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  • "We are only caretakers of the world and its resources that we pass on to our children"
    (Our slogan)

    A sustainable energy policy, based on renewable resources, will be crucial to their future. Hydropower is one of the front-runners among such renewable energies.

    As a leading supplier of technology and equipment for small and medium sized hydropower plants, WKV makes a significant contribution towards such a sustainable future.
Product Portfolio
  • The Turbines

  • Natural conditions of water courses is significantly different. Therefore, every order demands an exclusive solution. WKV uses four different turbine types to transform hydraulic force into electrical energy:
    • WKV Pelton turbines
    • WKV Francis turbines
    • WKV Turgo turbines
    • WKV Crossflow turbines.

    Each of these turbine types is suitable for a specific operation area: Different output ratings, various head values, highly unsteady watercourses or high content of floating refuse. In addition, you get WKV speed controllers, WKV water level controllers and WKV switchboards. Everything with well-proven technology “made by WKV AG”.
    WKV offers much more than the adaptation of turbine and alternator to the site conditions. For example, a complete range of specific runner speeds allows a perfect alignment to synchronous alternator speeds.
    Common for all products: The first-class quality. In our test laboratory, we have proved this beyond doubt and so far achieved highest efficiencies.
    Since the company was founded, a big part of our profit has been re-invested into research and development. This makes us the forerunner in the global minihydro industry. We keep our technological lead only by continuous development.

    Do not buy your turbine plant at a discounter – trust in the specialist!

      • WKV Pelton turbines

      • If all good things come from (far) above
        • Head range from 30 m up to more than 1500 m
        • Capacity up to about 20 MW
        • Single- double-, four-, five- or six-jet designs available
        • Horizontal or vertical shaft arrangements
        • Jet deflectors for outstanding dynamic performance
        • 2 or 4 bearing gen-set arrangements
        • Well suited to sites with significant fluctuations in the water flow
        • Developed for use in demanding applications with
        • water containing debris
        • Optimized jet and runner designs for highest efficiencies
        • Nozzle control either electrically or hydraulically
        • Runner cast from high grade, extremely wear resistant, stainless steel
        • Maintenance free shaft seal design
        • WKV Francis Turbine

        • The all-in-one solution
          • Head range up to more than 300 m
          • Capacity up to about 20 MW
          • Excellent peak efficiency
          • High efficiency also at partial water flow
          • Compact design and low maintenance requirements by rigorous selection of best suited materials and proper design 2 or 4 bearing gen-set arrangements
          • Bearings rated moderately for more than 100 000 hours of operation
          • Guide vane controls electrically or hydraulically
          • Runner made of Chrome steel
          • WKV Turgo turbines

          • Effectiveness over a wide range.
            • Head range 30 ... 300 m
            • Output up to approx. 7.500 kW
            • Single or double jet design
            • Jet deflectors for outstanding dynamic performance (important on long pipelines)
            • Less sensitive to contamination than Francis turbines
            • Flat efficiency curve shows high efficiency also at partial water flow
            • Geometry of stream and runner are optimized for efficiency in WKV’s own laboratory
            • The high specific speed allows using the Turgo principle instead of multi-jet Pelton turbines or instead of Francis turbines at lower partial load efficiencies
            • Guide vane control electrically or hydraulically
            • Runner made of extremely wear-resistant steel- or chrome steel casting – not indestructible, but not far from it!
            • Maintenance-free shaft sealing system
            • WKV Crossflow turbines

            • The economic solution.
              • Head range 1.5 m up to approx. 150 m
              • Capacity up to 2 000 kW
              • A split vane construction allows an almost constant efficiency from 100% down to 17% of rated water discharge
              • Significant improvements achieved through targeted research and development in WKV’s own test laboratories
              • Outstanding stiffness of runners
              • Cast or welded guide vanes with stainless steel shafts
              • Guide vanes controlled electrically or hydraulically
              • Easily accessible inspection ports and hatches
              • Proven bearing arrangement, designed by WKV, rated for more than 100 000 operating hours
              • Economic solution where other turbines prove to be too expensive
              •  Energy Conversion & Controls

                  • WKV synchronous alternators

                  • Energy converter on highest level.

                    The in-house manufacturing of our alternators allows an optimized matching to the technical- and design requirements of the hydro turbines.

                    Characteristics of WKV synchronous alternators:

                    • Rating: Matching the turbine output, up to 22.000 kVA
                    • Power factor: cos phi 0,8, other values if required
                    • Voltage: 400 V ...15 kV
                    • Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
                    • Degree of protection: IP 23, IP 44 or higher, adapted to operation site and conditions
                    • Design forms: Horizontal or vertical, for elastic coupling to the turbines or with long shaft and re-inforced bearings for overhung mounting of the turbine runner
                    • Bearings: Antifriction or sleeve bearings, optimized for long life-time and minimum maintenance need
                    • Electromagnetic layout: Voltage and frequency range will be adapted to Grid-Codes and/or to various local mains conditions. Concurrently the machines are optimized for high efficiency in the most economical operating range.
                    • Operating principle, voltage control: The alternators are self-regulating and self-excited, brushless and, except the bearings, practically maintenance-free.
                    • Switchgears and process controls

                    • Set out and manage - Switchboards ”Made in Simonswald“

                      WKV designs and manufactures the complete set of switchboards and controls in-house, and thus provides a single-point overall responsibility. Each unit is individually adapted to the client’s standards and local regulations.

                      Your advantages:

                      • Clear and precise arrangements, quick turnaround on design issues, short deliveries
                      • Factory testing and inspection of the complete switchboards and control equipment in our own test facilities
                      • Erection and commissioning by competent staff Only first-class components are used

                      WKV supplies a complete line of equipment from low voltage equipment to the feeder at medium or high voltage level.

                      • Conventional control panels
                      • PLC based controls
                      • Remote control (SCADA)
                      • Annunciation and display equipment
                      • Low voltage switchboards up to 3 500 A
                      • Medium voltage switchboards up to 36 kV
                      • High voltage switchboards Transformers
                      • Allocation metering towards mains operators
                      • Complete wiring
                      • WKV control systems

                      • A reliable arrangement.
                          • Digital/analogue speed governor

                          • This WKV development is unique in the world of controls as it combines the advantages of both digital and analogue controls.
                            • Direct display of the main control parameters
                            • Dynamic PID controls with the option for external noise application ensure stability even in the case of long penstocks or unstable grids
                            • Modular 19” rack design for easy implementation and replacement of components
                            • Protection against external faults, all I/O circuits are protected against external short-circuiting and reverse polarity
                            • Easy adjustment of all main parameters by use of a simple screw driver, no programming, no software or terminal, no laptop required
                            • Contact-free speed sensing
                            • Designed for operation with PLC based controls or a remote control system
                            • Suited for speed control, output control, discharge or level control, as well as for double-regulated units (injector/deflector or guide vanes/runner blades)
                            • Durable and user-friendly design and technology
                            • WKV offers a lifelong guarantee for supply of spare parts and services.
                            • All control units are backwards-compatible!
                          • Hydraulic devices for speed control and parallel operation with mains

                            • WKV offers a complete range of hydraulic power units for control applications. This includes simple actuators for operation on a grid (level or discharge control) as well as the most complex applications involving isolated network or parallel operation.
                            • Designed for decades of continuous operation – only the best components are used
                            • Low-pressure hydraulics for extended service life
                            • Energy-saving designs
                            • Typically no high-pressure accumulators that need severe maintenance
                            • WKV manufactures the complete range of governors in-house – another benefit to you!
                          • Mechanical governors and their maintenance

                          • For some applications mechanical governors may provide significant advantages.

                            WKV offers a full line of such governors manufactured in-house:

                            • Robust and well-proven technology
                            • Completely without electronics – best suited for applications in remote locations
                          • WKV level control for parallel operation

                            • Designed to ensure best possible use of the available water flows and most economical operation!
                            • PLC controlled operation to achieve optimum efficiency for multi-jet impulse turbines as well as for twin-cell Crossflow turbines
                            • Indication of the intake water level
                            • Surge-protected water-level sensors provide safe operation even under adverse environmental conditions
                            • User friendly adjustment of set points
                          • Electronic load controller
                            Designed for small units up to 800

                            • Designed for small units up to 800 kW supplying isolated loads as well as for the emergency power supply of grid-connected units.
                            • Excellent frequency-accuracy even during load acceptance or rejection
                            • Heavy duty industrial grade electronics especially designed for extreme ambient conditions
                        • Services

                            • Restoration, renovation and modernizing of existing power plants

                            • Not everything has to be brand-new.

                              Usually hydro power plants are operated for many decades until the ravages of time will require a basic renovation. Accompanying the renovation, mostly a reasonable improvement in system efficiency is requested. Other power plants are damaged by natural disaster, systems have to be partly or completely cleaned, repaired or replaced. Often, special building conditions or monumental or archaeological protection rules that have to be adhered to can significantly complicate the work at site.
                              Our special purpose machinery manufacture covers turbines including control system, generators and switchboards. By far, WKV is experienced and flexible enough to refurbish your power plant for a reliable operation over the coming decades.

                              • Commissioning, maintenance and service by the manufacturer

                              • A partnership for life-time.

                                It is obvious that our commitment to you, our customer, does not end when delivering a premium product. We offer you a broad worldwide service, starting with erection and commissioning until regular maintenance of your power plant.
                                Even the best system can get damaged due to external factors. Never Mind if in the tropics or in the far North – qualified WKV personnel are available (not only) in case of emergency but any time to ensure best of service.