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  • Offer Profile
  • Waste avoidance, conservation of resources and efficient use of recyclable materials are among
    the most urgent challenges and tasks of our time. The importance of environmental awareness
    and sustainability is increasing on a daily basis. Our company has been successfully tackling these
    challenges for more than 40 years, and today we are a leading partner in the international wood and
    recycling business, with numerous subsidiaries and sales offices worldwide.
Product Portfolio
  • Shredding

  • The shredding centre piece for successful reprocessing
    This shredding technology, which is individually and precisely tailored to the specific materials, is the key to successful shredding in a range of applications.
    As a recycler and reprocessor of a variety of different input materials, using the right shredding technology can let you achieve high throughput, maximum efficiency and specific output quality in your value-creation process, with an economically persuasive overall result. Vecoplan has specialised in shredding machines since 1969.

    We have continually optimised our product portfolio in your best interests and continuously built on the various requirements in dialogue with the customer. Today, we offer an extensive portfolio: Single-shaft shredders, double-shaft shredders, pre-shredders, re-shredders, alternative fuel shredders, drum chippers, chippers and grinding mills. Highly robust and reliable, with the latest, partly patented technology. With perfect-fit drive and rotor concepts. The possibilities for shredding biomass, document and data carriers, household and commercial waste, wood, plastics, etc. are virtually limitless. We like to adapt the shredding process to your different input materials in real-life tests at our technology centre, in order to make it process-specific and develop the best solutions for YOU together.
      • Single-shaft shredders (VAZ) small series

      • The single-shaft shredder is the most versatile and widely used shredder and can operate without an additional feeding system in most applications. The material collected can be fed directly with dosing. The hydraulically driven ram feeds the material to the rotor. The rotor system, developed and patented in 1989, is able to handle almost all materials.

        The rotor of the single-shaft shredder (VAZ) turns particularly slowly and this, combined with the vertical material feed, makes it especially quiet and dust-free. The large- volume hopper and the patented rotor system optimise the shredding of wood, plastic, paper and other recyclables.
      • Single-shaft shredders (VAZ) medium-duty series

      • The single-shaft shredder is the most versatile and widely used shredder and can operate without an additional feeding system in most applications. The material collected can be fed directly with dosing. The hydraulically driven ram feeds the material to the rotor. The rotor system, developed and patented in 1989, is able to handle almost all materials. Optionally, the machines of this series can be equipped with a Flipper, which grants security against damages caused by tramp material and also makes it easy to remove the tramp material. Additionally they can also be provided with a bridge-breaker for the shredding of bulky and light materials.
      • Single-shaft shredders (VAZ) heavy-duty series

      • The single-shaft shredder is the most versatile and widely used shredder and can operate without an additional feeding system in most applications. The material collected can be fed directly with dosing. The hydraulically driven ram feeds the material to the rotor. The rotor system, developed and patented in 1989, is able to handle almost all materials. Optionally, the machines of this series can be equipped with a Flipper, which grants security against damages caused by tramp material and also makes it easy to remove the tramp material. Additionally they can also be provided with a bridge-breaker for the shredding of bulky and light materials.

        Depending on design and screen mesh size the throughput can vary between 5.000 and 25.000 kgs/hr.
      • Alternative fuel - Shredder

      • The VEZ 2500 is a new high capacity shredder developed by VECOPLAN for the production of refuse derived fuels (RDF) from production and sorting waste, packaging material, as well as the high calorific fraction from domestic and commercial waste for the energetic use in cement and power plants.
        • Easy access for maintenance and service
        • High performance
        • High mass moment of inertia, start under load
        • Maximum constant availability
        • Energy efficient drive system HiTorc®
      • Double-shaft shredders

      • Our double-shaft shredders are particularly rugged machines with a throughput of up to 100 to/h. A homogeneous material is produced by the interaction of both rotors with the shared counter knife and the screen respectively if required the screen bars. Double-shaft re-shredders are equipped with pneumatic machine damage protection, the so-called Flipper. They are designed as pre-shredders or re-shredders and are suitable for processing wood as well as municipal solid and commercial waste.

        Key features of double-shaft shredders:
        • drive capacity from 2 x 75 kW to 2 x 250 kW.
        • throughput capacity from 10,000 to 100,000 kg/h
        • 1.90 m to 3.10 m long rotors for directly feeding the hopper, which has a capacity of up to 20 cubic metres.
        • no additional equipment, such as post presser or tilting hopper, is required

      • One step for efficient plastics reprocessing
        The VD 1100 is the new shredder-granulator combination specially designed for shredding input material including lumpy, chunky or bulky material and cork.

        The newly developed machine has been jointly designed by the Aachen granulator specialists Heinrich Dreher GmbH & Co. KG and the Westerwald shredding experts Vecoplan AG. The machine combines the expertise of two German machine and equipment engineers under one machine housing. The machine shreds the input material to the desired output grain size in two stages, ready for reuse in the production process.


        The new, high-performance Vecoplan solution for long-length plastic parts combines guillotine, shredder and granulator in a single machine. With the new VTH 45/12/3, production waste such as edge strips in sheet extrusion, pipes and profiles are shredded and ground in a single-stage process, enabling the plastic granulate to be returned straight to the production process. It offers you the benefit of improved costs and reduced space requirements!
      • Drum chippers, horizontal

      • Essentially the drum chipper is indispensable in the wood processing industry owing to its enormous throughput and wide range of sizes and rotor systems. It is designed to perform a range of tasks, from the production of fuel chips for energy generation through to quality wood chips for the wood pulp industry. In a nutshell, it is used in industrial applications where wood chips are required as the starting material for a subsequent production process.
      • Chippers and mills, vertical

      • The VECOPLAN chippers or mills are stationary re-shredding machines equipped with a fast running knife, beater or bark chipping rotor. The main area, in which hammer mills are used, is the re-shredding of waste products from upstream processes in the timber industry, such as bark, log end pieces and demolition waste. The wood chips or regrinds produced are predominantly used as fuel in heating installations. Due to their robust design VECOPLAN chippers and mills are very reliable.
    • Conveying

    • Made-to-measure conveyor technology
      So that the material flow runs optimally in your recycling and reprocessing plant, we develop customised conveyor solutions for you, tailored to your processes, conveying routes, required delivery rates and circumstances. We offer a wide product range for this: Drag chain conveyors, conveyor belts, screw conveyors, chain belt conveyors, vibration conveyors, tubular belt conveyors. The systems are adjustable and adaptable in length and output. With Vecoplan, you can implement a modular system for your conveyor technology, to reliably transport small piece and bulk goods through the necessary process steps.

      You will benefit from modern, robust technology with low maintenance requirements and high availability. Our conveyor components are precisely adapted to each other and designed to ensure a continuous flow of material in your plant and to contribute significantly to its high overall profitability.
        • Drag chain conveyors

        • Drag chain conveyors have an endless chain with feed dogs (cross ribs) which runs in a closed trough. This makes them suitable for transporting bulk materials. Depending on the design of the feed dogs and trough, material can be conveyed horizontally, on an incline or vertically. Bows can be installed allowing different conveyor sections to be combined.
          This makes them particularly suitable for use as discharge or distribution conveyors. Material can be conveyed in the lower run as well as the upper run.
        • Belt conveyors

        • Our flat and troughed belt conveyors have a modular design. They are easy to assemble to suit your requirements and can be subsequently modified and adapted. Our customers particularly appreciate the range of options that are available using the same components. And even if access is poor, these conveyors can be assembled on the spot in extremely confined spaces.
        • Screw conveyors

        • Bulk material reaches its destination well dosed, thoroughly mixed and evenly transported - that is why screw conveyors are particularly suitable for use in cement production plants. But semi-moist and fibrous materials can also be transported – it's all a question of the design. Depending on the application, screw conveyors can have one or more shafts, and can be horizontal or inclined.

          Key features of screw conveyors:
          • simple, compact and rugged design
          • the material to be conveyed can be loaded at any chosen position
          • sturdy, torsion-resistant steel construction
          • full flight welded to the screw shaft
          • individual choice of materials and wear lining on request
          • long service life, low maintenance

          Single screw delivery rate: 5 to 350 m³/h
          Conveying diameter: 250 to 630 mm

          Double screw conveyor delivery rate: up to 700 m³/h
          Conveying diameter: 2 x 250 to 2 x 630 mm
        • Chain belt conveyor

        • The chain belt conveyor (type KGF) is designed to receive or feed medium to heavy-weight bulk materials or piece goods. A version with several bends is available. Steel carriers are bolted to the rubber belt. Bush conveyor chains serve as the traction mechanism.

          Benefits in brief
          • Sturdy welded construction
          • Segment design
          • Start-up under load
          Conveying capacity: depends on the density of the bulk material
          Working width up to 2,500 mm
        • Vibrating conveyors

        • It's not just the high conveying capacity of our vibrating conveyors (type VR) that makes them so efficient for transporting bulk materials and piece goods. Their low-maintenance continuous operation also makes them a sound long-term investment. Vibrating conveyors are ideal for feeding chippers or as discharge conveyors downstream of storage systems. They also serve to smooth the material flows . They can also conveniently be fitted with a screening zone or a metal-free zone in which a metal detector unit can be installed, and a maximum gradient of 3 degrees is possible.

          Key features of vibrating conveyors:
          • Eccentric shaft drive
          • High conveying capacity
          • Low-maintenance, continuous operation
          • Quick and easy to clean
          • Gentle, steady conveying
          • Sturdy construction
          Conveying capacity: between 20 and 150 m³/h
          Trough widths between 350 and 1,650 mm
        • Pipe conveyor

        • The Vecoplan pipe conveyor VecoBelt is ideal for conveying bulk materials over long distances either horizontally or on a slight incline. The material being transported glides on a cushion of air in a closed steel tube.

          Benefits in brief
          • Very low drive capacity required in relation to conveying capacity
          • Minimal dust because belt is completely enclosed in the conveying tower
          • Greatly reduced wear thanks to small number of moving parts
          • Large spans thanks to self-supporting belt construction
          • ATEX approval category 1
          Conveying capacity: rates of up to 850 m³/h are possible
          Belt widths: 500 and 800 mm
      • Washing

      • Washing technology: 100% clean washing
        If you want to be able to recycle soiled and heavily soiled plastics such as films, stretch film, hard plastics, packaging, and technical plastics in the most profitable way possible, Vecoplan offers you a high-performance washing system that opens up entirely new possibilities for plastic reprocessing. No system on the market achieves washing results like this. This is a real USP and the basis for optimum profitability. All modules of the individually configurable system are adapted to helping produce a perfect washing and recycling result. You benefit from 100 % cleaner output material which, as high-quality raw material, can be processed further directly in extrusion and granulation processes – at the same time as reducing your process costs by 25 % compared to conventional systems.

          • The process can be adapted to the customer’s material and process by the several, modular designed Vecoplan systems and components– the specifications of the output material are adjusted in detail therein.

          • The patented technology brings out a 100 % improved washing result compared to conventional washing technologies. The heat, which supports for the cleaning process, is generated in the Plastic Cleaning by friction of the plastic parts. Therefor the Vecoplan works extremely energy- and cost efficient.
        • Screening

        • Efficient material separation
          Adapted to your specific input materials, we integrate different screen solutions into your recycling and reprocessing process. To achieve a defined output quality and ensure optimum value creation of your process, coarse parts, overlengths, fine fractions or interfering foreign objects need to be separated from each other and screened out reliably and safely. We offer a wide product range for this: Oscillating screens, disc screens, star screening machines, drum screens.

          All Vecoplan® screen solutions are robustly designed for high availability and reliable use in practice. The maintenance intervals are particularly long, and the servicing, cleaning and changing work, such a changing the screen, are uncomplicated and quick to do. We adapt the different screen solutions to your particular system and integrate them optimally into the material flow and conveying process.
            • Oscillation screens VSS

            • Our VSS oscillation screens have different aperture sizes to allow every form of residual or recyclable material to be screened out and transported onwards via belt conveyors for further processing.
            • Disc separator

            • Powerful and versatile:
              Our disc screens can effortlessly separate materials such as comminuted biomass or municipal waste.
            • Star screening machines

            • More than just practical, it's excellent:
              The star screen is ideal for screening large volume flows, of bark for example.
          • Separating technology

          • Separating material - safeguarding your investment
            The purer and more homogeneous the output, the higher the added value of your recycling and reprocessing plants, and the safer your investment is. To reliably sort out extraneous materials and foreign objects, and separate fractions from each other, we offer a variety of separating machines and systems. For FE separation: Conveyor belts with magnetic head drum, permanent magnetic drums, permanent tubular magnets and overbelt magnets. For NF separation: NF metal separator. For metal detection: Flat coil Metron 5, tunnel coil. The air separator separates light and heavy fractions from each other to achieve, for example in alternative fuel shredding, a significantly better output quality. All Vecoplan® separating solutions are hard-wearing, safe and low maintenance.
              • Conveyor with magnetic head drum TMT

              • The conveyor with magnetic head drum (TMT) is particularly easy to handle and
                requires absolutely minimal maintenance. It is ideal for use in the separation of magnetisable ferrous metal parts from pre-shredded recyclables such as wood, plastic, paper, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is also very easy to assemble: The conveyor is mounted directly below the ejection port of a shredder.
              • Permanent magnetic drum PMT

              • Perfect installation: The permanent magnetic drum with housing (PMT) is installed directly downstream of a conveyor, e.g. a trough chain conveyor, conveyor belt or vibrating conveyor, and is ideal for separating magnetisable ferrous metal parts from comminuted material.
              • Permanent tubular magnet PRM

              • Our permanent tubular magnet can magically attracts ferrous metals thanks to the integrated permanent magnet that maintains its static magnetic field without having to be energised. And, what's more, it can be installed in the extraction line itself, preferably in the horizontal or rising line, where it quickly and efficiently separates any magnetisable ferrous metal parts that may be present.
              • Overbelt magnetic separator VÜB

              • The overbelt magnetic separator VÜB is ideally suited for the separation of course material and ferrous metal parts and is installed in the conveying line itself, ideally at the transfer point between a belt conveyor or vibrating conveyor and a subsequent conveyor.
              • Non-ferrous separation

              • The non-ferrous metal separator effortlessly separates non-ferrous metal, such as copper, zinc, bronze and brass, from wood, domestic refuse, plastics, etc. It must, of course, be integrated into the conveying line.

                The non-ferrous metal separator VNES can be installed in the conveying line itself for reliable separation of non-ferrous metals from wood, domestic refuse, plastics, etc.
              • Air separator

              • Air separators are used in a wide variety of working areas. These include, among others, alternative fuel production, waste processing, the timber industry etc.

                The air separator acts as a safety measure during the subsequent re-shredding of the input material. In this way, high costs for replacement and wearing parts for re-shredding can be avoided. Moreover, the quality of the fuels is optimised by using the air separator.

                The separation of the materials in the air separator is achieved by an uniform and single-layered homogeneous distribution of the input material, which is fed into the separating drum of the air separator across the entire belt width of the air separator. Heavy materials and critical foreign objects are separated from the light materials by means of air injection.

                The light materials are transported by means of a high-speed airflow into the expansion chamber, where the air speed is reduced to such a degree that the light materials can be transported on a subsequent belt conveyor to the following processing stage.

                The injected air is removed again in the upper section of the air separator and, depending on the application, is sucked in again by the fan or fed into a filter unit.

                In order to obtain high-quality recycling raw materials, an air separator with three fractions is used to achieve higher separation quality.
              • Metal detectors

              • Metal detectors serve to protect shredders and other machines by preventing metal from entering in the feedstock. Different versions of metal detectors are available – as detector coils mounted below conveyors, directly integrated in conveyors or as fully enclosed detector coils with inlet dimensions up to 1,000 mm x 2,000 mm.

                Overview of different versions:

                Under-conveyor coil
                Metal detector for installation under belt conveyors, with search heights up to roughly 120 mm

                Under-trough coil
                Metal detector for installation in the trough of vibrating conveyors, with search heights up to roughly 180 mm

                Tunnel coil
                For large chippers with precise sensitivity adjustment, search heights up to roughly 1,000 mm
              • TUNNEL COIL

              • Perfect detection: The tunnel coil detects metallic parts in all non-conductive or only slightly conductive materials and is built around the conveyor with a vibration-damping arrangement.
            • Storing

            • Storage technology for optimum material flow
              You need modern, economic storage technology that can be integrated into your recycling, reprocessing and production processes. You would like to be able to store bulk goods, such as chippings, wood chips, shredded wood waste, bark, alternative fuel, corn, grass, pellets, plastic flakes, etc. and pass these onto the further transport and processing steps in the best possible way. With us, you can adapt your storage solution precisely to the requirements of your plant. We have a wide range of modern, sophisticated storage technologies: Delivery and input stations, toploaders, push/pull floor discharge systems, loading and unloading conveyors, drag chain dischargers, screw dischargers. All individual components aim to ensure and accelerate material availability and material flow. These solutions form the basis of optimum material handling with high availability, energy efficiency and profitability.
                • Toploader

                • The patented Toploader system is the most economical storage technology for various bulk materials like wood chips, old timber, bark, RDF, corn, grass, pellets and plastics. Applications are for example boiler feeding in biomass power plants, receiving stations for larger storage units in the fuel area, storage boxes for wood chips and shavings in pellet plants, substrate storage and feeding of biogas plants.

                  The Toploader system provides for fully automatic box evacuation without operating personnel. One or more boxes with each up to 400 m³ content get filled from the open side on plane ground area by semi-trailer, tipping scrap skips or wheel loader. The removal is effected with the Toploader on the opposite over a sloping ramp to the subsequent conveying technology with a conveying capacity of up to 100 m³/h. There is a paddle suspended on one side of a movable slide by guide bars that is continuously moved to and fro. During the return movement the paddle is raised and gets re-placed on the floor in front of the material - a new cycle begins.

                  Drive, lifting device and mechanical devices are always outside of the bulk material, accessible at any time and easy to maintain. Combined with a simple concrete bottom plate, pre-casted concrete blocks, asphalt surfaces or metal plates there are versatile, cost-effective design options and there is no pit at the unloading side required
                • Push/pull rod dischargers

                • Our push/pull rod discharger is designed for large storage capacities and discharge rates of up to 300 m³/h. It is particularly suitable for continuous feeding of boiler systems.
                  Different versions of the push/pull rod discharger are available – as a mobile or fixed type and also as a bunker. Force-reduced versions are also available, which permit low-cost concrete construction.
                • Loading and unloading conveyors

                • Good and flexible: Our loading and unloading conveyors can be used as units that can be moved up, down and sideways and have conveying capacities of up to 300 m³/h. But that's not all they can do, they are also suitable for filling silos and loading lorries or as fully automatic boiler feeding systems. This is due not least to the flexible adjustment options, such as a storage height of roughly 15 m and a length of up to 30 m. Furthermore, any number of boxes can be arranged side-by-side.
                • Drag chain dischargers

                • Drag chain dischargers are provided for discharge of silos via conveying chains, for dosed discharge of intermediate storages and fort he feeding of heating plants. They are available as 2-strand conveyors or with single chains, depending on the material being conveyed. A mobile version is also available.
                • Screw dischargers

                • Our screw discharger has an impressive discharge capacity of between 1 and 400 m³/h and consists of several screw shafts in a shared trough construction. One or two discharge openings facilitate optimum dosing of material supplied to the next process. Particle sizes up to 100 mm and bulk densities of between 40 and 400 kg/m³ can be handled. Container sizes of up to 80 m³ are possible using screw diameters of between 250 and 800 mm. This is why screw dischargers are particularly suitable for feeding boiler systems, for animal bedding packaging lines and also for feeding and discharge of hammer mills / chip shredders, drying plants in the pellet manufacturing industry and for alternative fuel (RDF) in the cement industry.

                • New Delta floor discharge system for installation in silos, underground bunkers and storage boxes for discharging bulk materials such as wood chips, sawdust, shredded bark and used wood up to P100, as well as refuse-derived fuels, shredded film and plastics. The floor discharge system has a discharge rate of approx. 70 m³/h per drive unit. The system convinces with its ease of movement thanks to the newly patented arrow-shapedfeed dogs. The hinged feed dogs lines are pulled in both directions. This means guides are not needed and there are no steel parts in the concrete floor.
              • Dosing

              • Fine and exact dosing
                Wood, wood chips, sawdust, bark, plastics, etc. are continuously dosed and reliably fed into the recycling, reprocessing and production process. We offer a range of products and system solutions for this: Vibration technology (vibrating table, vibrating dosing conveyor), screw dischargers or push rod dischargers. We adapt the individual systems precisely to your process and systems. You benefit from an optimised material flow as well as a high level of availability and profitability.
                  • Vibratory table

                  • The vibratory table VT is extremely flexible in terms of length, width and height. Standard widths are available in 500 mm steps, and in-between sizes are possible using special side sections. The vibratory table mainly consists of a steel-plate platform, guide bars and one or two eccentric shaft drives.

                    Special versions: e.g. screening zones.
                    Standard height up to top edge: 900 mm – max. 1800 mm available
                  • vibratory dosing feeder QS

                  • The vibratory dosing feeder QS is the ideal intermediate bunker for bark, chips, logs, boards, sawmill waste, old wood, RDF fluff, etc. and is used for the dosing of materials. The maximum length available is 6 m, the maximum drive capacity is 16 KW and the maximum delivery rate is 10 m/min.

                    Benefits in brief:
                    • High delivery rate
                    • Low-maintenance, continuous operation
                    • Quick and easy to clean
                    • Gentle, steady conveying
                    • Sturdy construction
                • Recycling

                    • Wood | Biomass

                    • Robust, powerful, reliable
                      You are a specialist in the processing and reprocessing of wood, wood waste, residual wood and biomass. We are a specialist in the development and production of robust, powerful machines and systems especially suited to your industry and business. In addition to shredders and chippers, we provide solutions and system technology in the areas of conveying, separating, storage and dosing.

                      Our aim is to create market advantages for you with our technological superiority. Every Vecoplan® shredder, chipper, conveyor etc. is designed in fine detail to ensure high quality, excellent performance and a quick return on your investment. You benefit from leading, often patented technologies which convince by their high throughput, low energy consumption, and low wear and maintenance costs. And you get all this plus maximum availability and reliability, thanks to the additional support of our 24/7 Live Service.
                    • Recycling | Waste

                    • Optimum sustainability plus maximum value creation
                      Efficient reprocessing of reusable materials is our shared aim in recycling, in-house recycling or waste reprocessing. So that you can do this as sustainably and profitably as possible, we supply you with the recycling and reprocessing technologies you need. Designed for plastics recycling, RDF processing from household and commercial waste, document and data carrier destruction and a variety of special applications. Everything tailored to your exact requirements, processes and materials.

                      You benefit from internationally leading technologies, which have been proven in practice and many of which are patented, to offer you clear advantages along your entire value creation process: Highly productive throughput rates and optimum availability thanks to robust designs, minimum maintenance requirements, and above-average output qualities even with difficult materials. With a wide portfolio of products and services, we develop solutions for you that fit. And our solutions include all the components to optimise your process: shredding, washing, conveying, screening, separating, storage and dosing.