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Royal Holloway, University of London

Company Profile

MR is a set of software components developed by CEA (Saclay, France) and Nice Observatory. This project originated in astronomy, and involved the development of a range of innovative methods built around multiscale analysis. The MR software components include almost all applications presented in the book Image and Data Analysis: the Multiscale Approach . Descriptions of these applications can also be found in many published papers. The goal of MR is not to replace existing image processing packages, but to complement them, offering the user a complete set of multiresolution tools. These tools are executable programs, which work on a wide range of platforms, independently of current image processing systems. They allow the user to perform various tasks using multiresolution, such as wavelet transforms, filtering, deconvolution, and so on. Programs can also be called from a Java interface. A set of IDL (Interactive Data Language, by Research Systems Inc.) and PV-Wave (Visual Numerics Inc.) routines are included in the package which interface the executables to these image processing packages. MR is an important package, introducing front-line methods to scientists in the physical, space and medical domains among other fields; to engineers in such disciplines as geology and electrical engineering; and to financial engineers and those in other fields requiring control and analysis of large quantities of noisy data.