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  • With us, your storage issues are in good hands. Regardless of whether you want to store nuts and bolts, aircraft components or fresh fruit. And regardless of whether you want your warehouse or distribution center to be automatic, semi-automatic or manual. Our experienced professionals are always ready to assist you with high-quality products and intelligent, creative and innovative solutions.
Product Portfolio
  • Storage Systems

  • Every warehouse or distribution center requires a different approach and design. NEDCON is happy to advise you on this. And offers a comprehensive range of products for manual and automated storage systems, with which you can organize your storage space and logistics processes as efficiently as possible.
      • Products for storage of pallet goods

      • For maximum storage capacity and the most efficient handling of pallets, we offer flexible and modular pallet storage systems. Standard and customized.
          • Pallet racks

          • Making pallet racks is what we do. And we do it well. NEDCON designs, tests and manufactures precision-made and customised products in-house. Our engineers love it when you present them with a challenge. Additional load bearing capacity, custom work? Give us a try.

            We make racks that perfectly suit your storage requirements. We understand that the safety of your employees and the continuity of your logistic processes are crucially important here. Our racks are known for their reliability and satisfy the requirements of the European EN standard series for pallet racks.

            Benefits NEDCON Pallet racks
            • Precisely customised to provide maximum storage capacity
            • Leader in safety and durability
            • Flexible and modular structure
            • Wide range of accessories
            • Suitable for manual and automated warehouses
            • Future-proof with high residual value

            Modular and robust
            Thanks to the modular setup, you can easily extend your system or combine it with mezzanine floors, flow racks, (long-span) shelving systems, or flow racks. You can always order additional custom made racks and components. And because the racks are extremely strong and stay in good condition, they have a high residual value. Even after extensive use.
          • Drive-in racks

          • Compact warehouse setups are ideal for the storage of large quantities of identical pallet goods, from cleaning products to soft drinks and meat. You save space and energy - especially when cooling is involved. NEDCON’s drive-in racks can provide even more additional advantages.

            These drive-in racks excel in carrying capacity and collision resistance. Because however skilled your forklift operators are, you cannot rule out the possibility of collisions with racks.

            Benefits NEDCON Drive-in racks
            • Compact flexible storage with maximum collision resistance
            • Designed according to FEM 10.2.07 guidelines
            • Extra high quality steel, which makes heights exceeding 12 metres possible
            • The beams are among the strongest in the business
            • Suitable for first in first out (FIFO) or ‘drive through’ last in, first out (LIFO)
            • Various forms of protection to prevent collision damage
            • Future-proof with high residual value
            • Can be combined with pallet racks, flow racks and shelving units
            • Available in all RAL colours

            Not only does NEDCON use extra strong steel for all the main components, the connections between the components also leave nothing to chance. For example, NEDCON uses bolt connections with four bolts in order to transfer the load from the beam rail to the uprights. The beam itself has been designed to provide maximum support, horizontally and vertically. The channel faces are fitted as standard with sturdy input guides and back-stops, and for the columns NEDCON supplies upright protectors and integrated guide profiles (stiffeners), among other things.
          • Pallet shuttle

          • NEDCON’s semi-automatic pallet shuttle is the solution for the compact storage of bulk goods in warehouses from approximately 1000 pallet locations. The semi-automatic pallet shuttle rack optimizes your warehouse space with high capacity storage and storage utilization over 90% and yet maintains flexibility.

            Benefits NEDCON Pallet shuttle
            • Channel length of 30 pallets or more possible
            • Unique lifting mechanism for pallets weighing up to 2000 kg [4,400 lbs]
            • The shuttle is easy to transfer to another channel using the forklift truck
            • The shuttle can be controlled remotely
            • Batteries last an entire shift: at least 8 hours run time and can charge within 4 hours
            • Robust and reliable construction
            • Equipped with Human Detection System for maximum safety
            • Equal distribution of pressure over eight wheels ensures minimum strain on the rails and a longer lifespan
            • Multiple language options on the remote controls
            • Suitable for plastic pallets
            • Can also be controlled manually

            With the shuttle system, your forklifts only need to drive up to the rack and hand off the pallet to the shuttle, after which the shuttle will bring the pallets to its place (and back). This saves time and you can use space more efficiently because you are not limited by maximum drive-in distances. You can also choose to load and unload at different levels.

            Safe and reliable
            NEDCON’s pallet shuttle system is suitable for pallets with a pallet depth of 80 to 120 cm [32 to 48 inches] and for both FIFO and LIFO handling. One wireless remote control can be used to control multiple shuttles. These move on eight wheels that distribute weight evenly so that wear and tear of the wheels and the distribution of the load on the shuttle rails are optimal. This enables NEDCON to be the only supplier that guarantees the lifespan of the shuttle rail based on the number of shuttle movements. Safety is also ensured, thanks to the built-in Human Detection System.
          • Automatic pallet storage

          • You can build the safest and most flexible automated storage systems for your pallets with NEDCON. Do you want to make optimum use of your storage capacity? Do you want maximum flexibility? Do you want a system that meets the high tolerance requirements of your cranes and shuttles and is fully aligned with your logistics process? Together with the system integrators, our engineers will design automated pallet systems that combine safety, functionality and ergonomics with a maximum performance.

            Benefits NEDCON Automatic pallet storage
            • Suitable for every type of shuttle and crane
            • Optimum integration with your mechatronics based on the required tolerance and deformation criteria
            • In-house design, production and installation
            • Perfect foundation for order-pick, satellite and cloud storage systems
            • Robust, safe and reliable
            • Can be supplied in every RAL color
            • More than meet European and US standards

            The automated beam type pallet storage systems of NEDCON are safe and robust. The racks have great rigidity because of the carefully thought-out NEDCON construction and therefore we can build economically and up to more than 35 meters high. NEDCON manages its own engineering, production and installation in-house and therefore we can produce fully tailor-made systems and align them to your mechatronics with great accuracy for a high throughput. The pallet racks can be easily combined with our miniload systems. Or expand them with transport racks, mezzanine floors, order-pick applications and conveyor belts.

            We always keep the safety of your employees in mind when designing and executing. This is also expressed in the smart solutions for the ergonomic unloading and removal of pallets and in the many accessories such as the energy-absorbing back stopper patented by NEDCON, smoke barriers, fall-through protection, sprinkler systems, sheet piles and nets. Together with our system integrator partners, we supply automated pallet systems to, for example, large food retailers and producers throughout Europe and the United States of America. Our systems meet all applicable European and US standards.
        • Products for storage of small goods

        • With our smart storage systems for small items, you can significantly increase the throughput of your warehouse.
            • Shelving systems

            • Shelving systems are an affordable solution for the storage of a wide variety of small goods. Ideal for order picking and parts warehouses. The sturdy shelving systems offered by NEDCON can be arranged any way you want.

              Benefits NEDCON Shelving systems
              • Affordable and modular manual storage system for small goods
              • Quick and easy to extend and adjust
              • Available in standard frame widths of 1000, 1250 and 1500 mm, and depths varying from 300 to 800 mm
              • Upright lengths up to 14 metres, ideal for combining with mezzanine floors, pallet racks and flow racks
              • Wide range of accessories for various storage methods
              • Coating resistant to acids from foodstuffs
              • Safe for employees and your products
              • Satisfies FEM 10.2.06 guidelines and national regulations
              • Future-proof with high residual value
              • Available in all RAL colours

              NEDCON shelving systems are a familiar sight in warehouses used for e-commerce, wholesale and parts, among other things. They are characterised by their high load capacity, which can partly be attributed to the cleverly designed steel sheet shelves. A standard sized 1250 mm wide shelf can easily bear 175 kilos. NEDCON shelving units can reach dizzying heights: the uprights are strong enough to support several mezzanine floors.

              Modular and robust
              When you choose NEDCON, you choose a modular, robust and easily assembled (and disassembled) system that you can arrange however you want. The shelves are available in a variety of depths, and can be adjusted in height in 25 mm increments. It is also possible to place a compartment divider every 50 mm. In addition, NEDCON offers various accessories for the shelving systems, including drawers, rails for clothing and plastic containers in a variety of sizes. We have also considered the safety of your employees: the system has been designed and manufactured so that there are no sharp edges within reach of its users.
            • Open face miniload

            • NEDCON’s Open Face Miniload or “ladder rack” systems are designed for the trouble-free automatic storage of small parts and norm totes. Let our engineers help you get the most out of every square foot of your building. NEDCON has extensive experience with automated storage systems and supplies Open Face Miniload systems with system integrators to customers in every sector.

              Benefits NEDCON Open face miniload
              • Very large storage capacities possible
              • All positions have side rails
              • Flexible thanks to modular construction
              • Meet high tolerance requirements
              • Everything in-house, from design to installation
              • Robust and safe
              • More than meet European and US standards
              • Also, available in stainless steel
              • Available as galvanized steel or powder coated

              The Open Face Miniload system has an open profile on the front: you can automatically store totes of small parts at any desired height on load support angle profiles. The systems are available up to a heights of 30 meters [98 feet]. The shorterthe crates, the greater the vertical storage density.

              Functionality comes first. Your logistic process must proceed smoothly. Because we have design, production and installation in-house, we can set up custom-made systems and adjust them with millimeter precision to meet the capabilities of your cranes and shuttles. Thanks to the modular construction, you can easily combine your system with flow systems, mezzanine floors, order pick applications and even extend your system in the future. For the Food & Beverage sector, special models are available with food-grade stainless steel or in a steel alloy that is resistant to prolonged extreme hot or cold temperatures.
            • Beamtype miniload

            • For the automated storage of small parts in totes or cartons, you can use NEDCON’s Beamtype Miniload system. The miniload system is “post and beam” system designed for maximum flexibility and stability. NEDCON is a global name in the market. Together with system integrators, we supply Beamtype Miniload systems to market leaders in every sector.

              Benefits NEDCON Beamtype miniload
              • Smart snap-in system saves money
              • Flexible tote or carton dimensions and partitioning
              • Optimal rack layout for greater lengths
              • Relatively short installation time
              • Everything in-house, from design to installation
              • Robust, safe and very reliable
              • More than meet European and US standards
              • Excellent design for seismic areas

              NEDCON has developed that smart “snap-in” system to secure the load support shelves (or slats) in the Beamtype miniload. Our engineers design the optimum load shelf pair to support the tote or carton allowing us to save material cost and system weight to provide the most cost effective solution. The Nedcon Beamtype miniload has become the standard in the market. The Beamtype Miniload systems are safe, very reliable and can be installed relatively quickly.

              NEDCON’s engineers always work with you to determine the best solution. NEDCON manages the entire process of designing, producing and installing the Beamtype Miniload system. Together with you, we develop a storage system that is extremely accurately coordinated with your logistic process and your shuttles or cranes. Thanks to the modular construction, you can easily extend your system or combine it with mezzanine floors in front and rear zones, and order pick applications.
          • Specials and storage racks protection

          • Expand your storage systems as desired with additional modules and components: for hanging goods, extra capacity and extra protection.
              • Mezzanine floors

              • Want to create more space for your goods? You can use mezzanine or intermediate floors to quickly, cheaply and easily multiply the number of square metres of floor space available. The mezzanine floors from NEDCON can be set up according to your specific requirements. Whether you need an extra floor for storage, order picking, a conveyor belt or maintenance.

                Benefits NEDCON Mezzanine floors
                • Easily create more space for your goods
                • Possible load bearing capacity of floors of 500kg/m² to 1500 kg/m2 and more
                • Large spans possible thanks to efficient profile use
                • Easy to extend or disassemble
                • Excellent integration with warehouse racks and automated systems
                • Designed according to Eurocode 3 and national regulations
                • Can be combined with pallet racks, flow racks and shelving systems
                • Available with various finishes - in 6 to 8 weeks
                • Available in all RAL colours

                Both the components and the complete structures of NEDCON mezzanine floors are extensively tested for, among other things, load bearing capacity and safety, and more than satisfy all standards and requirements applicable in Europe and individual countries. The standard floors can hold loads of 500kg/m2, but NEDCON can also supply floors capable of dealing with loads of 1500kg/m2 and more. And depending on the floor you choose, spans of 10 metres are easily achievable.

                Masters of customisation
                NEDCON’s rock solid mezzanine floors are easy to extend or disassemble (in parts). And they have even more strong points. For example, NEDCON succeeds exceptionally well in making seamless transitions between its mezzanine floors and racks. Better safe than sorry. In addition, NEDCON outshines other suppliers in the integration of its floor systems with, for example, conveyor belts or lifts. NEDCON is the right place to go for custom solutions and ‘specials’ in the field of mezzanine floors.
              • Defenders

              • Finally, a collision protector that really protects your racks: The Defender by NEDCON. The extremely sturdy, free-standing Defender prevents forklift trucks and pallets from damaging the lower position of uprights and base plates. And because every warehouse is different, the Defender is available in three grades of strength.

                Benefits NEDCON Defenders
                • Available in three grades of strength, depending on the level of risk in your warehouse
                • Protects against more than 3000 Joules
                • Extra strong thanks to NEDCON’s patented reinforcement lip and ribs
                • No need for replacement after small or normal damage
                • Free-standing and fixed in concrete for maximum protection of upright and base plate
                • Specially designed to minimise the risk of damage to your floor
                • Hidden damage is not possible

                The Defender absorbs all collisions up to a height of 0.4 metres, regardless of which direction they come from. The body of the protector absorbs all of the force, so the anchor plate and the anchors are not pried loose. As a result, the risk of damage to your concrete floor is minimised. If the Defender itself is damaged, it can simply be unscrewed and replaced. The Defender can handle multiple collisions and it is therefore not necessary to replace it after every accident.

                Three grades of strength
                In a quiet warehouse, with wide aisles and experienced drivers, the risk of damage is many times smaller than in a hectic warehouse with inexperienced temporary workers. For this reason, NEDCON offers three grades of collision protection. Choose the Defender that suits the level of risk in your warehouse:

                The Defender 800 is strong enough to resist a collision of 800 Joules. That is twice the European EN 15512 standard guideline and therefore an excellent choice if you want to meet this standard.
                The Defender 1500 provides realistic protection from the glancing blows and collisions common in day-to-day warehouse work. This protector can handle multiple collisions of 1500 Joules before requiring replacement.
                The Defender 3000 is the strongest collision protector available. Specially designed for warehouses at high risk of forceful collisions. For example, heavy warehouse trucks or fast-driving forklift trucks. This protector can handle multiple collisions of 3000 Joules.
              • Stiffener

              • In every storage area where forklift trucks are used, collision damage is an ever-present danger. NEDCON offers various options to protect your racks from this danger, such as the stiffener. The stiffener is a cost-effective, robust and cleverly designed guide profile for your uprights.

                Benefits NEDCON Stiffener
                • Affordable reinforcement for your racks
                • Optimal distribution of forces thanks to clever design
                • Easy to attach to NEDCON uprights
                • Extra high quality steel
                • Risk of tearing bolt holes minimal
                • Available in all RAL colours
                • Standard colour available within a few days

                Like a shin guard, the stiffener absorbs the impact when a forklift truck - easily weighing in at 4.5 tons - accidentally collides with a rack. The length and profile have been designed to ensure that the force of the collision is optimally distributed in the rack, thus minimising damage. The connection between the stiffener and the upright is equally ingenious: the bolt holes are integrated into the profile in such a way that they are almost impossible to tear or break. Another major advantage.

                NEDCON stiffeners are easy to attach to all NEDCON uprights. They are supplied as standard in orange (RAL 2008), but other colors are available.
              • Corner protectors

              • In a warehouse with forklift trucks, the corner uprights are especially vulnerable. That is why corner protectors are required by the European EN 15512 standard. NEDCON’s corner protectors guide forklift trucks that pass at a close distance and absorb the force of collisions.

                Benefits NEDCON Corner protectors
                • Protects corner uprights from collisions
                • More than satisfies the EN 15512 standard
                • No damage to concrete floor in case of collisions
                • Free-standing so easy to replace
                • Supplied as standard in yellow and black
                • Available in all RAL colours

                The corner protectors are free-standing, so that collisions have no effect on your racks. They are designed to optimally distribute forces. Your concrete floor will also remain undamaged. The corner protectors are fixed to rubber anchor blocks that absorb the energy of collision and leave your floor intact. Damaged corner protectors can be replaced quickly and easily without significantly hindering your logistical processes.

                Collision risk
                If you would like to protect the entire side of your racks, then combine the corner protectors with a horizontal sigma profile. Corner protectors are supplied as standard in striking yellow and black, but are also available in all RAL colours. For racks that are at high risk of collisions, NEDCON has additional protection for the other uprights, such as stiffeners and the sturdy Defender, that can absorb up to 3000 Joules of collision energy.
            • Branches

            • Storage systems from NEDCON can be found everywhere. In fully automated distribution centers from large supermarkets to storage warehouses of construction companies and at production locations of pharmaceutical companies and trucks. This is how we have built up specialist knowledge in the most diverse sectors.
                • Automotive

                • Automotive
                  From tail lights and mudguards to bodywork and complete engine blocks: in the automotive sector, parts vary greatly in size and weight. As a result, they put a variety of demands on the load bearers in storage areas. The trick is to achieve a compact and safe layout, despite the enormous degree of variety, using a layout that does not hinder the efficiency of your business operations, but rather supports it.

                  Production and assembly
                  NEDCON supplies both automatic and manual storage systems for large car manufacturers in Europe. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience in the sector, we are able to create layouts that precisely meet the demands of the modern production and assembly processes. Such as flow systems that ensure that, even with limited stock, the right parts are available at the right machine at the right time.

                  Why choose NEDCON?
                  • NEDCON supplies both automated and manual storage systems for major car brands in Europe
                  • Extensive knowledge and experience in the industry
                  • Products that exactly match the requirements of the production and assembly process nowadays
                  • We have a strong pool of technical specialists
                  • Wide range of products
                  • We deliver various accessories such as tire racks, suspension hooks and bins in various sizes
                • E-commerce

                • Since 2012 the e-commerce sector has undergone a logistical revolution. You no longer determine when and where you deliver: the customer does. And they want it to be fast. It is now normal to expect next-day delivery, but delivery on the same day is also no longer a pipe dream. What you need in any case is a warehouse or distribution center that can quickly prepare orders for transport. Without errors.

                  Major players in Europe
                  NEDCON supplies storage systems to the major e-commerce players in Europe. Together with system partners and knowledge institutes, we develop custom-made automated storage systems. In the fastest systems, orders are ready for shipment just 25 minutes after being received. And developments are still in progress.

                  Flexible and modular
                  Even with manual systems, you can achieve fast throughput times, resulting in major benefits such as shorter payback periods and high flexibility. NEDCON supplies modular and multifunctional storage systems that can easily be adjusted to seasons, promotions and varying customer demand.

                  Why choose NEDCON?
                  • NEDCON supplies storage systems to the major e-commerce players in Europe
                  • Together with system partners and knowledge institutes, we develop custom-made automated storage systems
                  • In the fastest systems, orders are ready for shipment just 25 minutes after being received
                  • NEDCON supplies modular and multifunctional storage systems
                • Fashion Retail

                • In the fashion sector, e-commerce is booming. Consumers can order clothes whenever it is convenient for them, and they would prefer to have them today, just as neat, spotless and undamaged as in the shop. Shops are also increasingly likely to have a console with which they order missing sizes or models. This places high demands on storage and distribution.

                  Efficiently rearranging warehouses
                  How do you combine the 24-hour delivery of single items with the traditional distribution channels from producers to high street shops? NEDCON can help. We have extensive experience in the sector and can advise you regarding the efficient rearranging of your warehouse. For the most efficient order picking of clothing, you should choose shelving units. The systems are modular, so you can expand them easily. Including upwards, in combination with mezzanine floors.

                  Why choose NEDCON?
                  • We have extensive experience in the industry
                  • Our systems are modular so you can easily expand them
                  • NEDCON developed special hanging clothing systems for automated clothing warehouses
                  • The hanging garment system is suitable for storage and automated order picking
                  • Our racks equipped with modern sprinkler systems
                • Food & Beverage Retail

                • Warehouses in the food industry are well-oiled machines with high throughput capacities. The products in your storage space are fresh or have a limited shelf life, so they have to get to the shops as soon as possible. Because of the just-in-time delivery to the retailers or retail chains, trucks also have to be on the move at all times. In short: efficiency, continuity and the lowest storage costs determine your success.

                  Refrigeration and freezing systems
                  NEDCON knows the ropes in the food & beverage sector. We can provide advice about the best storage systems for every product, contribute ideas regarding the most efficient layout and then supply systems that suit your warehouse and your processes. Due to high energy costs, the cubic meters in your refrigeration and freezing areas are the most valuable. With NEDCON’s drive-in racks you can make use of every cubic millimeter. For hygienic storage of unpackaged food products, such as meat, our racks are also available in stainless steel.

                  Why choose NEDCON?
                  • NEDCON has a lot of experience in the food & beverage sector
                  • We can advise on the best storage systems for each product
                  • You can use every cubic millimeter with the NEDCON drive-in racks
                  • For hygienic storage of unpackaged food products, such as meat, our racks are also available in stainless steel
                  • NEDCON products are safe and reliable
                • Wholesale

                • Wholesale
                  Wholesalers are the link between the producer and the buyer, between the supplier and the user. Whether they are specialized in foodstuffs, building materials or toys. Their storage needs vary greatly, but there are similarities: they have a wide variety of goods under one roof and their customers, whether online or offline, want increasingly fast delivery times.

                  Transition to e-commerce
                  There is a global trend towards more online purchasing, and this applies just as much for wholesalers. E-commerce is booming in this sector too. As a result, a lot of wholesalers are making the transition to automated or semi-automatic storage systems. NEDCON is often involved in these transitions. Together with system partners, machine builders and other parties, we develop custom-made automated systems for all kinds of wholesalers. With ever shorter throughput times.

                  Why choose NEDCON?
                  • NEDCON supplies both automated and manual storage systems
                  • We develop together with system partners, machine builders and other parties
                  • With the manual systems from NEDCON you can achieve high throughput times
                  • Extensive knowledge and experience in the industry
                  • Wide range of products
                • Transport & Logistics

                • In the Transport & Logistics sector, reliability and flexibility are paramount. You make sure that your customer’s products arrive at the end customer on time and in perfect condition. And because delivery times are becoming shorter due to e-commerce, increasingly high requirements are being placed on your services. NEDCON supplies storage systems which allow you to make your promises a reality.

                  If you want to get the most out of your distribution center or warehouse, then we would be happy to offer ideas. About efficient layout, or about racks that support your logistic processes, such as drive-in racks for ‘last in first out’ handling (LIFO) or flow racks for ‘first in first out’ handling (FIFO). Or the pallet shuttle systems which allow you to save space in your warehouse.

                  Up and running quickly
                  For short-term contracts, you want to be able to rapidly construct temporary distribution centers on location. NEDCON’s robust Smart Range standard racks have a minimal installation time, so that you can get temporary storage up and running in a short period of time. An investment in NEDCON racks is a safe investment. The racks can be safely reused at a new location and have a high residual resale value.

                  Why choose NEDCON?
                  • An investment in NEDCON racks is a safe investment
                  • The racks can easily be reused at a new location
                  • The robust Smart Range standard stands from NEDCON require a minimum of assembly time
                  • With NEDCON products you ensure a safe working environment for your employees
                  • NEDCON pallet racks are among the safest in the market: they comply with European standards
                  • The products are available in any RAL color, including in the colors of your house style