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  • In order to reduce the costs, transport effort and storage area for wastes, you need high-quality solutions customised to your specific requirements. We are the right partner for you.

    Our development and production of baling presses, conveyor technology, dosage systems and other products for waste compaction are based on your wishes and our tried-and-tested systems that are cost- and energy-efficient at the same time. We rely on an optimised balance between quality and operability.

Product Portfolio


    Waste can cause massive costs due to their high transport and storage volume. Modern channel baling presses are an effective and economically convincing solution for this problem. The channel baling presses are compact machines for compression of various materials. They compress paper, cardboard, plastics, films, PET-bottles, wood shavings and many other waste products to make storage, handling, transport and possible marketing much easier.

    EUROPRESS specialises in development and implementation of modern channel baling presses directly customised to the customers' needs. We design the waste processes so that they can be optimally integrated into existing production processes and provide the power that is truly needed

      • A GOOD HAND - Balers with wire strapping

      • For use in disposal

        Wastes such as paper, cardboard and plastics are compressed into compact bales strapped with stable wire, which can be transported storage space- and cost-savingly.


        Thanks to their high stability, performance and adaptability, our channel baling presses are ready to live up to any challenges on the market. Fully automated systems for compaction of wastes, channel baling presses with wire strapping (horizontal and vertical) are mostly used in disposal companies, where they efficiently compress paper, cardboard, PET-bottles and many other waste materials into compact bales. After compaction by the powerful pressing piston, the bales are strapped with firm wire that keeps them all securely in shape. The channel baling press with wire strapping is available in Standard and Premium to match the individual tasks.

        SLIM DESIGN - Standard series
        In the Standard series, our channel baling press with wire strapping is a slim system with high stability and reliability. Wastes are compressed fully automatically and safely strapped.

        SPECIAL EXTRAS - Premium series
        Different high-performance additional functions in the Premium series optimise our channel baling presses with wire strapping for the specific requirements in the waste compaction area.

      • NATURALLY FIRM - Balers with yarn strapping

      • Safe, simple and reliable compression

        As an alternative to wire strapping, yarn strapping saves costs per bale and is particularly suitable for compressing natural products. Bio-degradable yarn can be used as well.


        Yarn strapping is a tried and tested alternative to wire strapping. In these channel baling presses, which are of the same high quality, yarn knotters take care of strapping after pressing. This version saves costs and permits immediate combustion of the bales without opening them first. Accordingly, channel baling presses with yarn strapping are particularly suitable for compression of natural products such as hay, straw and plants.

        A coordinated system

        Various types of yarn are available for the channel baling presses with yarn strapping; they can be varied according to the specific requirements. Biodegradable yarn can also be used. Like the models with wire strapping, these channel baling presses also have a high-performance compression shield that produces a balanced bale in optimal size. The coordinated geometry of the cutting edges reduces wear to a minimum. The simple accessibility of all areas also permits efficient and thorough maintenance.

        • Pressure between 60 and 180 tons
        • Stable design of the basic frame
        • Height adjustment of the pressing plate
        • Saving energy by axial piston pump
        • Optional pre-pressing flap technology
      • IN MOTION - Mobile channel baling presses

      • Compaction right on site

        Compact in design and simple in handling and maintenance, the mobile channel presses prove their work in the field.


        The lightweights among our channel baling presses have a weighty benefit: Their great flexibility. Our mobile channel baling presses can be used locally independently and efficiently. The particularly compact design gives them agility at concurrently high stability, ensuring safe operation off-road. Wire- as well as yarn strapping and design as hook-mobile or vehicle-mobile solutions are possible.

        WELL-LIFTED - Hook-lifting-mobile
        The hook lifting holder makes it possible to lift the mobile channel baling press into suitable vehicles and to take them to the destination for pressing of various wastes.

        SAFE DRIVE - Vehicle-mobile
        The vehicle-mobile solution of our flexible channel baling presses is installed on a trailer to be used right on site.

      • PRECISELY FITTING - Special machines

      • According to the individual requirements of our customers, we produce customised baling presses of high quality and economic efficiency.


        We will find the right solution together with you, no matter which wastes put an excessive stress on your storage capacities or overload your transport options. We provide just the press that meets your requirements in full.

        We provide a machine precisely customised to your individual needs and challenges with the extras you need and in the RAL colours that represent your company. We observe any legal requirements in detail.

        Your ideal press will be implemented based on open, constructive exchange. Being a reliable contact for our customers, offering competent and friendly consulting, is part of our highest priorities. The quality and variability of our special machines reflects this high demand to service and consulting. Do you have a disposal problem? Then contact us. Our team will help you develop constructional and economically efficient solutions.



      At a pressure of 100 to 150 tons, our scrap presses far reduce the volume of beverage cans, sheet metal and punching wastes made of aluminium. The bulky waste materials, which often cause a financial strain, are compressed into firm bales that take up much lower storage and transport capacities. The strong compression also prepares them optimally for melting them down in furnaces. Multiple cost factors are effectively reduced by using the high-performance can presses.

        • PRACTICAL BALES - Small-format scrap presses

        • Efficient compression of bulky sheet metal

          The small-format solution produces firm bales with a length of up to 600 mm out of sheet-metal wastes and permits effective reduction of storage and transport effort.


          In the small format version, our scrap presses produce firm bales in sizes 400 x 400 mm or 600 x 600 mm at a maximum length of 600 mm. This compression clearly reduces the storage and transport volume of sheet materials and optimally prepares for further processing measures such as melting in furnaces. In addition to time and space, use of scrap presses not least saves costs.

          More space from less sheet metal

          The scrap presses, in the German-speaking area often also called "Closed-End-Balers", can be expanded by optional accessories and adjusted to individual requirements. They are successfully used in the metal- and aluminium-processing industry, as well as in disposal operations, companies specialising in plastic recycling and in large-scale industry. You can choose between small and large solutions depending on your requirements.

          • Height adjustment of the pressing plate
          • Energy saving by axial piston pump
          • Control: ET 200 5 (Siemens)
          • Optional with remote control
        • WELL-PACKED - Large-format scrap presses

        • For great performance in sheet compaction

          The volume of beverage cans, sheet metal and punching waste made of aluminium is far reduced by our large scrap presses.


          The big brother of the small-format scrap presses, our large scrap presses produce a bale size of 700 x 1000 mm and a large material filling chute. Regarding power, reliability and maintenance-compatibility, the small and large formats are extremely similar. Both designs compress sheet-metal wastes efficiently and reduce the storage and transport effort.

          Power with impressive stamina

          Optional accessories permit adjustment of our scrap presses to individual requirements. Our large scrap presses are efficient power packs in the metal- and aluminium-processing industry as well as in disposal operations and in large-scale industry. They can be used reliably for a long period of time. The high maintenance-friendliness simplifies handling and reduces downtimes. The low energy consumption turns out to be another great benefit our customers participate in.

          • Height adjustment of the pressing plate
          • Energy saving by axial piston pump
          • Control: ET 200 5 (Siemens)
          • Optional with remote control


        Local situation, specific target requirements of a project and the general properties of the material to be transported determine suitable conveyor technology. Accordingly, we have beenoffering high diversity, flexibility and a good connection to our customers in this exciting area for many years.

        We produce matching conveyor solutions that combine a stable build with time-saving installation. Our conveyor belts secure performance of the respective press with their efficiency and adaptability and permit optimal interaction. Unplanned machine downtimes are effectively prevented.

        Our solutions in conveyor technology comprise chain belt conveyors, sliding belt conveyors, steel-plate conveyors and trough belt conveyors. We provide detailed and customised advice to our customers on the options of bulk material transport and consider all requirements of a project.

          • STRONG OUTPUT - Chain belt conveyors

          • Efficient conveyor technology for changing tasks

            The stable and long-lived build is combined with high flexibility by various expansion options.


            Due to their stable and long-lived design, chain belt conveyors are preferred in the recycling industry. The high stability coincides with a remarkable flexibility with subsequent expansion or conversion options according to the respective requirements. Tappets specifically adjusted to the load and different equipment versions ensure optimal conditions for any project.

            A strong design

            Our chain belt conveyors are outstandingly suitable for transporting loose and already-baled bulk material in different sizes, including large ones. Simple maintenance due to very good accessibility saves time and money. An underground version for operation without lifting bucket as well as an above-ground version with additional height increase of the side walls to store the material is available. In this version, the belt must be filled with a lifting bucket or similar lifting gear. To supply baling presses, sorting systems and pre-choppers.

            • Useful widths of 600 to 2800 mm
            • By default with M112-chain
            • Screwed-on wear rails on solid cross-beams
            • Assembly even in case of difficult spatial conditions
          • TARGETED - Sliding belt conveyors

          • Individually planable conveyor technology

            Customer-specific adjustments permit optimal adjustment to the situations and targets of a project.

            EASY TO DESIGN

            For optimised implementation of customer-specific wishes, the sliding belt conveyors by EUROPRESS have a stable frame build with C-profile in their base. Project-related expansions can be implemented quickly and cost-efficiently. The belt discharge takes place entirely sliding. The sliding sheet is made up of wear-resistant steel and can be equipped with ventilation rolls on request. The secure lateral seal on screwed design prevents material loss during transport. The entire belt framework is characterised by high safety standards at practical flexibility.

            Flexible stability

            Our sliding belt conveyors are suitable for many possible uses in the paper industry and in recycling. The drive drum is selected customer-specifically and generally protected from slipping through due to moisture. Block bearings with clamping sleeves are used for shaft-mounted gears to make the drum as well as the shaft easy to replace separately if necessary. The low maintenance requirements and longevity of the sliding belt conveyors ensure high economic efficiency.

            • Useful widths from 300 to 2800 mm
            • Supported on housing flange bearings
            • Acceleration belts for automated sorting systems
            • Articulated belt conveyors, sorting belts, reversing and movement belts possible
            • RAL-paint according to customer's wishes
          • GREAT USE - Steel-plate conveyors

          • Conveyor technology for solving demanding tasks

            We develop particularly robust steel-plate conveyors for demanding materials.


            For particularly heavy, hot or sharp-edged conveyor materials, we implement extremely robust steel-plate conveyors based on our chain conveyor technology. The steel-plate material can be adjusted precisely to the respective needs. For example, steel, plastic or aluminium are available. The secure, smooth process is always at the focus. At the same time, we create the prerequisites for simple maintenance, in order to offer an economically optimised solution.

            As a belt and bunker

            By default, these systems comprise an M112-chain, characterised by a long service life, and welded-on tabs. With the corresponding side walls, the system can also be used as a material storage or dosage unit. Optionally, the steel plate conveyors can be applied with a sensor-controlled overload deactivation to prevent damage and ensure even higher safety.

            • Useful widths of 300 to 2800 mm
            • Optional central lubrication units
            • Below- and above-belt covers on the customer's request
          • ON THE ROAD - Mobile conveyor technology

          • The logistically beneficial solution

            Comfortable and secure transport of bulk material directly on site by mobile conveyor technology and high-performance combination solutions.


            Logistics are a factor that must not be underestimated economically in the area of environmental technology. For cost-technical reasons, it may be more beneficial to compress the respective material right on site instead of transporting it to a centre with a larger system. Our mobile conveyor belts are optimal for such mobile uses. They can be taken to the site of use comfortably by hook lifters or installed on a trailer and started up there quickly.

            Combined performance

            Our mobile combined solution of conveyor belt and channel baling press is also perfectly equipped for on-site tasks. The multi-talent with a pressure of 60 tons and an additional above-ground chain conveyor presents itself as a high-performance compact solution in compaction of common materials such as paper, plastics, agricultural products and more. All of our mobile solutions are characterised by stability, longevity and low maintenance effort.

            • Variable useful width
            • Expansion and conversion options
            • Optional accessories
            • Use, among others, in plastic recycling, metal processing, paper production, on landfills and in the wood industry


          Use of different system components permits project-specific optimisation of baling presses and conveyor technology in respect of economic efficiency, safety and efficiency. We integrate our system components perfectly into your existing operating processes and will adjust them precisely to the respective machines.

          Using dosage technology ensures evenly rationed material volumes and a continuous process. Our lift and tipping devices automate emptying of the container systems in the process circuit and permit reliable supply to the press even if space is scarce.

          We offer safety facilities such as safety fences and similar system components to our customers as well, in order to ensure satisfactory project implementation in all areas.

            • WELL-DISTRIBUTED - Dosage bunker

            • Optimal supply volume increases productivity.

              The dosage technology is used for interim storage and even dosage of the material to be compressed. It ensures continuous processes.


              The dosage technology by EUROPRESS is used for interim storage and even rationing of the material to be compressed. This saves space and ensures continuous processes. An optimally dosed material quantity increases throughput of the press while minimising the downtimes and clearly increasing the total productivity of the compaction process.

              For new and existing systems

              Our dosage and material bunkers are very robust, but without any great demands to maintenance. The dosage roll that efficiently allocates the material is an important element of the dosage bunker. The flexible bunker belt with freely selectable conveyor speeds provides the output. We produce components such as dosage rolls and dosage heads project-specifically at the customer's request and install them professionally.

              • Different storage volumes are possible.
              • Low-wear design
              • Can be safely integrated into existing sorting systems
            • HIGHEST RESILIENCE - Lift and tipping devices

            • Automatic container emptying saves time and space

              As a space-saving alternative to conveyor belts, lift and tipping devices are particularly suitable if the wastes are previously collected in multiple containers.


              Instead of conveyor technology, lift and tipping devices can also be used in waste compression. They lift and empty the containers filled with material automatically to reduce time and work effort. Accordingly, they are particularly suitable when the wastes are first collected in containers and then compressed centrally. Based on the respective requirements, we produce high-performing lift and tipping devices for channel baling presses and scrap presses.

              Problem solvers when space is scarce

              We apply high quality and safety standards. The extremely stable build of our lift and tipping devices permits automated emptying of heavy containers and is characterised by quick cycle times in order to ensure reasonable utilisation of the machines. Use of lift and tipping devices for material supply takes up less space than conveyor belts usually need.

              • Integration into individual operational processes
              • Adjustment to existing machines
              • High operating friendliness
              • Low maintenance effort


            The EUROPRESS sorting systems have the task of sorting mixed material flows by type quickly and reliably. The usually time-consuming and less precise manual sorting at the conveyor belt is no longer necessary. It is replaced by a highly efficient automated procedure. Our highly modern sorting systems separate, among others, paper, light-weight packaging, plastics, mixed construction waste, wood residues and metals.

            The sorters are particularly often used for unfiltered household waste that is made up of many different waste products. A throughput of up to 100,000 tons of household waste per year characterises our systems as particularly high-performance and productive.

            Throughput is implemented according to the customer's wish. Europress acts as general contractor for the customer and coordinates interfaces between the individual sorting units as well.

              • Europress Ballistic separator

              • Europress sorting system

              • Europress sorting system