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Business Profile

Efficient biogas plants for agriculture

Biogas has been our passion - for more than 15 years

Our goal has always been to create opportunities for farmers to enter the energy market, both quickly and at a manageable cost.
Producing biogas from renewable raw materials places highly specific demands on the technology used. So we've developed purpose-designed biogas components that have proven themselves for many years through continuous practical application. Our key components - the "Biolene" gas storage , "Paddle giant" agitator and our Solid feeder unit - have set the standards in terms of stability, reliability and energy efficiency.
So, we can provide our customers with a complete service. Our services spectrum covers all aspects of efficient biogas technology - from conception and planning throughout the construction of the plants, to seamless service and biological support with our own laboratory. Additionally, our heating concepts ensure that the available heat recovery potential can be used profitably.

You can update your skills to - go from farmer to energy farmer! More than 400 competent, committed and well-trained employees are looking forward to helping you throughout the process. We'd also like to take the opportunity to thank all our customers for the trust they have placed in us and for allowing us to realise more than 600 biogas plants across the UK and Europe.
"As old hands in the business we can assure you that your biogas system will run reliably and profitably and we guarantee you a long-term support service."
We are happy to advise you personally, or better, just ask our customers yourself.
Robert Bugar and Michael Engelhardt
Founder and director of agriKomp