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  • For more than 60 years E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH, with its corporate headquarters in Altdorf near Nuremberg, has been successful in the global marketplace. Today E-T-A is market leader in the design and production of circuit breakers for equipment protection. In partnership with our customers it is our objective to provide solutions for even the most demanding challenges for electrical overcurrent protection.
Product Portfolio
  • Circuit Breakers & Power Management Systems

  • E-T-A offers a variety of trip characteristics, providing optimum protection against overcurrent for any kind of application.  Our wide product range comprises thermal, thermal-magnetic, purely magnetic and hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers, also as a fuse replacement, including high performance circuit breakers and comprehensive electronic solutions. Disconnector switches are also part of our range. They are ideal main switches for industrial plants or load-independent remote controls in all types of vehicles.

    E-T-A offers comprehensive solutions for protection of electronic equipment. Please select the desired product category to learn more about circuit breakers, circuit protectors, relays, control cabinet solutions enclosures and custom and standard power distribution solutions for your industry.

      • ControlPlex® - Intelligent power distribution

      • E-T-A thinks ahead and therefore offers a great number of intelligent power distribution systems like theControlPlex®, but also conventional power distribution solutions. The ControlPlex® Board is ideally suited to automation whereas the ControlPlex® Rack has explicitly been designed for the telecommunications industry. What they have in common is the intelligent networking, control and remote serviceability, offering excellent customer convenience. 
      • PowerPlex® Digital Switching System

      • E-T-A PowerPlex® – the intelligent Bus System for the Protection and Control of Electrical Installations in recreational and work boats and vehicles. The proven CAN-Technology and the Multiplexing technique allows for easy configuration.

        The power distribution system, with touch screen display, provides: built-in diagnostics, monitoring and redundant mechanisms and programmable overload protection.

      • DIN Rail Mount Power Distribution Systems

      • Typical Applications 
        Ideally suited to the design of power distribution units, e.g. in a control cabinet, where circuit breakers or protectors are connected to a common entry line and protect individual loads and supply lines against overcurrent and short circuit. All mechanical elements required for the design as well as electrical wiring is included in the power distribution system. These solutions are also available as 19" racks.
      • Power-D-Box® Power Management Systems

      • Applications

        Ideal for power distribution in the areas TELECOMMUNICATION (cellular, Internet access, transmission and switching technology.) industrial switching and control systems for chemical, oil and gas - Power Engineering & Environmental Engineering, Pharma & Food, steel industry.


        Power-D-Box® systems are highly modular  power distribution units and are available in the following configurations:

        • PCB
        • Wiring
        • Economy Power-D-Box®
        • Compact Power-D-Box®
        • High-Power-D-Box®

        The entire product line is characterised by low-cost and easy to install connections, serviceability and high availability.

      • Rack System Solutions

      • Typical applications

        Ideally suited for power distribution in industrial switching and control systems in the oil, gas and chemical industry; power engineering and environmental engineering, food and steel production and telecommunications. 


        The SBG-T control cabinets allow compact and well-structured power distribution. Visual clarity, reliability, redundancy, selectivity, flexibility and reduced space requirements are major requirements of the industry met by our solutions.


        • Ease of adjustment through modular design
        • Redundant system design
        • Integral back-up fuses in the supply modules
        • Reliable selective DC 24 V protection with electronic circuit breakers or protectors type
ESS20, ESX10 or ESX10-T
        • Ease of mounting through plug-in type circuit breakers
        • Ease of modular extension of ways
        • Clear cable management

      • Power Distribution Modules

      • Typical applications

        Ideally suited for power distribution in telecommunication systems (mobile radio, internet, access, transmission and switching technology), industrial switching and control systems for oil, gas and chemical industry, power engineering and environmental engineering, food and steel industry.


        A highly modular system is hidden behind the power distribution modules to allow individual design. The modules are available as track-mountable versions, Euro-card versions or crossbar versions. The entire product group features a cost-effective (industrially manufactured) user-friendly termination technology, service friendliness and high availability.

      • Custom Design Solutions

      • E-T-A is a specialist in the field of system technology. What does this mean exactly? System technology means the combination of various crucial elements required for power distribution and protection in one device, at the same time providing a space-saving and efficient design.
      • Thermal Overcurrent Circuit Breakers

      • Typical Applications
        Ideally suited to protect against overcurrent and short circuit of a broad range of equipment and systems – from motors and transformer windings, through printed circuit boards, to the low voltage power distribution circuits of road vehicles, boats and battery powered machines.

        The trip time of thermal circuit breakers depends on the overload current. The heating effect of current heats up the bimetal or hot wire until the tripping point is reached and the breaker provides genuine physical contact isolation.

      • Thermal-Magnetic Overcurrent Circuit Breakers

      • Typical Applications
        Ideally suited to protect against overcurrent and short circuit of equipment in telecommunications, process control and other industrial applications where sophisticated equipment requires a high precision performance.

        A latching type bimetal is combined with a magnetic coil to ensure protection and genuine physical contact isolation. This provides the joint benefits of delayed operation for low level overcurrent protection and fast magnetic action of higher value short circuits, disconnecting the faulty circuit within milliseconds.
      • Hydraulic-Magnetic and Magnetic Overcurrent Circuit Breakers

      • Typical Applications
        Ideally suited to protect  against overcurrent and short circuit of printed circuit boards, semi-conductors and telecommunications equipment.

        Circuit breakers with magnetic or hydraulic-magnetic trip mechanism respond extremely fast and provide genuine physical contact isolation. Magnetic trip ensures disconnection of the faulty circuit nearly without delay in the event of short circuit, but also in the event of low overloads. Our models also provide hydraulically delayed switching characteristic required for certain applications.
      • High Performance Circuit Breakers

      • Typical Applications of High Performance Circuit Breakers and Battery Isolation Switches.

        High performance circuit breakers are ideally suited to protect against overcurrent and short circuit for use in aircraft and vehicles and other specialised equipment where safety is paramount.  Battery isolation switches are ideally suited for installation in the main battery systems of heavy duty vehicles including tankers, boats, off-road plant and other battery-powered equipment. 


        High performance circuit breakers feature thermal or thermal-magnetic trip and an extremely high rupture capacity. Battery isolation switches are also based on a thermal-magnetic trip mechanism. The thermal part of the circuit breaker provides delayed protection in the event of overload, the magnetic part disconnects the faulty circuit in the event of overload or short circuit within milliseconds. All products of this group provide genuine physical contact isolation.

      • Electronic Overcurrent Protection

      • Typical Applications 
        Ideally suited to protect equipment components in industrial applications and supply lines which are fed by means of a DC24V switch-mode power supply.

        Electronic overcurrent protection prevents short-term voltage dips of switch-mode power supplies to values below 18 V both in the event of a short circuit and in the event of overload in the load circuit. At the same time the products provide selective protection or disconnection even at very unfavourable overload conditions. Other features include current-limited switch-on of loads with high input capacities without increasing the current ratings as well as failure signalling.
      • DC Disconnects & Arc Fault Detectors

      • Typical Applications
        DC Disconnects or isolating switches are used for opening or closing a circuit, e.g. for plant maintenance and repair. In photovoltaic applications, the DC Disconnect helps to isolate the PV generator from the remaining electrical system. Arc fault detectors monitor systems and plants with regard to hazardous arcs. They detect arcs early in the formation phase and help to prevent fire hazard.

        DC Disconnects are designed for switching under load conditions. Besides the manual actuation, additional functions are available such as motor actuation and undervoltage release which allow remote control of the DC Disconnect. 

        By means of a frequency analysis, arc fault detectors identify the characteristic frequency spectrum of arcs. After detecting an arc, they provide a tripping signal e.g. to a disconnect switch which quenches the arc by opening the circuit.

      • Relays & Solid State Remote Power Controllers

      • Typical Applications 
        Ideally suited as an electronic replacement for electro-mechanical switching and control components for reliable switching of solenoids in pneumatic, hydraulic equipment and rail vehicles, cable protection in industrial plants (rolling mills etc.) with long cable lengths and small cross sections as well as to permanent wire breakage of the load circuit. Also suitable for connection to PLCs as switching amplifiers with failure indication and overcurrent protection.