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Company Profile

Research goals: The goal of our research is the development of advanced robotic systems for surgery. Such systems allow new surgical procedures which are highly economical and precise. Improved treatment outcome, patient comfort and less invasive treatment are further benefits of these technologies. We investigate both new methods for planning robotic surgeries, delivering robotic surgery under real-time tracking of respiration and pulsation, and basic imaging technologies for navigation. Projects: Our technologies in the field of navigation and robotics have found widespread clinical applications in neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery and radiosurgery. Technologies invented by members of our group are in routine clinical use at many leading clinical facilities worldwide. To date, more than seven thousand patients have been treated with our new technologies. The range of applications includes trauma surgery, corrective osteotomy, lung-, spine- and brain-cancer treatment.

Product Range

  • Medical robotics research: Microscope-based Assistance System
  • Medical robotics research: Navigation in liver surgery
  • Medical robotics research: OCT-based Neuro-Imaging
  • Medical robotics research: Robot assisted transcranial magnetic stimulation
  • Medical robotics research: Stereotactic Micronavigation
  • Research: In-Vivo surgical imaging system
  • Robotics research: Human-machine interaction
  • Robotics research: Robot vision