Business Profile

25 years of experience in the harnessing of wind energy.

Nordex was launched in 1985, before the international demand for wind turbines increased in the first half of the nineties. One of the founding members is today's Sales Director, Carsten Pedersen. From the outset, Nordex focused on large, powerful turbines. In just two years, the company installed the largest series wind turbine in the world at the time.

Following the principle of small steps, Nordex has succeeded in building reliable machines, which operate with ever-increasing efficiency. Moreover, we have set new standards with several of our innovative products: the entry into the megawatt class in 1995 and the development of the first wind turbine with a capacity of 2.5 megawatts in 2000 – today one of the largest serial produced wind turbines in the world - are just two examples of this.

2011 Launch N117/2400 / Launch N150/6000 offshore
2010 Launch Gamma Generation / Start of US-production in Jonesboro, AR, USA
2008 Establishemnt of Nordex USA Inc, Chicago, IL, USA
2007 Opening of new rotor blade production in China / Launch N100
2006 Installation of Germany’s first offshore turbine / Chinese production of multi-megawatt turbine commenced
2005 Launch N90/2500 kW
2003 Installation of the 2,000 Nordex turbine / 1. Offshore turbine installed
2001 Commencement of industrial rotor blade production
2001 IPO
2000 Transfer of wind power activities to the new Nordex AG
Completion of the world's first series 2.5 megawatt wind turbine
1999 Installation of the 1,000th Nordex turbine
1995 Construction of the world's first series megawatt wind turbine
1992 Establishment of production operations in Germany
1987 Production of the world's largest series