phases of your project, from site evaluation to full-scale operations
        Our Services for Solar Power Plants
        • Site evaluation, including inspection and shade analysis
        • Yield forecasts using simulation software
        • Review of yield assessment for plausibility and consideration of identifiable yield losses
        • Support for calls for tenders and bid evaluation
        • Assessment of the proposed plant concept, including support in the selection of components, plant design, and security strategy
        • Component testing, for example, type examinations, performance measurements on PV modules, and CSP mirror testing
        • Supervision of construction
        • Audit of an installation for durability and safety
        • Start-up including feed-in verification
        • Plant monitoring with yield check and yield evaluation
        • Project support in all project phases
        • Periodic testing
        • Expert assessment service
      • Solar Thermal Systems

      • Tapping the Sun’s Power to Generate Heat
        Along with their capacity, the reliability and service life of solar panels are key factors when considering installation of a solar power plant. National and international companies rely on TÜV Rheinland’s solar thermal test laboratory and its testing and certification services to ensure the quality, safety, reliability, and performance of their solar thermal products. Our laboratory’s services comply with the DIN/EN/ISOIEC 17025 norm. In addition, ours is an accredited test laboratory for DIN CERTCO for Solar Keymark and by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC).

        Benefits at a Glance
        With TÜV Rheinland as your partner for testing and certifying solar thermal products, you can:
        • Certify the quality of your products’ performance, reliability, safety, and functionality
        • Facilitate access to European and American markets, increasing your sales potential
        • Obtain certification of your products’ eligibility for subsidies in Germany
        Individual Tests
        • Impact strength
        • Cyclical pressure and tensile stress
        • Material testing in climate chamber: freeze resistance
        • Material testing in UV chamber
        • Thermographic studies with infrared cameras
        • Verification of the safety and reliability of electrical components
        Overview of Solar Thermal Qualification Testing
        • Collector testing on flat and vacuum tube collectors that comply with European standard EN 12975 and SRCC standard 100:
        • Performance testing of warm water storage in compliance with European standard EN 12977-3
        • Inspection of absorbers and internal thermal shock test
        • Inspection of standardized systems
          Performance and quality testing based on European standard EN 12976, for example, for integrated storage collectors and thermo-siphon systems
        • Inspection of customer-specific systems
          Testing of collectors, regulators, and storage systems with component testing system simulation (CTSS) based on the European prestandard ENV 12977
      • Wind Turbine Generators

      • Wind Power: Well Engineered and Cost-Effective
        Our services cover every aspect of wind power, allowing you to combine profitability and safety. At TÜV Rheinland we support you in all matters to do with technical safety, providing the basis for a long operating life and cost-effective operation of your wind turbine generators (WTG). From site analysis to inspections during installation, from acceptance tests to certification – our experts offer the full range of services as a one-stop shop.

        Benefits at a Glance
        With TÜV Rheinland’s services for inspecting and certifying wind turbine generators, you can:
        • Reduce plant outages
        • Enhance maintenance logistics planning
        • Reduce maintenance costs
        • Receive an independent assessment of quality, also in the case of legal disputes
        • Benefit from comprehensive services from a single source
        • Benefit from greater acceptance in the market
        Our Services from Planning to Decommissioning
        Our experts offer comprehensive services covering every aspect of wind turbine generator operation. These include:
        • Site analysis and assessments and subsurface investigations
        • Noise emission and emission forecasts, shade projections, and damage reports
        • Plausibility checks for standard designs and advice on individual modifications in accordance with state construction legislation
        • Supervision of concrete manufacturers, including all parts and components
        • Coordination of the structural analysis and the official review of the structural analysis
        • Measurement of loads, output curves, control behavior, and electrical properties
        • Fire protection concepts and reports and lightning protection
        • Legal discovery focused on infrastructure, transport routes, and more
        • Quality control and supervision of tower and foundation construction, including all parts and components
        • Risk analysis of, for example, rotor blade failures or falling ice
        • Structural inspection certificates and load capacity and serviceability certificates for rotor blades, towers, and foundations
        • Acceptance tests and inspections prior to commissioning
        • Building inspections by the testing agencies of TÜV Rheinland LGA
        • Periodic inspections, including inspections in accordance with machinery regulations and rotor blade inspection
        • Design load checks
        • Inspections prior to warranty expiry
        • Basic and advanced training of your employees as service fitters and service mechanics through, for example, safety courses and repair coaching
        • Rehabilitation concepts
        • Damage analysis
        • Decommissioning, including cost calculation for financing, preparation of tender documents, legal discovery, and recommendations for disposal
  • Climate and Environmental Protection

  • You’re fully aware of your responsibility towards the environment. Climate protection and energy efficiency are high on the company agenda. We can measure, certify, and provide advice on emissions, imissions, noise and sound insulation, and for implementing your obligations as an operator in compliance with regulations for major incidents.
      • Climate Protection and Emissions Trade

      • For the Success of Your Climate Protection Projects
        In order to decrease the rate of global climate change, which has the potential for massive negative impact on the ecosystems of our planet, three different mechanisms have been developed under the Kyoto Protocol, all of which aim to lower the overall cost of achieving any given greenhouse gas emissions target: Emissions Trading, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI).

        The Kyoto mechanisms provide real business opportunities for you as a project owner, developer or participant - without compromising on the importance of satisfying all project-level requirements.

        TÜV Rheinland is a United Nations (UN) accredited validation agency, known as a Designated Operational Entity (DOE). We can carry out the obligatory validation of your CDM project within the scope of all sectors, including energy generation and distribution, chemical, construction, transportation, mining, metal production, manufacturing and agricultural industries. Once validated, your project can then be submitted to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

        TÜV Rheinland is also an Accredited Independent Entity (AIE) and offers determination and verification services in conjunction with JI projects.

        Benefits of Our Climate Protection Services at a Glance
        With support from TÜV Rheinland for your climate protection projects and climate protection issues, you can:
        • Take advantage of our international reputation as an independent testing body.
        • Rely on comprehensive services for your climate protection projects.
        • Use our CDM validation and verification services as an accredited DOE.
        • Complete a successful JI or CDM project.
        • Benefit from a tradable emissions certificate.
        • Report your annual GHG emissions under the EU Emissions Trading System in a credible and transparent manner.
        Our services:
        • CDM Validation and Verification
        • Validation and Verification in the VER Area
        • Our Services for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme
        • Eco-Friendly Electricity Certification and Bio Natural Gas Certification
      • Corporate Carbon Footprint

      • Your Company's CO2 Footprint
        How climate-friendly is your company? Take the first step on your way to certification as a "climate neutral company" with "Corporate Carbon Footprint" certification. Established as a measure of the environmental impact in the climate debate, the carbon footprint is an important part of holistic environmental assessments. It measures all greenhouse gases that occur along the value chain in your company.

        TÜV Rheinland provides ISO 14064-compliant carbon footprint services, which help your enterprise learn more about the conditions of, and possible liabilities and risks associated with your GHG emissions. Carbon footprint assessment allows your company to demonstrate its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and promote sustainable low-carbon development.

        The reasons for getting business-related carbon footprint certification are manifold. More and more companies are choosing their suppliers based on the CO2 emissions or provide incentive programs to reward carbon footprint assessment. Furthermore, the corporate footprint forms the basis for certification as a climate-neutral company and allows companies to participate in international initiatives that publish or determine levels of CO2 emissions.

        Together with you, our experts identify and analyze emissions drivers and calculate reduction potential.

        Benefits At A Glance
        With the assistance of TÜV Rheinland to determine your corporate carbon footprint, you:
        • improve your energy efficiency with lower operating costs
        • identify the most cost-effective opportunities for emission reduction and save costs by reducing CO2 emissions
        • carbon footprint assessment gives you strong arguments when competing against less climate-friendly companies
        • Increase transparency of all processes and identify "emission hotspots"
        • Achieve your emission reduction objective and improve the transparency of your emission data, which boosts stakeholder confidence
        • Increase reliability by demonstrating the credibility, consistency, and clarity of GHG quantifying, monitoring, and reporting
        • Build a basis for development and implementation of a future GHG management strategy
        • Improve management of internal GHG data and processes
        • Can take advantage of an effective public marketing tool

        Our Services
        TÜV Rheinland helps you determine your company's carbon footprint and provides services for calculating, declaring, and attaining climate neutral emissions.

      • Emissions

      • Air Pollution Control: Measure – Assess – Advise
        One of the basic goals of environmental protection is to eliminate or reduce harmful emissions – to safeguard the environment from air, soil, and surface water contamination and to protect populace from pollution. TÜV Rheinland can inspect your facilities – from large emission facilities to biogas plants, from waste incinerators to crematoria – in accordance with immission control regulations and technical air quality control instructions. In addition, we can also advise you on how to reduce odor and pollutant emissions along with plant modernization.

        Benefits at a Glance
        With TÜV Rheinland’s emissions measurements, you:
        • Ensure compliance with statutory regulations
        • Actively contribute to the protection of the environment from air, soil, and surface water contamination
        • Ensure economical and reliable operation
        Our Range of Services
        • Emissions measurements at plants required to comply with immission control regulations and technical air quality control instructions
        • Functional testing and calibration – AST and QAL2 in compliance with the DIN EN 14181 norm or VDI 3950 – of installations that continuously measure and monitor exhaust gas
        • Determination of the location to install continuous sampling equipment and the measurement points to use for comparison – in compliance with the DIN EN 15259 (VDI 4200) norm – as well as issuing installation certificates
        • Preparation of strategies to measure and monitor thermal processes, such as in a combustion chamber
        • Measurement and consultation for thermal processes and process engineering, including exhaust gas purification
        • Testing and parameterization of systems for acquiring, evaluating, and transmitting data to regulatory authorities as part of the remote emissions monitoring framework (using emission evaluation computers)
        • Strategies for monitoring exhaust gas and process parameters
        • In-house measurements, for example, for plant optimization
        • Assessment, measurement, and consultation for processes and process engineering in exhaust gas purification and the state of the art of related technologies
        • Measurement and monitoring of material flows and trace substances of all types; expert assessment for acceptance testing and preparation of heat and material balances and guarantees
        • Measurement of odors and dispersal of odors; predictions on dispersal of odors along with consultation on measures to minimize them
      • Energy Efficiency in Business and Industry

      • Save Money and Preserve the Environment through Efficient Energy Use
        Consistently using energy efficiently can help you control your company’s energy costs. We at TÜV Rheinland can help industry and local governments introduce more energy-efficient structures. Certification as an “energy-efficient company” ensures continuous improvement of your energy efficiency through the use of measurement instruments and Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) to monitor and analyze energy use – and that, in turn, ensures greater cost-effectiveness.

        Benefits at a Glance
        With support from TÜV Rheinland in matters related to energy efficiency, you can:
        • Implement a continuous improvement process that increases efficiency by taking a comprehensive view of all sources of energy used
        • Benefit from the introduction of an energy management system that offers well-defined, systematic optimization processes
        • Polish your corporate image as far as sustainable development is concerned, by earning a highly recognized TÜV Rheinland certification
      • GIS Consulting

      • Geodata: Added Value for Companies and Municipalities
        Business processes are increasingly being optimized with the help of a rapid increase in geodata that is available. Do you want to know which sales region generates the highest sales? Or find out where your service technicians conduct the most service calls? Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – tailored to the needs and issues of your company or municipality – can provide the answers to these questions. Our experts for geodata collection and processing use all types of geodata in an extremely wide variety of projects to answer geographically linked business questions. See our list of references for examples of the sorts of projects we manage.

        GIS Consulting for Business and Administration
        Geographic Information Systems are now a virtually indispensable part of both municipal and business life. As an independent consultant, we can help you introduce new GI systems and integrate and migrate such systems into existing IT planning. Along with general consulting, our services also include drafting specifications and detailed concepts, as well as support throughout the contracting process, including preparing and evaluating documentation for tenders and bids.

        Benefits at a Glance
        When you choose to rely on experts from TÜV Rheinland, you:
        • Take advantage of neutral and product-independent consulting services that cover the full range of GI systems and geodata – because our employees are perfectly acquainted with this type of heterogeneous market
        • Permanently increase your efficiency and can broaden your range of offerings – based on our consistent approach
        • Can rest assured that any of your projects that deal with geographic questions are perfectly executed, thanks to our many years of experience in working with geodata
        Our Services
        • GIS Consulting
        • Geodata Processing
        • Geodata Collection
        • Street Cadastre and Object Registration
        • Split Wastewater Charges
      • Green IT

      • Energy-Efficient and Sustainable IT
        Computing power consumes electricity. Information and computer technology requires energy for data processing, cooling, and an uninterruptible power supply. But, do you know exactly how much energy your IT systems consume? Let TÜV Rheinland guide your company to higher energy efficiency and lower CO2 emissions with our comprehensive analysis and monitoring services. Besides helping you lower your energy consumption and costs over the long term, we can help boost your company’s positive image.

        Benefits at a Glance
        With TÜV Rheinland as your partner in IT energy efficiency, you can:
        • Determine how much electricity your IT landscape consumes
        • Get competent advice on the best ways to increase efficiency
        • Permanently reduce energy costs
        • Achieve certification of your corporate social responsibility from an independent certifying body
      • Immissions

      • Air Quality on the Test Stand
        We are your immissions control partner. Our environmental protection experts support companies and regulatory authorities with a full range of services from a single source. We measure and evaluate air pollution caused by smoke, soot, and particulate matter, as well as substances that emit objectionable odors. Do you want to improve the air quality in your surroundings? Sustainably? We can tell you which immission control measures help you achieve the best results. Choose the specialists with expertise in all aspects of air pollution control.

        Benefits at a Glance
        With the support of TÜV Rheinland’s immission control experts, you can:
        • Take advantage of state-of-the-art technology for measurements and expert assessments
        • Generate immission forecasts for your regulatory permit
        • Ensure compliance with the statutory requirements of immissions control regulations (Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetz (BImSchG))
        • Take advantage of our expertise as an authorized measurement agency
          (in compliance with §26 of the 28th BImSchG)
      • Noise and Vibration Protection

      • Get Effective Protection against Noise, Vibration, and Shock
        Protect local residents, employees, and your environment from noise and vibration. TÜV Rheinland offers a full range of effective noise control services for municipal authorities and industrial firms. From analysis of existing conditions and development of noise control strategies to implementation of noise control measures – we can help you develop sustainable approaches to protect your citizens or employees.

        Benefits at a Glance
        With TÜV Rheinland as your noise and vibration control partner, you:
        • Rely on state-of-the-art technology for measurements, calculations, and expert assessments
        • Receive competent advice on all environmental protection matters
        • Benefit from the know-how of our highly experienced experts and our certification as an authorized institute for air pollution control in accordance with pollution control regulations (§26 of the Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetz, BImSchG)
        Our Areas of Expertise
        • Architectural acoustics and construction physics
        • Industrial noise
        • Noise control technology in urban land use planning
        • Traffic noise
        • Environmental noise
        • Sports and recreation noise
        • Construction noise
        • Machinery noise and vibrations
        • Noise and vibration in the workplace
        • Vibration
      • Suitability Testing – QAL1-Certification

      • Measurement Testing for Suitability
        The best environmental protection is based on tested and certified instruments that continuously measure and monitor emissions and ambient air quality. In our suitability-testing laboratory, we test and can certify the instruments you use to monitor emissions and determine ambient air conditions. Our tests and certifications comply with the DIN EN 15267 series of regulations. And our tests for instruments that monitor ambient air conditions comply with the relevant guidelines.

        Benefits at a Glance
        With TÜV Rheinland’s suitability testing for automatic measurement systems, you can:
        • Ensure that your equipment is tested in accordance with the latest requirements
        • Take advantage of the comprehensive expertise of our air pollution control experts
        • Get support for notification of suitability and certification
      • Storm Water Management

      • Ensure EPA Compliance with Storm Water Management
        The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandates compliance to standards created in an effort to reduce storm water discharges from new development and redevelopment.

        TÜV Rheinland provides complete storm water management services, including erosion control design, storm water monitoring, pollution prevention, and assistance with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) storm water permits.

        Our services are performed by qualified, experienced personnel in a timely and cost effective manner. These experts are certified in storm water collection, testing, sampling, analysis, and testing.

        Benefits at a Glance
        With storm water management services from TÜV Rheinland, you can be sure of:
        • Meeting established EPA standards and Safety compliance
        • Prevention and management
        • A lead against the competition with an independent third-party certification
        • Reduced risk of company liability with documented safety standards
        • Fast audit times and our long-standing experience
        • TÜV Rheinland’s exclusive, one-stop service
        • Compliance with local government and legal requirements