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    • car safety camera
    high speed movie

    Comprehensive car safety tests with pco.dimax CS camera


    There is a vast range of applications for testing the car safety. the pco.dimax CS high speed camera is specially designed for all applications centered around car [...]

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    • windrowers
    biogas container

    Self-Propelled Windrower: faster cutting speeds & better maneuverability


    The W155 Self-Propelled Windrower is designed to increase performance and uptime while cutting and curing grain and forage [...]

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    • soft exosuits and exoskeletons
    automation industry exhibition

    Research of wearable soft exosuits


    Whether it’s a stroke, an amputated leg or arm, a spinal-cord injury the extra strength to do some real heavy lifting, or that additional mobility in old age [...]

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    • conference chairs
    neos chair

    Conference task chair Sola, comfortable, crisp and rocking


    The linear shape of the seat shell and the distinctive lines of the aluminium frame define its aesthetic [...]

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    • articulated arm robots
    automation industry exhibition

    Man vs. machine: robot battles german table tennis pro


    KUKA celebrates the opening of its new robot production plant in Shanghai with it's new Brand ambassador Timo Boll [...]

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    • wind energy
    vestas ocean race

    The Team Vestas joins the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015


    Starting in October, the Volvo Ocean Race will embark on its 12th edition, taking sailors on a 38,739-nautical-mile race around the world [...]

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    • robotic research
    Graph table

    Meet Nexi

    Personal Robots Group

    The MDS Robot is our new robotics platform, which pushes the limits of existing robotics technology [...]

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    • humanoid robots
    Graph table

    NAO - small programmable humanoid robot

    Aldebaran Robotics

    This humanoid robot can be utilized many different fields of education such as teaching, development and even in special education[...]

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    • hand pallet trucks
    intralogistic solution

    Pedestrian low lift truck CiTi One


    Innovative lift truck for delivery operations within cities with good traction even on uneven floors and even - climbs easily kerbs and steps up to 70 mm [...]

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    • sorting & picking
    Graph table

    FlexSort SC3 Crossbelt a warehouse sorting solution with high rate and accuracy


    Precise sorting of poly bags, pieces, stuffed envelopes, cartons and totes [...]

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    • automated guided vehicles
    intralogistic solution

    Clever navigation in healthcare settings


    In cooperation with OPPENT BLUEBOTICS provide hospitals with high-tech solutions that rationalize and optimize logistical processes with their autonomous navigation technology [...]

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    • forklift trucks
    Graph table

    New G-generation electric forklift introduced at CEMAT


    The EGO cabin features major upgrades to ergonomics and visibility, securing its position as one of the best operator environments on the market [...]

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    • automated storage
    intralogistic solution

    AutoStore small parts storage system


    Automated small parts storage system quickly processes small parts orders and single-item picking. Robots collect the required bins and present them at integrated picking stations [...]

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    • work space furniture
    Graph table

    New dynamics in the office - NET.WORK.PLACE


    NET.WORK.PLACE. is using the quadratic form as the basis for office layouts that are modular and therefore mobile [...]

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    • swivel chairs
    automation industry exhibition

    Neos chairs redesigned with fresher look and better comfort


    Neos is characterised by ingenious simplicity, intuitive handling and clear contours. The redesign of the chair applies to the upholstery above all [...]

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    • workspace furniture
    automation industry exhibition

    ophelis docks create new zones in the working environment.


    docks are ophelis‘ response to wide-reaching new office requirements, it creates zones which can be used as places to work and to communicate [...]