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Company Profile

Computer Vision & Robotics Group Research Interests: - Measurement and interpretation of visual motion - Real-time visual tracking, motion and 3D shape from image sequences - Visual guidance of mobile robots, navigation - Reliable hand-eye coordination, visual guided grasping - Man-machine interfaces using visual gestures, pointing - Face detection and tracking, face recognition - Symmetry detection, perceptual grouping - Geometric invariants for recognition and matching - Differential geometry: apparent contours, cusps and frontiers. - Image segmentation and compression.

Product Range

  • Computer vision research
  • Computer vision research: 3D models from images
  • Computer vision research: Curves and surfaces
  • Computer vision research: Image segmentation and grouping
  • Computer vision research: Visual tracking
  • Mobile robot research: Perception systems
  • Robot vision research: 2.5D Visual servoing from planar contours
  • Robot vision research: Image divergence from closed curves
  • Robot vision research: Man-Machine interfaces using visual gestures
  • Robot vision research: Uncalibrated stereo hand-eye coordination
  • Robot vision research: Visual servoing
  • Robot vision research: Visually guided robots
  • Robotics research: Robot vision
  • Robotics research: Visual interface for human-robot interaction