Business Profile

Need help stacking products? Verbruggen can help by way of automated palletizing for any stackable product type. Let us create a customized palletizing solution for you, starting from our platform of standard equipment components. 25 years ago the Dutch family company Verbruggen developed many applications that are still used today throughout the agricultural and industrial markets worldwide. Our core design is also still used in our machines today following many refinements, efficiency improvements and the latest technologies allowing us to provide state-of-the-art palletizing machines for you. We have facilities located in Europe (Emmeloord), United States (Washington State) and Asia (Dhaka) for optimal service coverage along with a strong distributor network worldwide.

Continuous Innovation

The V’s in our logo form the Technovation circle that symbolizes both Technique and Innovation. This combination is a fundamental characteristic of the Verbruggen Team. With more than 50 highly skilled professionals in-house, we have widespread knowledge in all areas of engineering, design and controls. This enables us to build high-quality machines through continuous innovations resulting in smart & efficient palletizing processes. Long-term machine refinements have also allowed us to achieve very long lasting, reliable machines. Cutting-edge control technologies, efficient equipment design and the latest innovations have also brought production capacities to unparalleled levels allowing a quick return on investment and many years of reliable equipment operation.