Company Profile

Estun Automation, a leading company in the industrial control field, was founded in 1993 in Najing, P.R.C. We specialize in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and after-sales service of reliable, powerful and compact AC servo drive systems and brushless PMSMotors (Permanent Magnet Synchronization Motor), motion controller and machine control electric relay box integration with our unique and innovative motion control technology. We have a high-tech oriented in-house R&D team and apply our state-of-the-art know-how to each servo system in order to provide you with top performance and the highest reliability for your specific application. Our broad range of AC servo products, which are of high performance and are with our complete intellectual property, can meet a wide customer needs and applications including machine tools, robotic, textiles, semiconductors, packaging machines and so on. As one of our unique features, our servos can work as motion controllers by 32 built-in positioning with deceleration and acceleration value programmable. Our customers can always be assured of high quality level of Estun’s servo products, because every product you buy from us or from our representative distributors has been in full control over every step in the manufacturing process under ISO9001 quality control security. All products must pass an inspection before leaving the company. In order to meet the rapidely growing business and the requirements of international markets, Estun has successfully had its AC servo drive systems passed the strict tests by the German surveyor organization TÜV since may 2006 and is therefore awarded the CE certificate. We’re committed to offering a total solution for a large variety of motion control applications with our advanced servo control technology.

Product Range

  • Controller: Servo controller
  • Servo amplifier
  • Servo motor: AC servo motors
  • Servo motor: AC servo synchron motors
  • Servo motor: Positioning drive
  • Servo motor: Positioning servo motor
  • Servo motor: Rotary actuator