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Organization The organization of research at ETF (Faculty of Electrical Engineering) agrees with the organization of teaching. Students studying at ETF can choose one of the following Majors: - Power Systems, - Telecommunications, - Electronics, - Optoelectronics, - Computer Science, - Software Engineering, and - Signals and Systems (formerly Automatic Control). Within the last Major, there are four specializations coinciding with the research interests of the teaching/research staff: - Process Control, - Signal Processing, - Biomedical Engineering, and - Mechatronics and Robotics . Wider Frame Robotics at ETF can be considered as a part of so-called Belgrade School of Robotics, an unofficial institution established by world renowned scientist M. Vukobratovic and gathering Serbian robotic researchers from different institutions. We dare say that the modern Humanoid Robotics was born in Belgrade, starting with the pioneering work of M. Vukobratovic and his associates in Institute M. Pupin in sixties last century. They set the mathematical foundation for dynamically balanced bipedal gait, formulating the famous ZMP (Zero Moment Point) theory. As a result, the world first active exoskeleton (for paraplegics) was developed and built. Later, a number of original results in the field of both industrial and humanoid robotics came out from the research in Serbia. Heading The head of Robotics and Mechatronics at ETF is Professor Veljko Potkonjak . For years he was the closest associate of M. Vukobratovic. He is a scientist with a long and successful research record (books with translations to Japanese and Chinese, papers, projects, reviews, conferences…). Prof. Potkonjak’s CV can be found on the Laboratory website.

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  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Mechatronics in medicine
  • Research in the field of robotics
  • Research: Mechatronics
  • Research: Process control
  • Research: Signal processing