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Company Profile

The Centre for Advanced Robotics research is part of the School of Computing, science and engineering of the University Salford. The centre houses a multidisciplinary group lead by Dr Samia Nefti with interests in artificial cognitive systems and robotics and their constituent technologies. The group has strong national and international links with both industry and other research institutes. The core group of researchers in the laboratory includes over a dozen graduate students, two research faculty members, and three adjunct faculty members. This centre holds an academic (National and the international) Master program which is primarily associated with the Electrical Engineering Department ties with the Computer Science department. The Centre’s activities have their origin in 1987 when Salford University was chosen as the site of the United Kingdom’s National Advanced Robotics Research Centre. Since then Robotics has formed a major strategic direction within Engineering in the University of Salford where Researchers have been at the forefront of strategic national developments initiated by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and international developments within the E.U. The Centre currently hosts two government sponsored EPSRC networks in Food Automation and Robotics. The National Advanced Robotics Research Centre was inaugurated in 1987, and it is currently part of the School of Computing, Science & Engineering of University of Salford. Over the last two decades we have been conducting studies in some of the most advanced robotics techniques. The researching team is at the forefront of strategic national developments initiated by DTI, DEFRA, EPSRC and international developments within the E.U. Please feel free to visit us any time, we are located in Newton Building room G20/G21.

Product Range

  • Process automation (research)
  • Process techniques (research)
  • Production automation (research)
  • Robots (research)