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Company Profile

We are investigating machine intelligence based on mechanics and its related technologies including sensors and actuators.

Product Range

  • AI artificial intelligence research
  • AI research: Machine intelligence
  • AI research: Machine learning
  • Computer vision research
  • Computer vision research: Object recognition
  • Computer vision research: Object recognition, 3D robot sensor
  • Computer vision research: Visual tracking
  • Industrial robot research: Advanced robot grasping
  • Industrial robot research: Material handling
  • Industrial robot research: Sensor-based grasp-planning
  • Mobile robot research: Biomimetic robotics
  • Mobile robot research: Crawling and jumping soft robots
  • Mobile robot research: Mechatronics
  • Mobile robot research: Mobil robot locomotion strategies
  • Mobile robot research: Soft robots
  • Mobile robot research: Underwater locomotion
  • Mobile robot research: Underwater robots
  • Mobile robot research: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  • Mobile robot research: Walking robot
  • Research: Bio-instrumentation
  • Research: Biologically-inspired, vision-based algorithms
  • Research: Machine learning
  • Research: Machine vision
  • Research: Sensors
  • Robot vision research: 3D perception and navigation
  • Robot vision research: Visually guided robots
  • Robotics research: Dextrous manipulator
  • Robotics research: Dextrous robot hands
  • Robotics research: Force control
  • Robotics research: Intelligent handling
  • Robotics research: Manipulation
  • Robotics research: Manipulation tool