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Hangcha Spearheading the Industrial Hydrogen Fuel Cell Revolution

Photo by Hangcha

In September of 2022, Hangcha(link to https://www.hcforklift.com/ )launched the XC series hydrogen fuel cell forklift. Having researched the application of hydrogen fuel cell in forklifts since 2016, Hangcha has sold 400 units of hydrogen fuel cell forklifts, accumulating over 40,000 hours in the field for major companies like Sinopec.

XC Series Innovations

During launch, Li Yuansong, Hangcha Deputy Chief Engineer, explained, “[The XC series forklift] is a game-changing product, being among the first to adopt distributed fuel cell technology and a permanent magnet synchronous drive system. Its safety, reliability, and efficiency allow it to handle both indoor and outdoor applications and is perfectly suited for medium and heavy-duty operations.”

Click to watch the distributed fuel cell technology:

Having applied for more than ten patents both domestically and abroad, the XC series include additional innovations such as pneumatic tires, external air filter and high-level air inlets, external heat dissipation and rear ventilation, and external H2 tank placement. These innovations result in improved performance and durability throughout a wide variety of demanding work environments ranging from warehousing and logistics to ports and terminals.

Why Hydrogen Fuel Cells?

Hydrogen fuel cell power rivals internal combustion in operational efficiency and is more environmentally friendly than both battery power and internal combustion. With a refueling time of only three minutes, the XC series hydrogen fuel cells can for run four to six hours while providing constant output power even in environments as cold as -30°C.

Towards a Greener Future

Moving forward, Hangcha has plans to expand the hydrogen fuel cell product line to 2-to-48-ton forklifts, reachstackers, and tow tractors.

At the 2022 annual meeting of the National Industrial Vehicle Standardization Committee, the group standard Additional Technical Conditions and Safety Requirements for Fuel Cell Industrial Vehicles drafted by Hangcha Group officially passed the project approval vote for official adoption in 2023. This new group standard aims to promote the large-scale application hydrogen energy forklifts.

Remarking on the approval of the group standard, Li Yuansong announced, “With the establishment of group and industry standards, hydrogen energy forklifts are expected to be one of the most effective ways to utilize hydrogen energy and become the next tipping point for hydrogen energy applications.”

Last but not least, the XC series hydrogen fuel cell forklift will be presented during the LogiMAT  2023 from April 25-27. Come to visit our experts at our booth Hall 9 Stand 9D71 and know more about it. 

For more information, please visit: https://www.hcforklift.com/news/list