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  • Offer Profile
  • The independent subsidiaries Wieland Electric and STOCKO Contact are active under the Wieland Holding structure. The subsidiaries' innovative potential is joined in Wieland Holding, and multiplied for path-breaking developments. Wieland Holding GmbH – active internationally, successful worldwide!

    Wieland Electric GmbH, founded in 1910, has its head office in Bamberg. Wieland Electric is among the leading manufacturers of electrical connection technology in the world market. The company's product range comprises more than 20,000 different components for automation technology and building installation. Wieland Electric, with its gesis® system, is the market leader in pluggable building installation technology
Product Portfolio
  • Products

      • DIN rail terminal blocks selos / fasis

      • Three product families, three connection technologies - our DIN rail terminal block program is the right choice for each installation task, regardless of application in control cabinets for machinery or plant construction, energy technology or building installation, or with screw, tension spring or push-in connection.
        The ultimately flexible DIN rail terminal block systems selos and fasis offer optimum handling and uniform, standardized accessories. This guarantees not only fast wiring time, but also reduces cost of inventory at your facility and in the supply chain.
        Customized assembly service, customer-specific solutions, and a comprehensive service portfolio complement our products and facilitate an individual approach to our customers' needs.
          • DIN rail terminal blocks with screw clamp connection selos

          • Reliable connection, proven concept! selos is our DIN rail terminal block with screw connection, solid and functional, known worldwide, and in use millions of times over.
            The selos series combines the classic screw connection with modern connection technology, with the focus on customer benefits and increased efficiency in wiring and the supply chain.
          • DIN rail terminal blocks with tension spring connection fasis WKFN

          • The DIN rail terminal block with tension spring technology: fasis is easy to operate, saves time and costs during wiring and reduces inventory costs, and guarantees vibration-proof and maintenance-free connections with high contact forces.
          • DIN rail terminal blocks with push-in connection fasis WTP

          • To complement our products we offer a comprehensive service portfolio. Marking solutions such as wieplot and wiemarc for DIN rail terminal blocks and other components in the control cabinet, the planning software wieplan for design of rail assemblies, and our value-add service for rail assemblies, all make working with Wieland DIN rail terminal blocks effortless, and achieve a true added value.
          • Added value and service service

          • To complement our products we offer a comprehensive service portfolio. Marking solutions such as wieplot and wiemarc for DIN rail terminal blocks and other components in the control cabinet, the planning software wieplan for design of rail assemblies, and our value-add service for rail assemblies, all make working with Wieland DIN rail terminal blocks effortless, and achieve a true added value.
        • Building installation systems gesis®

        • Plug and play – everything can be connected! A breakthrough idea has emerged at Wieland which revolutionizes electrical installation: the gesis® installation system. Highest-grade quality and long-lasting components along with a convincing 70% time and 30% cost savings! The individual gesis® product groups complement each other perfectly and facilitate a simple and economical electrical installation, from distribution panels up to the load. Project specific distribution panels for decentralized power distribution and building automation complete our installation system.
            • Installation connector gesis® CON

            • The components of product family GST18®, certified according to IEC 61535, are suitable for the installation of lighting systems, switches, sunblinds and power receptacles. Mechanical coding facilitates clear separation of different applications within the same system. In addition, the connector color identifies the connections that belong together. Mis-mating is thereby virtually eliminated.
            • Installation connector gesis® MINI

            • This is a product family that has been designed specifically for confined spaces. It combines a minimum of size with a maximum of flexibility. Thus it is the perfect system for retail displays and tradeshow booth construction. Short installation times and simple modifications - these are the decisive factors. And as the connectivity interface for pre-wired consumer devices, lights, office and kitchen furnishings: gesis® MINI clearly demonstrates its strengths.
            • Miniature connector gesis® MICRO

            • With the product family gesis® MICRO, you can now install lighting in display cabinets and shelves in hard to reach places - and in the most simple fashion imaginable. This makes the electrical wiring in your furnishings "invisible"; nothing distracts the eye from the essentials. Because gesis® MICRO is perfectly matched to the entire gesis® family, you achieve a completely integrated system.
            • Low voltage connector gesis® NV

            • You can also profit with the gesis® system’s advantages in low voltage technology. With the pluggable BST14 system, you can install signal applications. Mechanical coding and clear assignment with different colors facilitate the installation.
              And, by using pluggable electronic transformers, it is possible to directly change over from the main supply to the two distinct low-voltage product lines: ST16 or ST17.
            • Lighting connection system gesis® TOP

            • Wieland is well known for innovation in pluggable installations. Simple – safe – fast – flexible are the guiding principles for our actions. The trend-setting gesis® TOP, proven millions of times, facilitates the cost-effective connection of each individual luminaire. With it we have set another milestone in the world of pluggability.
            • Lighting connection system gesis® LINECT

            • The extensive and universally applied LINECT system offers pluggable connections for your luminaires – and is also, of course, based on the proven Wieland gesis® system.
            • Flat cable systems gesis® NRG

            • With the selection of a flat cable system, all the advantages of a modern electrical installation are on your side. Tap-offs can be mounted anywhere – quickly and reliably without cutting the cable, because the connection is made by piercing technology. The contact is made through an insulation-penetrating connection technology. Five systems with different conductor cross sections are available – enabling you to distribute power or signals.
            • Installation distribution boxes gesis® RAN

            • Reliably servicing a multitude of buildings - gesis® RAN pluggable distribution boxes eliminate labor intensive discrete wiring from decentralized power distribution and automation installations. All distribution boxes are individually tested before delivery, thereby guaranteeing termination and connectivity reliability for the system.
            • Planning software gesis® PLAN

            • The planning and visualization software gesis® PLAN is a very user-friendly tool; with it, pluggable electrical installations can be conveniently designed and calculated. The software supports specialist planners as well as system integrators, architects and builders during building design, bidding, and construction.
          • PCB terminals - wiecon

          • PCB terminals and connectors from Wieland are used for connectivity for measurement and control engineering in widely diverse fields. Industrial requirements from machine building and process technology must be satisfied, equally as important as the requirements from building technology and heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
              • PCB connectors wiecon

              • Intelligent pluggable solutions for your printed circuit board.
                With PCB connectors, the device is easier to handle during wiring and device exchange. The open choice of various connection technologies offers you solutions for the widest variety of applications. Custom marking and coding simplify the wiring and mating process.
              • Pluggable PCB terminals wiecon

              • Compact as a terminal, but pluggable.
                Pluggable printed circuit board terminals are frequently used in building automation as well as HVAC technology. Compact in design, they also offer the advantages of pluggability. Also available in snap-in versions for mounting into device housings.
              • PCB terminals wiecon

              • The economical solution with the same highly reliable connection and the highest quality.
                The simple PCB terminal block is available in a wide variety and is characterized by high contact reliability. Wieland offers a wide spectrum in this area, too.
              • RAST 5 - technology wiecon

              • Color and mechanical coding - high grade variability.
                The RAST 5 PCB connector system meets the specific requirements of the household appliance industries. With the abundance of wire harnesses inside each appliance, protection against mis-mating connectors is the highest priority.
                The component materials fulfill all safety requirements, and also EN 60335-1.
            • Safety technology - safety

            • Today’s demands on systems and machines are very high. In addition to the productivity and efficiency of a machine, its functional safety also needs to be kept in focus.
              We support and advise our customers regarding machine safety over the entire life cycle of a machine or production system. With our safety technology products we offer reliable components of the highest quality, and are able to make a decisive contribution to occupational safety in the operation of modern systems or machines.
                • Safety sensor technology sensor PRO

                • Sensors from the sensor PRO series ensure effective protection of individuals in machine building and system engineering. The sensor PRO series includes safety sensors for contactless detection, like e.g. magnetic switches, light curtains and light grids, as well as mechanical safety relays, emergency stop buttons and interlocks with guardlocking
                • Safety relays safe RELAY

                • Safety relays of the safe RELAY series offer customized solutions for the safety of man and machine. Compact design, flexibility in application, and variable connectivity options are the decisive advantages of this device, comprehensively for all safety functions.
                • Safety modules samos®

                • This safety system with multifunctional, hard-coded basic modules has easily configurable safety functions. It is connected in modules following the "Lego principle" and so is able to grow with the respective safety task, module by module.
                • Safety control samos® PRO COMPACT

                • samos® PRO COMPACT is the compact, high performance safety controllor for machine building and system engineering. One samos® PRO COMPACT system monitors up to 116 safe inputs and 56 safe outputs. The samos® PRO COMPACT is programmed through the graphics-oriented and free of charge programming tool samos® PLAN5+.
                • Added value and service service

                • Wieland Electric offers a series of workshops about machine safety. Training contents include hazard and risk analysis, definition and calculation of the requisite safety functions with help from the tool SISTEMA. We also support you during selection and implementation of the required technical protective measures.
                  Prepare risk assessments in a modular way: simple, fast and in line with legal requirements. The special DOCUFY Machine Safety software can considerably reduce the time and effort needed for preparing risk assessments. It also provides an interface for the free SISTEMA software tool from the IFA (Institute for Occupational Health and Safety).
              • Building automation - gesis® ELECTRONIC

              • Plug & play with decentralized building automation based on KNX or wireless. In order to remain marketable, modern commercial buildings must be equipped with intelligent building automation. The demands placed on the automation systems are high. The installation architecture and its functionality must be as quick to modify as the rapidly changing usage requirements. The multi-faceted advantages achieved with the speed and flexibility of gesis® are clear for superior facility management. Whether via KNX or wireless – with the components of the gesis® ELECTRONIC program, bus topologies can be built efficiently and at low cost, and flexibly configured to the customer's wishes.
                  • The Future of Room Automation - compact, modular, pluggable gesis® FLEX

                  • The compact and de-centralized mountable housing concept allows the use of small inspection openings for installation. Due to the modular construction, different applications can be implemented. Because of its high degree of prefabrictaion, the consistent pluggability leads additionally to a quick and fault free installation. It will stay flexible in future due to the standardized KNX system and modular construction.
                  • Modular devices for flexible and decentralized installation gesis® RM

                  • This modular system available for KNX networks is usually integrated by Wieland into project-specific gesis® RAN distribution boxes for decentralized building automation and delivered fully assembled. This provides maximum flexibility because it also enables the installation of third-party components and there is the option of exploiting the pluggability and using their codings.
                  • Modular devices for structured and sustainable installation gesis® EIB V

                  • The very flat housing concept allows the installation in a very limited installation space. The space is optimally used and structured via a direct connection to the flat cable. Because of its high degree of prefabrication, the consistent pluggability leads additionally to a quick and correct installation, which will stay flexible in future due to the standardized KNX system. The easy integration of the maintenance-free EnOcean systems offers further advantages.
                  • Modular devices for clearly laid out and sustainable installation gesis® EIB M2

                  • This housing concept boasting direct installation has been optimized for use in suspended ceilings, while a vast range of requirements can be realized thanks to the modular design. Its consistent pluggability and high degree of prefabrication also mean that installation is quick, error-free, and remains flexible in the short and long term owing to modularity and the standardized KNX system.
                  • Room automation and system devices gesis® KNX

                  • Further sensors and system components are needed in order to set up the KNX system and operate it optimally. Presence and motion detectors enable occupancy-related and needs-based control, while a room thermostat and the corresponding valves provide energy-efficient air conditioning. And finally, all field devices are connected, configured, and monitored with couplers, routers, and interfaces.
                  • Radio-controlled modular devices for independent units gesis® RC

                  • This series uses the maintenance-free EnOcean radio system for communication. As a result, the sensors (buttons) can be installed without wires or batteries exactly where they are needed, including on glass walls. With the help of gateways to KNX the devices can also be integrated into the primary building automation. To enable outdoor use as well, water-proof components up to IP68 are also available.
                • Heavy duty connectors - revos

                • Heavy duty connectors are specifically designed for applications in extremely rough environments. Their modular design makes the distribution of power and signals simple.
                  revos handles even the toughest jobs with ease – the robust housings of powder coated aluminum protect against mechanical stress and prevent ingress of splashing water and dirt. The great advantage of the revos connector lies in its modularity and simple connectivity, which drastically simplifies even the most complex wiring applications.
                    • The classical industrial revos BASIC

                    • The classic heavy duty connector. The die-cast aluminum housing with a powder-coated surface provides reliable protection. The contact inserts are available in 6 to 92- pole designs. revos BASIC masters the toughest requirements and is used, for example, in wind power systems, construction machinery and utility vehicles, in machine building and facility engineering, as well as in plastic injection molding machines, and smaller drives.
                    • The powerful revos POWER

                    • The powerful high-current connector from Wieland Electric. The contact inserts and adapter units are designed for currents up to 100 A, and are also available in mixed amperage contact versions - perfectly protected inside the standard housing of the revos BASIC series. revos POWER is used in wind power systems, construction machinery and utility vehicles, the machine building and facility engineering sectors, as well as in larger drives.
                    • The high density revos HD

                    • revos HD is the specialist for connections with an increased number of contacts. The robust housings accommodate contact inserts with 15 to 64 poles and are designed for currents up to 10 A, according to DIN EN 17 5301-801. The strengths of revos HD are exemplified not only in machine building and facility engineering, but also in escalators, small motors and injection molding machines.
                    • The compact revos DD

                    • The highest contact density in the most compact footprint – this is what the space-saving inserts of revos DD offer. They fit into the revos BASIC housing sizes 6/6H-, 10/10H-, 16/16H- and 24/24H. Connection is made with the high quality turned crimp contacts, with a connection range from 0.14 to 2.5 mm² at a rated voltage of 250 V.
                    • The flexible revos FLEX

                    • Searching for a customized heavy duty connector designed for your application? No problem with revos FLEX. With this modular, flexible system you can equip your connector to perfectly fit your need. A clever solution for all tasks in wind power systems, machine building and facility engineering, measurement and control technology, as well as in the automotive industry.
                    • The Mini revos MINI

                    • Every bit as strong, just smaller! Thanks to its compact contact inserts with 3 to 12 poles, revos MINI fits into machine building, control and switchgear applications as well as small motors and lighting technology. With connector housings in die-cast zinc or polyamide, revos MINI withstands even the toughest of application conditions.
                    • For EX areas revos Ex

                    • In hazardous areas such as mining or the chemical industry, electrical components have to perform while maintaining the highest requirements. The revos Ex series provides heavy duty connectors specifically for those systems where EX protection is mandatory. The BVS testing institute has approved revos Ex for use in Zone 1 for intrinsic circuits.
                    • For data cables revos IT

                    • Data cable feed-throughs sometime also require the protection of a heavy duty connector housing. revos IT is the ideal solution. With this product series preassembled cables can be fed into panels, while maintaining IP integrity, with strain relief, and without modifying the harness. D-Sub connectors are available in a range of 9 to 100-pole connectors. revos IT thus protects data transmission between control, measurement and encoder lines.
                  • Electronics for the control cabinet - interface

                  • Whenever power flows and signals are processed, interface products from Wieland Electric demonstrate their unique strength. With the wide offering of relays, the components for power supply and overvoltage protection, as well as the interface modules and analog isolation amplifiers, your application also becomes a genuine multi-talent.
                      • Power supplies wipos

                      • Power supplies perform a central function in control cabinets. Their reliability has a great deal of impact on machine uptime and process productivity.
                        Our offering consists of single and three-phase devices for installation in control cabinets in the current range 1.25 to 40 A DC.
                      • Coupling relays / solid state relays flare MOVE

                      • Interface relays are used for electrical isolation and potential-free switching operation, and are even available in modular pluggable versions for frequent switching applications. With a width starting at 6.2 mm they pack a lot of functionality into a compact footprint. The solid-state semiconductor relays are suitable for wear-free switching at lower capacities.
                      • Timer and switching relays flare TIME

                      • The electronic timer relays flare TIME are perfectly suited for standard monitoring and control tasks, to control process operations to the nearest second. Depending on the application, multi-voltage and multifunctional relays are available.
                      • Measuring and monitoring relays flare CONTROL

                      • Electronic measurement and monitoring relays for measuring input quantities such as current, voltage, phase, cos Phi, temperature and isolation resistance. Our relays perform monitoring tasks in machines and systems.
                      • Analog amplifier cores

                      • Analog amplifiers and signal conditioners for measurement of current, voltage and temperature in industrial environments, all with the highest precision. They prevent disturbances from impacting the measurement result and therefore ensure a proper control loop and control circuit result. This ensures high system and machine availability, and saves real money.
                      • Overvoltage protection wietap

                      • Surge protection devices for voltage and signal interference protect electrical and electronic systems against high-power overvoltage caused, for example, by lightning strikes. Versions designed specifically for photovoltaic applications, as well as devices certified for use in North and Central America, are also available.
                    • Power bus system, buildings - gesis® NRG

                    • The flexible busbar gesis® NRG functions as central supply line for efficient installations. The contact is through an insulation-penetrating connection technology. Five systems with different cross sections are available – regardless of whether you want to distribute power or signals.
                        • Flat cable system 2x1.5 mm², KNX, control signals gesis® NRG

                        • Flat cable system 2x1.5 mm², KNX, control signals
                        • Flat cable system 5x2.5 mm² gesis® NRG

                        • Flat cable system 5x2.5 mm², mains applications 250/400 V, 16 A
                        • Flat cable system 5x10 mm² gesis® NRG

                        • Flat cable system 5x10 mm², mains applications 250/400 V, 50 A
                        • Flat cable system 5x16 mm² gesis® NRG

                        • Flat cable system 5x16 mm², mains applications 250/400 V, 63 A, IP65
                        • Combination flat cable system 5x2.5 mm² gesis® NRG

                        • Combination flat cable system 5x2.5 mm², mains applications 250/400 V, 16A and flat cable system 2x1.5 mm², KNX, control signals
                      • Power bus system, industrial - podis®

                      • Remote power distribution and automation - economy and high flexibility are the key factors in modern system planning. Especially for power distribution, innovative approaches and solutions are in demand. Intelligent installation systems replace the classical star distribution. Wieland offers you a holistic concept for power distribution, e.g. in conveying technology and industrial systems. Passive and active fieldbus distributors, connectors and comprehensive accessories are available for your overall solution.
                          • Power bus podis® CON

                          • The podis® CON power bus is an innovative solution in remote power distribution. The system includes fixed and pluggable power power taps and active field components.
                          • Field distributors podis® MOT

                          • The podis® MOT field distributors supply the remotely switched drives with power and connect them to the 24 V auxiliary voltage and the fieldbus.
                          • AS-i connection podis® SWITCH

                          • Single-phase switch on the AS-i bus system.
                          • Motor starter on the AS-i podis® MCU / podis® MSS

                          • The remote podis® MCU motor starters are supplied with power via the podis® CON and parametrized and controlled via the AS-i bus system.
                          • LED lights on power bus podis® LED

                          • Pluggable LED lights for direct adaptation to the power bus.
                        • Network and fieldbus systems - wienet / ricos

                        • In automation technology, Ethernet communication has become the standard. Our Ethernet switches optimally organize your Ethernet communication - and do so on any medium. The combination of our VPN industrial router and VPN service portal facilitates worldwide and future-proof remote maintenance via the internet.
                            • Ethernet Switches wienet

                            • The wienet Ethernet switches are ideally suited for industrial applications. These devices support Ethernet (10 Mbit/s), Fast Ethernet (100 Mbit/s) and Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbit/s). Versions with RJ-45 or with fiber optic connections are also available.
                            • VPN industrial router (mobile net and LAN-to-LAN) wienet

                            • Modern remote control and remote maintenance solutions are implemented via the globally available internet. Internet access, however, can be unreliable and unpredictable. The aim is to build as large a bandwidth as possible. The wireless VPN router from Wieland Electric supports all currently popular mobile systems, ranging from standard GSM (2G), through UMTS (3G) up to the LTE Standard (4G). For wired internet access, the LAN-to-LAN router is available.
                            • The VPN connection center

                            • Wie-Service24 is an optimized VPN Server portal. This allows you to connect machinery, systems and complete networks with each other easily. Who may communicate with whom is configured via a clearly organized user interface. This system functions with extreme security through certificate-based encryption via OpenVPN. The server automatically creates the configuration. This makes our remote maintenance solutions very user-friendly, fast and secure!
                            • Convince yourself. Test us!

                            • Do you want to test our VPN industrial router? – no problem. The test package includes a basic router and free access to the VPN service portal Wie-Service24 for two months. Test the system with a VPN tunnel with no time limits.
                            • I/O fieldbus system ricos FLEX

                            • With the fieldbus system ricos FLEX, Wieland Electric offers an integrated concept for the interface between control and field peripheral devices. The modular I/O components are installed remotely, near the machine, and networked via the fieldbus. A wide range of different I/O modules processes the different actuator/sensor signals. Comprehensive diagnostic functions create the ability to significantly shorten machine downtimes.
                          • Circular connector system for buildings - gesis® RST

                          • Whether in underground garages, greenhouses or shipbuilding: electrical installations requiring increased protection from environmental conditions are found everywhere. Experience and competence in designing and installing the electrical system always plays a decisive role, but especially in these areas. But how does it look in practice? Difficult installation conditions and increased time pressure often lead to mistakes, loss of the environmental protection, and ultimately to failure of the system. With just a few basic components, including connectors, panel-mount connectors, distribution units and cable assemblies, complex installations from the distribution panel up to each point of demand can be accomplished. This saves time and costs.
                              • RST20i 2-pole gesis® RST

                              • Applications: Protection class II 230 V/20 A, low voltage (power supply, signals).
                              • RST20i 3-pole gesis® RST

                              • Applications: Mains 230 V/20 A, multiphase systems 400 V/20 A, switching functions, low voltage
                              • RST20i 4-pole gesis® RST

                              • Applications: Mains 250/400 V, 20 A, low voltage
                              • RST20i 5-pole gesis® RST

                              • Applications: Mains 230/400 V, 20 A, mains + dimming, switch functions, low voltage.
                              • RST50i 5-pole gesis® RST Power

                              • Applications: Mains 250/400 V, 50 A.
                              • Compact and multi-distributor, field distributor, LED lights gesis® IP+

                              • Compact and multi-distributor, field distributor, LED lights
                            • Circular connector system for industry - gesis® RST

                            • Whether one single connection or a complex system, the task presented is the same: a system’s components must be quickly and reliably connected with each other. Even for expansions, periodic maintenance work, or exchange of defective equipment, operational downtimes are reduced to a minimum. With just a few basic components, including connectors, panel mount connectors, distribution units and cable assemblies, complex installations from the distribution panel up to each point of demand can be accomplished. This saves time and costs.
                                • RST20i 2-pole gesis® RST

                                • Applications: Protection class II 230 V/20 A, low voltage (24 V, AS-i)
                                • RST20i 3-pole gesis® RST

                                • Applications: Mains 230 V/20 A, multiphase systems 400 V/20 A, switching functions, low voltage with protective contact
                                • RST20i 4-pole gesis® RST

                                • Applications: Mains 250/400 V, 20 A, low voltage (24 V, AS-i).
                                • RST20i 5-pole gesis® RST

                                • Applications: Mains 230/400 V, 20 A, switch functions, low voltage
                                • RST50i 5-pole gesis® RST Power

                                • Applications: Mains 250/400 V, 50 A.
                                • Compact and multi-distributor gesis® IP+

                                • Compact and multi-distributor, field distributor, LED lights
                              • Circular connector system for photovoltaics - gesis® PST / gesis® RST

                              • With the round connector system gesis® IP+, Wieland Electric offers the perfect solution for your photovoltaic system. Whether on the AC side with the product line RST, or the DC side with the product line PST - solar systems are installed quickly and without error. The result is clear savings in time and costs.
                                  • RST25i 3-pole gesis® RST

                                  • AC installations of solar inverters to mains 230 V/ 32 A
                                  • RST25i 5-pole gesis® RST

                                  • AC installations of solar inverters to mains 230/400 V, 25 A
                                  • RST50i 5-pole gesis® RST Power

                                  • AC installations of solar inverters to mains 250/400 V, 50 A.
                                  • PST40i 1-pole gesis® PST

                                  • DC installations to 40 A.
                                • Industries

                                    • Machine Building

                                    • Wieland Electric offers a wide portfolio of solutions for machine building. The focus is on innovative concepts which increase machine uptime, whether through simplified installation technology, easily configurable controls, or also flexible diagnosis and maintenance solutions. Wieland Electric offers intelligent safety concepts, as well as the corresponding application knowledge, customized entirely to the customer. Individualized consultation and support for your specific application takes center stage. A wide variety of interconnect technologies, from DIN rail terminals to heavy duty connectors, makes installation easier, and also saves time and cost.
                                    • Buildings

                                    • Wieland Electric is the market leader for pluggable installation technology in buildings. A breakthrough idea emerged at Wieland which revolutionized electrical installation: the gesis® system conquers installation technology in commercial buildings. You will find our products in building installation and building automation. In other words: from the basic electrical infrastructure, in ceiling and underfloor installations, up to the installation of luminaires, or to the electrical connections in office and laboratory furniture. Not just commercial buildings – but also retail shops and trade fair displays may be fitted out with gesis® pluggable systems. The benefits of the "plug & play" principle apply everywhere: cable preparation, including cutting to length, stripping and terminating, belong in the past, for the gesis® system components are pre-assembled and tested with Wieland’s automated equipment. Everything fits perfectly and is simply plugged together on site. gesis® is the standard for safe and error-free installation in modern buildings.
                                    • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

                                    • Activities to increase renewable energy production are being promoted and expanded around the world. Today no other industry is working with such an efficient mixture of different energies as the heating industry. In the ventilation and air conditioning industries, buildings are economically air conditioned by applying a comprehensive building system approach. For years, Wieland has been active with a multitude of specific solutions, innovative product developments, and intensive customer consultation. Wieland supports you as a strong partner – to everybody’s benefit.
                                    • Wind power

                                    • The deployment of renewable energy is increasing rapidly, and the necessity of reliable and economical electrical solutions is growing right along with it. With its wide product range, Wieland offers intelligent, customized solutions – not only for wind power, but also for numerous other sustainable technologies.
                                      The economic success of an installation depends strongly on the prefabrication of its sub- systems. The higher the degree of prefabrication, the lower the total installed costs. Wieland definitely scores points here with its pluggable systems - just like with the electrical installation for buildings. A wind power system maximizes its profitability when it is operating without interruption, and when scheduled maintenance costs are minimized. This is where the flexibility and operational reliability of the Wieland solutions make a decisive contribution. Installation times are decreased by up to 70%, and maintenance downtime is reduced to a minimum.
                                      Wieland components and systems are ideally suited for use in wind power installations. They deliver solutions for all relevant tasks.
                                    • Photovoltaics

                                    • There is no question that photovoltaic systems are exposed to rough environmental conditions. This creates increased demands on the quality of the components used, for example through the constant effects of UV and ozone, as well as large fluctuations in temperature and humidity. The prize-winning quality of our solutions has been certified by independent, third-party testing institutes.

                                      Wieland Electric offers a wide range of reliable and long-lasting cabling of photovoltaic systems - from the solar module, to the inverter, and beyond to the grid interconnect. The portfolio from Wieland Electric includes panel mount connectors, field assembly connectors, distribution units, as well as overvoltage protection. All this for direct as well as alternating current. The great majority of the products can be delivered as pre-assembled harnesses, and always as field assembly connectors.

                                      Wieland Electric has over 100 years' experience in electrical connection technology. This expertise flows into our high quality photovoltaic solutions: the products’ operational lifetime and energy efficiency are our top priorities.
                                    • Energy technology

                                    • Sustainable generation and reliable, economic distribution of energy are some of the greatest challenges for the future. With innovative interconnect technology products, Wieland is your partner for reliable and efficient solutions.
                                    • Construction machinery & cranes

                                    • Excavators, cranes, loaders, and construction equipment are all mobile, modern machines that have to master extremely diverse and sometimes very complex tasks.
                                      Extreme mechanical stresses from impacts, shocks, vibrations, and falling rocks are another challenge for mobile equipment. Dust, dirt, heat, cold and humidity also affect the systems' sensors and control devices.
                                      When selecting which solutions to use, it is necessary to account for the increased demands of these harsh environments. High quality and robust components able to meet the application requirements are a necessity.
                                      Safety technology plays a particularly important role in this industry, encompassing all applications from tower cranes to off-road specialty vehicles. It is mandatory not only to ensure operator safety, but also to have a means to design and implement the ever increasing complexity and amount
                                      of safety functionality required by this equipment.
                                      Our components are modular, precise and designed to function as units within a system. They can be implemented within your individual installation topologies. At the same time, all requirements of your industry are satisfied safely, economically and reliably.
                                    • Logistics

                                    • Hardly any other industry offers such great potential for savings and productivity improvement as material handling systems. This industry links the operational areas of warehouse and transportation. With flexible and innovative concepts, Wieland offers solutions for power distribution and control directly alongside the conveyor technology.