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  • A novel solution for most problems in the domain of highly dynamical and hi-precision applications is manufacturing the direct-drive systems based on linear motors converting the electromagnetic energy into the displacement of the output member. It is within the scope of "RAO Mars” activities to develop and manufacture the linear synchronous motors based upon the direct-drive technology.
    The direct drive of “RAO Mars” is designed on the basis of AC linear motors excited from permanent hi-energy magnets (NdFeB). The available technology and company’s resources ensure the shortest time of the complete production cycle: from the developing through manufacturing and testing.
Product Portfolio
  • Linear motors

      • Linear Motors Series 1ML

      • Motors Series 1ML are motors having one magnetic track. Between the armature and the magnetic track there is a large attractive force which is good for the systems in need of a preloaded bearing. Preloading removes play in guide ways. A feature of this series motors is small size and easy integration into available designs.

        Machine building; transportation and robotics, highly dynamic equipment, machine tools, systems of optical control and laser cutting, packing machines. The series includes three dimension types 1ML25;1ML50; 1ML100.

        Draft force range 62-520 N ;
        Maximum effort ratio 2-3 ;
        Integrated sensor of thermal protection;
        Protection rating IP65;
        Insulation heat-resistance rating F
      • Linear Motors Series 2ML

      • Motors Series 2ML are synchronous symmetrical motors with double-sided track. A close air gap between the armature and the magnetic track (0.6 mm) is ensured by linear bearings.
        Between the magnetic track and armature there is a small attractive force, i.e., the linear bearings are slightly loaded, thus ensuring a long life of the linear bearings and their high dynamic characteristics. The force is transmitted directly through the air gap, there being no mechanical gear. That is what ensures high precision of motor characteristics: speed, acceleration and reliability.

        Machine building, robotic systems, transportation, multidimensional machine tools with numerical programming, machining centers demanding max. dynamic characteristics.
        Included in the Series are three standard sizes 2ML25; 2ML50;2ML100.

        Basic characteristics:
        Range of traction 130-1000 N ;
        Max. traction ratio 2-3;
        Integrated sensor of thermal protection;
        Protection rating IP65 ;
        Isolation thermal resistance rating F.
  • High-speed Milling Machine with CNC

      • High-speed Milling Machine with CNC

      • Application
        The Milling Machine with CNC used for high quality milling and engraving of surfaces of details and products in two-dimensional (2D) and three- dimensional (3D) space.

        Types of Treated Materials
        Natural stone, artificial stone, soft and hard wood, "Alucobond", "Dibond", any polystyrene, color metal, acrylic glass and Perspex, turbonit, model plastic.

        All-welded Massive Frame
        Made from rectangular section profiles, which insure high level of hardness of machine structure, steadiness to statistic and dynamic loads, achievement of high precision and quality during the treatment of large size details.
      • Technical Characteristics

      • Work table size 1100 * 2000 mm
        X and Y treatment zone size, the largest 1000 * 1800 mm
        Displacement of spindle by axial Z 170 mm
        Speed of supply, (stepless) 0-25 m/min
        Precision of positioning 60 mkm
        Reiteration 20
        Frequency rotation of spindle 40 000 turns/min
        Power of spindle 2,2 kw
        Total fixed power 10,0 kw
        Voltage 380 volt
        Current frequency 50 hertz
        Overall dimensions of the machine 2440*1848*1700 mm
  • Direct drive system

      • Basic concepts and operational principle of linear motor (gears) design and manufacture

      • Direct drive is an electric machine directly converting electromagnetic energy into linear or rotary movement. From the engineering viewpoint the direct-drive motor is an electromagnetic system deployed within Cartesian dimensioning and inducing stationary or traveling magnetic field. Controlling the forces of magnetic interaction between the spatial field of the system’s mobile element and the field of the stationary element enables travel to be effected of the mobile element along any possible path within the first or the second system of coordinates.

        The direct drive systems can be subdivided into the linear and rotary motors (platforms). In a classically linear motor the armature fed from an AC source is displaced above a stator consisting of a steel plate and permanent magnets (the so-called magnetic track) through the alternating field of the armature interacting with the static field of the stator. A linear drive is understood as a device consisting of a transducer of linear bearing motion and a linear AC motor. The direct drive implements a gearless transmission of force and motion to the effector, thus eliminating the need for bushings, shafts or other parts of mechanical gearing.  Elimination of the parts common for ordinary mechanical drive is clearly useful in applications having high dynamics and precision of movement. It can therefore be concluded that direct drive is not only the optimal converter of electrical energy into mechanical motion, but also technically the most reliable electrical motor.
      • Applications

      • Applications of linear drive in various technologies, particularly in machine tools:
        - operation within widely adjustable high-response electric actuators and in linear feed gears of CNC metal-cutting machines
        - Laser cutting installations
        - Electroerrosion operations

        Manufacturing the semiconductor and electronic components:
        - Installations for micro wire welding
        - Machine tools for drilling circuit boards
        - Installations for assembling electromechanical units
        - Installations for cutting wafers of silicon, glass, and ceramics

        Systems for moving objects:
        - Sorting machines
        - Conveyor systems

        Medical equipment:
        - High-precision micromanipulators
        - Automatic laboratory equipment
        - Microscopes with coordinate tables
  • Direct drive system

  • Developing and manufacturing linear motors to special demands by the customer (beside the standard designs). Kitting up the linear motors with servodrives (a prepacked electric drive (linear motor, servodrive, measuring system).
    Developing and manufacturing 2D, 3D and multicoordinate systems of prepacked servodrives for diverse types of manipulators for machine tools and complex units based on linear and circular motors.
    Developing and manufacturing prepacked elecltrical equipment for NC machine tools and control systems for diverse technological hardware.
    Complex solution and updating the old hardware (NC machine tools, complex technologies and equipment).
    Developing printed circuits of all types (one-sided, double-sided, multilayered, flexible, composite). Designing new products along the following lines:

    I. Electronic equipment with microprocessing control for production purposes (control panels, indication and protection for machine tools, ovens and other units), transport (taximeters, tachographs), medicine (instruments for measuring the ultraviolet radiation, dental (programmed vacuum oven).

    II. Electrical equipment of elevators:
    1.Cells for elevator control cabinets, Power modules
    2.Button modules and signaling stations.
    3.Elevator trip fares, elevator access electronics.
    4. Special sensors and elevator door control drive.

    III. Power electronics and conversion systems.
    1.Power converters based on Intellectual Models IGBT.
    2. 2.Local power supplies: Chargers, autonomous invertors, high-power stabilizers.
    Designing the technological fittings, die tooling, press molds, casting molds