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  • Offer Profile
  • Statiflo International is a world leader in the development and application of static mixers and associated technologies with thousands of customers in every process industry in over 80 countries.

    Our headquarters are located in Macclesfield in the north west of England.

    We also service industries throughout the world from offices strategically situated in the USA, Germany and Canada, as well as through our globally distributed network of agents.

Product Portfolio
  • Statiflo Motionless Mixing technology

      • Pipe Mixer: Series 100/150

      • Carbon Steel and stainless steel mixers with fixed or removable elements. A general purpose design suitable for all industries. Available with heating and cooling jackets, injectors, sample points and instrumentation bosses.
      • Pipe Mixer: Series 200

      • Sanitary stainless steel design static mixers with removable elements suitable for CIP (cleaning in place) systems in food and pharmaceutical applications. Available with IDF, RJT, DIN and ferrule end connections. Injectors, heating and cooling jackets are also available.
      • Pipe Mixer: Series 300

      • Mixers with solid 100% PTFE removable elements and PFTE lined carbon steel housing for corrosive duties in all industries. Also available with optional separate PTFE/PFA injectors, heating and cooling jackets.
      • Pipe Mixer: Series 400

      • uPVC designs for cost effective general purpose and corrosion resistant duties. Fixed uPVC elements in uPVC housings available with flanged or threaded ends or with coupling connections. Optional injectors and sample points.
      • Pipe Mixer: Series 500/550

      • Corrosion resistant GRP/FRP, large diameter (+250mm) mixers with fixed elements for corrosive applications in the water, wastewater, desalination and pulp & paper industries. Flanged designs are available with optional injectors and sample points.
      • Pipe Mixer: Series 600/650

      • Large diameter stainless steel or coated carbon steel/stainless steel mixers with fixed elements for water and wastewater treatment industries and general purpose. Flanged or plain ended for VJ couplings. Optional injectors and sampling points. Coatings are available in Scotchkote 206N or Rilsan.
      • Pipe Mixer: Series 700

      • High surface mixers with edge sealed elements for high pressure and high viscosity polymer processing applications. Also for laminar flow thermal homogenisation. Available in carbon and stainless steels.
      • Pipe Mixer: Series 800/850

      • Direct steam heaters in steel and exotic alloys for all industries. Fixed elements with integral steam injector or injector jacket.
      • Channel Mixers

      • Statiflo's Channel Mixers are revolutionising the design and operation of water and waste water treatment plants.

        Statiflo Series 900 Channel Mixers rapidly achieve a high degree of mix with extremely low headloss in very short lengths.

        Complete mixing in the channel is possible, achieving a low CoV, over a wide range of flowrates. With headlosses of just a few millimetres feasible, gravity flow is an option, eliminating the expense of pumping, saving not just capital costs, but ongoing maintenance and energy costs too.

        Statiflo Channel Mixers can be installed in new treatment works or easily retrofitted into existing installations, even when flooded and live. The modular design concept, based on the STMC mixing elements, allows wide variations in aspect ratio (height/width) suitable for square or nearly square channel sections, narrow deep channels and wide shallow channels. Independent trials have established that the STMC concept is the most efficient of all known commercially available static mixers.

        Open channels can develop unusual velocity profiles not found in conventional piping systems. Statiflo has invested considerably in developing a procedure to ensure that the correct amount of additive is injected proportional to the local mainstream flowrate.

        Applications include:

        • Raw water blending
        • pH control
        • Rapid coagulant addition
        • Polyelectrolyte dosing
        • Residence time control

        The high efficiencies and benefits of the channel static mixer apply to any scale, the largest installed to date is 7m wide x 5m deep, handling 7 tonnes/sec of water.

      • The Innovative Gas Dispersion System: Custom Designed, Engineered and Built

      • The Statiflo Gas Dispersion System (GDS) is a totally new concept for simultaneous mixing and mass transfer.

        The Statiflo GDS is designed to overcome the difficulties associated with the use of a single static mixer. The system uses two different mixers, the first, in a sidestream, to form small gas bubbles and the second, in the main line to provide contact time and efficient mass transfer. As the gas bubbles are formed in a constant velocity sidestream, the gas bubble size is constant and independent of any variations in the main liquid flow.

        Typical applications:

        • Aeration of drinking water for iron, manganese and carbon dioxide removal
        • Ozonation of drinking water and waste water
        • Carbonation of mineral water
        • BOD and COD reduction
      • Wastewater Mixers

      • Statiflo Non-Ragging Pipe Mixer (NR)

        The Statiflo NR Mixer has been specifically designed for sludge mixing or wastewater applications with high fibre content.

        In full-scale trials with a major UK water utility the Statiflo NR Mixer outperformed all competitor's designs including a static mixer, an orifice plate and sludge valves.

        These pictures and graphs illustrate the superior performance of the Statiflo NR Mixer compared with a competitor's mixer.  The graph  shows the typical effects of ragging with increasing headloss and reduced flow until the competitor's mixer ceased to operate in less than four hours.

        Statiflo Non-Ragging Channel Mixer (NRC)

        A non-ragging static mixer for dosing additives into wastewater including raw sewage.  The Statiflo NRC Mixer has been designed specifically for P removal applications but can equally be used on any chemical dosing service on raw sewage where non-ragging properties are essential.  It has a unique variable geometry custom designed for the widest range of wastewater velocities and channel depths found on a typical wastewater treatment plant.

        Statiflo NRC Mixers have been installed since 2008 and have consistently remained rag free and have required no maintenance.

      • Pipe Mixer: Desalination Static Mixers

      • Static mixers designed specifically to meet the special requirements of the global desalination industry.

        The Statiflo DSM provides the highest mixture quality with minimum dosing of additive(s), eliminating overdosing to enhance downstream separation efficiencies and membrane lifespan. The requirement for dosing lances with small additive release holes, aided by internal baffles, has been eliminated.

        The Statiflo DSM has been independently tested for pressure drop and mixture quality (variation coefficient, CoV) by BHR Group, world leaders in fluid engineering, research & consultancy. Mixers have been tested at industry realistic fluid velocities and additive ratios and demonstrated to achieve better than industry standard mixture quality. 


        Pre-treatment applications for minimising biofouling, sealing and membrane plugging:-

        • Inlet blending
        • pH control
        • Disinfection
        • Anti - scalant
        • Coagulation
        • Flocculation 

        The very latest techniques for design and modelling have been used to develop the Statiflo DesalMixer (DSM) for turbulent flow dosing and blending applications in the pre-treatment and post-treatment stages of desalination processes. 

      • Custody Transfer (CT) Mixers

      • These static mixers designed to meet the special requirements and standards for custody transfer/fiscal measurement. Statiflo Custody Transfer mixers are specifically designed to meet the rigorous API 8.2 & ISO 3171 standards, utilising the unique Statiflo dual leading edge technology.

        Feature and benefits:

        • Custom design – to suit on-site requirements of length, number of auxiliary connections (including water injection connection), pressure and temperature ratings.
        • No direct power consumption.
        • Uniformly mixed product to meet ISO 3171 / API 8.2 standards.
        • No requirement for maintenance as a static mixer has no moving parts.
        • Statiflo mixers have been rigorously tested by an independant third party in wet lab tests. Our designs are not based on CFD models.
        • Elements are fully welded into the mixer housing.
        • Additional connections, lengths and reducers / cones can be accommodated as part of the mixer housing.
        • Mixers can be manufactured in a wide range of materials to suit clients needs.
        • Painting and NDT / QA / QC to meet meet stringent specifications.
      • Statiflo Chemical Dosing Lances

      • Statiflo chemical dosing lances are custom designed and engineered to maximise the efficiency of Statiflo's static mixers. They are also available as standalone products for all of your chemical dosing requirements.

        Feature and benefits:

        • Ensures correctly distributed flow around mixing elements.
        • Custom designed for each application
        • Available in a variety of materials, including plastics and exotic alloys, eg. Hastelloy
        • Withdrawable under pressure
        • Available with a variety of different pressure ratings depending on your requirements.
        • Ensures safe and predictable dosing operation.
      • Statiflo STX Heat Exchange Motionless Mixer Systems for high viscosity and heat sensitive liquids

      • An extremely efficient range of heat exchangers for use mainly in laminar flow applications. All Statiflo designs rely on improved radial mixing and flow division for virtual elimination of boundary layers which form the biggest resistance to heat transfer in laminar flow.

        The STX range comprises:

        • STTX small diameter (15 - 50mm) double pipe version of the Series 100 static mixer with STT elements
        • STSX small diameter (65 - 125mm) double pipe version of the Series 100 mixer and Series 200 sanitary mixer with STS elements
        • STLX medium diameter (150 - 200mm) version of the Series 100 mixer with STL elements, internal heat transfer tubes and optional external jacket
        • STMX medium to large diameter (+250mm) version of the Series 650 mixer with STM elements, internal heat transfer tubes and optional external jacket

        Key Benefits:

        • Reduction or elimination of boundary layers, virtually eliminating film resistances
        • High overall heat transfer coefficient
        • Virtual elimination of temperature profile
        • No hot or cold spots
        • Lower pressure drop
        • Allows operation close to phase change temperatures
        • Approaches ideal plug flow
        • Compact design
        • No moving parts
        • No spares requirement
        • Minimal maintenance

        Applications include:

        • Polymer cooling and heating
        • Adhesives and resins
        • Greases
        • Paraffin waxes
        • Sauces, soups, ketchup
        • Chocolate
        • Sugar solutions
        • Paste
        • Pasteurising