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Company Profile

Our research focuses on the interfaces between robots and biological systems, and our mission is to develop science, technology, and human resources in this area. Our recent interest is human-robot haptic interfaces. Haptic interfaces are mechatronic (computer and mechanical) systems to allow human to feel and physically manipulate virtual or remote environment. Our specific interest is the design of haptic interfaces, improving the quality of haptic feedback, and dealing with the effects of delayed network transmissions for enhancing the realism of virtual and teleoperated environments. Haptic interfaces has applications in many areas, including computer-assisted and simulated surgery, autonomous exploration of hazardous or remote environments, undersea salvage, enabling technologies, micro/nano manipulation, education and design. Sponsors of our work include KRF, ADD and MOCIE. The group is led by Professor Jee-Hwan Ryu of the School of Mechanical Engineering at Korea University of Technology and Education.

Product Range

  • Mechatronics in medicine
  • Medical robotics research: Cell manipulation
  • Medical robotics research: Robot assisted surgery
  • Mobile robot research: Safety, security and rescue robots (SSRR)
  • Mobile robot research: Service robot
  • Mobile robot research: Teleoperation and remote handling systems
  • Research in the field of medical robotics
  • Research in the field of robotics
  • Research: Autonomous vehicles
  • Research: Smart cars
  • Robotics research: Humanoid robot technology