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Technical University of Munich - TUM

Company Profile

The Institute of Applied Mechanics at the Technical University of Munich arose from the Institut B of Mechanics by renaming in 2001. The institute was founded by Prof. Kurt Magnus in 1966. The domain of ‘Technical Mechanics’ has been represented in research and higher education since 1966 continuously. About 90 doctoral thesis and State doctorate thesis have documented excellent research results, which all are focussed on dynamics, control and optimization of mechanical systems, especially multi-body systems. In particular, under chair of Prof. Friedrich Pfeiffer, appointed in 1982, the fundamental research has been in strong interaction with applications in automotive industries, space- and aircraft technology, robotics, power train engineering and applications in common mechanical engineering. Interdisciplinary way of thinking, experiments and simulation as well as concentrated efforts of computers have been important methods and tools since the first years of the institute. Consequently, the Institute of Applied Mechanics has been integrated into the Department of Mechatronics in 1997. Many of the ongoing research projects with walking machines and humanoid robots are connected closely to medical science and biology. In 2001 Prof. Heinz Ulbrich succeeded Prof. Pfeiffer continuing the successful research activities. 20 PhD students associated with the chair represent its interdisciplinary orientation being mechanical engineers, mathematicians, physicist or electrical engineers. Another key of success is based on the short and open way of communication between scientists, mechanical workshop and electronic lab of our institute.

Product Range

  • Mobile robot research: Autonomous robots
  • Mobile robot research: Biomimetic robotics
  • Mobile robot research: Humanoid robots
  • Mobile robot research: Legged machines
  • Mobile robot research: Perception systems
  • Mobile robot research: Walking robot
  • Research: Actuators
  • Research: Contact forces
  • Research: CVT Continuously Variable Transmissions
  • Research: Driving simulators
  • Research: Humanoids
  • Research: Machine learning
  • Research: Valve train dynamics
  • Research: Virtual Carpet
  • Research: Virtual Reality