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Business Profile

Encouraging innovation, applying knowledge, satisfying customers: FRAMOS has been setting standards in industrial image processing since 1981. As a family-run business, we remain true to the best traditions of our foundation year: “The first TGV sped down the line in France, IBM launched the first PC onto the market, MTV started broadcasting and kicked off with Video Killed The Radio Star. At that time, our idea of offering high-tech products for image processing in Europe matched that mood of euphoria – and wrought similar changes in the imaging environment”.

For us, image processing is not just a technical discipline, but a fascination, mission and future in equal measure. Thus, early on we seized on the subject of image sensor technology, and were quickly able to offer our own products such as image sensors, camera modules and cameras. Driven ever onwards by our guiding principle, “Teaching machines to see”, this spirit of innovation and development still holds sway in our company today, and still shapes our three areas of business, Imaging Components for image processing components, Engineering for developmental measures and Imaging Solutions for complete image processing solutions.

Highly expressive images epitomise our entrepreneurial approach, too. Therefore, on our 30-year anniversary, we are once more setting the pace, and focusing on the subject of “Things that matter to us!” With this in mind, we have adapted our striking logo to illustrate the 15 foundations of our company’s success. These include passion, creativity and expertise, as well as loyalty, respect and enjoyment. “For a family-run business like ours, the people with whom and for whom we work are the most important factor,” asserts Bernd Franz. “This is what differentiates us from the competition.” First-class technology is indeed convincing in itself, but its true value only unfolds when it is actually put to use by people. “For us this means, for example, that we listen, first of all, and don’t impose our opinion on our customers,” says Franz. “We therefore aim for long-term business relationships, and respect the uniqueness of our customers, employees and suppliers.”

And by the way, we have never forgotten our roots. With this experience of our own beginnings in the back of our minds, it has always been important to all of us, and especially Bernd and Hildegard Franz, to engage with smaller companies and their pioneering spirit. By supporting newcomers and welcoming new ideas, we have laid the building blocks for lasting success. Many of our major customers came to us as students. With our commitment, we contribute to ensuring that innovation in Europe remains at a high level.