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Wilkhahn: ON® office chair

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ON® office chair

The worlds first chair with Trimension®, a patented three-dimensional synchro-adjustment mechanism
range 170 - design by wiege

Up until the present day, we primarily sit still in hunched positions at our desks. Seemingly they‘re postures we welcome because we‘re lazy by nature and want to save precious calories. But it‘s been a well-known fact for a long time now that a varied range of motion is required for people to stay mentally and physically fit, healthy and do their jobs efficiently. That’s why we’ve taught sitting to walk and developed office chair ON®. It’s the world’s first chair with Trimension®, a patented three-dimensional synchro-adjustment mechanism. It doesn’t just enable the hips to move forwards, backwards and sideways, but also to rotate – which is essential for stabilising the spine. Two separately moveable swing plates, just like two thighs, lie at the core of the patented mechanics. The position of the pivotal points and way they work are exactly like knee and hip joints. As a result, the body’s equilibrium remains in perfect balance – no matter what posture you adopt or way you move. And this new dimension in seating quickly becomes something you can take for granted. Not only the many letters from customers, but a comparative scientific study has also proved that ON‘s varied range of motion is applied and leads to improved well-being. It also substantially enhances powers of concentration in office spaces
Wilkhahn - ON® office chair

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