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  • König + Neurath: We create working cultures

    Experienced. Resourceful. Made in Germany.

    The world of work is changing – and with it everything that defines a working culture: the space, the technology, the organisation. For this, we have answers: As a leading brand specialising in office furniture and room systems, König + Neurath support clients in collaboration with the specialist trade throughout the entire process of furnishing your offices: from analysis, planning and production to effective service.
Product Portfolio


        • Why flexible furnishing concepts belong to the future

          The world is undergoing radical change, and that includes the workplace. Team cooperation via digital platforms, working from home, remote working, flexible and agile approaches – it’s all routine in 2020. All this is the new normal.

          Do we know how we expect to be working tomorrow? To be honest – no. And that’s why here at König + Neurath we design our furniture concepts so they can be adapted to any scenario and changed again anytime. Only modifiable systems will adapt to a changing environment. Only a system that gives us full creative flexibility can keep pace with us through all those working situations. Its name is TALO.YOU.


        • TALO.YOU stands for mobility: if you spontaneously need a whiteboard for your agile meeting, just flip up the table top. Need more space? You’ll appreciate TALO.YOU’s flexibility here too – you can simply roll it to one side.


          TALO.YOU nesting table stands for agile working in workshop areas, conference or seminar rooms. Whether folding table top, whiteboard equipment or motorized height adjustment, TALO.YOU quickly adapts to your next task. If necessary, they can be compactly pushed together when you need free space.


        • German Design Council honours two product innovations with German Design Award

          The workplace is undergoing radical change. While it’s getting easier to choose your own working location and team activities are more flexible, factors such as health, identity and sustainability in the company are also gaining importance. These things have also influenced the development of office furniture.

          In 2020, office furniture expert König + Neurath launched two furniture ideas onto the market, which are based on a modular construction principle and can therefore be adapted to a wide range of requirements in terms of design as well as function. The German Design Council felt that these products merited two awards: the scalable workstation system TALO.YOU as well as the visitor and conference chair K+N NOOK were chosen as “Winners” by the prestigious expert jury, and were both honoured for their exemplary design achievement in this specific category.

          Sustainable product innovation with an attractive design


            • NET.WORK.PLACE


              Work and meeting culture on the move. Motivational workstation alternatives in striking designs are essential to give the mind free rein and develop new ideas. NET.WORK.PLACE promotes interaction and lets you create a variety of communication areas and working lounges that can be transformed again and again.

              Discover how many variations are possible when you combine the individual elements. Create versatile areas for quiet time, communication and relaxation that can be integrated stylishly into a variety of room scenarios. Thanks to the 800 mm modular grid system it’s possible to replace, rearrange or add components in an instant.

            • LOUNGE-CHAIR


              Good ideas are what drive companies forward. And sometimes the best way to come up with them is by brainstorming with colleagues. At other times a little privacy and concentration is what’s needed. On the basis of this, we developed the NET.WORK.PLACE LOUNGE CHAIR: it embraces you like a cocoon and is perfect for undisturbed working, phone calls or relaxing. You can swivel round to face your colleagues - then turn away again to be alone with your thoughts once more.

          • DESKS

                • TALO.YOU


                  In 2020 transformation of the workplace accelerated in leaps and bounds. Home office and remote working, digital meetings and flexible working have now finally become part of daily routine in the workplace. We’re adapting our product range accordingly: TALO.YOU is a new desk system that’s available in so many variants and specifications/options that you can customise it fully to your particular work situation – and change it whenever you like.

                • K+N STANDBY.OFFICE 2.0

                • REDEFINE YOUR WORK SPACE

                  It’s time to get ready for more flexibility at work. K+N STANDBY.OFFICE helps you take an imaginative and integrated approach to shaping the transformation in your workplace. We offer you a solution that allows you to create workstations in places where they were never actually supposed to be: in the open space and even in higher-traffic areas – exactly where they are needed at the time.

                  Agile working methods call for agile furniture as well as employees.

                  Our future-oriented solution makes autonomous working possible right now. K+N STANDY.OFFICE is a mobile fold-away workstation that’s fully equipped and has acoustic screening. The table adapts easily to suit people of very small or large stature, and it operates completely independently thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery.

                • ACTIVE.T


                  Standing at one's desk increases the cognitive performance. And ACTIVE.T supports the readiness to work while standing, and thus the employee's health! The height-adjustable workstation moves smoothly and quietly whenever you want to see your work from a different angle. With the availability of single desks and benches, it is a simple matter to create different office scenarios.

                • TALO.S


                  Characteristic design with a wide range of options. Everyday workplace requirements are changing all the time. Sometimes individual workstations are called for; at other times a large number of people needs to gather round a large table. TALO.S keeps pace with these trends! Discover the numerous solutions offered by our practical workstation system.

                  More movement at work: You can support your muscles and prevent tension at your desk, too. TALO.S is very easy to adjust and permits healthy work posture both standing and sitting.

                  Especially for larger projects we provide these multifunctional tables in many variants. So we've planned a uniform look for your office from the start. The T-leg frame can be set at different heights. Individual tables are easy to link together as benches for team workstations and ready to meet any new needs arising in the context of the changing workplace. The well-engineered beamless design allows plenty of legroom. For a healthy working posture, the tables are easy to adjust in height so that work can be carried out standing or sitting as required.

                • TABLE.T


                  A sit-stand workstation can be so elegant! TABLE.T is not just mobile, it combines linear design with a multi-functional approach. The T-leg model offers user-friendly motorised height adjustment as a sit-stand workstation. The patented wire management system ensures plenty of legroom. TABLE.T: to keep you flexible in body and mind!

                • BASIC.4


                  A no-nonsense workstation programme that’s ideal as an entry-level model. BASIC.4 is ideal for a classic office layout as it represents excellent value for money, comes in different designs and is highly flexible.

                  Which design variant is right for your office? We offer round and square tube leg frames. Do you want your meeting room to be in the same style? The stand-alone table easily transforms into a conference solution

                • DO IT.4

                • LESS IS MORE

                  The DO IT.4 concept is a workstation solution with a minimalistic design that looks equally good as either a stand-alone desk or a bench solution for team workstations. The desk top appears to be floating weightlessly thanks to the shadow gap design feature. Discover the different versions of DO IT.4.

                  You can buy DO IT.4 as a stand-alone desk or team solution with the options of height-adjustable T-profile or square tube leg frame. It also features different top thicknesses (13 and 15 mm) and leg frames in various designs and colours.

                • TABLE.MANGEMENT

                  TABLE.MANAGEMENT is a successful symbiosis of workstation system, technical pedestal and sideboard. The workstation system combines classic, prestigious design with a high level of functionality. The integral technical pedestal accommodates the printer and base unit, and provides elegant storage right at your desk. The motorised model is easy to set to the required height, and really contributes towards bringing dynamics into the office.
              • CONFERENCE & MEETING

                    • TALO.YOU as conference and meeting solution and for agile working

                    • A DESK SYSTEM THAT CHANGES WITH YOU.

                      In 2020 transformation of the workplace accelerated in leaps and bounds. Home office and remote working, digital meetings and flexible working have now finally become part of daily routine in the workplace. We’re adapting our product range accordingly: TALO.YOU is a new desk system that’s available in so many variants and specifications/options that you can customise it fully to your particular work situation – and change it whenever you like.

                    • LIFE.S INTERACTION+STOOL


                      It’s now considered a fact that stand-up meetings are not only shorter, they are also more effective. If they could also offer flexible conditions, maybe it would intensify this effect! LIFE.S Interaction is our multifunctional solution for short meetings: it can be positioned wherever you need it depending on the office situation. It’s the ideal choice in the open space as a stand-up table with bench seats, especially for communication and bistro areas.
                    • LIFE.S Indoor


                      For an agile working approach, you need more flexible furnishing solutions. For instance you could assemble your team at the LIFE.S Indoor Bench instead of in a meeting room. Our solution for spontaneous meetings with up to six people can be set up anywhere – and simply relocated when the room layout needs to change. Sockets, wireless chargers and NET BOX Point electrics allow for a versatile use of media. Optional acoustic absorbers create a sense of being screened off and reduce the noise level on the whole floor.

                    • PLENUM.K


                      A table that can accommodate lots of people. With a span of up to four metres, PLENUM.K offers huge freedom of movement and supports the use of modern media technology. Not only is it functional, it also looks impressive – whether your preference is boat-shaped, rectangular, oval or as a stacking table on castors.

                    • TABLE.T conference

                    • MORE MOVEMENT IN MEETINGS

                      Convenience and mobility? No problem: The premium TABLE.T conference table is easily adjustable thanks to its motorised height adjustment. This allows you to sit comfortably with plenty of leg room – and switch to a standing position whenever you need a new perspective.

                    • SUMMA.K


                      Not much space but plenty of opinions? Then gather your team around SUMMA.K and invite them to exchange ideas! Thanks to the castors, this practical participant at any meeting is always where it's needed and can be quickly stowed away after work is done. But what's the point of functionality if it doesn't look good, too? The characteristic frame makes SUMMA.K a real eye-catcher, whether folding table, conference or meeting table. … And ideas can unfold!

                    • TALO.S CONFERENCE


                      Efficient meetings require appropriate equipment. TALO.S looks just as good whether you use it as a motorised height-adjustable conference table or an individual workstation. Make sure you keep things moving in meetings - this promotes mental creativity and active participation in the conversation.

                      Our offer: with the TALO.S table system, you can design all your workstations in a uniform look. From a single desk to meeting rooms or a bench, everything forms a harmonious whole, no matter which additional features you require!

                    • MEMO.S

                    • HERE TODAY, THERE TOMORROW

                      Advantage of mobility The table system is on castors so you can take it to where the action is. And it comes with a power connection. The flexible MEMO.S desk system can be fitted with an integrated multifunction socket.

                    • BASIC.4 BOLT-ON COUNTER

                    • A WELCOMING RECEPTION
                      To ensure a warm welcome. Whether in an open plan office or a waiting-room: counters serve as reference points showing people where to go. Modules in wood in a choice of colours and wood effects, or in steel or glass, turn a desk into a reception which will always make a good first impression. Counter tops and brief-case ledges are practical, and the combination with a pull-out sidefiler unit rounds off the whole reception.
                  • SEATING

                        • HUG.Y

                        • SITTING SUSTAINABLY

                          We’re working hard to meet our sustainability goals on a daily basis. HUG.Y plays a part here: it’s made of 65.5% recyclate and is almost 100% recyclable. This brings you closer to your own goals – for example certification of sustainable office spaces. HUG.Y isn’t just good for the environment though, it’s also good for you: it’s perfectly designed to allow free movement and agile working.

                          FOR YOUR PLANET - SUSTAINABILITY

                          • 65.5% recycled material
                          • Can be recycled by material type and recirculated
                          • Made in Germany

                          FOR YOUR PROJECT - EFFICIENCY

                          • Attractive delivery time
                          • Stock buffer for large-scale projects
                          • Supplied flat-packed or fully assembled

                          FOR YOU - AGILITY

                          • Flexible backrest
                          • Comfortable auto weight setting
                          • For free movement and agile working
                        • OKAY.III

                        • THE SWIVEL CHAIR WITH BOUNCE EFFECT

                          Life and work are increasingly merging together. Thanks to its harmonious form, our OKAY.III swivel chair is just as suitable for multifunctional office spaces as it is for home offices. The special feature is its flexible backrest. The knitted backrest is stretched over characteristic bounce bands. This gives the chair a unique sitting feel. When you lean against the backrest, you drop back almost weightlessly, and are then caught and stabilised. This provides optimum support for your back, as well as encouraging mobility.

                          Ergonomic top: The VSP synchronous mechanism allows a harmonious movement sequence when sitting. The integrated, continuously adjustable lumbar support guarantees optimum pressure distribution. Seat height, seat depth and seat inclination are adjusted intuitively and self-explanatory with simple controls in no time at all.

                          YOUR WORK RHYTHM. YOUR WORK CULTURE

                          Dynamic or relaxed with OKAY.III The backrest with the bounce bands follows every movement - and your work culture finds its own rhythm.

                        • JET.III

                        • INSPIRED BY NATURE!

                          After extensive surveys and market research, we developed JET.III – a chair that is exceptionally precise and can be adjusted almost intuitively to suit individual needs. Its backrest reflects the shape of the spine. This not only makes it very comfortable, but also supports the body's movements. JET.III combines an extremely delicate design with surprising stability.

                        • K+N BALANCE.CHAIR


                          The workplace places new demands on us today where strengths and skills are concerned. Innovative working models call for creativity and flexibility. And they encourage more personal freedom in daily routine planning! König + Neurath offers a number of products and office solutions to support a healthy and mobile approach to working - such as the patented K+N BALANCE.CHAIR!

                          Our design department has come up with another revolutionary new product - made in Germany.

                          The patented task chair can be transformed in next to no time into a standing support. The TÜV-certified K+N BALANCE.CHAIR has received the Red Dot Design Award 2018 and invites you to learn more about the new approach to working.

                        • AURAY

                        • FASCINATING – IN EVERY RESPECT
                          Its distinctive design makes AURAY the center of attraction in executive offices and meeting rooms. The chair's high-quality finishes, topographic padding and high-quality upholstery materials combine to create an attractive whole. The swivel chair with a high backrest in leather is the highlight of the design family.
                        • OKAY.II

                        • A LONG DAY AT WORK? THAT'S OKAY.II

                          For long days when you really have to concentrate: a chair that takes the strain off your back and provides optimum support exactly where it's needed. The ergonomic contour of the backrest is especially pronounced in the lumbar area. Though almost invisible, the asymmetrical lumbar support plays an important part: it can be adjusted independently on each side in height and depth and takes the strain off the intervertebral discs.

                        • LAMIGA

                        • HEALTHY SITTING? IT’S POSSIBLE!

                          We can often tell from the way we feel: focused, static working is not really the best thing for our bodies. So König + Neurath has collaborated with specialists from all areas of the furniture industry to develop a future-oriented, sustainable workplace. For example LAMIGA – a highly flexible office chair created by ITO®DESIGN.

                          LAMIGA boasts a flexible backrest that follows every movement, as well as a really comfortable sitting experience – even for a user weight up to 150 kg. Special feature: The LAMIGA chair has what we call the ERGO-DISC, with which it can be adjusted to suit any user.

                        • TENSA.NEXT

                        • SITTING OR MOVING? HOW ABOUT BOTH!

                          We sit more than we used to. That’s because many professions call for focused work at a desk. So what can we do to ensure we stay healthy and mobile in the long term? The right chair can be extremely helpful here. TENSA.NEXT allows three-dimensional sitting with movement in all directions.

                          The synchro mechanism and adjustable seat depth and tilt optimise the motion sequence and encourage an upright sitting position. The ergonomic contours of the backrest and individually adjustable inflatable lumbar cushion provide perfect support, especially in the lower back region.

                        • JET.II


                          JET.II is one of our most popular products, due firstly to the two different seating concepts and secondly to the countless design options available within the range: you can choose from a large selection of backrests, armrests, frame colours and upholstery. The JET.II range also includes a counter chair: so you can take advantage of the JET.II modular principle and design all areas of the office based on a single style collection.

                        • K+N NOOK.SHELL


                          Life and work are increasingly merging together. Offices are becoming meeting points that convey a sense of identity, while the home has also been transformed into a workplace – at the moment, a quarter of all employees work from home at least on a part-time basis. That’s why we’ve created a partner for our K+N NOOK visitor and conference chair, in the form of a universal chair: K+N NOOK.SHELL.

                          The comfortable König + Neurath shell chair is ideal as a home office chair, makes a great dining chair … or it’s equally suitable for conference and meeting areas in the office. The K+N NOOK.SHELL is relaxed yet stylish in design, merging organically with its surroundings and providing good sitting comfort in all variants (without a back cushion, with a cushion pad or fully upholstered).

                          Even though K+N NOOK.SHELL comes in numerous variants thanks to its modular design, we’ve kept its construction simple. The number of components is kept to a minimum and the materials are designed to be recycled by type, and this allows almost the whole chair to be recycled once it reaches the end of its life. On the subject of recycling: The back shell consists of 80% recyclated material. This consists of half industrial waste and the other half post-consumer waste.

                        • K+N NOOK

                        • GET YOUR LOOK

                          K+N NOOK is more than just a visitor chair – it’s a modular system that can be configured as a visitor chair or conference chair. However you put your K+N NOOK together (and there are plenty of options here!), the design is distinctive and the choice is endless. Incidentally, the dynamic backrest is a real stand-out feature. This provides an incredibly comfortable sitting experience for visitors … and keeps them moving.

                          Tested for users weighing up to 130 kg.

                          There are 40 potential combinations of different backrests and base forms/types with K+N NOOK. It has a split shell backrest that’s available without upholstery or with cushion pads in a selection of colours. You can choose from the fabrics in our extensive collection – take a look.

                        • AURAY CONFERENCE


                          Create an elegant environment for important meetings with AURAY high or low back conference chairs. The flowing lines and luxurious feel radiate elegance. We combine high-quality technical components with the finest materials. Designed by 2DODESIGN.

                        • AGENDA.II conference


                          AGENDA.II ensures your guests can sit comfortably and relax even during longer meetings. Comfort you can really feel thanks to the high-quality chair mechanism in our AGENDA.II conference chairs: the suspension provides dynamic movement and flexibility, and can adapt to any seating position. The conference chairs are timelessly elegant and stylishly understated thanks to their slender proportions and high-quality materials. Designed by ITO-DESIGN.

                        • PUBLICA CONFERENCE

                        • HAPPY TO BE IN THE SPOTLIGHT

                          PUBLICA Conference chairs cut a fine figure in meeting rooms, too: With its clear lines, it's the perfect partner if you frequently stage seminars and conferences. Choose castors or glides for the starbase – whichever you prefer.

                        • MOVE.ME


                          Physical and mental mobility are often related. For more productive meetings and seminars we have therefore developed our MOVE.ME chair,which encourages dynamic sitting. The seat shell is connected to the base via pivot points that transfer the user’s movements to the chair base. This effect strengthens the back and improves concentration. The chair is flexible in other ways, too – it can be stacked and linked, and is available in a variety of styles.

                        • MOVE.MIX

                        • Sturdy, comfortable and extremely variable. When you furnish your office with the MOVE.MIX programme, you are creating a feeling of comfort that makes relaxed working possible. This visitor chair perfectly matches the meeting tables and creates a very homely atmosphere with its modern base made of solid oak. With various wooden shells and upholstery variants available, MOVE.MIX can be adapted to fit any furnishing concept.
                        • PUBLICA BAR STOOL


                          The PUBLICA bar stool looks elegant and stylish. With its fine lines and ring footrest it's ideal for use at exhibitions or informal meeting areas such as canteens or reception areas. Choose between a white or black seat shell.

                        • QUICK.III

                        • OUR CONTRIBUTION TO YOUR BACK’S HEALTH

                          Workstations that encourage you to switch between sitting and standing are more relaxing for your back muscles. QUICK.III offers a variant that’s halfway between the two: supported standing takes the strain off the spine. That’s a good reason to keep QUICK.III at hand to complement your swivel chair – at your desk or in communication zones! The stand support stool has gas lift height adjustment, allowing it to adapt perfectly to its users.

                        • PUBLICA

                        • HAPPY TO BE IN THE SPOTLIGHT

                          PUBLICA cuts a fine figure every time: with its clear lines and the clever accessories, it's the perfect partner if you frequently stage seminars and conferences. PUBLICA can be linked quickly in rows, is available in numerous upholstery versions and can be fitted with accessories such as armrests, row/seat numbering or writing tablets. It can also be stacked and features attractive plastic shells.

                        • PUBLICA BENCH

                        • A SAFE BET

                          The PUBLICA Bench offers the comfort and variety you have come to expect from the entire PUBLICA range. Just pick the upholstery covers of this elegant solution for reception and waiting areas from the various fabrics in our collection. For public areas also available as a flame-retardant version with wooden shell – with or without upholstery – as well as fully upholstered versions with B1 rating.

                      • STORAGE SPACE

                            • ACTA.PLUS LOCKER

                            • STORAGE SOLUTIONS IN A VERSATILE DESIGN

                              Nowadays, flexible teams and open space solutions need a new generation of storage options. Our versatile storage programme ACTA.PLUS lockers provides space for personal items, with the flexibility to choose the location. Furthermore it’s an effective design element that helps zone off larger areas. ACTA.PLUS lockers is available in a variety of styles, allowing it to fit in harmoniously with the widest range of design schemes.

                            • ACTA.CLASSIC

                            • CUSTOMISED ORGANISATION AND STYLE

                              Divides up the open space into different zones and at the same time keeps everything in order: your requirements of a storage system are diverse. Thanks to a huge selection of front solutions and well-engineered, functional internal division with practical details, ACTA.CLASSIC enables you to create exactly the storage solution you need for any work situation. You can combine different heights, high-quality finishes and colourful front solutions just as you please.

                            • ACTA.PLUS


                              The versatile storage programme offers three items of furniture in one: open shelf unit, closed cupboard with tambour front, hinged door or sliding door, or filing cabinet with pull-out. And: the decorative back panel also makes ACTA.PLUS ideal for use as a room divider!

                              When it comes to creating a pleasant atmosphere suitable for working, ACTA.PLUS has something else to give: the fronts are also designed to be acoustically effective. This makes ACTA.PLUS your perfect partner for minimising noise and allowing discreet conversation – even behind closed doors.

                            • PULL-OUT SIDEFILER


                              Storage, privacy screening and a spontaneous meeting point. With the ACTA.PLUS pull-out sidefiler we’ve created a functional storage solution that fits perfectly into the office of today: the depth and height of the functional storage system is based on the workstation, which means you can keep everything you need within arm’s reach. For focused working and short meetings.

                            • MOBILE

                            • TO GO. WORK IS MOVEMENT: FACT

                              Always stay on the move, open to change – this approach is characteristic of the work culture today. Our travelling storage system supports agile working methods and flexible teams: thanks to stable castors and handles the cupboards are easy to transport from one place to another. Every mobile storage unit is lockable and acts as a flexible complement to a variety of style collections.

                            • PEDESTAL

                            • ORDERLINESS IS PART OF YOUR PERSONALITY

                              Mobile storage is your personal companion at the workstation. The pedestals are available in a wide choice of surface finishes, both wood effect and solid colour. At the same time, the internals can be specified as required: from classic suspended filing to individual subdivisions of the drawers, everything is possible. The drawer runners are fitted with high-quality maintenance-free cage roller bearings; this makes them especially quiet in operation, even when lightly loaded. In addition, the soft-close pull-in mechanisms make the drawers especially pleasant to use.

                            • PERSONALBOX

                            • MULTIFUNCTIONAL AND MOBILE

                              Our solution for multiterritorial offices is open to anything: the PERSONAL BOX can either be attached directly to the desk or offers a mobile storage solution like a pedestal that you can take around the office with you. Pack it full of your personal work utensils and it even makes a stable yet lightweight ad hoc seat. Incidentally we use recycled plastic to make this new storage alternative.

                          • PARTIONING

                                • THINK.TANK


                                  We collaborated with some innovative companies and came up with a new product for you – the THINK.TANK – which is both attractive-looking and functional. It can serve as a transparent meeting room-within-a-room that’s perfect as a quiet zone so that you can have an acoustically protected conversation in the open space. It allows you to be screened from distractions, yet still at the centre of everything. The elegant design of the THINK.TANK is based on a post-and-rail construction that’s used in glass architecture for interiors. Its ceiling is sound-absorbing and it features an attractive integral light.

                                • THINK.TANK.II

                                • SPACES WHERE PEOPLE CAN BE CREATIVE

                                  If a working approach involves increasingly less desk-based time and becomes more team-focused instead, it’s important for concentration and output that acoustically screened areas are available. You can create the right backdrop for brainstorming sessions and agile working methods with our THINK.TANK.II. This acoustically optimised retreat zone offers enhanced acoustic protection thanks to its double glazing, and can be stylishly integrated into all open space areas.

                                • QUIET.BOX

                                • THE THINK-ZONE: PEACE AND QUIET IN A SINGLE SQUARE METRE

                                  Just shut the door behind you – and think in peace. Our QUIET.BOX fulfils the requirement for a retreat zone in the open space with a tiny footprint: With a base measuring just 1x1 metre you have the freedom to work without being disturbed, make private phone calls and just be on your own. It comes in two designs: the angular design of the QUIET.BOX and with organically rounded corners in the form of the QUIET.BOX Organic.

                                • QUIET.BOX DUO

                                • THE THINK-ZONE: PEACE AND QUIET IN A SINGLE SQUARE METRE

                                  Just shut the door behind you – and think in peace. Our QUIET.BOX fulfils the requirement for a retreat zone in the open space with a tiny footprint: With a base measuring just 1x1 metre you have the freedom to work without being disturbed, make private phone calls and just be on your own. It comes in two designs: the angular design of the QUIET.BOX and with organically rounded corners in the form of the QUIET.BOX Organic.

                                • HORIZONTE

                                • NEW REQUIREMENTS? NEW FEELING OF SPACE!

                                  If workflow and team groupings change, you can use this transparent glass partitioning system to adapt your room to the new requirements. We’ve designed HORIZONTE so that you can change the room structure of your area, as well as creating individual aesthetic solutions for any working space. Four mutually compatible system components give you the freedom to do this.

                                  HORIZONTE system components are available with or without slimline post-and-rail construction for a particularly light and elegant look. Furthermore you can choose between transparent and opaque finishes in various colours, textures and materials.

                                • TWO.2.BLOCK

                                • ECONOMIC. CONVERTIBLE. OVER AND OVER AGAIN

                                  The world of work is always changing. We’ve developed TWO.2.BLOCK to help you address these changes without drastic building work: the modular partition system with its transparent and opaque wall elements creates a variety of office layouts flexibly. It’s highly economical throughout – from production through the logistics process right to the point of installation and reconfiguration.

                                  And another great thing: the flush-fitted glazing construction of the TWO.2.BLOCK’s glass modules brings the frameless glazed architecture of today’s office buildings right inside the office.

                                • INSIDE.30

                                • OPTIMISING SPACES ACOUSTICALLY. WITH A SYSTEM

                                  In offices two factors are often equally important: communication and concentration. A good acoustic is essential to create the right conditions for either working style. Our solution INSIDE.30 combines the needs of both. The multifunctional, fabric-covered screen system with acoustic infill ensures absorption of potentially distracting noise and provides optimum acoustic shielding. This system supports acoustic zoning of areas … and opens up diverse design potential for your space.

                                  Bring a sense of calm into the office both visually and acoustically. Our multifunctional screen system with acoustic infill adapts to suit a variety of space configurations, functions and designs.

                                  Design options and a goal: good acoustics for focused working

                                  INSIDE.30 is not just suitable for visual and acoustic screening, it also serves as an agile workplace tool with its practical accessories such as organiser rails, whiteboard or flipchart – and it’s on castors for convenience as well. INSIDE.30 is available in two design variants (with square or rounded corners), many colours and a variety of fabrics. Whether you need a free-standing room divider or an integrated privacy screen at your desk, INSIDE.30 combines partitioning with privacy and brings a noticeable improvement to the room acoustics. It doesn’t matter what shape your agile working takes, INSIDE.30 will help with your design.

                                • INSIDE.50

                                • STRUCTURED AND PROTECTED. VISUAL AND ACOUSTIC

                                  Communication or concentration? Both are required at the workstation. You’ll have no problem facing the complex demands of work processes undergoing transformation with INSIDE.50: its modular screen elements allow you to design impressive environments for focused working – quickly and in any location. Define areas within the open space that offer visual orientation and acoustic protection. Team areas, working zones or informal conversation with colleagues INSIDE.50 gives you the freedom to create specific areas exactly where you need them.