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  • A1: Laser Technology

  • A2: Optical Components and Photonics

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      • Photonics

      • Detectors, photomultipliers, photodiodes, electron multiplier tubes...
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      • Optical Components

      • Optical lenses, mirrors, windows and diffusers, filters, polarizers, prisms, beamsplitters, gratings...
  • Area A3: Special Optics

  • A4: Accessories and Illumination

  • A5: Fabrication and Production

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    • Laset & Optics
    biogas engine

    F-Theta lens for the photovoltaic sector

    Sill Optics

    The S4LFT1330-075 lens is suitable for a wavelength range of 343-355 nm and achieves a spot size of < 18 µm [...]

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    • Optics
    biogas engine

    Focus tunable lenses


    Fast, reliable and compact focusing solutions for imaging and laser applications. [...]

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    • Laser
    biogas engine

    RAMAN Spectroscopy


    C-WAVE is the tunable laser light source for continuous-wave (cw) emission in the visible and near-infrared wavelength range.This makes it a flexible and user friendly laser for your applications. [...]

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    • laser
    robot industry 4.0

    High-quality beam


    Its all-in-one design minimizes integration costs and facilitates its many uses [...]

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    • high speed cameras
    high speed movie

    Spectacular images – High speed cameras that matter

    EXPO21XX Feature

    Today, high speed cameras can process up to 2000 pictures per secon in high resolution and thus, are hardly to be ignored in image processing and analysis [...]

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    • machine vision
    3D surgical microscope

    3D surgical microscopes with TrueVision® 3D technology


    Surgeons benefit from easy 3D recording and video editing, more space to maneuver in the operating room [...]

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    • high speed cameras
    pco.dimax camera

    Houston, we have no problem


    The last space shuttle start July 2011 was recorded with 2x pco.dimax highspeed cameras at 200 frames/s at full resolution (2016 x 2016 pixel) by NASA. [...]