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  • Environmental technology from Avermann has been in use in a wide range of industries and fields for many years – on every possible scale. Our range extends from individual machines for mobile disposal through to comprehensive industrial-scale stationary solutions. Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to not only develop our extensive standard range, but also industry-specific solutions which offer our customers real added value.
Product Portfolio
  • Environmental technology

  • The full range for a clean environment

    Be it a static, mobile or complete unit: At Avermann, you will find the perfect solution for every size and application.
      • Mobile compactors

          • Mobile compactors for hook lift trucks

          • Optimum disposal for high efficiency

            Avermann waste compactors reduce household and industrial waste volumes as well as paper and other recyclable fractions to 1/6 of the original volume and thus reduce transport and disposal costs extraordinarily economical. Furthermore, additional costs incurred in open waste and recycling containers by scattered paper, the crushing of boxes, the shredding of bulky boxes etc., are completely eliminated here.

            Your benefits:

          • High performance: 380 kN pressing force

          • Reliable: 24V safety and digital control

          • User friendly: Conical container shape for easy emptying

          • Capacious: Large feed opening

          • High quality: Teflon guided press ram and apron plate

          • Optimized: Large maintenance door
          • Mobile compactors for chain lift trucks

          • State-of-the-art technology for economic waste disposal

            The lower the waste volume the lower the transport and disposal costs. Avermann waste compactors for chain lift trucks reduce the volume of household and industrial waste as well as paper and recyclable fractions to 1/6 of the original volume.

            Your benefits:
          • High-performance: Up to 380kN press force

          • Reliable: 24V safety and digital control

          • User friendly: Conical container design for easy discharge

          • High quality: Teflon guided press ram

          • Efficient: Reduced disposal costs

          • Durable: Robust construction for long lifetime
          • iTainer

          • Intelligent and attractive for public use

            The iTainer is an innovation that solves many of the challenges of municipal waste disposal at once – from invoicing through simple application to design.

            This intelligent compactor is equipped with an electronic weighing system. It determines the amount of waste thrown in that is paid directly by the user, e.g. by credit card. The compactor is network-ready and sends all required information to the operator’s server via the Internet. The iTrainer is especially designed for urban environments, since, apart from an efficient and space-saving compacting, it also offers protection against offensive odours of all kinds because of its ozone generator. Thanks to variable design options and an impressive, patent-protected design, the iTrainer is also a real eye-catcher wherever people live and work.

            Your benefits:

          • Practical: Integrated weighing system with payment terminal

          • Intelligent: Can be fully integrated in smart solutions
          • Attractive: Modern, urban design with countless creative advertising opportunities
          • Thought out: Closed receiving unit with hooks
            Safe: Rear door lock with registered design
          • Transportable: Can be shipped in 20/40-feet sea container
          • Robust: High resistance to corrosion for extreme climatic conditions
          • Odorless: Ozone generator to reduce organic compounds and odours
          • Well-tried: Proven Avermann control and drive technology
          • Safe: Fire protection system
          • Well-arranged: LED level indicator
          • Wet waste compactors for chain lift and hook lift trucks

          • Solutions for hygienic wet waste disposal

            Avermann offers special compactors for the reliable compaction of wet waste materials. They are the ideal solution for wet waste materials, such as arising in hotels, canteen-kitchens, rest homes or hospitals. Due to the efficient Avermann 4-point locking your compactor is absolutely liquid-tight. The self-cleaning press ram and the tub-shaped design of the press head ensure low-maintenance operation. Avermann wet waste compactors are available with a pre-defined standard design suitable for the Exchange route process.

            Your benefits:
          • Clean: Liquid-tight for hygienic disposal
          • Durable: Robust construction for long lifetime
          • Reliable: 24 V safety and digital control
          • Optimized: Large maintenance door
          • Mobile compactor AVOS 20M

          • Light and efficient – for resource-saving disposal

            The AVOS 20M heralds a new generation of mobile waste compactors that sets standards in terms of efficiency, sustainability and flexibility that have never before been achieved in the market.

            Thanks to its optimized design, the AVOS 20M offers increased stability despite its reduced weight of up to 500 kg less than comparable machines. This leads to two significant advantages: Considerable savings in fuel consumption and significant increase in maximum payload. At present, recyclables cannot be transported more economically and CO2-savingly than with the AVOS 20M. The master flange system creates maximum flexibility and with the Avermann control concept, the AVOS 20M is an important component in the digitalization of your processes.

            Your benefits:
          • Innovative: Patented assembly groups and new materials
          • Light: Weight reduction up to 500 kg compared to similar system
          • Capacity: Very large filling opening (1,890 mm x 1,970 mm)
          • Elegant: Attractive industrial design for use in public environments
          • Flexibility: Master flange system for optimal adaptation to your needs
          • Process reliability: Newly designed press head bottom to prevent material from entering behind the press plate
          • Powerful: High press force – well above the market level
          • Networked: All service information accessible in real time via WiFi and mobile network
          • User-friendly: Innovative control unit for easy operation
        • Static compactors

            • Static compactors

            • Maximum cost-effectiveness for large waste amounts

              Thanks to attachable transport containers in different sizes, Avermann static compactors offer high variability and individuality. Transport containers with a net capacity of up to 32 m³ can be attached to the stationary compaction unit. The entire work cycle is controlled by the integrated, low-maintenance electro-hydraulics. Due to the optimal compaction without downtime of the upstream production line, you benefit from environmentally friendly, hygienic and highly economical disposal.

              Your benefits:
            • Capacious: Feed-opening up to 2,000mm x 1,900mm
            • Optimized: For expansive and difficult materials (e. g. PET)
            • High performance: Permanently available
            • Durable: Robust construction for long lifetime
            • Efficient: Higher transport performance and transport cost optimization
            • SP 20 static compactor

            • The efficiency champion for large cardboard boxes

              With its impressively sized feed opening of 1,900mm x 2,000mm, the Avermann SP 20 is predestined for large and bulky cardboard and other materials. Attachable transport containers with up to 32 m³ volume ensure particularly great freedom with re - gard to the setup location - depending on material, space requirements and deployment scenario. The adjacent hydraulic unit and maintenance cover to all provide excellent access to the machine even in tight spaces.

              The enormous press force of 380kN guarantee optimum compaction. With the Avermann control, the effect of the pressing power on the material can also be perfectly and easily adjusted.

              Your benefits:

            • High capacity: the largest feeding hopper on the market (1,900mm x 2,000mm)
            • Precise: resistant, external position detection
            • Easy access: separate hydraulic unit and lateral cleaning covers
            • Easy maintenance: large maintenance opening, lateral cleaning covers and bolted cover
            • Lowest downtimes: high maintenance friendliness
            • Powerful: very large capacity
            • Long service life: robust and proven Avermann technology
            • Static screw compactors

            • Highest compaction for maximum savings

              Your optimal disposal concept for expansive material: The powerful gear motor in combination with an optimal chain drive achieves an extremely high degree of compaction. Thus, your discharge costs are reduced to a minimum. In addition, the constant rotational movement of the screw shaft guarantees a continuous filling.

              Your benefits:
            • Efficient: High compaction ratio
            • Low-maintenance: Highly wear resistant bearings
            • Durable: Robust construction for long lifetime
            • Transport containers

            • The successful concept for maximum cost-effectiveness

              Avermann transport containers are used optionally with static compactors or screw compactors. Moreover, they can easily be integrated into shifting units. Depending on the application and type of static or screw compactor, different container sizes from 20 m3 to 32 m3 are available.

              Your benefits:
            • Feed-ready: Net capacity up to 32 m3
            • Locking options: Side-hinged door or top-hinged flap with various locking mechanisms
            • Tailor-made: Demand-oriented use
            • Durable: Robust construction for long lifetime
          • Horizontal balers

              • Horizontal baler type AVOS 88

              • Compact and economic solution for highest efficiency

                With the horizontal baler type AVOS 88 you achieve maximum continuity. Whether paper, cardboard or foil - this press delivers convincing performance every day with high efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Highly compacted, fully-automatic bound bales enable space-saving storage and cost-optimized transport. Long lifetime, low energy consumption and easy handling - this machine leaves nothing to be desired.

                Your benefits:
              • Savings: Low power consumption
              • Flexible: Individual equipment options
              • Space saving: Suitable for applications with limited space
              • Horizontal baler type AVOS 141/181

              • Handling, power and flexibility for expansive materials

                AVOS 141 and AVOS 181 horizontal balers combine excellent engineering with an extended lifespan. A wide variety of materials can be processed precisely and just as desired. For highly expensive materials, the filling hopper can be extended with an additional compaction space. The baler can be fed either manually or continuously and evenly by means of a conveyor belt. Manual binding using prefabricated quick-tie wires ensures a constant bale length.

                Your benefits:
              • Flexible: Suitable for compaction of various materials
              • Efficient: High bale weight at constant bale length
              • Constant: Manual binding with quick-tie wires
              • Market-driven: Economically usable European standard bales
              • Horizontal baler type AVOS 1211

              • Maximum performance - minimum space required!

                High impact in the smallest space? With the horizontal baler type AVOS 1211 you succeed in squaring the circle! The very compact design of the baler allows easy positioning in working environments that offer little space. The machine also combines modern technology with a very robust design. Thus, you benefit from a long lifetime with high throughput and performance potential. The AVOS 1211 convinces with simple and safe handling - with fully automated operation and the proven 4-fold vertical binding.

                Your benefits:
              • Robust: Stable, torsion-resistant design
              • Flexible: Individual equipment options
              • Safe: Vertical 4-fold binding
              • Space saving: Compact design
              • Horizontal baler type AVOS 1410 B

              • Sophisticated technology for continuous use

                Efficiency is a key issue in waste management, especially with large amounts of waste and recyclables. The horizontal baler type AVOS 1410 B is well known in the market for its high quality and long lifetime. Unique features of the press are: large feeding chute, proven binding technology and enormous press force. An integrated heating and cooling system for the hydraulic oil ensures trouble-free, uninterrupted operation even at extreme temperatures. The electro-hydraulic drive with a power of up to 45 kW is also designed for high throughput rates – ideal conditions for entering the waste management industry.

                Your benefits:
              • Temperature resistance: Separate heating, cooling and filtration circuit for hydraulic oil
              • Versatile: various drive options to meet individual requirements
              • Reliable: Proven technology from more than 40 years of experience
              • Horizontal baler type AVOS 1410 B5

              • Flexibility and through - put for individual applications

                Horizontal baler type AVOS 1410 B5 is particularly suitable for the optimal compaction of expansive materials and common recyclables. It impresses with enormous versatility and numerous product options. The press ram is guided either on plastic rails or steel rollers. It is powered by one or two energy-saving, high-performance hydraulic pumps. When using the optimized cutting system "OptiCut", the throughput can be increased by another 50 percent. This allows a flexible use of the machine, depending on the application and the customer’s need. The 5-fold binding guarantees dimensionally stable bales – even with expansive materials.

                Your benefits:
              • Precise: Dimensionally stable bales thanks to 5-fold vertical binding (using steel or plastic wires)
              • Reliable: Low risk of failure thanks to two separate drive units
              • Reliable: Proven technology from more than 40 years of experience
              • Horizontal baler type AVOS 1410 BRH

              • The long-distance runner – for reliable continuous operation

                Count on maximum stability when pressing waste and recyclables in continuous operation! The horizontal baler type AVOS 1410 BRH with 22 kW drive capacity and 500 kN press force is the optimal machine where continuous performance in long-term operation is required, for example in central warehouses and dispatch warehouses working in three shifts. The press is equipped with a hydraulically controlled binding unit and a press ram with hardened steel rollers on HARDOX guide rails.

                In addition, heating and cooling elements for the hydraulic oil permit continuous use of the baler, even in extreme temperature ranges. The press ram is driven by means of an energy-saving, performance controlled axial piston pump. For higher requirements in terms of throughput rate, there is the machine type AVOS 1410 BRHF with a more powerful hydraulic system.

                Your benefits:
              • Robust: Press ram guided on hardened steel rollers
              • Safe: Vertical 4-fold binding
              • Flexible: Individual equipment options
              • Reliable: Proven technology from more than 40 years of experience
              • Horizontal baler type AVOS 1810 B5

              • Powerful and economic for big challenges

                The horizontal baler type AVOS 1810 B5 is the right choice for compacting large waste amounts. The press ram is guided either on plastic rails or steel rollers. When pressing fine grain or highly expansive materials the press can be equipped with a cross binding system. In combination with the optimized cutting system "OptiCut" and the use of one or two most energy-efficient, high-performance hydraulic pumps, this baler offers an impressive spectrum for applications with maximum throughputs. Furthermore, the sophisticated key transfer system (optional) guarantees the highest level of operation safety.

                Your benefits:
              • Convenient handling: Extremely large feeding hopper
              • Powerful: Suitable to compact very large amounts of waste and recyclable materials
              • Reliable: Proven technology from more than 40 years of experience
              • Horizontal baler type AVOS 2010 B5

              • Bigger, faster and stronger - for daily peak performances

                The horizontal baler TYPE AVOS 2010 B5 is an absolutely outstanding machine in terms of performance, throughput and efficiency. The sophisticated development in every detail leaves nothing to be desired. From intelligent control to high-performance and highly energy-efficient drives, new standards are set here. The AVOS 2010 B5 also produces perfect bales with a measurement of 1.1m x 1.1m - with adjustable length. Depending on the application, this baler offers the options of vertical, horizontal or cross binding. Even under extreme temperatures and operating conditions in continuous operation, the AVOS 2010 B5 works absolutely reliable, permanently and economically anywhere in the world - a real top product!

                Your benefits:
              • Convenient handling: Extremely large feeding hopper
              • Custom-fit: Bale dimensions 1.1 m x 1.1 m
              • Durable: Two separate drive units
              • Strong: Pressing force up-to 1.700 kN
              • OptiCut

              • More throughput and efficiency for horizontal balers

                The newly developed, patented “OptiCut” cutting system marks the start of a new era in the construction of horizontal balers. It eliminates the need for a stamper plate and also increases throughput to an unprecedented level of 50 to 100 percent. This quantum leap forward in environmental technology is particularly beneficial to users who rely on extreme throughput figures with maximum reliability. Because, in addition to the reduction in cutting pressure, overall hydraulic and mechanical loading is significantly reduced due to a homogenous cutting process. This is made possible thanks to an optimally dimensioned expansion space for the material during the cutting process. The OptiCut system is available both for Avermann horizontal balers as well as for retrofitting to third-party units.

                Your benefits:
              • Economically sound: Extremely short payback period
              • Efficient: Increase in productivity of 50% to 100%, depending on the material
              • Efficient: Reduction in personnel costs
              • Economical: Reduced energy costs
              • Low-maintenance: Reduced maintenance costs
              • Robust: Extended lifespan
              • Excellent handling: Improved bale stackability
            • Sorting devices

                  • Sorting device

                  • Automated sorting solutions

                    The ZenRobotics Recycler is not purpose-built, and can be integrated into any system. It should ideally be installed as described in the layout. It can also be updated on the software side at any time, and thus represents a future-proof investment.

                    Manufacture from standard industrial components, the robot is able to differentiate between valuable raw materials and waste thanks to machine learning processes. Originally designed for the sorting of mixed construction waste, its range of services is constantly expanding.

                    Materials are recognized by evaluating a wide range of sensor data. These include cameras for the visible spectrum, a 3-D laser scanner, key sensors and near-infrared technology (NIR). The interaction of this sensor data enables a highly accurate analysis of the waste flow – unique in this form!

                    Your benefits:
                  • Increased yields thanks to improved raw material recovery
                  • Lower sorting costs thanks to automated sorting
                  • Lower energy consumption thanks to high-precision recovery
              • Conveyor systems

                    • Conveyor systems

                    • Flexibility for your intralogistics

                      You can rely on conveyor technology from Avermann! The conveyor belts are individually tailored and manufactured for each application in a modular system using precise laser-cutting technology. Various belt qualities enable the safe transport even of difficult-to-handle bulk materials with oily, greasy or abrasive components.

                      Your benefits:
                    • Versatile: Sliding, chain or roller conveyor versions
                    • Individual: Conveyor belts for all requirements
                    • Reliable: Stable, torsion-resistant design
                    • Space-saving: Compact design
                • Screen drums

                      • Screen drum

                      • Flexibility for today and tomorrow

                        The highest degree of individuality: Avermann screen drums are available with different screen lengths, diameters and hole sizes, and are tailor-made to your requirements. Retrofitting is possible at any time, so that the unit can also be adapted to new circumstances at a later date. The use of different screen plates allows the generation of multiple sieve fractions in a single drum.

                        Your benefits:
                      • Outstanding classification of construction, commercial and paper waste as well as compost and soil
                      • Custom planning and production
                      • Reliable even under the harshest operating conditions
                      • Stable, torsion-resistant design
                  • Bin-lift devices

                        • Universal bin-lifter

                        • Your system for efficient emptying

                          Avermann bin-lifters can be used to empty standard and custom-made waste bins. They are supplied either as an integral part of the mobile or static compactor or as a stand-alone unit that can be connected to existing machines. Our bin-lifters can also be fitted with a mechanical lid opener for large waste bins (MGB) with round lids.

                          Your benefits:
                        • Compatible: Countless potential applications upstream of 10 RM, 20 RM ring machines and 20N RM wet waste compactors
                        • User-friendly: Rapid on-site conversions
                        • Versatile: Mobile or static versions
                        • Flexible: for large waste bins in 660 l, 770 l and 1,100 l sizes with flat lid
                        • Easily integrated: power supply to 10/20 RM bin-lift and machine via one power supply
                        • Safe and clean: Collection tray to prevent site contamination
                        • High performance: lifting capacity
                    • Telemetry

                          • EntsorgerTelematik360

                          • Clarity, clearness and efficiency for large waste disposal companies

                            The innovative and powerful Telematik360 waste management portal solves many of the challenges faced by large waste disposal companies. The system offers you a 360-degree view of your entire integrated waste disposal equipment. Depending on the equipped hardware, e.g. mobile waste compactors, GPS controlled filling level information and other relevant status information for your equipment are determined and displayed on an Internet portal. All current data can be displayed and communicated to your ERP system via e-mail or directly via the data interface. This provides you with a rapid status overview, enables you to evaluate business data and, on this basis, to make sound process decisions that will streamline your operations.

                            Your benefits:
                          • Universal: Information can be transmitted via a data interface to your ERP system. This enables the scheduler to work with a single system.
                          • Multi-client: Portal in German data center with redundant design for data security and individual user rights
                          • Increases efficiency: The transfer of fill level information enables mobile compacting container collection times to be optimally determined.
                          • Analytical: Transmitted operational data can be used to further improve route planning and company cost accounting.
                          • Responsive: The web design reacts to the respective properties of the terminal device used to provide an optimal display, even on smartphones and tablets.
                          • Resource-saving: Connection to the Avermann electronic control unit for the transmission of status and error messages – for a significant reduction in service calls, e.g. due to actuated emergency stop buttons.
                      • Extraction technology

                          • X3Cycler

                          • All-round solution for liquid containers

                            The X3Cycler is a real all-rounder. It processes particularly large quantities of filled liquid containers made of solid plastic or aluminum. In an integrated system, the X3Cycler drains, crushes and compacts the containers into compact bales in the smallest of spaces.

                            With two 200 mm hydraulic cylinders, the X3Cycler develops well over 100 tons of pressing force. In this way liquids are effectively expelled and an optimal Bale density reached. No droplets escape to the outside - liquid is directed exclusively to where it belongs.

                            The smaller Mini-X3Cycler is available for smaller disposal quantities. Both machines from the American manufacturer Sebright Poducts Inc. are exclusively available from Avermann in Europe.

                            Your benefits:

                          • Durable: stainless steel version
                          • Versatile: Suitable for plastic and aluminium containers
                          • Powerful: 7.5 kW hydraulic power pack
                          • High throughput: Processes up to 25 m3 of material per hour
                          • Efficient: Volume reduction of up to 95%
                          • Receptive: Sump with 833 litre capacity (X3Cycler)
                          • Safe: safety interlocks and dead man's handle
                          • User-friendly: SPS control panel
                          • Xtractor

                          • Complete solution for liquid disposal

                            The Xtractor is the complete solution for the disposal and recycling of beverages and liquids. The stainless steel construction of this unit ensures long life and an attractive appearance when handling low pH liquids. The Xtractor not only removes the liquid content from the packaging, but also separates the liquid and crushes the packaging in a clean and controlled process. The Xtractor and its accessories are designed to operate as a closed unit and prevent the liquid in the instrument's waste water collections from reaching the floor. The Xtractor is ideal for medium quantities of liquid products in containers from 0.5 to 4.0 litres. It achieves a weight reduction of up to 93 percent and a volume reduction of up to 90 percent.

                            Your benefits:
                          • High throughput: Up to 10m^3 material per hour
                          • Efficient: volume reduction of up to 90%
                          • Durable: robust design in stainless steel
                          • Conveyor: automatically measures production