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Business Profile

The FAULHABER Group offers the world\'s largest consolidated portfolio of miniature and micro drive system technologies available from one partner in the world today. The Group specializes in the design and manufacture of complex, high precision miniature and micro drive systems for challenging areas of application like medical devices, handling automation, telecommunications, and precision optics.

The FAULHABER brand name is known worldwide as a symbol of high quality, precision miniature drive systems, components and controls. With a technology focus on the self-supporting, skew-wound, ironless rotor, DC Motor and precision system components such as gearboxes, encoders, and motion controllers the brand name has been built around the highly competent design, manufacturing, and after sales service and support of the three founding members of the FAULHABER Group.

In the Faulhaber Group, quality is everyone\'s business. From the initial contact and design discussions with our highly qualified applications engineers, throughout the production phase, and lasting through the after sales service and support, the FAULHABER Group places the emphasis on continual improvement in product and process. We listen to our customers\' concerns and suggestions, test them against our know-how and our experience, and turn them into action. All of our member companies are ISO9001 Qualified and we actively pursue improvement and requalificaton on a regular basis. We believe that the basis of quality, however, is not in paper but in the team of motivated individuals who put quality into action.