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Company Profile

The Robotics and Automation Laboratory in the Department of Precision Instruments and Mechanology, Tsinghua University is one of the earliest founded laboratories that focuses on robotics theory and technology in China.

In the recent years, at the robots research field, based on advanced manufacturing subject, aiming at the astronatic technology (micro satallites), the bio-science (gene analysis medical treatment), entertainment and the needs of special intelligent robots applied in the high-tech field such as non-traditional machining and operation, the Automation and Robotics Laboratory has already started series of research, concerning subjects as following:

  • Robotics theory and technology
  • Special construction design on the intelligent machine system of robots
  • Information perception and integration
  • Intelligent control theory and technology
  • DSP-based distributed multi-axis kinetic control system
  • Bionic system
  • Virtual reality and simulation
  • Finite element analysis
  • Man-machine coalescence and artificial intelligence
  • Intelligent flexible automatic system and infomation integration

The Robotics and Automation Laboratory has already cultivated a group of graduates, accomplished scores of projects for the governments and enterprises, published more than one hundred papers and publications. The research in RAL is at the top level in China. Some projects has already reach the international level.

Product Range

  • Computer vision research
  • Computer vision research: Visual tracking
  • Mobile robot research: Mechatronics
  • Mobile robot research: Perception systems
  • Research in the field of medical robotics
  • Research: 3D Modeling, visualizing and analyzing
  • Research: AI artificial intelligence
  • Research: Autonomous vehicles
  • Research: Biologically-inspired, vision-based algorithms
  • Research: Evolutionary computation
  • Research: Finite element analysis
  • Research: Sensors
  • Research: Simulation for vision-based kinematic tracking
  • Robotics research: Autonomous robots
  • Robotics research: Biologically inspired robotics
  • Robotics research: Bionic robots
  • Robotics research: Humanoid robot technology
  • Robotics research: Machine consciousness
  • Robotics research: Microminiature robots
  • Robotics research: Microrobotics
  • Robotics research: Mobile robotics
  • Robotics research: Robot vision
  • Robotics research: Robot visualization systems
  • Robotics research: Sensor signal processing