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    Very simple: About gases and their processes. We analyze, desulfurize and automate.

    No matter wheter agricultural or industrial biogas plants, biogas upgrading or grid injection, landfill gas, communal or industrial WWTPs, lab or power-to-gas applications.

    There is a suitable analysis. For every process.

Product Portfolio

  • The comprehensive process control that is based on our gas analysis systems AwiECO and AwiFLEX ensures smooth operation and last, but not least economic efficiency of your plant on a permanent basis.

    The more accurate and continuous the measurements, the more they prove to be a cost and time-saving factor.


    Small control tasks can be managed by AwiECO and AwiFLEX. For more complex solutions with requirements for automation we have developed AwiCONTROL.

      • AWIECO

      • compact, cost-effective, standardised

        1 measuring point (CH4, O2, H2S) or
        2 measuring points (H2S)

        closed stainless steel cabinet
        + safety | + measuring accuracy | + no contamination

        Touch Panel
        + simple operation | + graphic & tabular display |
        + menu navigation multilingual

        + flow-, temperature-, pressure- and moisture sensors
        + desulfurization system (AwiDESULF)
        + all established industrial interfaces
        + certified for the North American market (UL/CSA)

      • AwiFLEX & AwiFLEX XL

      • individual, multi-functional, expandable

        x measuring points (CH4, CO2, O2, H2S, H2)

        maintenance-free gas cooler
        + measuring accuracy | + lifetime | + no wear out

        closed stainless steel cabinet
        + safety | + measuring accuracy | + no contamination

        Touch Panel
        + simple operation | + graphic & tabular display |
        + menu navigation multilingual

        + flow-, temperature-, pressure- and moisture sensors
        + desulfurization system (AwiDESULF)
        + all established interfaces
        + certified for the North American market (UL/CSA)


    • With AwiCONTROL you can control your whole plant including all peripheral devices. This customized solution also provides maximum operational safety and makes sure that you can keep your operational expenditures low.

      It goes without saying that we do not raise any licence fees for our software. With the same consistency we continue to develop our products on an open source basis to avoid hidden follow-up costs for our customers.

      Of course, AwiCONTROL - as our other products - can be controlled "on-the-go". Via smartphone or tablet. Everytime.

      modular, expandable, future-oriented

      • AwiCONTROL is manufacturer-independent: Communication with all established PLCs through standardised bus protocols.
      • AwiCONTROL is hardware-independent: Whether industry control panel or conventional PC for remote maintenance, our solution operates in all systems and is fail-safe. Replacing of components and/or transfer to other hardware is possible without any problems.
      • No need of software licence: Not to mention that all necessary programs are open source, the whole plant control is based on an open source Linux-system.
      • AwiCONTROL keeps records: Besides the logging of all user interaction, all sensor value modifications as well as the switching status of digital in-/output are recorded.

          • AwiCONTROL


            • Biogas plants
            • Wastewater treatment plants
            • Desulphurization
            • Dry fermentation
            • Research and development
            • Gas feeding
            • Production of bio diesel
            • Hygienisation
            • General applications in biotechnology


            • Consulting, planning and realisation of the complete EMSR technology Support for concept development and component selection
            • Software development and creation
            • Creation of visualization
            • Planning and realization of the control cabinet (with partner company)
            • Cabling/wiring on-site (by partner company)
            • Planning and realization of the complete sensor system, see measuring technology incl. concept creation and realisation of the gas analysis
            • Initial set-up and operation of all services
            • Long-term technical support and service



        Never too much O2 in the system. For biogas plant with a capacity of 100 - 1000 m3/h.

        No matter how much gas will be produced, AwiDESULF monitors continuously and regulates itself.

            • AWIDESULF

            • individual, exact, cost-effective

              • automatic control of air supply by a combination of PI-control and a major FuzzyLogic
              • control range in automatic mode between 0 - 1 % O2 in dependence of measured H2S-concentration (shut down limit: 2,4 % O2)
              • individual control of several digesters
              • AwiDESULF's advantages:
                • process stability
                • minimal operational cost
                • regular measuring and O2-monitoring
                • exact control even at fluctuations of produced gas
                • remote maintenance
              • certified for the North American market (UL /CSA)


              • AWIFLOW

              • intelligent, compact, robust

                • determination of water content, standard flow and energy flow (if applicable)
                • simple installation in pipe sizes (nominal widths) from DN 50 to DN 350
                • cleaning and replacement of the sensor without loss of gas
                • high resistance – even with humid gas containing hydrogen sulfide
                • increase of the measuring accuracy through calibration with real gas
                • compensation of fluctuating gas composition in conjunction with AwiFLEX & AwiECO



                • accurate, durable, intelligent
                • non-dispersive infrared sensor with double beam technology
                • measures carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane and other gases


                • accurate, cheaper, more trouble-free
                • AwiMOX: 4...20 mA, for electrochemical sensors with voltage output
                • AwiTRONIC: 4...20 mA, for electrochemical 3-elektrode sensors with current output


                • flexible, cheaper, expandable
                • AwiCORE: modulare, decentral I/O system, connected via serial interface
                • AwiIO: decentralised I/O module, connected via serial interface

            • Software

            • Technically unbeatable: flexible and cost-effective.
              We also develop the matching software solutions for our products:

              • AwiCONTROL: system control, visualisation
              • Desulfurisation using FuzzyLogic: controlled air supply for biological desulfurisation
              • AwiView: downloading, checking and further processing of measuring and system data
              • AwiReport: reports with the most important values (e.g. as a daily breakdown)

              Our software is continuously being enhanced and extended.

                • AwiCONTROL and ProzessView

                  • Security
                  • Automatic switch-off of pumps and aggregates in case of errors, etc.
                  • Considering operational notifications and error messages
                  • Specifying intervals and limits
                  • Enabling automation processes based on measured values and specifications
                    • Minimization of monitoring and operational work
                    • Visualisation of all components and processes
                    • Alerts/alarms via email and text messaging as well as remote maintenance via the internet
                    • Identification of operational value
                    • Saving all data
                  • Graphic and tabular history
                  • Reports and tables
                  • Simple access via HTML browser
                  • Import into spreadsheets for further processing
                    • Identification of utilization
                    • Energy and load management
                    • Networking of components and plant components, e. g. gas analysis, dosage of solids, CHP
                    • Support and updates via remote maintenance
                • Desulfurisation with FuzzyLogic


                  FuzzyLogic is a method of artificial intelligence used to integrate complex expert knowledge into an automated system in an easy and efficient way. Low concentrations of oxygen in the biogas result in a biological desulphurization process. However, if the oxygen concentration is too high, the whole system can be damaged and the collection rate of biogas is reduced. Therefore the air supply has to be effectively regulated. In fully automated mode the Awite process analysis system measures the concentration in the biogas of

                  • hydrogen sulphide
                  • oxygen

                  and controls the

                  • allowed value of oxygen
                  • amount of air supply needed

                  with the ultimate aim to

                  • keep the concentration of the hydrogen sulphide as low as possible
                  • reduce costs
                  • achieve a high process stability
                  • account for marginal losses of substratum

                • AwiView 2.0

                • Shows everything that you need to know

                  • Transfer of data from the device
                    • configuration
                    • local data update
                    • complete backup
                  • Display of data
                    • measured data
                    • errors
                    • events
                  • Export of data for further processing
                    • export in *.csv format for direct loading into other programs (e. g. Excel spreadsheets or Open Office Calc)
                    • export via clipboard for direct insertion into other programs (e. g. Excel spreadsheets or Open Office Calc)
                  • Other features
                    • data aggregation
                    • direct visualisation of data



                • AwiReport

                • Monitors everything and keeps you up-to-date

                  • Customizable operations diary
                  • For biogas plants and gas analysis systems
                  • Documentation of all captured data
                  • Reports on a monthly, weekly and daily basis
                  • Definition of individual report sections possible
                  • Closely integrated with AwiView

              • Accurate measurements mean security. Both from an operational and from a financial point of view.
                For process monitoring it is important to constantly check the main features and states of the plant. Awite offers you the necessary sensor systems for monitoring your whole plant, in ex zones (hazardous area) as well as in non-ex zones. We only use products of well-known manufacturers (mainly products developed by Endress & Hauser):

                • Fill level and point level
                • Pressure
                • Flow
                • Temperature
                • Humidity
                  • Services

                  • You can rely on us. And on our systems.

                    The assembly, commissioning and maintenance of our process analysis systems is carried out by our skilled personnel directly on-site. We monitor the service intervals for you and offer full maintenance service on request. Moreover we keep maintenance costs reasonably low for you by offering planned visits for calibration as well as scheduled appointments.

                    The maintenance service does not only comprise of the calibration with certified gases but also includes a full check of the systems. On-site service is the key to an error-free operation and gives you time to carry out other important tasks.

                      • LABS FACILITIES

                      • Complete and unlimited usage: Our lab systems.

                        We provide you with the complete set of technical measurement equipment for experimental fermenters and pilot plants. It is also possible to order systems for special applications (e.g. continuous run motor testing devices in the area of regenerative fuels) and extreme solutions (e.g. measurements with over 100 fermenters). Let us know your requirements and we will find the right solution for you.

                        • Areas of Application
                        • Technology and Equipment