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  • Welcome to the official site of the Mililani High School FIRST Robotics team. We are Team 2853, affectionately known as the "TroboBots." Through the dedicated efforts of students, mentors, and volunteers, we strive to enrich our community through the values of FIRST.
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  • Our Mission

  • With the support of our community and dedication of our students, the Mililani Robotics Team strives to achieve the following:

    To work together creatively, as a team, to solve a common goal and maintain interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, technology) fields. It is a hands- on experience to help prepare us for future endeavors.

    The Members
    The Mililani High School FIRST Robotics team consists of students from a variety of backgrounds, all sharing a common love of the STEM fields.

    We are fortunate to have the support of all of our mentors and community members who have volunteered their time and assistance to us. Without the effort of our mentors, our team would not be able to reach its full potential.
      • The TroboBots and their environment

      • The Seniors:
        This year, we have six FIRST robotics members graduating. Their experiences here vary, and this page will provide you with some insight on the knowledge they obtained from this program and a little more about them.

        The Program
        The robotics team operates as an after-school program designed to allow students to develop and improve upon basic workplace and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills. It is offered as a class, with students eligible for credit upon successful completion of the course.

        Students compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition, an international program that challenges students to design and build a robot according to requirements set down by FIRST. These requirements change annually, as a new challenge is chosen each year. The competition is held as a means of inspiring greater interest in the STEM fields, the primary goal of FIRST.
  • The Game

  • This year's challenge is called "Rebound Rumble." Robots must pick up balls and throw them into hoops mounted to the wall at three different levels. Different point values are awarded, based on which hoop the ball is thrown into. Additional points can be awarded if the team balances on the center bridge with another robot for the end game. The video below is provided by FIRST and offers a more in-depth explanation of the game.
  • The Robot Construction WEEK ONE

  • Build Season: Week One (Jan. 7-13, 2012)

    The 2012 FRC build season officially began on Saturday, January 7th. Our team attended the Kickoff Presentation at McKinley High School, along with other teams from across Oahu. The Kickoff Presentation is an annual event in which the game for each year is announced. Teams from across the world tune in and wait for FIRST to release the explanatory animation. The event began at 5:30 a.m. Hawaii time, so we met bright and early that day.

    At the Kickoff presentation, the animation for this year's game, "Rebound Rumble," was played. "Rebound Rumble" involves robots shooting balls into three different levels of hoops in order to score points. In addition, we also received our kit of parts, courtesy of FIRST. The kit includes various devices and components crucial to the construction of our robots. While not strictly limited to the parts provided, we typically use them as a solid foundation upon which to build other components.

    As soon as we returned to the school, our team got to work organizing the Kit Of Parts and took inventory.

    We broke up into five smaller groups, a mix of all the different subgroups, and created designs for the robot this year. As the week progressed, the collection of brainstorms was narrowed down to a handful of designs. Each group designed their own robot and presnted their design to everyone.

    After presenting our designs, we split up into our subgroups and are working on the final design for our robot. Our mentors come everyday to assist us in designing a versatile robot that will be able to accomplish all our goals.
  • The Robot Construction WEEK TWO

  • Build Season: Week 2 (Jan. 14-20, 2012)

    Week 2 of the build season began with the continuation of designing the robot that we plan on using for "Rebound Rumble". Our subteams have been dedicating all their time to testing and coming up with different ideas for each part of the robot.

    The electrical team has made progress as far as installing updates, researching and testing code. The cRIO's have been reimaged so they are ready to run with this year's software. The retrieval and shooting mechanisms are being tested as well. The Axis camera has been researched and will be tested soon. The new controllers have also been tried. Lastly, our team will finish the design we plan on showing to the rest of the team during CDR (critical design review) presentation.

    The System Integrations Team has been helping both the Mechanical and Electrical Team. We have been familiarizing ourselves with the KOP in AutoCAD as well as drawing up our prototypes in Inventor. We have been learning how to make and assemble parts in 3D. This will help us find any problems before building to make sure we are effectively using our time and resources. Also by being able to move certain parts we are able to see if it works the way we planned it to. As for helping the Mechanical and Electrical, we assist them with anything they need like building prototypes, programing, etc.

    The mechanical team has been creating various prototypes this week. The shooter, retrieval system, and different suspensions are some of the things that we have created so far. We learned about key physics concepts that we could apply to our designs. We were able to test different torque outputs and pushing forces for different wheel sizes.

    The Business and Public Relations team has been working on the Chairman's award essay, our team's buisness plan, and updating this year's website. We have redesigned the button and t-shirt to match this year's game "Rebound Rumble."
  • The Robot Construction WEEK THREE

  • Build Season: Week 3 (Jan. 21-27, 2012)

    For week 3, the System Integration Team has continued to help both the Mechanical and Electrical Team. For the Electrical Team, we practiced making drawing for the layout of all the electrical components. In addition, for the Mechanical Team we drew 2D and 3D drawings of the Retrieval, Shooter, as well as the Drive Train, including our Gearbox. Since some components are not completely finalized, we drew the basics of what they are designing so when they tell us all the specifics we can just plug in the dimensions. We used the drawings to make sure all the components fit together nicely so assembly will be easier. Also, we continued to help all the teams with any research, designing, prototyping, or anything else they need.

    This week, we continued to test the prototypes that we made to improve its performance. While building the prototype, we noticed that the shafts that we had were not the proper size, so we had to spin it down on the lathe. On Wednesday, we presented our CDR design. We started adjusting our designs according to the feedback we were given. We also did some calculations to figure out what motors are appopriate for some of our designs. Knowing this information will help us to fix the prototype and begin working toward the final design during week four.

    This week, we presented our CDR (Critical Design Review). Each subteam presented their proposed design for our robot. After each presenation, the mentors and students are given the opportunity to ask question and give feedback that will help improve the design that they proposed.

    Mechanical Team's CDR presentation.

    Electrical Team's CDR presentation.

    Mentor's giving feedback.

    Week three has passed and we are getting closer and closer towards completing our robot. We have presented our Critical Design Review and proposed our final designs and listed our goals for the rest of our season to our teammates. Research has been conducted to better our understanding of light for our camera tracking code. A turret has been designed and it is in the process of being built. A code for our camera has also been tested and we can take pictures for particle analysis. We have also made an effort to organize our sensors and wires to increase efficiency and save time finding things. To end week three, we have written out an agenda for week four.

    This week, The Business and PR team has been working on designing promotional items, such as the button we plan on giving out at competition. We have also researched other promotional items, such as pens and business cards. We finished the first draft of our buisness plan, and have started trying to finish required items for other awards, like the Chairman's Award. We continued to work on the website so that the player bios, and weekley updates can be veiwed.
  • The Robot Construction WEEK FOUR

  • Build Season: Week Four (Jan. 28- Feb. 3, 2012)

    The Electrical team has accomplished most of the important goals that concern us at this time during the build season. First of all we have successfully finished our code for the drive station, now allowing us full control of the robot’s movement. Next, our general turret design is also complete. The turret’s main purpose allows our shooter to turn 180 degrees right and left, making the mechanism more efficient in the competition. In addition to the turret design and drive code, we’ve developed an equation for pixel height vs. distance. Our equation estimates the distance from the backboard based on the pixel height.

    This week, the System Integration team has drawn 3D models in Autodesk Inventor. So far, we have drawn the gearbox plate for the Drive Train and Shooter. We are currently working on the overall 3D model for the frame, retrieval, shooter, and the mechanism that will push the bridge down for the end game.This week we have continued to assit the Electircal and Mechanical teams, which we plan to do untill the end of the build season. We have also been assisting the Business team by to organize the budget for the items that we need to purchase. This week our advisor gave us a brief lesson on writing a purchase order (PO).

    This week, the Mechanical team finalized the design for the shooting and retrieval system.The last design we have to finalize is the suspension system. We finished gathering the parts list for the different components of the robot. Part of our team has started to draw the sytems in CAD. So far we have been working on the shooter, drive train, and retrieval components and are almost done drawing them out.

    This week, the Business and Public Relations team started to interview members of our team for the Chairman's Award essay. We interviewed more than half of the team, and plan on finishing up the rest of the interviews by next week Tuesday. This week, we had a small problem with the links for the website, however, we were able to fix all the links and get the website up and running again. The website was updated with the new "Greek" theme and given a new banner. We are currently revising the business plan that we have been writing the past few weeks by adding more details and by being more specific. We hope to finalize it by the ending of next week.
  • The Robot Construction WEEK FIVE

  • Build Season: Week Five (Feb. 4-10 2012)

    This week, the Electrical team finished programming the camera code. It is now able to measure distance, we found the region of interest and increased the camera accuracy. We created a wire color coding format for the final wiring of the robot. This week, we also began to integrate all of the different programs that were previously tested individually.

    This week, the System Integration team has continued to assist the mechanical and electrical subteams. We have a little time left and we want everything to be finished as soon as possible. We started to draw out the bridge device prototype that the mechanical team designed. We also drew the shooter and retrieval systems. Those designs are almost done, we just have to apply the finishing touches. Week six is coming and we are going to work extrmely hard to finish drawing all the systems and assite the other subteams.

    This week, the Mechanical team redesigned some of the aspects of the robot. We had to draw out our new designs in CAD for the belt tensioner and the retrieval systems. We worked on the bridge lowering device. We started to build it, so that we can test it during week six. We got all of our supplies this week, allowing us to start to put the whole robot together. We machined parts so that could get them to the appropriate size. We plan on having everything finished early into week six so there is time to test everything together.

    This week, the Business and Public Relations team sent out our business plan to be edited by various fauclty members from our school, and members of our FIRST team. We read over all their comments and concerns, and fixed the business plan accordingly. We finished the first draft of the chairman's questions and essay. We had them revised and we are currently fixing them so that it will be ready to submit. This week, we also designed more promotional items to pass out during competition. Lastly, we continued to update the website, getting ready to submit it next week.

    This week two of our mentors, Ryan Fukuda and Malcolm Chun taught some of our members to weld and machine. We were given the opportunity to observe the welding technique called tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding. The type of metal that we were welding was aluminum. Mr. Chun, is a certified aircraft welder. He taught us how to machine parts. The process seems long, but it was worth it becasue we machined beautiful parts.
  • The Robot Construction WEEK SIX

  • Build Season: Week Six (Feb. 11-17, 2012)

    This week, the Mechanical team assembled the shooter and finished drawing the rest of the systems on CAD. We have started to assemble the drive train and we are almost finished with that. We are putting together the rest of the robot so that we have time to test the components to make sure that they are functioning properly. Lastly, we helped with the parent presentation with the other sub teams. This presentation will show our parents what we have been doing for the past six weeks.

    This week, the Business and PR team finished the essay and the questions for the Chairman's Award and submitted the documents. We also finished the website and submitted that as well. This week, Mrs. Hamada, Melissa's mother, came to our class to teach us how to make buttons. We cut and crimped the buttons, totaling over 400 buttons. This weekend, we have a parent night presentation, so we prepped for that with all the other sub teams. Lastly, our team made the videos for the Moanalua Scrimmage award winners.

    This week, the System Integration team updated and finished drawing all the parts for our robot. Since it was crunch time, we mostly helped the Electrical and Mechanical sub teams finish all the things that needed to be done this week. We started a drop box account so that everyone on our team could access our files. This week was extremely stressful, but we got what we needed done.

    This week, the Electrical team fixed some of the kinks our camera and tracking programs had. It can now read the backboard from 20 feet away, and can tell us the the distance of the hoop. The process is more consistent. Overshooting the ball increases the chance of hitting the backboard. With the massive amount of backspin on the ball, there is a good chance that it will land inside the hoop. We prepared all the wires for the robot, so that when the mechanical team finishes putting it all together, it is easy to place on. Lastly, we worked with the other teams to plan and practice for the parent presentation this weekend.
  • Community Outreach

  • The Mililani Robotics team does not simply compete in the FIRST robotics competition; we also participate in community outreach projects. Getting the public aware and involved is crucial to our success. After all, the main goal of FIRST and our program is to promote interest in the STEM fields.

    FLL Competition: November 12, 2011

    Mililani Robotics hosted a FIRST Lego League at our school on Saturday, November 12, 2011. FLL is the elementary/middle school verious of the competition that we participate in. Hosting this event gave us the opportunity to work as a team and accomplish a large task.
    • Our team members assisting the FLL teams with the practice course.
    • Hanging the FLL Banner in the corner of the Cafeteria.
    • Adri was one of our MC's for this event. She did an excellent job.
    • Sean Hansen was our other MC. He also did an excellent job.