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  • At Tecnotion we recognize that each application of our linear motors is a unique case with specific requirements and demands. When you're doing business with Tecnotion you have a highly skilled team of sales engineers at your disposal. Our team will help and support you throughout the entire process, from initial concept right to the application of our products and beyond.
Product Portfolio
  • Torque Motors

  • Torque motors are permanent-magnet direct drive motors that rotate along an axis. They can be used wherever a rotary movement is required and offer numerous advantages over conventional servo drives.

    Our torque motors are extremely compact, provide an extremely stiff drive train, eliminate the need for time-consuming mounting procedures, are virtually maintenance free and can be integrated directly into the machine structure, while the spacious open inner diameter enables wire and cable feedthrough. To top things off the entire series comes with completely sealed stators and integrated temperature protection and measurement sensors.

    With continuous torque ratings ranging from 0.7 Nm to 40 Nm, these motors can play a pivotal role in increasing the availability and cost-effectiveness of many different applications in industries like:
    • Semiconductor
    • Printing
    • Robotics
    • Machine tooling
      • QTR-A-65 SERIES

      • Tp:  0.39 .. 3.67Nm
        Tc: 0.27 .. 2.32Nm

        The QTR-A 65 is the smallest torque motor in the Tecnotion QTR range. This motor is optimized for small and low voltage applications. The 65 Series is available in four motor ‘heights’ or ‘sizes’, a 17, 25, 34 and 60 size motor.
      • QTR-A-78 SERIES

      • Tp: 0.8 .. 7.5Nm
        Tc: 0.27 .. 2.32Nm

        The QTR-A 65 is the smallest torque motor in the Tecnotion QTR range. This motor is optimized for small and low voltage applications. The 65 Series is available in four motor ‘heights’ or ‘sizes’, a 17, 25, 34 and 60 size motor.
      • Torque QTR-A 160 series

      • Tp: 6.2 - 92Nm
        Tc: 4.4 - 48Nm

        The 160 series is the largest in diameter of the torque range. The smallest of the series, QTR-A-160-17 starts with a continuous torque of 4.4Nm. The range ends with the large QTR-A-160-92 with a continuous torque of 48.3Nm and a peak of 97.2Nm.
      • Torque QTR-A 133 series

      • Tp: 3.7 - 59Nm
        Tc: 2.7 - 29Nm

        The QTR-A 133 is the medium range of the QTR motors. It covers the torque range from 2.6 to 29.2Nm. The largest 92 mm high QTR-A-133-92 motor offers a peak torque of over 58.9Nm.
      • Torque QTR-A 105 series

      • Tp: 1.9 - 30Nm
        Tc: 1.7 - 19Nm

        The QTR-A 105 is the smallest torque motor with a 105mm outer and 56mm inner diameter. This series offers a continuous torque range from 1.7 up to 19.5Nm spread over its 5 types. The largest motor in the series can attain a peak torque of 30.2Nm with a total motor mass of under 3500 gram.
    • First Dedicated Digital Hall Sensor

    • A digital hall sensor for the QTR Series Torque motors. The sensor enables simple commutation of the motors.

      Thanks to the digital hall sensor there is no need for costly or complex drives. It allows a quick start up of an application without wake & shake procedures. When it comes to applications which only require basic accuracy or a stable speed, for example in conveyor belts and high speed doors, there is no need for an expensive external sensor at all.

      The Digital hall sensor comes in a fully encapsulated housing, featuring an unidirectional cable. The slim housing integrates with bolts on to the torque motor, adding no extra height to the motor. Applications in robotics, packaging and automation can benefit from the unique features of the QTR Digital Hall sensor.

        • New iron core linear motor TM18

        • The rare earths present in the permanent magnets of linear motors are a cost-intensive factor. Against this background, the linear motor specialist Tecnotion expands its product portfolio with anew iron core motor: the TM18 is the fourth in the TM series, producing the same force as motors containing larger, more expensive magnets.

          With the addition of the TM18 even applications which require the force from larger motor series are now covered by this new motor. These applications no longer need wider and therefore more expensive magnetplates.  

          With the 336mm long coil unit of the TM18, a continuous force of 360N and an ultimate force of 720N can be achieved. In addition, there is the possibility to couple two motors on the magnet track, which increases the available continuous power to 720N. The dimensions of the motor are compact: the total installation height including magnet plate is only 40mm, the width of the magnet plate is only 50mm. Speeds of 10 m/s are possible.

          Especially in applications with long strokes that require long magnet tracks the TM18 represents a cost-effective alternative. The potential applications are endless: due to the low cogging one can think of use in industrial printers. But machinetooling or cutting systems are also perfect examples where the TM18 can be used.

            • Iron Core Motors

            • Designed and constructed with an iron core, these linear motors offer extremely high continuous force for their size, starting at 60N for the small TM, all the way up to 3000N for the water cooled TBW powerhouse. Peak forces are even higher, reaching up to 6000N.

              All this raw power comes in a surprisingly compact package. Its small footprint, modular design and high force density enable very flexible application designs. The ability to string multiple motors together, either in series or parallel, widens its range of applications even further.

              Examples of application areas that benefit from the Iron Core series' specific qualities include:

              • Semiconductor
              • Printing
              • Laser /waterjet cutting
              • Machine tooling
              • Inspection stages
              • Pick & place applications
              • Medical / life science / lab automation
              • Factory automation / handling
              • Electronics
              • Solar
                • TBW Series

                • Peak Force: 1800 - 4500N
                  Continuous force: 760 - 1900N

                  The TBW series is the water cooled variant of the TB series. It features a fully integrated, highly effi cient cooling system which enables the TBW to reach even higher continuous forces than the standard version and sustain extreme accelerations while maintaining its submicron position accuracy. Since heat is not dissipated into the machine’s construction, it is especially suited for applications where thermal management is an issue.
                • TB Series

                • Peak Force: 1800 - 4500N
                  Continuous force: 760 - 1900N

                  The high-end TB motors are heavy duty workhorses that combine high acceleration and speed, submicron positioning accuracy and low power consumption with a superb force density. They excel in applications where high loads and long duty cycles are the order of the day. When you require a motor that takes your application to new levels, the TB more than delivers.
                • TL Series

                • Peak Force: 450 - 1800N
                  Continuous force: 200 - 840N

                  The mid-range TL is our most popular iron core motor. It features an extremely low attraction force between the coils and the magnets and stands out for its small size, high acceleration, high speed and accuracy. The TL is also available in long versions, which makes this all-rounder suited for nearly any application, including those with long travel lengths, like printers for large digital formats.
                • TM Series

                • Peak Force: 120 - 480N
                  Continuous force: 60 - 240N

                  For applications that do not require high forces, it is often more eff ective to use a smaller and less costly motor. Over the years, the TM series has proven to be a very versatile, reliable and effi cient motor for a wide range of applications. To enhance its eff ectiveness, the TM linear motor is equipped with a long fl exible servocable which makes the use of additional connectors superfl uous and reduces total cost of ownership even further.
              • Ironless Motors

              • Ironless Motors

                In contrast to iron core motors, these motors feature an ironless coil unit, so there is no attraction force or cogging between the coil unit and the magnet track. This is what gives ironless motors their light weight, superior precision, a linear force constant and extremely dynamic velocity, acceleration and deceleration. Continuous force ranges from 10N all the way up to 846N with peak force of up to 4200N.

                The benefits of ironless linear motors are optimal for applications that require small masses to be moved with maximum precision at a high cycle speed, especially in areas like:

                • Semiconductor
                • Flat Panel Display
                • Inspection stages
                • Ultra precision stages
                • Medical / life science / lab automation
                • Optics
                  • UXX SERIES

                  • Peak Force: 450 - 1800N
                    Continuous force: 200 - 840N

                    The UXX is the most powerful standard ironless motor we have to offer. With no cogging and zero attraction force between the Coil Unit and the magnets, it is ideal for heavy duty industrial applications that demand ultra precision and maximum force output, for example flatpanel and semiconductor industries
                  • UXA SERIES

                  • Peak Force: 450 - 1800N
                    Continuous force: 200 - 840N

                    The UXA is the economical alternative to the UXX. It’s slightly less powerful, but makes up for this with a smaller footprint and an attractive price tag. It still features the same ultra precision and this makes the UXA ideal for heavy duty applications where the UXX would be a bit too much.
                  • UL SERIES

                  • Peak Force: 240 - 960N
                    Continuous force: 70 - 280N

                    The high-end UL ironless motors are available in various confi gurations that can easily be adapted to application specifi c requirements. Because of their high speed, positioning accuracy, zero cogging and attraction force, many UL motors are successfully applied throughout the semiconductor industry.
                  • UM SERIES

                  • Peak Force: 100 - 400N
                    Continuous force: 29 - 116N

                    The mid-range UM ironless motors stand out for their extremely high speed and exceptional thermal characteristics which are the result of our unique production techniques. This makes the compact UM motors especially suited for applications in which highly accurate measuring is required.
                  • UF SERIES

                  • Peak Force: 42.5 - 85N
                    Continuous force: 19.5 - 39N

                    The UF Series is built specifi cally to sustain very high continuous forces for its footprint, which is only marginally larger than that of the UC. It is exceptionally suited for applications with high duty cycles, for instance in the medical and semiconductor markets or for pick & place systems
                  • UC SERIES

                  • Peak Force: 36 - 72N
                    Continuous force: 10 - 20N

                    The UC is our smallest “off the shelf” motor. Weighing in at just a few grams, this versatile, compact and aff ordable motor is still able to sustain a continuous force of 10 or 20N. Due to its low weight it is also suited to operate in a vertical application environment.
                • Vacuum Motors

                • A direct sibling of our U-series, these vacuum rated ironless motors feature specifically designed coil units and magnet yokes for use in high vacuum, down to 10-8 mBar.

                  Apart from the features carried over from our regular ironless motors: light weight and ultra precision, this series is also capable of incredibly smooth motion and achieves the lowest amount of outgassing possible for a series product of this type. The importance of low outgassing can be so crucial for certain applications, that we had this thoroughly tested and can even supply you with exact specifications and performance details, should you so desire.

                  Thermal management is one of the main challenges inside a vacuum, so we've designed the coil units in such a way as to achieve an extremely low thermal resistance; easily and quickly conducting heat away from the unit. Integrated temperature and cut-off sensors guarantee thermal protection at all times.

                  Key industries that can benefit from these motors are, for instance:

                  • Semiconductor
                  • Flat Panel Display
                  • Inspection stages
                  • Lithography
                  • E-beam / ion beam applications
                    • ULV SERIES

                    • Peak Force:  720N
                      Continuous force: 150N

                      The ULV coils are high end coil in the vacuum rated linear motor series. The ULV series is commonly used for applications demanding peak force or low heat output. In longer strokes ULV coils can be combined to save magnet material but still achieve high performance.
                    • UMV SERIES

                    • Peak Force:  400N
                      Continuous force: 80N

                      The UMV coils are the smallest coils in the vacuum rated linear motor series. This serie is ideal for postioning, e.g. in gantries, or high dynamic, light weight applications which require extreme accuracy.
                    • UMV SERIES

                    • Peak Force:  402N
                      Continuous force: 666N

                      The UXXV coil is the most powerful and efficient coil in the vacuum rated linear motor series. The UXXV series is ideal for heavy duty applications that demand ultra-precision and maximum force output. It’s efficiency and high motor constant allow for a low heat output while generating a high force.
                  • Customized Motors

                  • In case our standard motor series are not sufficient for your application, it is also possible to have these motors customized in a variety of ways. This can range from simple modifications, like a different connector, to fully custom motors designed from scratch. Thanks to our in-house R&D department, the possibilities are virtually endless.
                      • Easy Linear Motor Design - TECNOTION’S Motor Simulation Tool

                        At Tecnotion, we know that finding the right linear motor for a given application can be a daunting task. It involves a large amount of interconnected design choices. This tool is designed to make that process as easy as possible for you. It will help you select the right kind of linear motor, figure out which amplifier to use and create detailed reports containing all critical values and performance graphs. With a click of a button you can save yourself hours of doing calculations by hand.

                        THE BEST MOTOR FOR THE JOB
                        Most tools on the market only allow you to enter your application data and have the software tell you which linear motor it thinks you need. We realize that things aren't always that simple in practice. For any given application, it is likely that there are multiple motor types that can handle the task, but which one is the best choice? It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Are you favouring maximum velocity above everything else? Perhaps you are going for maximum efficiency or cost effectiveness.

                        ITERATIVE APPROACH
                        Software doesn't know your goals, which is why we decided to go for an iterative approach towards simulating your drive task. At all times during the process you can change movement profiles, application parameters and motor types and the software calculates the new results on the fly. This way you can quickly experiment with a multitude of scenarios and quickly find the one that best suits your application.

                        Our support team will help you along the way by finding the right motor for your application when you don’t find the right answers in our simulation tool. Don’t hesitate contact us.
                          • Advanced Motors

                          • Tecnotion has the ability to make fully customized advanced linear motors. These motors are usually used in very specific high end markets like lithography, wafer inspection, display manufacturing, scientific applications and aerospace.

                            The challenge in these applications is the unmatched performance the motor needs. These motors are completely designed according the specific application. This requires very close development and engineering cooperation with the customer, and a lot of application knowledge.

                            This high level of linear motor technology is unique in the world.

                            Examples of these motors properties and requirements:

                            • Vacuum rated
                            • integrated cooling
                            • optimized thermal conduction
                            • extreme high force densities
                            • special winding technologies
                            • reduced force ripple
                            • high temperatures

                            Advanced linear motor key competences are:

                            • Cleanroom manufacturing environment with 3D dispension robot, fully automated potting machines and all automated and logged quality equipment like 3D measuring, electrical checks
                            • Patented coil technology for higher filling factors and increase of efficiency
                            • Dedicated teams covering technology, quality and logistics. Specialized R&D team for new progressive designs and processes
                            • Production with volume flexibility
                              • Applications

                                  • COUPLING OF LINEAR MOTORS

                                  • Coupling two linear motors is an easy and effective way of increasing the available force. Herewith you are not just limited to using identical motors. Various combinations can be made, as long as the motor force constant is the same.

                                    Besides the clear advantages of ‘more force’ in a coupled motors application, there are important cost and logistics advantages. Keeping inventory of a similar coil assembly in stock for multiple machines and applications reduces cost and filed support issues. Existing designs can have multiple force capabilities standardizing on existing parts. As linear motor cost is a function of magnet size using dual coils of a smaller motor significantly adds value. This advantage becomes more apparent for longer magnet tracks.

                                  • WATERJET - LASER CUTTERS

                                  • Laser cutters concentrate a high amount of energy into a small, well-defined spot. This generates intense heat, which vaporizes the material in the focus area. In a similar manner, waterjet cutters focus a stream of high-pressure water, sometimes mixed with abrasive particles, onto a small area to make cuts in various materials.


                                  • SAW MACHINE

                                  • HORIZONTAL SAW MACHINE - IRONCORE LINEAR MOTORS

                                    Horizontal panel beam saws are used in the woodworking industry to cut large sheets, strips, or panels of wood or wood-based materials, such as oriented strand board (OSB), into various sizes. The cuts are made by a circular saw mounted on a traveling carriage, which is normally driven by a brushless motor matched to either a belt drive or rack and pinion system.

                                  • LARGE FORMAT PRINTERS

                                  • LARGE FORMAT PRINTERS - IRONCORE LINEAR MOTORS

                                    Large format printers are used to print all types of large artwork and signage, including banners, wallpaper, vehicle image wraps, architectural drawings, and electronic circuit schematics.

                                  • MOVING MAGNET SYSTEMS

                                  • For applications that require non-contact, particle-free transport, such as clean rooms, vacuums, or chemical environments, a moving magnet linear motor meets the most demanding process requirements.
                                  • PACKAGING

                                  • Machine throughput and production rate is a key factor for efficient manufacturing. It is well known that building machines that move back and forth result in lower efficiency than unidirectional movements.