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The University of Texas at Arlington

Company Profile

Over the past two decades, ARRI has established itself as a statewide leader in bridging the gap between academic based research and industrial practices in manufacturing. Looking ahead to the next two decades, the Institute is now positioned for national and global prominence that will stimulate vigorous economic growth through innovations in emerging technologies such as smart micromachines and the underlying micromanufacturing processes. The second half of the information revolution will be driven by the application of smart micromachines that can emulate human functions such as perception, cognition, motion and communication. These are integrated systems of micro sensors, processors and actuators that interact with the environment, among themselves, and with humans. Thus, they provide an interface between the information world and the physical world. Research challenges are abundant, with a critical one being the development of manufacturing processes to enable the commercialization of inexpensive, possibly disposable yet reliable micromachines. Applications are equally abundant, ranging from implantable medical microdevices to embedded and mobile sensor networks for surveillance and self-diagnostics, to the next generation of humanoid robots for entertainment, training, and manufacturing. UT Arlington is entering a Golden Age in Research, and ARRI is proud of its flagship role at the University. Our research and technology commercialization programs are blazing new trails, and our manufacturing extension services are second to none. Our one-of-a-kind partner institution in Vermont complements the ARRI portfolio by adding pilot production services. Education is of course a core mission of any academic enterprise. Here again, ARRI differentiates itself by immersing students into a genuinely interdisciplinary environment. Carefully selected doctoral and other students work side by side with the university’s most accomplished faculty and full-time research staff recruited from the nation’s top universities. Student co-advising is a routine practice, and inter-laboratory boundaries are totally porous. Academic silos have no place at ARRI. ARRI provides fertile grounds for the next generation of industry captains. The model alumnus will have been exposed to mathematical rigor and developed a solid understanding of computational and experimental practices. But he or she will have also developed an acute awareness of interpersonal skills, business practices, and above all the significance of entrepreneurship in a globally competitive economy. The Texas legislature, the Newell family and the Fort Worth business community have made significant investments in the Institute. Their foresight and confidence are taken to heart. In concert with the Metroplex business community and with technology leaders around the world, we will stop at nothing short of growing ARRI into a beacon at the epicenter of a world-class microtechnology cluster.

Product Range

  • AI artificial intelligence research
  • AI research: Autonomous navigation
  • AI research: Cognitive robotics
  • AI research: Decision making
  • AI research: Machine learning
  • AI research: Reasoning
  • AI research: Robot society
  • AI research: Robot understanding
  • AI research: Tactile recognition
  • Distributed devices: Mobile sensor networks
  • Mechatronics in medicine
  • Medical robotics research: Medical microdevices
  • Microtechnology research: 3D Packaging
  • Microtechnology research: Discrete Devices
  • Microtechnology research: Embedded microdevices
  • Microtechnology research: Energy harvesting
  • Microtechnology research: Femtosecond Laser machining
  • Microtechnology research: Magnetoelectric sensors
  • Microtechnology research: Micro actuator
  • Microtechnology research: Micro manipulation system
  • Microtechnology research: Microassembly
  • Microtechnology research: Micropackaging
  • Microtechnology research: Micropumps
  • Microtechnology research: Microrobotics
  • Microtechnology research: Microsensor
  • Microtechnology research: Microspectrometer
  • Microtechnology research: Piezoactuators
  • Microtechnology research: PiezoMEMS
  • Microtechnology research: Piezotransformers
  • Mobile robot research: Legged machines
  • Mobile robot research: Micromotion manipulator
  • Mobile robot research: Multi-robot-teams and cooperation
  • Mobile robot research: Robot societies
  • Mobile robot research: Walking robot
  • Research in the field of robotics
  • Robotics control research: Discrete event control
  • Robotics control research: Intelligent and nonlinear control
  • Robotics research: Active surfaces
  • Robotics research: Microrobotics
  • Robotics research: Modular robotics and self assembly
  • Robotics research: Robotic assembly