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    Heimann Sensor

    We are the technology leader in Infrared thermopiles, develop and produce a broad spectrum of:
    • Thermopile Sensors & Modules
    • Thermopile Arrays & Imaging
    • Pyroelectric Sensors & other Sensors
    • IR Radiation Sources


Product Portfolio
  • Technology- and Marketleader for Infrared Thermopile Sensors

      • Thermopile Sensors

      • Thermopile Sensors generate a small thermoelectric voltage proportional to the detected radiation. These Sensors can be used to determine surface temperatures or to measure certain gas concentrations, like CO2, CO, N2O or Hydrocarbons, according to the principle of “non dispersive infrared spectroscopy”. Our thermopile sensors can be operated at temperatures between -20 and +120°C (-20 to 180°C for HTS-HT) and are normally equipped with a thermistor reference to determine the sensors housing temperature which normally is equal to ambient temperature. The Sensors are available in standard TO-39 packages, TO-46 packages and Micro TO packages.
          • Single Sensors - HMSZ11-Series

          • The worldwide smallest Thermopile Mini Sensor, comprising a new type CMOS compatible sensor chip plus a thermistor reference chip, features good sensitivity, small temperature coefficient of sensitivity as well as high reproducibility and reliability. The sensor is available in a new transistor outline package smaller than TO-46, equipped with an IR transmitting filter window. The sensor can be equipped with customized filter upon request.
          • Single Thermopile Sensors - HMS-Series, HTS-Series

          • The HMS- and HTS-Series of CMOS compatible thermopile sensor chips feature good sensitivity, small temperature coefficient of sensitivity as well as high reproducibility and reliability. HMS-Sensors are housed in TO-46, HTS-Sensors are offered in TO-39 packages. The smaller package sizes benefit applications in which sensor mounting is a critical parameter. The HMS-M types offer the possibility to integrate an infrared lens into a TO-46 housing and to reduce the field of view accordingly. The smaller chip TP1 is well suited for temperature measurements which require a precise measuring spot whereas the chip type TP2 offers higher signal and TP3 offers even the highest signal. Additionally Heimann Sensor can offer integrated thermopile sensors (HIS-series) combining a thermopile sensor chip with an ASIC in a TO-39 or TO-46 housing.
          • Single Thermopile Sensors with Lens Optics - HMS-M-Series

          • The HMS-M-Series combines the good characteristics of the HMS-Series and the advantages of a diffractive lens respective field of view and signal. The focal length of this lens is 3.0 mm and available with long wave path (LWP) F5.5 or F8.0 filter coatings. Also available is an F5.5 Si-Lens in TO-39 housing like A11 F5.5, for example.
          • Single Thermopile Sensors in SMD ceramic package - HCS-Series

          • The HCS-Series of thermopiles in surface mountable ceramic leadless chip carrier combine small size (square, width 3.8mm) and low cost with high functionality. Available as single thermopile with or without thermistor temperature reference. There is a wide range of filter types for different applications. The same package can be equipped with a thermopile and an ASIC, consisting of a linear temperature reference and adjustable gain.
          • Duals - HTS E-Series

          • The HTSE Multichannel Sensors comprise two independent sensor chips for a multichannel gas concentration measurement. Typically one of the optical channels contain a gas specific filter window and the other channel, equipped with a filter with center wavelength where no gas absorption occurs, serves as reference. Of course we can also provide Multichannel Sensors with customer filters (thickness should be close to 0.5 mm). The sensors are offered in TO-39 housings.
          • Quads – HTSQ-Series, HGSQ-Series

          • The HTSQ Multichannel Sensors comprise four independent sensor chips for a multichannel gas concentration measurement. Typically one to three of the optical channels contain a gas specific filter window and the other channel, equipped with a filter with center wavelength where no gas absorption occurs, serves as reference. Of course we can also provide Multichannel Sensors with customer filters (thickness should be close to 0.5 mm). These sensors are offered in TO-39 packages.
          • High Temperature Single Sensors

          • These special sensors can be operated up to 180 °C.
        • Thermopile Modules / Thermopile Sensors with Signal Processing

        • Our thermopile sensors with integrated signal processing are designed to reduce application effort in development and production. They are divided into 2 main groups of calibrated thermopile modules and fixed gain integrated sensors. A broad range of housings is available from transistor outline packages (TO) through printed circuit board to SMD packages.
            • Integrated Sensors

            • Heimann integrated sensors are thermopile sensor, low-noise amplifier and for single sensors a temperature reference integrated in same housing. Different types of signal conditioning ASICs can deliver analogue or digitalized output voltages for single or dual channel. They come with factory set fixed gain and can be equipped with various available or customized filters. The devices are available in 4-pin TO-39/TO-5 packages (HIS-series), 4-pin TO-46/TO-18 packages (HIM-series) or SMD packages (HCM-series). Main application of our integrated sensors is NDIR gas detection.
            • Thermopile Modules

            • Heimann thermopile modules are non-contact thermometers comprising a high sensitive thermopile sensor and a signal conditioning circuit in the same housing. The thermopile modules can be supplied factory calibrated to a defined object temperature range, with or without internal temperature compensation reducing ambient temperature influence or even adjusted to fixed gain. The devices are available in standard TO-39/TO-5 packages (HIS-series), mounted on printed circuit board (HTIA series) or SMD packages (HCM-series). Different types of signal conditioning ASICs can deliver analog output voltages or calculated temperatures on digital SM-Bus or PWM output. Main application is non-contact temperature measurement.
          • Thermopile Arrays and Imaging

          • Heimann offers the worldwide first fully monolithic thermopile arrays in TO-8, TO-39 and TO-46 housing.
            • 8x8d elements (digital)
            • 16x4d elements (digital)
            • 16x16d elements (digital)
            • 32x32d elements (digital)
            • 80x64d elements (digital)
              • 2D Arrays

              • Infrared Sensor Arrays with Analog Output

                Our HTPA series consists of 2D arrays with different pixel counts:

                • 8x8 elements
                • 16x16 elements
                • 32x31 elements

                These discrete sensors can be configured with different kinds of lenses, resulting in a variety of field of views (FOV). Furthermore, we do customer specific optics on request. The small dimensions and the very low power consumption makes the HTPA series very attractive for handhelds and battery powered solutions. The sensor chip contains next to the sensor elements integrated low noise chopper amplifiers and low pass filters + temperature reference, voltage reference and an analogous output. Some types also provide an digital output, powered by their integrated 12bit ADC.

              • Array Modules

              • We offer thermopile array modules with electrical interface for various applications.

                Heimann Sensor offers calibrated HTPA-Modules for thermal imaging. Those modules can be configured with several lenses for different applications. As Interface you can choose between Ethernet (UDP) or a PoE Module. It is possible to get a temperature or voltage stream, or to get single frames. Furthermore, these data can be visualized by the Heimann Sensor ArraySoft GUI.

              • Application Sets and Imaging

              • Fast and easy Solution

                We offer thermopile array application sets and modules as a fast and easy imaging solution on your PC. The connection can be done via Ethernet. The sets are delivered with a graphical user interface for visualisation. Our fully monolithic arrays are the pathfinders to application fields like thermal imaging, industrial temperature monitoring, hot spot detection, fire- or person detection. Monolithic means micro-machined sensor elements combined with an application specific integrated circuit. So it is possible to use very small housings like TO8 (80x64) or even smaller like TO39 (32x32, 16x16). These low- cost camera- alike sensors can be inserted in small systems and occupy little space.

                Our fully monolithic arrays are the pathfinders to application fields like thermal imaging, fire-, hotspot- or person detection. These low- cost camera-alike sensors can be inserted in small systems and occupy little space. Therefore, it is possible to use very small housings like TO-39. Due to the significant price drop compared to micro bolometers these small imaging systems open completely new application fields.

            • Pyroelectric Sensors

            • The pyroelectric single-element and multi-channel infrared detectors from Heimann Sensor are designed for use in gas analysis, spectroscopy, pyrometry and security engineering applications.
              Very high values of specific detectivity D* are achieved by using modern ion beam etching technology for extremely thin elements. The great variety of infrared sensor constructions makes it possible to realize custom-made solutions for both small and large quantities with an excellent price-performance payoff.
                • Single Sensors

                • Our pyroelectric sensors, based on lithium tantalate, are distinguished by a very high detectivity. Advanced ion beam etching is used to prepare sensors with specific detectivity values up to 109 cm Hz1/2W-1. These sensors are suited for various applications such as gas analysis, IR-spectrometry, remote temperature measurement and security systems. The following sizes and shapes of the responsive element are possible:
                  • 0.5 x 0.5 mm˛
                  • 1 x 1 mm˛
                  • 2 x 2 mm˛
                  • 1 mm
                  • 2 mm
                  • 2.5 mm
                • Quads and Duals

                • Different absorbing layers are used to create high and uniform sensitivity over a broad spectral range. Sensors with 2 or 4 different spectral channels are available. The channels can be equipped with either Heimann Sensor standard optical filters or customized infrared filters according to a given specification. The 2 and 3 channel sensors are also offered with additional blinded elements for thermal compensation.
                • Linear Arrays

                • The Heimann Sensor pyroelectric linear arrays are hybrid detectors with 128 or 256 responsive lithium tantalate elements and a multiplexing read out integrated circuit. The 128 element linear array has a pitch of 100 µm and element sizes of 90 µm x 100 µm, 90 µm x 500 µm or 90 µm x 1000 µm. The 256 element linear array has 50 µm pitch and an element size of 42 µm x 100 µm. The pyroelectric chip and the read-out circuit are arranged in a metal hermetic package with an infrared window that determines the spectral sensitivity.
              • Vacuum Sensors

                    • Vacuum sensor series HVS

                    • The HEIMANN vacuum sensor series HVS contains new innovative sensor chips in silicon micromachining technology. The silicon batch technology allows miniaturization and low cost high volume manufacturing. The standard measurement range from 1E-5mbar to 1E-2mbar can be extended to 1E-1mbar on special request.
                • MEMS Service

                • Silicon Micromachining Service

                  Mems ServiceWe offer bulk micromachining and surface micromachining for silicon substrates. These processes are used to produce three- dimensional-structures like micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) or micromachinery.

                    • Deep Trenches or Holes

                    • A high integration density of 3- dimensional structures is possible with deep reactive ion etch. One of the main advantages compared to wet etch is the independence of the silicon orientation.
                    • Wafer through etch

                    • With DRIE it is possible to etch completely through wafer. Structures like membranes can be built with this process.
                    • Double- Sided Lithography

                    • With Double-sided lithography it is possible to process both sides of wafer with exact registration of the structures on both sides.

                      Through Silicon Via

                      With this you can make an electrical connection between frontside CMOS structures and backside structures. In the very near future we can provide this service to you.

                  • Infrared Radiation Sources for Gas Detection and Analytical Instruments

                  • In combination with our high performance infrared sensors, Heimann Sensor offers infrared lamps and infrared radiation sources to be used together with our sensors in NDIR gas detection.
                      • Broadband Infrared Emitter

                      • The HSL-EMIRS sources are micro-machined thermal infrared emitters that allow fast electrical modulation for wavelength range up to 16 µm. A patented technology enables manufacture of sources with true black body characteristics and very high emissivity combined with low power consumption and long life time. This source is available with and without a concentrating reflector mirror. The standard version comes without window in a TO39 package. Optionally sapphire or other window materials are available. Major advantages are high reliability, wide spectral range covering the whole spectrum typically used in NDIR applications and an outstanding high modulation frequency up to 100 Hz.
                      • Infrared Lamp

                      • The infrared lamps HSL 5/115, HSL 5/115-S and HSL 5/60 are low cost and reliable IR sources with a long lifetime. They can be used for wavelengths up to approximately 4.5 µm and they can be operated in DC or AC mode. Typical operating conditions are 5V and 115mA resp. 60mA. The version “S” has the leads fixed in a small socket. Major advantages are small size and low cost.
                    • Application Areas

                        • Household Applications

                        • Main applications are non contact temperature measurement in
                          • cooking stoves
                          • hairdryer
                          • microwave ovens
                          • toasters
                        • Industrial Temperature Measurement

                          • single and multi element sensors allow non contact temperature measurement in a distance with fast response ( typically < 1 sec):
                          • industrial process control and supervision
                          • preventive maintenance
                          • hot and cold spot detection (array modules)
                          • Thermal Imaging
                        • Medical Applications

                          • non contact temperature measurement for body temperature measurement (humans and pets)
                          • gas detection (capnography, anaesthesia)
                          • blood glucose monitoring
                        • Automotive

                          • non contact temperature measurement in OBD (onboard diagnostics)
                          • intelligent climate control
                          • CO2 and air quality
                          • occupancy and out of position detection
                          • pre crash sensing
                          • affordable night vision
                          • anti fog control on windscreen
                        • Security

                          • person detection
                          • law enforcement
                          • fire detection and fire risk detection
                          • gas leak detection
                        • HVAC – Air Conditioning

                          • non contact temperature measurement
                          • air quality and comfort
                          • energy saving
                          • room occupancy
                        • Pirani - Vacuum gauges

                          • vacuum pressure readout