• Offer Profile
  • Lenzing Technik GmbH is a globally leading supplier of pulp technology as well as filtration and separation technology.

Product Portfolio
  • Filtration and Separation Technology

  • The department of filtration and separation technology specializes in the development and production of cutting-edge filtration systems for solid-liquid filtration. Originally designed for cleaning high viscose spinning solutions at the parent company’s fiber production, the filtration experts of Lenzing Technik have been able to continuously improve and adapt the product portfolio in the last 40 years. Today Lenzing Technik focuses on automatic backwash filter systems for cleaning low and high viscose media as used in many different industries. Thanks to the company’s untiring ambition to continue developing and define the state of the art in filtration systems, the department has become a global technology leader in solid-liquid filtration.

    Our expertise
    • Own engineering and design department
    • In-house manufacturing department with up-to-date machining centers
    • In-house automation department
    • Piping and apparatus manufacturing in all materials of construction
    • Piloting and customer specific analyses
    • Orientation trial and analyses in our own laboratory turnkey systems
      • Automatic Backwash Filters

          • For high and medium viscose media

          • Lenzing AKF/Lenzing KKF/Lenzing ViscoFil®
            • Highest viscosity (up to 200,000 cP)
            • Filter fineness down to 3 µm absolute with stainless-steel fleece
            • High filtration efficiency at high flow rates
            • Filter material service life up to two years and 80,000 backwashes
            • Practically no operation expenses
          • For fine and microfiltration

          • Lenzing OptiFil®
            • Filter fineness down to 3 µm absolute with stainless-steel fleece
            • Filter fineness of 1 µm in special applications
            • Throughput up to 700 m³/h
            • High solid content at lowest reject quantity (patented)
            • Low investment costs
            • Practically unlimited filter material service life
            • Practically no operation expense
          • For cooling and processing water

          • Lenzing CanFil
            • Filter fineness down to 50 µm
            • High throughput up to 10,000 m³/h
            • For low solid content and high quantity of water
            • Low investment costs
            • Practically no operation expenses
        • Cake and Precoat Filtration

            • Lenzing CakeFil

            • The Lenzing CakeFil is a fully automatic filtration system for cake-building filtration. Being pressure-driven, it allows for filtration of finest particles, whereby the solids can either be valuable substance or waste. The waste discharge is in pumpable, wet (“slurry”) or solid form (after cake washing and drying). The specific geometry of the filter candles ensures efficient cake discharge.
              • Filter fineness down to 1 µm
              • For finest particle size distribution through pressure filtration
              • Low residual moistness possible
              • Solid content up to 10% possible
              • Efficient cake discharge through convex-concave shape of filter candles
              • High filter service lifetime
              • Completely closed system
              • Hifh filter area possible
              • For suspensions difficultly filterable
              • Filtration with integrated cake washing and/or drying
              • Fully automatic with efficient, patented cake discharge
            • Media

            • Cake-building filtration
              Used, where particles are granular or fibrous and form a filter cake. Solid content up to 10%. Dry or wet (“slurry”) cake discharge is possible.

              Precoat filtration
              Suitable for slimy solids with a tendency of blocking. By using filter aid, filtration can be maintained. Our filter media allows for use of very fine filter aid for clarification filtration.

              Spinning solutions
              Viscose, Acrylonitrile, Polyamide, Cellulose Acetate

              High-viscosity media
              Resins, Adhesives, Petrochemical Products

              Acids, Lyes, Solvents

              Process water, Circulation water

              Food and beverages
              Juices, Wine, Beer
          • Filter Housings

                • Filter Housings

                  • Bag filter housings: single bag
                  • Bag filter housings: multi bag
                  • Cartridge housings single
                  • Cartridge housings multi
                  • Plastic filter housings
                  • Hygienic-design filter housings

                  • Low solid content
                  • Unlimited flow rates
                  • Filter fineness 0.1 µm to 100 µm
            • Filter Elements

            • Features
              • Economic filtration for low solid content
              • Resistant to all media, depending on material selectiont
              • Interchangeable with different brands

              • Food and beverage industry
              • Water treatment
              • Chemical industry
              • Pharmaceutical industry
              • Oil hydraulics/Water hydraulics
              • Electronics
                • Depth filter

                  • Material: polypropylene, cotton, glass fiber
                  • Application: Clarification of liquids
                  • Rating: Nominal und absolute
                • Pleated elements

                  • Material: Pleated filter material (large filter area)
                  • Application: Mainly for low viscose fluids, acids, lyes, beverages
                  • Rating: Absolute (lower filter fineness)
                • Stainless steel filter

                • Available in cylindrical und pleated construction
                  • Material: Stainless-steel-fabric, stainless-steel-sintered
                  • Application: Filtration of high viscose liquid
                  • Rating: Nominal
              • Filter Bags

              • Features
                • Economic filtration for low solid content
                • Resistant to all media, depending on material selection
                • Interchangeable with different brands
                  • Needle felt filter bags

                    • Filter material: Manufactured of high-quality needle felt
                    • Substance: Polypropylene, polyester
                    • Rating: Nominal
                  • Monofilament filter bags

                    • Filter material: Manufactured of high quality Special designs including additional needle felt available
                    • Substance: Polypropylene, polyester, nylon
                    • Rating: Absolute
                  • Microfiber filter bags

                    • Filter material: Manufactured of high quality microfiber in combination with needle felt
                    • Substance: Polypropylene
                    • Rating: Semi-absolute
                  • Absolute rated filter bags

                    • Filter material: Manufactured of high quality microfiber in combination with meltblown-material
                    • Substance: Polypropylene
                    • Rating: Absolute
                  • Active carbon bags

                    • Filter material: Combination of active carbon media and polyprobylene needle felt
                    • Substance: Polypropylene, active carbon
                    • Rating: Nominal
                • Pulp Technology

                • We focus on solving tasks for the pulp and paper industries. As a company specializing in consultation, planning and mechanical construction, we provide services such as feasibility studies, project management and project services. As a pulp and paper specialist, we offer the entire range of engineering services, and take on the procurement and delivery of equipment too. We are the ideal over-all project partner.

                  We have developed a number of patented processes, equipment and machinery for pulp production. The combination of technology and process know-how, coupled with engineering competence and years of project experience, ensures that clients will receive tailor-made solutions for their specific needs.

                  Our proprietary technologies and equipment are comprised of displacement cooking in sulfate processes, bleaching technologies and recovery processes for the sulfite industry.

                  Range of technologies
                  • Cooking technologies
                  • Bleaching technologies
                  • Recovery technologies
                  • Computer-aided simulation

                  We offer consultation, engineering and project services in all disciplines for the pulp industry and related industries.
                    • Cooking Technologies

                    • Lenzing Technik provides process technology, equipment and services for the sulfite as well as for the sulfate (Kraft) pulp industry.

                      • Feasibility studies
                      • Consulting services
                      • Process engineering
                      • Basic and detail engineering
                      • Project management
                      • Supervision of erection
                      • Startup assistance and commissioning
                      • After sales service
                      • Training
                        • Continuous Batch Cooking – CBC

                        • Technology for production of paper grade pulp.

                          • Improves yield, pulp homogeneity, strength and bleachability
                          • Increases pulp production without additional digesters
                          • Reduces production costs
                          • Accepts bad chip quality
                          • Applicable for retrofits and green-field installations

                          In detail
                          Continuous batch cooking (CBC) combines the advantages of batch operation with the continuous preparation of cooking liquors. The basic concept is to prepare all the process-related liquors in the tank farm using different tank-to-tank circulation loops.

                          CBC is the only displacement technology allowing a consistent and even alkali profile throughout the impregnation and cooking steps. Quick heating to temperature and the unique alkali profile are the main keys for the significantly reduced cooking cycle time and for improvement in pulp quality.

                          VISCBC is the process for dissolving grad pulp manufacture implementing steam pre-hydrolysis followed by a neutralization step. CBC’s special liquor management shortens the cooking cycle time and boosts capacity while improving pulp quality and yield. Quality benefits extend to pulp homogeneity, strength properties and bleachability.

                          CBC utilizes minimum equipment, thus saving investment costs and simplifying operation and process control. Separate digester circulation systems and circulation heat exchangers are no longer required.

                          The specialists of Lenzing Technik have extensive know-how in design, engineering, construction and optimization of digester plants. Their experience in combination with the company's competence in project management and contracting ensures superior project realization.
                        • Continuous Batch Cooking – VISCBC

                        • Discontinuous cooking technology for production of viscose grade pulp.

                          • Excellent pulp quality
                          • Reduced energy consumption
                          • Low production cost
                          • Accepts bad chip quality

                          In Detail
                          The VISBATCH® process is the latest technology for the manufacture of dissolving grade pulp according to the sulphate process.

                          This discontinuous process has been energy- and process-optimised. Furthermore, this process has been successfully solved the environmental problems, such as air (odour) and water pollution (prehydrolysate), commonly encountered in this field.

                          Raw pulp produced by the VISBATCH® process features highest quality in terms of bleachability and further processing. The process itself is characterised by the wide number of wood species which can be used.
                        • Track 510 Extinction Online Analyser

                        • Automated periodic measurement of extinction of sulfite cooking liquor in the digester.

                          • Optical transmission measurement
                          • Measuring range: 10 - 50 extinction points
                          • Accuracy: +/- 0.5 points per calibration
                          • Sampling frequency: maximum 3 per minute including sample preparation

                          In detail
                          In sulfite pulping, the extinction of the cooking liquor is a key factor in determining the end point of the cooking process, and therefore, in observing the quality of the desired product.

                          TRACK 510 is impressive due to its exceptionally high rate of automation for continuous measurement of the rate of extinction of the sulfite cooking liquor. What makes this device unique is the continuous detection of the extinction rate of the sulfite cooking liquor.

                          With TRACK 510, product quality can be improved as a result of constantly recording actual values. It is also possible to incorporate the data in a DCS and there is no need to take samples by hand, to name just some of the most important advantages.

                          The main advantages of the automated system are frequent sampling, accurate measuring and possible integration into the DCS.
                      • Bleaching Technologies

                            • Bleaching Technologies

                            • We provide process technology, equipment and services for all kinds of bleaching sequences and pulp grades.

                              • Feasibility studies
                              • Consultation services
                              • Process engineering
                              • Basic and detail engineering
                              • Project management
                              • Building supervision
                              • Startup assistance and commissioning
                              • Bleaching lab trials
                        • Recovery Technologies

                        • We provide process technology, equipment (plants and components) and services for sulfite recovery.

                          • Complete sulfite recovery plants and components.

                          Consultation, engineering and project services in all areas of the pulp industry and related industries.
                          • Feasibility studies
                          • Consultation services
                          • Process engineering
                          • Basic- und Detai
                          • Basic and detail engineering
                          • Project management
                          • Construction supervision
                          • Start-up assistance and commissioning
                          • After-sales service
                          • Training
                            • Chemical recovery/MgO process

                            • We have developed and continuously improved the Lenzing Mg base recovery process.

                              • Efficient absorption system
                              • Minimized chemical losses
                              • Reduced sulfur emissions
                              • Reduced operating cost

                              Range of services (complete solutions and components)
                              • Recovery systems
                              • Liquor incineration
                              • Multistage absorption systems
                              • Cooking liquor preparation
                              • Treatment of odorous gases

                              This system facilitates the elimination of environmental impacts and provides a significant reduction of production costs brought about by high absorption efficiency and the integration of diffuse emissions.

                              The Lenzing Mg base recovery system was developed and optimized for minimized chemical losses and for efficient non-process-elements management.

                              The complete recovery system covers the incineration of the concentrated spent sulfite liquor together with odorous gases, the separation of the fly ash by a wet separator or electrostatic precipitator, the preparation of MgO-hydrate-slurry, which is used in multistage venturi washers to reduce the SO2 emission at the stack and gain raw acid. Then the raw acid is clarified and fortified in absorption towers and/or accumulators at different pressure levels.

                              Lenzing Technik has developed a special computer simulation using all relevant data form the DCS system to ensure a constant quality of the raw acid, compliance of emission and minimization of make-up MgO.
                            • Magnesium-sulfite splitting – MSS

                            • Features
                              • Optimized cooking liquor composition
                              • Reduced chemical losses
                              • Production of recycled SO2

                              In detail
                              Acid sulfite cooking requires the addition of free SO2 into the cooking liquor. This causes an unbalanced ratio of MgO to SO2.

                              MgSO3 => MgO + SO2

                              This process step - the thermal decomposition of magnesium sulfite - provides the means for direct SO2-recycling and reduces the costs of make-up chemicals and the level of emissions.