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  • We are specialized in almost everything regarding industrial cleaining systems and technology for the industry, and has a wide range of standard solutions, but works to a great extent with customized solutions for the industry, like cleaning system with robots.

    Our knowledge is specialized in the fields of: ultrasonic cleaning, spraywashing, cleaning chemicals and solvents.
Product Portfolio

  • Effective, sustainable and user-friendly ultrasonic cleaners for every need.
      • CL-series

      • Smart and compact benchtop model for covering small needs

        Good quality ultrasonic cleaner with a high ultrasonic effect. This benchtop model is constructed in stainless steel and has a digital multifunctional user-friendly display. The machine has adjustable frequency, temperature and watt settings.

        Its a very reliable ultrasonic cleaner which is widely used in workshops, laboratories, dental clinics etc.

        Technical data Model CL100 - CL600

        • Volume 4,0 L - 25 L
        • Tanksize (LxWxH) 245x135x140 mm - 500x300x190 mm
        • Basketsize 190x100x120 mm - 450x250x150 mm
        • Outside dimensions 300x170x300 mm - 600x330x420 mm
        • Ultrasonic effect 160W - 640W
        • Frequency 21,5 / 40 Khz - 21,5 / 40 Khz
        • Temperature 0-80°C - 0-80°C
      • Combi-series

      • Compact insulated floor model constructed in stainless steel.

        The ultrasonic cleaner is constructed in stainless steel with a solid frame construction and welded tanks, its completely insulated on both tank and cabinet to reduce heat loss and noise-pollution.

        Furthermore the machine comes with a double insulated lidconstruction with gas springs and a 1/2 bottom valve for emptying tank.

        Technical data Model COMBI 28 -COMBI 125

        • Volume 28 L - 125 L
        • Tanksize 260x400x270 mm - 450x700x400 mm
        • Basketsize 240x380x250 mm - 430x680x380 mm
        • Outside dimensions 480x500x500 mm - 680x800x900 mm
        • Ultrasonic effect 360W - 1500W
        • Frequency 25 or 40 Khz - 25 or 40 Khz
        • Temperature 0 - 85°C
        • Heating effect 1,6 kW - 2,5 kW
        • Power supply AC 230V - 230/400V - 16 amp.
      • Combiline

      • Compact multi-stage ultrasonic cleaner with rinsing, drying etc.

        Multi-stage ultrasonic cleaner manufactured for the specific needs of the customer. This industrial cleaning machine, is constructed in modules, and is available with ultrasonic cleaning, venturi turbulence circulation, rinsing, passivation and drying, depending on the specific process.

        The machine is constructed in stainless steel, its double insulated and can be aquired with a wide-range of optional extras. Its manufactured both as a semi-automatic and fully-automated machine.

        This ultrasonic cleaner is efficient for a wide-range of different cleaning applications, including cleaning after CNC-machining, 3D-printing etc.

        Technical data Model COMBILINE 28 - COMBILINE 125

        • Volume 28 L - 125 L
        • Tank size 260x400x270 mm - 450x700x400 mm
        • Basket size 240x380x250 mm - 400x600x300 mm
        • Outside dimensions 480x500x500 mm - 680x800x900 mm
        • Ultrasonic effect 360W - 1500W
        • Frequency 25 or 40 Khz
        • Temperature 0 - 85°C
        • Heating effect 1,6 kW - 2,5 kW
        • Power supply AC 230V - 230/400V - 16 amp.
      • Maxi-series

      • Powerful ultrasonic cleaning system for heavy-parts.

        Robust ultrasonic cleaner constructed in complete stainless steel with a powerful frame construction. The machine is developed for cleaning large heavy-parts for organic and inorganic soils. The ultrasonic cleaner comes with surface skimming for oil and raised immersibles as a standard which allows soil to gather in the bottom of the tank which allows easy filtration during the cleaning process.

        The ultrasonic cleaner is furthermore double insulated on both tank and cabinet to minimize heat loss and prevent noise. It has a double insulated stainless steel lid construction with gas springs to ensure a closed and realiable process.

        Technical data Model Maxi A - Maxi E

        • Volume 144 L - 508 L
        • Tanksize 500x640x450 mm - 560x1800x500 mm
        • Basketsize 480x620x450 mm - 520x1750x500 mm
        • Ultrasonic effect 1,5 kW - 5,0 kW
        • Frequency 25 or 40 Khz
        • Temperature 0 - 85°C
        • Heating effect 2,3 kW - 8,0 kW
        • Power supply 230/400V - 16 amp. - 230/400V - 25 amp.
      • Maximatic

      • Get the best results with a two-step cleaning function

        The ultrasonic cleaner is with a two-step cleaning function which combines ultrasonic cleaning and agitation(dipwash). The machine is construction in stainless steel with a powerful frame construction, cabinet and frontlid with gas springs.

        Its well-suited for cleaning complex parts, which lots of holes, channels, screwings and such which makes the part harder to clean.

        Technical data Model Maximatic A - Maximatic E

        • Volume 216 L - 717 L
        • Tanksize 620x660x530 mm - 680x1820x580 mm
        • Basketsize 480x620x450 mm - 520x1760x500 mm
        • Ultrasonic effect 2,0 kW - 7,0 kW
        • Frequency 25 or 40 Khz
        • Temperature 0 - 85°C
        • Heating effect 2,9 kW - 12,5 kW
        • Power supply 230/400V - 16 amp. - 230/400V - 25 amp. 230/400V - 25 amp.

    • We have more then 25 years of experience with spraywashing
        • Toploader ECO

        • This is our spray washing system which is highly efficient and economic and includes a lot of standard equipment which makes it very attractive.

          The ECO model of our standard spray washing system is produced in the same high quality as all of our spray washers.

          It has a more simple construction and includes several options to ensure the same cleaning results as our PRO models.

          The spraywasher is only available in one size, and it is aimed at low cost operations, mainly related to maintenance and service

          Available options

          • Filtration system
          • Automatic water filling
          • Automatic chemical dosing
          • Extraction fan
          • Integrated stainless steel coarse filter
          • Stainless steel baskets and fixtures
          • Digital control panel.
        • Toploader PRO

        • This is our spray washing system which is highly efficient and includes a lot of standard options. Its very user-friendly and can be operated by crane.

          The PRO model is our highly efficient spray washing system with toploading. It is manufactured of high quality materials and is popular for many applications such as: Parts after machining, workshops, tools cleaning, maintenance, robot cells etc.

          Available modules

          • Spray washing
          • Spray rinsing
          • Hot air drying.

          Available options

          • Filtration system
          • Automatic water filling
          • Automatic chemical dosing
          • Extraction fan
          • Stainless steel baskets and fixtures
          • Digital control panel.
        • Frontloader AFL

        • This is our spray washer for heavy-duty parts with a manual frontloading system which also works as a loading and an unloading table.

          The spraywasher AFL-type is the ideal solution for repair workshops, tools cleaning and large parts after CNC machining.

          It is very easy to operate, and is available in four different sizes. The compact design makes it a good choice for smaller workshops and for production facilities with a low ceiling.

          Available modules:

          • Spray washing
          • Spray rinsing
          • Hot air drying.

          Extra options:

          • Filtration system
          • Automatic chemical dosing
          • Extraction fan
          • Automatic water filling
          • Oil separator
          • Siemens touchscreen
          • Motordriven basket.
      • Conveyor washers and customized machines

      • at Anmasi you find a incredible talented team of employees who are ready to design the best tailored solution together with you. We use our years of experience and wide knowledge of washing technology, chemistry and cleaning processes to ensure the most profitable and sustainable solution for you.
          • Beltline

          • Conveyor cleaning system for continuous cleaning of parts in a production.

            This is our range of robust cleaning systems with belt that is designed for continuous washing of components such as in a Lean production. The washing plant is modular and composed by the customer.

            The machine is available with a wide range of extra equipment and in various sizes.

            Technical data

            • Ultrasonic cleaning: Washing- and rinsing section
            • Turbo flushing: Washing- and rinsing section
            • Spraywash: Washing- and rinsing section
            • Rinsing tank (heated): Rinsing section
            • Passivation: Surface treatment section
            • Phosphating: Surface treatment section
            • Etching: Surface treatment section
          • Maxiline

          • Fully automatic in-line industrial cleaning system combining ultrasonics, spraywash, turbulens etc.

            Industrial cleaning machine that is produced matching your specific needs and can be aquired with both ultrasonic cleaning, spraywash, turbo flishing and drying. The cleaning system can be manufactured with a wide range of options where only your imagination is the limit almost.

            Thats why we always advice you to contact us directly if your interested in a fully automatic Maxiline solution. All our Maxiline models have one thing in common, they can be manufactured in all sizes, and is constructed 110% to fit your needs while focusing on a sustainable, enviromental-friendly , quality-concious and user-friendly solution.

            Technical data

            • Ultrasonic cleaning: Washing- and rinsing section
            • Turbo flushing: Washing- and rinsing section
            • Spraywash: Washing- and rinsing section
            • Rinsing tank (heated): Rinsing section
            • Passivation: Surface treatment section
            • Phosphating: Surface treatment section
            • Etching: Surface treatment section
          • Drumline

          • Drumwashers are one of the most reliable ways of in-line cleaning within a production, both when it comes to cleanliness and maintenance.

            This is our high quality series of drumwasher for around-the-clock cleaning of parts within a production. The cleaning systems is available in different sizes for cleaning both low- and high quantities of parts.

            The machine is an fully automatic in-line cleaning system which is modular build and is manufactured with both ultrasonic and spraywashing depending on customer needs.

            Technical data

            • Ultrasonic cleaning: Washing zone
            • Spraywashing: Washing and/or rinsing zone
            • Venturi Jet-turbulence: Washing zone
            • Efterspuling: Rinsing zone
            • Passivering: Corrosion protection zone
          • ATB

          • This is our simple and low-cost washing module with conveyor. It is a very compact and flexible solution, which is easy to implement.

            The spraywashing system is designed for simple applications where only a washing module is necessary. It is used mostly for washing parts
            between steps in the manufacturing process.

            This is an ideal solution for washing before welding of steel parts, or before assembly depending on the cleanliness requirements.

            Available modules:

            • Spray washing.

            Extra options:

            • Filtration system
            • Automatic chemical dosing
            • Extraction fan
            • Automatic water filling
            • Oil separator.

        • We offer a wide range of filtration systems, band filters, separators and skimmers for process fluids and lubricants. Below you our standard product range and if your looking for something special please contact us directly on phone or email.
            • Filterhousings

            • Range of stainless steel filters.

              We offer a wide-range of filterhousings in stanless steel for both filterbags- and cartridges.

              The filterhousings are constructed following general industrail standards, and can be offered including filtration pumps. The main part of our filterhousings are used in cleaning- and filtation systems for treating process fluids.

              Technical data

              • No. 1000066 - 6000009
              • Name: Anmasi P04 - Anmasi PWL-1
              • Description: Filter housing with manometer - Filter housing for cartridges 7/8"
              • Material: AISI 304/316 L - AISI 304/316 L
              • Filter: Bag - Ø100x380 mm - Cartridge - Ø64x254 mm
            • Oilseparator

            • Innovative high-quality oilseparator constructed in stainless steel. The oilseparator is designe with a four-chamber labyrint system which ensures efficient separation of the oils.

              This gives the process fluid optimal conditions for separation the oils which are removed from the tank units using a highly-efficient suction head. This ensures that the process fluids are always free of unwanted oils which can affect operation and process fluid life-cycle.


              • Tank units from washing systems
              • Machining centers
              • Process fluid tanks
              • Waste water treatment
            • Bandfilter

            • Bandfilters for efficient filtration of process fluids.

              Anmasi's high quality bandfilters are produced in stainless steel. They are mainly being used for filtration of non-explosive fluids for filtering of lubricants, oils and process fluids from cleaning systems and CNC-machines.

              The bandfilters are produced in different sizes depending on customer needs and can filtrate up to 800 liters pr. minute. The bandfilters are using filtration paper which can be aquired in different types depending on the application. The bandfilters can be used separately as stand-alone-units or a build-in unit for larger filtration systems.

              Technical data Model UF 500 - UF 2000

              • Length 965 mm - 1965 mm
              • Width 700 mm - 1200 mm
              • Inlet height (kaskade) 538 mm - 657 mm
              • Inlet height (normal) 480 mm - 599 mm
              • Flow capacity 150 l/min - 600 l/min
              • Electrical connection 220-240V - 50 hz. - 220-240V - 50 hz.
              • Control voltage 24V
              • Safety classification IP 54
            • Masterclean systems

            • Filtration systems for process fluids, lubricants and oils manufactured to meet specific customer requirements.

              Anmasi's customized filtration plants produced in stainless steel. these centralized filtration plants is often a large installation, where the system is connected to the whole production where they are continuous filtering the lubrcants and process fluids.

              The centralized filtration plants improves efficency, environment and reduces operating cost in the production, your welcome to contact us directly for more information,

              Technical data Model MC 2000 - MC 14000

              • Tank volume 2000 l - 14.000 l
              • Bandfilter UF 1000 / 350 l/min - UF 2000 / 600 l/min
              • Oilseparator OS-Q2 / 120 l/min
              • Connection 3x400V-50 hz. - 16 amp. - 3x400V-50 hz. - 32 amp.
              • Controls Schneider - Computer
          • Extra equipment and accessories

          • In this section we have our entire range of standard cleaning chemicals and accessories for cleaning and filtration systems. In case your lookign for something special please contact us directly by phone or email.
              • Kögel stainless steel baskets

              • User-friendly and reliable basket system in stainless steel. The baskets are stackable and produced with an electro-polished surface which makes it good for sensitive parts. The baskets can be aquired with a wide range of addons and accessories.

                Most of our standard cleaning systems are designed to work with this type of baskets.
              • Polyamid baskets

              • Strong lightweight glass-reinforced polyamid basket developed for cleaning systems. This is a very user-friendly basket, which is good for sensitive parts and the benefit is a very "open" construction which is important for ensuring maximum exposure to the cleaning media.

                This basket is used standard in our Combiline-series alternatively to stainless steel baskets, and is highly recommended for some applications depending on the job.

                Technical data

                • Description: Polyamid basket with handles
                • Inside dimensions 560x360x72 mm (LxWxH)
                • Outside dimensions 600x400x110 mm (LxWxH)
                • Material: PA-GV
              • Filterbags- and cartridges

              • Anmasi offers a wide range of filterbags- and cartriges for filtration systems, and we have an extensive knowledge within filtration of process fluids and lubricants. All the filters are made of high quality filter materials and can be used for a large number of applications.

                The filterbags- and cartridges are always on stock, and can be supplied within a few days.
              • Filterpaper

              • We offer a wide-range of filterpaper used for filtration of oils, lubricants and process fluids. There is two standard product ranges the PA- and OL series.

                All our papers offers a high flow and life-cycle which makes it efficient and low-cost. Besides the two standard types we also offer a stronger range of filtration paper named PO- and RT series, which can withstand a larger amount of weight and higher temperatures.

                The filterpaper is offered in standard ranging from 500 - 1000 mm, and can also be aquired in special sizes depending on the application.
            • Applications

                • Oils and lubricants

                • We have delivered a wide range of different industrial cleaning systems to remove oils and lubricants from machined parts and maintenance components. We can clean almost any surface made of metal, plastic, glass etc.

                  The process time varies depending on the cleaning chemical and equipment. It also depends on which types of oil and lubricants we are working with, but common for all our solutions is they are waterbased and based on either a neutral, alkaline or acid solution.

                  Which type of industrial cleaning equipment such as ultrasonic cleaning or spraywash depends on the specific needs of the customer.
                • Rust and corrosion

                • We effectively remove corrosion using our neutral waterbased cleaning chemical combined with ultrasonic cleaning equipment. This solution removes both old and new rust from maintenance parts etc.. The solution is very environmental friendly and effective.

                  The product is most effecitve combined with a ultrasonic cleaning solution and demiralized water at a temperature of 55°C. The cleaning chemical can also be used pure for manual cleaning. At the same time the cleaning chemical also removes small apperances of oil and grease.
                • Paint

                • We have great expertise in removing paint from a large variation of parts. Typically we are removing paint from hooks, fixtures, pumps, painting pistols and nozzles.

                  The benefit with having an industrial cleaning solution for the job, is your removing the paint in a closed proces, and avoid manual cleaning with strong chemicals like a thinner. Instead you get a automatic and waterbased cleaning process which effectively removes the paint without compromising worker safety.

                  Our solutions can remove both liquid and hardened paint which is mainly done with ultrasonic cleaning.
                • Epoxy

                • We have a expertise in removing both hardenen and liquid epoxy from parts. Which in some cases can be a hard job depending on the type of epoxy.The key to removing epoxy effectively is having the right cleaning chemical and machine for the type of parts and form of epoxy that is being removed.

                  Through the last couple of years we have developed alot of customized solutions for removing this especially for major players in the windpower industry.
                • 3D PRINT: SLA, FDM, Polyjet

                • We have an extensive knowledge in ultrasonic cleaning of components after 3D-printing, and offer both standard- and customized solutions for the application. We have a complete range of both cleaning machines and water-based cleaning chemicals for removing epoxy and support materials.
                • Rubber parts

                • We manufacture cleaning machines for rubber-parts in both the medical- food- and metalindustry. Every machine is customized for the user to meet the specific requirements of the application.
                • Thermal deburring

                • We have a wide expertise in cleaning both large- and small components after thermal deburring. During the deburring process a oxide-layer is created on the parts which has to be removed in the production process.
                  This layer is most efficiently removed using an ultrasonic cleaning system, and specialized chemicals optimized for the application. We supply the complete solution offering both the cleaning systems and chemicals for the application which guarantees the best results.
                • Wire-spark cutting

                • Efficiently clean the parts after wire-spark cutting, removing the surface layer after the process and achieving the original metal-surface from before the process. The cleaning process is efficiently carried out using ultrasonic cleaning and a special developed cleaning chemical for this purpose.

                  This method can replace other equipment as sandblasting equipment and automate the process completely, and make the process more easy and less costly.