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Company Profile

MIT biomimetic robotics lab aspires to build a mutidisciplinary foundation of hyperdynamic robotics. Hyperdynamic robotics involves dynamic modeling, hierarchical control architecture, monolithic multi-material manufacturing, novel actuation technologies, and morphological design tool that enable the development of high performance dynamic robotic platforms. Biomechanical study on runners such as dogs and cheetahs is vital source for the morphologic design of the galloping robot capable of the fast traverse on rough and unstructured terrains. Agile mobility of the robotic platform requires high acceleration capability with dynamic stability, and jumping over large obstacles and landing with the flexible body articulation. These tasks involve multi-body dynamic control with tunable compliances made by polymeric multi-material manufacturing process. Key thrust include the development and implementation of the smart impedance control unit to leverage the passive dynamics, in pursuit of optimized force coordination of multi-degree of freedom legs and effective energy storage.