Business Profile

Since the early days of NEDCON in 1969, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience with storage systems. From manual warehouse racks and semi-automatic systems, to an integral approach for complex and automated warehouse layouts. And we use this experience to do our very best to exceed your expectations.

If it can be done, consider it done

At NEDCON, we like to get things done. It’s in our blood. If there’s something we’re good at, it’s planning and realisation. Even if the task initially seems impossible. We are always looking for a solution, new ideas or a different approach that opens up new possibilities.

This way of working distinguishes us from the rest. For nearly 50 years. Our secret lies in our commitment. To customers and projects, but also to each other and the company. A lot of colleagues have helped build NEDCON and have worked together for a long time. That creates a kind of family environment, into which new colleagues are welcomed with open arms. And where creativity, innovation, talent and quality can thrive. This way, our special corporate culture radiates into our projects.

International player
NEDCON has led the way in storage systems for decades. Globally. Since 2004, NEDCON has been an independent part of the international steel concern voestalpine. The NEDCON head office is located in Doetinchem. In addition, we have our own manufacturing location in Pardubice (Czech Republic) and there are NEDCON branches in various European countries and in the United States. We also offer our products via a reseller network.

In-house development
We do product development entirely in house. At the NEDCON Test Department, unique in the market, we test our storage systems and develop new products with fast prototyping. The doors of our NEDCON Innovation Centre are always open. Here, we proudly present our products and construct test setups, so that we can be sure that these solutions work in practice.

What makes us special

We are global leaders in storage systems
We are driven and adept at finding solutions
Our wealth of knowledge and experience
Our high levels of commitment and innovation