Company Profile

Sensors is the leader in Portable Emissions Measurement Systems, or PEMS. We specialize in emissions analyzers and testing services that go where you go, ensuring compliance with worldwide measurement standards for all regulated pollutants, both on- and off- road. Choose from one of our core business groups. On Board Emissions Analyzers For in-use performance and compliance testing, our Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) stand up to the rigors of real world testing. Test Cell Emissions Analyzers Rack mount analyzers built to your customized measurement needs. Inspection and Maintenance Emissions Analyzers Low cost, high quality analyzers for the inspection and maintenance industry. Emissions Testing Services The equipment, the trained personnel and the experience to conduct performance and regulatory testing for you, so you can focus on your core business. Environmental Applications A modular, customized approach to the measurement needs of industry. Testa FIDs Sensors is the North American distributor of Flame Ionization Detectors made by Testa.

Product Range

  • Motor applications: Instrumentation, Climate analyzers