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  • motion plastics: High-performance polymers for motion

    igus is a manufacturer of high-performance polymers for motion, so-called motion plastics. We have been developing and producing innovative products made from lubrication-free plastics since 1964. These include energy chains, cables, plain bearings, thread technology, robots and intelligent sensor technology, which help our customers to improve their technology and reduce costs. igus is headquartered in Cologne (Germany), but is represented by 30 other locations and 50 dealers worldwide.
    Product Portfolio
    • Motion plastics® - Product Overview

          • e-chains® and accessories

          • e-chain systems® – the "umbilical cord" of modern machines. Custom-made from stock.
          • Cables sold by the metre

          • Special cables for e-chains® - tested, tested, tested. Over 1354 types from stock.
          • Ready-to-connect cables

          • Designed for use in energy chains. Numerous types of cable with different approvals and certificates of conformity.
          • Plug-in connectors

          • Plug-in connectors and more than 3,500 connector components from stock - everything from a single source and delivered quickly.
          • Energy supply systems ready for connection

          • We offer smart maintenance solutions for energy chain systems and bearing technology from igus. Avoid system downtimes and make your maintenance plannable. With i.Sense continuous condition monitoring, you can keep an eye on your systems at all times. With i.Cee, you can connect your production system to the Internet of Things (IoT) or your local network and have the option of predictive maintenance. With smart plastics, you can prevent downtimes, extend product lifetimes and save on maintenance costs.
          • Pneumatic hoses

          • Special pneumatic hoses for heavy-duty use in energy chains.
          • Energy supply systems for robots

          • Energy supply systems for robots, also as a complete solution including excellent torsion-resistant cables.
          • Predictive maintenance

          • Continuous condition monitoring with i.Sense to keep an eye on your systems at all times. Connecting your production system to the Internet of Things (IoT) or your local network with i.Cee and have the option of predictive maintenance. With smart plastics, you can prevent downtimes, extend product lifetimes and save on maintenance costs.
          • Sleeve bearings with flange

          • Increase service life, reduce costs and eliminate lubrication. 7000 types from stock.
          • Self-aligning bearings

          • The complete product range of self-adjusting, maintenance-free bearings made of sliding plastics. 2600 types from stock.
          • Bar stock

          • iglidur® is available as round material, hollow rod, bar stock sheet or designed to the desired shape.
          • Slewing ring bearings

          • With sliding elements made from lubrication and maintenance-free materials.
          • Special and drawing parts

          • We have a wide range of manufacturing options available for the manufacture of drawing parts. We can advise you on the most technically and economically efficient manufacturing method.
          • Gears and 3D Printing

          • From a single part to high-volume production of up to several millions. Plastic gears made of iglidur® high-performance polymers enable lubrication-free and maintenance-free use.
          • Linear technology

          • Linear guides from stock. Lubrication-free, silent, lightweight and cost-effective - rail and shaft guides.
          • Drive technology

          • Lubrication-free linear modules with lead screw for precise adjustments or toothed belts for quick positioning. For every installation space, in individual stroke lengths.
          • Electric linear axes

          • Maintenance-free linear axes ready to install with stepper or DC motors, configurable as single or multi-axis system.
          • Electric motors

          • EC motors, stepper motors, lead screw stepper motors and motor controls. Ready to connect, can be shipped within 24hrs.
          • Lead screw technology

          • High helix thread with dryspin® technology and self-locking trapezoidal and metric threads.
          • Ball bearings

          • Made of high-performance polymers and are therefore not only lubrication-free, but also extremely light and maintenance-friendly.
          • 3D printing material and Service

          • Up to 50 times more abrasion-resistant than conventional materials plus 3D printing service for desired components within as little as 24hrs
          • tribo-tape liner

          • tribo-tape liner with excellent suitability for the varied lining of tribologically stressed surfaces and shapes.
          • Guide rings

          • Replace elaborately stamped PTFE tapes with a single clip-on guide ring. Piston rings made of freely selectable materials.
          • Modular robotics system

          • Integration of different motion mechanisms in one component.
        • Innovations

      • Unleash your engineering power with play with igus enjoyneering and 227 new products
              • Energy chain

            • Moving energy made easy – through innovation and sustainability
              Tech up, cost down. It's our job.

              Our task is to constantly develop new innovations in e-chains and cables. This enables us to help you to save costs and further increase the quality of machines and systems at the same time, in other words "Tech up. Cost down".

              We at igus are also committed to the reduction of plastic waste and the improvement of recycling: when energy chains reach the end of their service life, we have them processed in the igus recycling programme.

                    • cradle-chain E2.1.CG

                    • The first energy chain made from 100% recycled material. Based on the igus chainge program, the new E2.1.CG e-chain was created from 100% recycled material - all tested in the igus laboratory.
                    • drive-chain

                    • DESIGN STUDY: Driven energy chain system for extremely long travels, extremely dynamic and high run times. The drive-chain is used, e.g., in ASC cranes.
                    • e-tract 2.0 cable retraction system

                    • DESIGN STUDY: e-tract is a cable retraction system for clean cable management at the charging station. Automatic retraction. A slip ring is dispensed with completely.
                    • Cleanroom energy chain C6

                    • Energy supply without measurable abrasion

                      Abrasion-resistance is the decisive parameter for energy chain applications in cleanrooms. The C6 energy chain sets the standard. The abrasion is barely measurable. This is the best outcome: no abrasion can be measured when the new C6 cleanroom energy chain is used, even under high loads.

                    • The e-skin® flat with support chain SKF.S

                    • Upgrades: spacer and ultrasonic sensor

                      By equipping the new additional components - spacer and ultrasonic sensor - the e-skin® flat with support chain can be implemented for more unsupported lengths, more compact installation and smarter monitoring.

                    • E4.80R roller e-chain

                    • Easy changeover from sliding to rolling energy chain

                      Easy conversion from gliding to rolling energy chain, one radius for all series, no adapter chain link required, ideal for long travels. Retrofit, extend the service life of the energy chain, reduce the variety of bearing parts and reduce drive power to move the e-chain.

                    • P4HD.56R rol e-chain

                    • Maximum service life for the latest crane generation

                      The new heavy-duty rol e-chain® meets all the relevant requirements for container cranes of the next and future generations. Longer paths, higher dynamics, short load cycles, zero failures.

                    • Largest modular system for almost any application

                    • The E4.1 system for long travels, gliding and rolling

                      The E4.1 modular range has now been expanded with new rol e-chain links and glide pads. These components allow for a technologically and economically customised energy supply system for every application from travels of 12m to 500m.

                      • E4.1 for high stability and long service life
                      • E4.1 with rollers for highest speeds
                      • E4.1 with glide pads for extremely abrasive environments
                    • iSet - Sophisticated engineering made simple!

                    • Now you can save time and money with our complete energy chain set. No need to spend lots of time looking for the right energy chain series and relevant accessories. We can assemble the complete energy chain set.
                    • autoglide 5 slide profile - AG5.RAIL

                    • Even easier handling and even more cost-effective

                      The AG5.Rail slide profile for the autoglide 5 replaces the non-moving chain links between the fixed end and the centre of travel. The AG5.RAIL's larger pitch, slim design and convenient plug-in connectors you save on purchasing as well as transport/handling and installation.

                    • E4Q e-chain® with extender crossbars

                    • Clever, modular extender crossbar system for large diameters

                      Modular extender crossbar concept with E4Q opening mechanism: adapt energy chain individually to hose diameter. Install easily without tools and replace hoses as needed. Save assembly time: simple, fast and tool-free assembly. If a repair is required, the hose is quickly replaced by opening the crossbar on the extender crossbar.

                    • The e-loop for top drive applications

                    • The alternative to the service loop ... simple filling

                      The new e-loop specifically for top drive applications is a four-piece design. Easy filling through a lateral opening. Easy maintenance and long service life. Shock-resistant and shatter-proof.

                  • Low Cost Automation

                        • igus® Robot Control software & hardware

                        • Tech up:

                          • New robotics control software by igus®
                          • Available in control cabinet or on top-hat (DIN) rail
                          Cost down:
                          • Try out programming software for free online
                          • Intuitive operator control for everybody
                          • The user can test the software as a free download
                          • A software for programming linear robots, delta robots and robot arms
                        • Axis 7 for robots

                        • Tech up:

                          • Ready-to-install linear axis 7 in robotics
                            for flexible use of robots in the workspace
                          • Matching adapter kits for robolink DP and UR with UR Cap Integration
                          Cost down:
                          • Toothed belt axis ZLW-20 from the drylin® W modular system
                          • Kits available individually or as ready-to-install ZLW-20
                          • Up to 4 times larger robot workspace due to linear adjustment with axis 7
                          • 100% lubrication-free ZLW-20 toothed belt axis
                          • Materials can be recycled
                        • Modular drygear® gearbox system

                        • Tech up:

                          • Modular design for manual and motor-operated adjustments
                          • Worm gears made of tribologically optimised igus high-performance polymers
                          Cost down:
                          • Cost-effective gearboxes made of solid plastic
                          • Fast conversion possible
                          • 100% clean operation
                          • 40% better performance through iglidur® A180
                          • Very light and completely lubrication-free
                        • robolink DP articulated arm robot

                        • The new generation of robolink®: the control system means that the RL-DP is ready for immediate use. With cables on the inside and individual, igus® not only relies on design. The robot's four-axis or five-axis versions are even more precise, faster and more durable than their predecessors. Due to the injection-moulded housing, the RL-DP is currently the most cost-effective among the robolink® robots.

                          • Payload up to 30N
                          • Cycle times > 6s
                          • Reach up to 790mm
                          • Available as 4-DOF or 5-DOF (degrees of freedom) 
                          • Optimised bearing of the single axes for low
                          • Optionally available with the igus Robot Control  
                          • Individual colour selection possible
                          • Special version for splash water with IP44 available
                      • Cables for moving applications: chainflex

                    • Guarantee up to 4 years
                            • 4-year guarantee - there's never been anything like it ...

                            • 12 additional months for more safety.
                              The unique chainflex guarantee has been extended by another 12 months and is now valid for 4 years! Numerous tests in the 3,800m² test laboratory make such a guarantee possible!
                            • chainflex® CF33.UL - UL-listed flexible motor supply

                            • ... from the e-chain® straight onto the cable tray Unique UL-listed flexible motor supply cable for use in the e-chain and the cable rack. The CF33.UL is the first motor cable of this type for permanent use in moving energy chains. 
                            • chainflex® CFCLEAN with a guarantee of 40 million double strokes ...

                            • ... even more safety for cleanrooms
                              Increase in the guaranteed service life of CFCLEAN cable elements to 40 million double strokes and simultaneous increase in current-carrying capacity.
                            • chainflex® is PTFE/PFAS-free ...

                            • ... operational safety guaranteed and confirmed worldwide
                              chainflex dispenses with PTFE! The new logo confirms the elimination of PTFE in igus chainflex cables. If a general ban is announced, no chainflex cables will have to be disposed of or replaced and can continue to be used worldwide without any concerns.
                            • chainflex® CASE Refill ...

                            • ... replacing cables made easy
                              Thanks to a refill element, the chainflex CASE shipping and storage solution is even more practical and sustainable. Available for both CASE sizes, it allows users to unwind the cables directly from the box.
                            • Cross-section extensions for six chainflex® cable series ...

                            • ... tested in the chainflex® laboratory and with a guarantee
                              Six cable series with new cross sections were added to the chainflex product range. Our cables come with the unique chainflex guarantee and have been tested in our own test laboratory.
                          • Harnessed systems

                        • Our task is to constantly develop new innovations in energy chains and cables. This enables us to help you to save costs and further increase the quality of machines and systems at the same time, in other words "Tech up, Cost down". It's our job. “
                                • SEW-EURODRIVE hybrid cable MOVILINK® DDI

                                • Tech up:

                                  • Save installation space and weight: only one cable for power and data
                                  • Automatic generation of cable plan, parts list and further design documents in CAE system
                                  • Directly orderable online with up to 36-month guarantee
                                  Cost down:
                                  • Through optimal product selection
                                  • Reduction of own warehousing costs through short-term delivery or just-in-time delivery
                                  • No minimum quantity surcharges, no cutting charges 
                                  • Reduce design time by 50% with ready-to-use EPLAN macros
                                • Hybrid cables suitable for Siemens drives with OCC

                                • Tech up:

                                  • Save installation space and weight: only one cable for power and data
                                  • Automatic generation of cable plan, parts list and further design documents in CAE system
                                  • Directly orderable online with up to 36-month guarantee
                                  Cost down:
                                  • More precise product selection through expansion of the product portfolio to include PVC (more cost-effective than PUR)
                                  • Reduction of own warehousing costs through short-term delivery or just-in-time delivery
                                  • No minimum quantity surcharges, no cutting charges 
                                  • Reduce design time by 50% with ready-to-use EPLAN macros
                                • Speedtec drive cable suitable for Baumueller

                                • Tech up:

                                  • Seven chainflex® cable qualities guarantee the best product selection for your application
                                  • With 36-month chainflex® guarantee
                                  • Online service life calculator
                                  Cost down:
                                  • Cost down through optimal product selection
                                  • Reduced stock
                                  • Short-term availability upon request or just-in-time delivery if required
                                • DeviceNet cable with binder M12 A-coded

                                • Tech up:

                                  Cost down:
                                  • Cost down through optimal product selection
                                  • Reduced, own warehousing through short-term delivery by igus or just-in-time delivery
                                • Profinet binder M12 d-coded

                                • Tech up:

                                  Cost down:
                                  • Choose from more than seven different cable qualities to find the most cost-effective product with the longest service life for your application
                                  • Reduction of own warehousing costs through short-term delivery or just-in-time delivery
                              • smart plastics®

                                    • Extending service life has never been this cost effective ...

                                    • ... with the new i.Sense EC.W service life sensor

                                      The new i.Sense EC.W sensor makes more system availability more cost-effective than ever before. Due to the direct connection of the PLC machine control via potential-free contacts, real-time status monitoring for your gliding energy supply systems is possible from EUR 248.00 (DE list). 

                                      This makes it easier than ever to avoid unplanned downtime and increase system availability. 

                                    • Finally also for multi-axis and industrial robots ...

                                    • ... i.Sense TR.B for intelligent condition monitoring

                                      Robots have long been indispensable in many areas of industrial manufacturing – bb welding, painting, soldering, and palletising: industrial robots are becoming dynamic. A flexible 3D energy chain such as the triflex® R from igus® makes it possible to guide robot cables safely. To detect potential chain breaks due to extreme loads in good time and avoid unplanned machine breakdowns, igus has developed i.Sense TR.B, the world's first breakage monitoring system for 3D energy chains. 

                                    • 3D i.sense: 3D printed wear-resistant parts with sensors

                                    • Fast manufacture of intelligent special parts for predictive maintenance

                                      Components made with the multi-material printing process enable predictive maintenance for quickly manufactured special parts, so that machine downtime and maintenance work can be reduced sustainably. Due to the sensor layer, the intelligent 3D isense components issue a warning before the wear limit is reached or if overloading occurs.

                                    • Lifelong condition monitoring

                                    • EC.W LoRa separator with solar power supply

                                      This separator powered with solar electricity is always bursting with energy. Changing the battery of the installed module is no longer necessary.
                                      Abrasion at the crossbar of the chain can be measured without problems and in a resource-friendly way.

                                    • Intelligent iglidur isense plain bearing

                                    • No more unexpected bearing damage

                                      iglidur® isense plain bearings indicate their wear status in good time. If a bearing needs to be changed, the system is informed about it.

                                    • Service life monitoring for all e-chain® installation types

                                    • Integrated offline service life monitoring for unsupported and roller chain applications

                                      Excess clearance between a chain link's bolt and hole is a clear indication of the decreasing service life of an e-chain system®. The EC.I.SU.02 sensor measures this clearance in clear percentage increments and sends it via LoRa to the module.

                                  • Plain bearings

                                        • Extremely robust iglidur H3 plain bearings

                                        • For use in pumps and problematic media

                                          H3 is a new material in the iglidur H family. H3 sets new standards with its outstanding robustness. This material is tougher than comparable materials and has a longer service life than iglidur H1.

                                        • iglidur AC500 for high temperatures

                                        • Plain bearings for the food industry

                                          iglidur AC500 is a further development of the A500 material, which is detectable and has an optimised service life. Plain bearings made of AC500 have been certified for use in direct contact with food.  

                                        • Gears made of iglidur F

                                        • iglidur® F | Electrically conductive, extremely pressure-resistant

                                          • Electrically conductive
                                          • High compressive strength
                                          • Good temperature resistance
                                          • High p x v value
                                          • Good chemical resistance
                                          • Lubrication and maintenance-free
                                          • Standard range from stock
                                          Maximum rigidity and hardness, and extremely conductive: when gears need to be electrically conductive, especially in applications that need to keep out static electricity, iglidur® F is the right choice. Moreover, iglidur® F gears are extremely pressure-resistant. At room temperature, they can be statically loaded up to 105MPa.
                                        • iglidur IC-05 material to spray on

                                        • FDA and EU10/2011-compliant

                                          The coating with iglidur coating materials enables you to solve wear problems even where there is little space for plain bearings due to particularly narrow installation spaces.  ​

                                      • Linear technology

                                            • Econ version of the guide rail with clear anodised coating (Klareloxal) now available: drylin® TS-CA

                                            • Tech up

                                              • Corrosion-resistant surface
                                              Cost down
                                              • All rail installation sizes 15% more cost-effective than the hard anodised version
                                              • Clear anodised, salt-spray tested (NSS) according to DIN EN 9227/ASTM B-117
                                              • 66% weight saving due to use of aluminium instead of steel
                                            • Stainless steel version now available: drylin® W exchange bearing

                                            • Tech up

                                              • Split stainless steel housing allows changing the bearing directly on the rail
                                              Cost down
                                              • Can be used with all drylin® W linear carriages; installation size 20, toothed belt axis ZLW-20, and linear module SLW-2080, stainless steel
                                              • Tested: iglidur® X resistant to acetone (10%), benzoic acid (20%, aqueous), bleaching solution, drilling oils, butyric acid, seawater, etc. (compl. list)
                                              • Linear housing can be used for a lifetime
                                              • Emission-reduced, replacement parts handling, weight of the linear liner < 5g
                                            • At 16mm with a lower profile than ever before: drylin® W MonoSlide 0660

                                            • Tech up

                                              • Monobloc made of aluminium for robust handling
                                              • Sliding elements made from iglidur® J for long-lasting operation
                                              Cost down
                                              • Save storage space -> 1 component instead of 9 (as in the case of standard linear carriages)
                                              • 12% less installation height than standard
                                              • Corrosion-resistant thanks to a clear anodised coating
                                              • Maintenance-free due to self-lubricating high-performance polymers from igus®
                                            • Pull-out made easy: polymer telescopic guide

                                            • Further colours now available in addition to the standard ones!

                                              Tech up:

                                              • igus® polymers in three colours
                                              • Withstands up to 2.5kg
                                              • Up to 70% lighter than steel
                                              Cost down:
                                              • Cost-effective production via injection moulding
                                              • Fast assembly due to snap-on hooks
                                              • 64% weight saving and 23% narrower installation space compared to NT-35
                                              • Metal-free telescopic guide without lubrication
                                              • Low inertia reduces emissions in the aviation industry, among others
                                          • Industries

                                                • motion plastics for the beverage industry

                                                • Clean and FDA-compliant solutions for the beverage industry

                                                  Today, machines and equipment in the beverage industry have to be capable of implementing precise format adjustments while coping with rapid movements in the filling process and withstanding aggressive cleaning agents. We therefore supply you with machine components made of high-performance plastics that offer safe and reliable operation without any additional lubrication.

                                                • Cleanroom products up to ISO Class 1

                                                • Whether in a display robot or in pick-and-place applications in semiconductor manufacturing and microelectronics:
                                                  igus offers components for every cleanroom that bring Tech up and Cost down

                                                  In the case of cleanrooms, the requirements regarding the abrasion-resistance of moving components are especially high, as every contamination impairs products and processes. This costs money. We develop and test our high-performance polymer products in our in-house cleanroom laboratory with utmost care. Moreover, in order to provide solid attestation that our products are ideal for use in cleanrooms, the Fraunhofer Institute subjects them to further tests. This enables a broad product portfolio with the best possible cleanroom classification (ISO Class 1).

                                                • motion plastics for the crane industry

                                                • Energy chains for long port crane service life

                                                  Tried and tested in thousands of applications; reduce costs, increase service life

                                                  Heavy loads, long periods of use, and a wide variety of weather conditions – cranes in port facilities must have fantastic performance. And that is just where our energy chains and flexible cables are being used. They have proven themselves for years in more than 10,000 ports with their corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free materials and long service life. Their fields of application include ship-to-shore cranes, bulk cargo handling cranes, RTGs, RMGs, Goliath cranes, spreaders and reach stackers. Wherever safety must be ensured and there is pressure to meet deadlines, e-chains® are a reliable, quiet alternative to busbar systems, festooning and cable drums.

                                                • motion plastics for the bicycle industry

                                                • 40% lower costs, 80% less weight and 100% less maintenance

                                                  Manoeuvrable cargo bikes, high-performing e-bikes in all qualities, down-country bikes with progressive geometry and low weight that are just as much fun uphill as downhill - these are the current trends in the world of bicycles. If you are intending to save weight regarding bike components, increase their service life and minimise maintenance intervals, our motion plastics are the right choice. Dry-operating iglidur plain bearings made of high-performance polymers are especially lightweight, extremely wear-resistant and characterised by a very low coefficient of friction. They defy shocks and bumps and are more resistant than metallic bearings - especially in extreme environmental conditions. Dirt, temperature, detergents and humidity are no longer challenges. By the elimination of external lubricants, maintenance is also minimised.

                                                • motion plastics for film and camera technology

                                                • Curtain up, action – lubrication-free to a successful movie

                                                  People associate emotions and memories with photos and films. A record is kept of every moment deemed special. Something that initially involved a great deal of effort in a darkroom to develop film, has become a matter of course thanks to digitalisation and the related advances in technology. It is not only the cameras that have changed, the equipment involved is setting new technological standards. igus® products not only bring about technological improvements but also save costs. Whether "do-it-yourself" applications or professional constructions – the versatile drylin® linear guide system offers design freedom for every construction. Specifically in the construction of camera carriages, also referred to as sliders or dollies, technicians, product designers or DIY enthusiasts can make their wishes come true and combine individual components. Absolutely lubrication-free and virtually silent, thanks to the use of tribo-optimised polymers and aluminium are only two of the many arguments in favour of igus®. In addition, energy chains and chainflex® cables ensure increased dependability even at high speeds and tight bend radii.

                                                • motion plastics for construction machinery

                                                • Less maintenance work and costs with motion plastics

                                                  Vibrations, low temperature, heat, dirt: igus products offer excellent performance Construction machinery has to withstand very tough working conditions and needs to work reliably even in bad weather. igus makes this possible with its energy chains and polymer plain bearings that are characterised by their outstanding resilience and long service life. The product range includes energy chains for cable protection and guidance, e.g. when cables are used for work platforms, telescopic forklifts or drilling machines. chainflex cables that are resistant to UV radiation as well as low temperatures are designed for highly dynamic continuous motion. Maintenance-free and lubrication-free polymer plain bearings used wherever there are high loads, e.g. in excavators, wheeled loaders and telescopic forklifts. More than 20,000 customers worldwide place their trust in polymer solutions tested under realistic conditions, and in the many years of experience accumulated and built on by igus.

                                                • motion plastics for fluid technology

                                                • Maintenance-free and lubrication-free plastic plain bearings for fluid technology

                                                  Hydraulic and pneumatic components give machinery and equipment power, precision, speed and dynamics. Demands on the equipment and corresponding components installed are incredibly high! The range of uses for iglidur plain bearings, igubal spherical bearings and drylin linear guides or lead screws in fluid engineering is constantly increasing. They are also proving their worth in fittings and valves. From linear movements through to rotating applications, they provide high wear abrasion plus chemical and temperature resistance as well as freedom from maintenance in dry operations.

                                                • motion plastics for the food industry

                                                • FDA and EU-10/2011-compliant components made of high-performance polymers

                                                  In order to comply with the strict requirements for food hygiene and food safety in all stages of a process, igus® supplies you with plastic solutions for your food-processing machines and equipment. As these machine components have been specially developed for moving applications and do not require any lubrication, product contamination is ruled out completely.

                                                • Lubrication-free solutions for
                                                  furniture making and industrial design

                                                • Innovative furniture-making technology in award-winning design

                                                  Clean, quiet and light - these are the most important features at the centre of the production of furniture and furnishings. This alone creates great demand for components from motion plastics specialist igus in the furniture industry. But the lubrication-free, high-performance polymers can do even more: they glide smoothly with little effort and remain maintenance-free over their entire service life. Thanks to the dry operation, there is no danger of neighbouring materials such as textile covers, leather or wood being soiled. Plain bearing solutions and energy supplies with flexible cables are deployed everywhere there is movement. Whether hidden or visible, in soft opening table drawers or in flexible sofa arrangements with a variety of seat settings, in kitchen cabinets, in the bathroom or garden – igus product solutions prove their worth day after day in the roughest of industrial applications and have received the iF Design Award several times.

                                                • motion plastics for the glass industry

                                                • Temperature-resistant ... chip-proof ... quick assembly ... long service life

                                                  Accuracy plays a vital role in the glass industry, as cutting and trimming to size to meet individual customer requirements, involves high-precision work. Cutting glass to size for tables, mirrors or doors often leaves sharp edges. A grinding and polishing process finishes the edge to minimize the risk of injury. From surface, joining or forming technology through to handling: igus® always has ideal solutions at hand for individual applications in the glass industry using its e-chain systems®, chainflex cables for movement and plain bearings made of tribologically optimised high-performance polymers. The safe and reliable energy supply also ensures long-term cost savings by reducing installation and maintenance times.

                                                • Long-lasting energy supply for gantry cranes

                                                • In the area of crane systems, safe and fault-free cable guidance is extremely important for functional safety. As demands on travel distances, speeds, accelerations and precision are steadily increasing, the energy supply system and the cables must be able to withstand ever increasing loads. Installation, operation and maintenance should require a minimum of time and anticipated downtime. "Off-the-peg solutions" for indoor cranes and bridge cranes are rarely an option. Especially in the international market with its different conditions and standards, crane manufacturers and end users require multifunctional machines and variable components that can be easily adapted to the respective situation. All these requirements are met by igus with its versatile and extremely durable energy supply systems.

                                                • high-performance polymers for industrial vehicles

                                                • Defects, repairs or maintenance of industrial vehicles are annoying and costly, both in terms of replacement parts but also expensive downtime. Robust and reliable components are therefore required to avoid downtime and lower unnecessary costs. Whether high loads at bearing locations with up to 250 MPa or very small bending radii for cables: igus® has virtually maintenance-free solutions with long service life for industrial vehicles such as forklifts, industrial tractors or driverless transport systems. In many applications, metallic bushings or recirculating ball bearing guides can be replaced by self-lubricating polymer plain bearings and linear guides! We would like to show you how to improve your technology and save costs at the same time.
                                                • motion plastics for machine tools

                                                • hat is a machine tool? Turning, milling, drilling and grinding are among the most important technologies for machine tool manufacturing. The machine tool is the "mother" of all machines and the basis for e.g. car manufacturing or smart phone production. The set-up of the machine tool can be very complex - from conventional lathe, to CNC machine or machining centre up to a production line with automation unit. The target is to produce complex workpieces with the help of tools. Together with the degree of automation, the use of igus motion plastics also increases. From the energy chain and flexing chainflex cables up to dry-tech bearings, all product groups are used in the machine tool. The future project Industry 4.0 is taking on an ever more concrete shape. Thanks to igus smart plastics, the Machine Tool 4.0 is becoming reality for machine tool manufacturers. The goal is always to reduce costs and improve technology.
                                                • Maintenance-free and quiet in continuous logistic operation

                                                • Storage without interruption of logistics is essential for fast supply chains. Customers do not want to wait unnecessarily for their goods and for manufacturers, on-time delivery is a decisive competitive advantage. The processes run largely automatically, especially in larger-scale intralogistics. In addition to industrial vehicles, lifting tables and palletisers, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and storage and retrieval units autonomously move unit loads and packages. motion plastics support 24/7 operation because they are lubrication-free and therefore maintenance-free. In addition, our energy chains, cables, plain and linear bearings save weight and installation space, an important aspect especially in high-bay warehouses.
                                                • High-performance polymers for the offshore‑industry

                                                • Conditions at sea are rough and extremely demanding for components. Sea water, high and low temperatures, shocks, vibrations due to wind and motion; all this puts a lot of stress on cables, hoses and energy supplies. We have products suitable for these special application locations. In wind turbines, on drilling vessels or on oil rigs, they ensure a reliable supply of energy, both on the cantilever and in highly dynamic pipe handling. Light and maintenance-free. Thanks to our engineering team and DNV GL and NEK-certified chainflex cables, we also offer ready-to-connect complete systems that are tailored to meet your needs.
                                                • motion plastics for the oil and gas industry

                                                • Moving energy supply systems that function under extreme conditions

                                                  Dirt, saltwater, vibrations, extreme temperatures, high levels of mechanical stress and the risk of explosion are the most frequently occurring problems that impair the performance of drilling equipment and other devices used for oil and gas extraction. In such surroundings, where downtime is costly, the energy chains from igus® offer the performance characteristics needed to ensure smooth and continuous operation.

                                                • motion plastics for the packaging industry

                                                • Compliance with the highest hygiene standards, precise and fast processing, and safety and reliability

                                                  Solutions in the packaging, food or beverage industry are mostly very sensitive. Special requirements have to be fulfilled, especially where contact with food is concerned. At the same time, packaging equipment must enable precise and fast processing combined with cleanliness and economic efficiency. Tuned to the specific needs of the packaging industry, such as food hygiene, FDA and/or EU compliance, we are able to provide you with our maintenance-free and lubrication-free machine parts made of high-performance plastics that help optimise your packaging machines.

                                                • solutions for the plastic and rubber industry

                                                • igus products can be found in a variety of machines and equipment for the plastics and rubber industry. This includes machines and plant for processing, machines and equipment for treatment and recycling, handling and downstream machines as well as peripherals and plant for process automation. Thereby igus products enable a trouble-free and reliable operation of your machines and systems. Among others the following product groups are used:

                                                  • Innovative e-chain cable guidance systems with a long service life
                                                  • Highly flexible chainflex cables with a 36-month guarantee
                                                  • A diverse product range of maintenance-free iglidur plain bearings made of high-performance polymers
                                                  • Compact drylin linear guides
                                                • motion plastics for renewable energy

                                                • Maintenance-free and reliable solutions for long-term energy generation

                                                  Generating energy, especially from renewable energy sources, requires reliable and durable technological solutions. In the process, the different systems are often exposed to extreme environmental conditions, such as UV radiation, fluctuations in temperature, strong winds, dirt and dust, and have to withstand these for years.

                                                  Tailored to the specific system, we offer you special solutions made of high-performance polymers, which can help you improve your technology, optimise your system and reduce costs.

                                                • Multi-axis e-chain® for robots - triflex® R

                                                • In 3D applications, rotating and pivoting movements are part of everyday life. Energy chains are required here, which safely guide and protect robot cables. The triflex R (TRE, TRC and TRL) energy chain has been specifically developed for demanding multi-axis robots. Due to its high tensile force absorption and high flexibility, the energy chain enables a rotation of about ±10° per chain link with complicated motions in the vertical axes. Compared to a cable protection hose, triflex R offers a defined bend radius, which greatly increases the service life of cables and hoses.
                                                • Tech up, cost down. motion plastics® for service robotics

                                                • Service robots are machines that make everyday life easier and fulfil services. With semi or fully automatic function, they care for the well-being of humans. A distinction is made between service robots for private use and robots for professional service. All types of technically sophisticated robots are in use worldwide. They mainly consist of vacuum cleaners, floor mops and lawn mowers for households. The humanoid robots, who, for example, already do routine work in the healthcare sector without any problems, are now being utilised in the most diverse industrial sectors. Robotics play an increasingly important role in Industry 4.0. For this reason, the requirements for components installed in service robots are high in order to process information quickly and perform tasks reliably. The motion plastics manufacturer igus has the right solution for a wide variety of service robotics applications. Whether fail-safe chainflex cables for movement or lubrication-free and maintenance-free drytech components, igus ensures the optimum automation of your robot.
                                                • motion plastics for sewage plants

                                                • Longer service life, lower costs, more safety

                                                  Sewage plants must clean sewage reliably and hence work safely and without failure. Under continuous stress such as sun, wind, snow and ice. igus products are tested in our own laboratory with regard to their service life and are being used in hundreds of applications. This way, downtime is avoided, operating costs are reduced and time-consuming maintenance is decreased. Whether in a longitudinal scraper, sand or fat trap: igus offers cost-effective energy chains, cables and guide troughs specifically for sewage treatment, individually or as a ready-to-use complete system from stock. At igus, you can find tailored solutions for small sewage plants up to a large wastewater treatment plant.

                                                • Lightweight, corrosion-free and seawater-resistant

                                                • Tried and tested in numerous applications on the high seas: energy chain systems and plain bearings from igus® withstand the toughest environments. They are extremely reliable and fail-safe in shipyards, on deep sea crane ships and working vessels or shore power applications in ports.

                                                  Our solutions are:

                                                  • Maintenance-free and lubrication-free
                                                  • Strong, yet lighter than steel
                                                  • Resistant to corrosion, seawater, chemicals and UV rays
                                                  • Suitable for use in extreme temperatures
                                                  • Easily assembled, flexible, modular
                                                  • With predictable service life
                                                • solutions for sport boats and other watercrafts

                                                • The requirements for components in sports boats and other vessels are specific: whether for an engine, an outboard motor or a rudder system in a sports boat, the constantly wet environment demands resistance to weathering and corrosion. Resistant to seawater, robust when exposed to wind and storms: these are the requirements igus products have to fulfil in the construction of vessels. At the same time, light weight and functionality are important, for example in the interior of sports boats. Sports boats and vessels with igus products are well-prepared for the requirements on and under water.
                                                  e-chain systems installed in many boats and other vessels guide any cable reliably and safely during electrical adjustments. iglidur plain bearings and drylin linear guides use dry operation and move sliding doors, hatches, steering systems, lift systems and all other rotating and swivelling components on a boat, quietly and in a maintenance-free manner. igus products are generally 100% lubrication-free. Due to their design, which was repeatedly rewarded with the IF award, they also appeal to users as visible parts on boats, as they are available in many finishes.
                                                • components for telescopic work platforms

                                                • Telescopic work platforms and cherry pickers offer little space for safe energy supply, so users like to use energy chains made of high-performance plastics or plastic-steel hybrid energy chains from igus to protect their over-taxed cables and hoses.
                                                  igus spare parts for guidance, transmission and bearing systems in telescopic lifting work platforms such as energy chains or drag chains, cables and supply lines as well as plastic plain bearings, linear bearings or sliding plates meet the harsh conditions of outdoor and permanently stressed devices.
                                                • Vertical farming - vertical agriculture

                                                  • Saving space by freeing up traditional agricultural areas
                                                  • Harvest throughout the year; independent and flexible
                                                  • Low transport and storage costs
                                                  • Water saving due to closed cycles
                                                  igus ensures:
                                                  • Freedom from lubrication and maintenance; no contamination of the products
                                                  • Resistance to dust and dirt
                                                  • Fast ROI due to cost-effective automation components
                                                  • Corrosion-resistant
                                                  • FDA-compliant
                                                • motion plastics® for aviation and aerospace

                                                  • Quiet, low abrasion & vibration-free
                                                  • Highly stable and long-lasting
                                                  • Long travels