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  • Offer Profile
  • The VAHLE Group provides innovative and solution-oriented product systems in the fields of energy transmission, data transmission, positioning and control systems for mobile industrial applications.

    Our range of products and services follow the high demands of the industry consistently.

    The VAHLE Group always relies on quality. The demand to constantly improve and improve in all areas is reflected in our high-quality products.

    The VAHLE Group meets these high demands, among other things, by consistently adhering to the quality requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.
Product Portfolio

  • The family of the VAHLE Conductor (vCONDUCTOR) includes the open and insulated conductor systems, compact conductor systemsand the enclosed conductor systems.

    Each vConductor product offers a secure and reliable power transfer to your mobile consumer.
      • Open Conductor Systems

      • Wherever there are particularly harsh environmental influences, such as in coking plants and steel mills, we offer a safe and powerful power supply with our open conductor systems. You can easily supply your mobile applications (overhead travelling cranes, loading bridges, container handling equipment, monorails, coke-making machines, electric hoists, etc.) with current ratings of up to 3,000 A via the open conductor systems.
      • Insulated Conductor Systems U10 and FABA 100

      • The VAHLE insulated conductor systems have been a proven and reliable means for the energy transmission of production lines in the automotive industry for decades. Individual compact hangers as well as mounting accessories enable you to easily adapt the system to your track layout even during assembly.

        Safety is our number one priority. A special protective conductor guarantees trouble-free and accident-free maintenance.

        Our tried and tested finished parts storage allows for short-term and unscheduled delivery.

        Capacity: 10 - 100 A.
      • Insulated Conductor Systems U15 - U40

      • Mobile applications, be it gantry cranes, loading bridges, elevators or roller shutters, need energy. VAHLE's unipole-insulated conductor systems are available in a wide variety of designs that are tailored to your needs.

        The conductor systems U15 to U35 are particularly easy to maintain due to their open design. For use in harsh environments, the conductor is made of aluminium with a stainless-steel surface.

        Capacity: 10 - 1250 A.

        The heavy construction types U20 to U40 are particularly suitable for use in galvanizing plants, pickling plants, pressing plants, etc.

        Capacity: 60 - 1000 A.
      • Compact Conductor System VKS

      • Skid systems are the preferred conveyor for assembly tasks.

        Our VKS is a compact conductor system, which ensures safe and problem-free power supply even in unfavorable conditions. Safety comes first. A special protective conductor guarantees trouble-free and accident-free maintenance.
      • Compact conductor system VKS10

      • In high-bay warehouses the place in the lanes is usually very narrow. Goods are stored or removed from the shelves in a very short time by means of shelf operating devices. The VAHLE compact conductor systems have been developed precisely for these requirements. The VKS10 can be simply clipped into a supporting profile. This allows the conductor system to be mounted directly to your shelf rails. This saves you costly and expensive auxiliary constructions.
      • Compact Conductor System VAHLE Multi support Profile VMT

      • The VAHLE Multi Support Profile is tailored to the most varied requirements of bottom-guided storage and conveyor systems, such as stacker cranes and moving units. The VAHLE Multi Support Profile can be quickly and easily equipped with the different VAHLE conductor systems.
      • Compact Conductor System VKL2

      • The two-pole compact conductor system VKL2 was developed specifically for various intralogistics applications. With its compact size and durability, the VKL2 possesses the ideal properties for small parts warehouse shuttle applications or for other transfer carriages. Additionally, installing VKL2 is simple due to minimal parts and an easy clip-fastening system.
      • Enclosed Conductor System KBH

      • As a crane manufacturer or crane operator, you need a robust and inexpensive power supply, which is also easy to install. The VAHLE conductor system KBH is a contact-protected system (IP23) for indoor and outdoor installations. The plastic housing can accommodate different copper cross sections for nominal currents of 63 - 200 A. The ball-bearing mounted collectors are led in the housing. Special sections enable quick and easy replacement of defective sections.

        Our tried and tested finished parts storage allows for short-term and unscheduled delivery.
      • Enclosed Conductor System MKH

      • Wherever, besides the pure energy transmission, you need additional poles for the transmission of e.g. control signals - VAHLE conductor system MKH is the right choice. The MKH is a contact-protected system (IP23) in 6- to 10-pole design for indoor and outdoor installations. The plastic housing can accommodate different copper cross sections for nominal currents of 63 - 200 A.

        The MKH conductor system is prefabricated in the versions MKHS (with bolted joints) and MKHF (with spring-loaded connector), or with continuous copper strips in the version MKHD.
      • Enclosed Conductor System LSV

      • Extreme heat and adverse environmental influences are not a problem for VAHLE's enclosed conductor systems LSV and LSVG. Thanks to the aluminium housing you can use this conductor system at temperatures of up to 100° C. These conductor systems are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are used as mobile power supply for cranes, overhead tracks, electric hoists, power tools, machine tools, stacker cranes, foundries, and other power consumers. They can be supplied in 4- to 11-pole versions. The rated current depends on the number of poles between 60 and 300 A.
      • Charging Contact

      • VAHLE charging contacts are designed to carry charging and control currents as well as for data communications. The VAHLE portfolio includes solutions for practically every application area - ranging from small right through to high performance requirements.

        With more than three decades of experience, VAHLE is apioneer when it comes to charging contact solutions and is continuously developingits products further in accordance with market requirements.

        VAHLE covers the entire range of requirements from standard solutions right through to special individual projects.
    • Other

    • Reliability and flexibility are important requirements for tomorrow's production. On the way to the digital future, a secure data transmission is a fundamental prerequisite for communication between man and machine. The complex solutions for the Internet of Things (IOT) require high data rates, which are achieved by our systems. Thus, the fail-safe vCOM system is the basis for your journey into the industrial age 4.0.
        • vPOWER

        • Increasing cycle times as well as reliability and flexibility are key features of success in advanced production. The advantages of contactless power supply are in the low wear and maintenance characteristics, insensitivity to contamination and unrestricted travel speed. Due to the high clock frequency, the highest system efficiencies and the smallest construction sizes can be achieved. It does not matter whether the conveyor system is designed as a automatic guided vehicle or as an electric monorail system.

        • VAHLE Powercom® data transmission systems using VAHLE conductor or slip-ring installations have been developed to be integrated with automated conveying systems facilitating material flow. Powercom® provides economical data transfer with no loss of data between a central PLC control station and individual mobile carriers receiving units.
        • vCOM SMGM | SMGX

        • vCOM - Data Communication Systems SMGM | SMGX
          Modern production requires continuously growing volumes of data transmission for management and diagnosis. While this data is often transmitted via conductor lines with low transmission rates for simple transport tasks in mobile applications, this method of communication proves impossible with more complex applications due to its high datarates.

          The data communication system SMGM (Slotted Microwave Guide Mini) was specially developed for these applications and enables the integration of fail-safe data transmission into the proven VAHLE conductorline system.
        • vPOS - APOS Positioning System

        • VAHLE APOS positioning systems with VAHLE conductor installations have been developed for automated conveying systems to facilitate material flow.

          VAHLE APOS consists of a code tape with magnetized length coding and a reading head with integrated logic which forwards the position via an interface to a central PLC.
        • vPOS - APOS Optic Positioning System

        • In material handling applications, as is the case in e.g. automobile production, new assembly lines require gapless and exact positioning of the conveyor technology throughout the entire processing cycle. A task for which it is advisable to use the optically and absolutely measuring positioning system APOS Optic of the product range vPOS.
        • vDRIVE

        • Intelligent applications are increasingly used in smart factory and warehouse automation. In the complete supply chain, products need to be lifted, transported, rotated, and moved. All this can be realized with our mobile drive controllers vDRIVE. The modular design of our control systems allows uncomplicated integration into your system, as well as a short-term availability of spare parts.
        • vFESTOON

        • Our long-standing proven system, worldwide in use and absolutely reliable - a true VAHLE classic. The modular VAHLE cable trolley (vFESTOON) is tailored to meet your individual needs: Whether round or flat cables or hoses, whether for electricity or data transport - with our cable trolley systems, many applications are possible, whether in port, steelwork or concrete plant.

          The VAHLE cable trolleys are durable, the material has been able to withstand adverse environmental influences for years and reflects the VAHLE quality standards. You also have the option to get the cable trolley you have requested pre-assembled by our experienced staff. Our assembly team will gladly put your crane system into operation and bring you up to date with the latest technology.
        • Spring Operated Cable Reels

        • VAHLE spring cable reels are used to supply mobile consumers. Both energy and control currents and communication data are transmitted. It is also possible to transfer media such as compressed air, gases, oil hydraulics, etc. The operating field covers a wide range of applications and industries: almost all lifting and conveying technology with portal and process cranes, construction and automotive cranes in environmental technology, entertainment and critical areas. The mechanical drive is made by spiral leaf springs with a high coating and durability. A variety of spring cable reels are available within 48 hours within a special program.
        • Motorized Cable Reels

        • Our motor cable reels are suitable for all sectors and market segments with local consumers. These are particularly well suited for medium to long distances or highly dynamic applications in vertical operation. The designs and solutions are based on applications in the fields of port and container technology, conveyor systems, material handling, storage, etc.

          The cable reels are used to transfer high currents and voltages as well as data or liquid media. In addition to standardized motor cable reels, we also offer individual solutions in the field of special applications.
      • Markets

      • Since 1912, the VAHLE Group has been a specialist in intelligent and solution-oriented energy and data transmission systems for mobile industrial applications in a wide range of industries.
          • Crane Technology

          • In almost all production and assembly applications, things are moved, lifted, and lowered. The most diverse types of cranes are used for this purpose. Common to all of them are horizontal and vertical movement patterns. VAHLE offers tailored solutions for energy, data transmission and positioning. Whether standard or automated process crane applications, with VAHLE, these become reliable tools.

            VAHLE systems are the best solution for:
            • Standard Cranes
            • Process Cranes
            • Heavy-duty Cranes
            • Cranes for recycling facilities
            • Cranes for electroplating facilities
            • Cranes for steel plants
            • Bucket conveyors
            • Transfer cars
          • Intralogistics

          • The increasing online trade and the resulting increase in shipping volumes are constantly posing new challenges to modern intralogistics. Material and goods flows are therefore subject to a growing degree of automation.

            Increasing throughputs and increasing product diversity require automation of high-bay warehouses and product distribution systems in a small space.

            VAHLE systems with their compact design and suitability for high traverse speeds meet these requirements.

            VAHLE - the best solution for:
            • High-bay warehouses (AS/RS)
            • Automatic small parts store
            • Shuttle systems
            • Sorter systems
            • Automatic stackers
            • Automatic guided vehicles (AGVs)
          • Automotive

          • State-of-the-art production facilities are characterized by their high adaptability, their resource efficiency, ergonomic design and the integration of customers and business partners into the value-added processes. In doing so, the production process is aligned to the highest degree of flexibility.

            The VAHLE Group addresses the challenges of advancing digitalization with a concept of energy transmission, data transmission, positioning and control systems. This mix allows you to optimize your production processes and costs for lot size 1 based on the production costs of a comparable product from mass production.

            VAHLE thus combines the traditional energy transmission of today with the innovative technologies of tomorrow.

            VAHLE - the best solution for:
            • Electric monorail systems (EMS)
            • Automatic guided vehicles (AGV)
            • Skilled lines
          • Port technology

          • In times when environmental protection and the associated reduction of CO2 emissions are becoming increasingly important, the conversion of ports into so-called "green ports" is becoming more and more essential. In addition, the automation of typical port applications is advancing due to the ever-increasing product handling. Incoming ships must be cleared more quickly and the containers transported off. Time saving means financial advantages in this sector.

            VAHLE supplies the right system solutions. With products from vFESTOON, vCONDUCTOR, vREELS as well as the data transmission vCOM, we offer the decisive and reliable advantages for the port of tomorrow.

            VAHLE - the best solution for:
          • People Mover

          • In times of increasing urbanization and rising traffic volumes, the importance of people movers is increasing. Fully automated trains transport passengers from the airport or exhibition center to the city center. Modern streetcars can be charged by special VAHLE charging contacts at the stops, which eliminates disturbing overhead lines and thus does not destroy the cityscape. Of course, security is of paramount importance here.

            For all of these requirements, VAHLE has the appropriate systems, which ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the transport of passengers.

            VAHLE - the best solution for:
            • People Mover
            • Street Cars
            • Elevators
          • Amusement Rides

          • Whether roller coaster, free-fall tower or Ferris wheels. Robust and reliable power transmission systems are necessary to ensure safe operation. In addition, systems for positioning and data transmission are required.

            VAHLE offers reliable and highly available solutions from the broad product portfolio of the traditional power supply systems as well as the smart automation systems.

            VAHLE - the best solution for:
            • Roller coaster
            • Ferris Wheels
            • Amusement rides