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New report suggests TOPTICA’s frequency comb DFC CORE+ achieves world record stability

TOPTICA’s frequency comb DFC CORE+ demonstrates world record stability, as reported in an article by scientists of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) Braunschweig, Germany and TOPTICA. Today’s best optical clocks achieve an amazing […]

Hamamatsu Photonics’s new quantum cascade laser produces terahertz waves with 450 micrometers wavelength

Hamamatsu Photonics has succeeded in producing terahertz waves at a wavelength of 450 micrometers (μm: micro or μ is one millionth) in the terahertz range which is the world’s longest wavelength available […]

HÜBNER Photonics opens a new research facility in Kassel

In order to support the growth of HÜBNER Photonics, the youngest division of the HÜBNER Group, a new facility for research, development and manufacturing of laser technology has been established at the […]

FUJINON’s new Techno Stabi TS-X 1440 binocular features amazing optical performance

The TS-X 1440 is the new top model in the FUJINON Techno Stabi binocular series and offers outstanding optical performance with 14x magnification and the most powerful image stabilization (±6°) for this […]

FemtoFiber ultra 920

Femto Fiber Laser by Toptica for Spectroscopy and 2-Photon Microscopy

The FemtoFiber ultra 920 is the new member of TOPTICA’s third generation high power ultrafast fiber lasers for spectroscopy and two-photon microscopy. Nonlinear microscopy has become a key technology in biological imaging […]

Yamazaki Mazak launches its new 3D FABRI GEAR III 4kW laser processing machine tool

Yamazaki Mazak’s 4kW laser processing machine tool is capable of cutting large structural materials, such as pipe or tube, up to a maximum length of 8,000mm. With options available up to more […]

Edmund Optics partners with AdlOptica to offer highly efficient laser beam shapers

Edmund Optics® (EO), the premier provider of optical components, is now the sole online distributor of AdlOptica laser beam shapers, which convert Gaussian beam profiles into flat top or Airy disk beam […]

Hexagon expands its range of white light scanning system with the new AICON SmartScan R12

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division launches the AICON SmartScan R12, a new 12-megapixel version of the well-established white light scanning system. Building on a reputation for versatile measurement, this latest iteration of the […]

LASER COMPONENTS’s technology investment enables significantly expanded range of service offerings

By investing in new technologies, LASER COMPONENTS has been able to significantly expand its range of services for the coating of fiber end faces. The company is now in a position to […]

Hamamatsu Photonics introduces its new micro PMT “R12900U”

Hamamatsu Photonics now offers a new micro PMT “R12900U” housing the world’s smallest photomultiplier tube in a miniature plastic package designed to easily mount on electronic circuit boards. Installing this new micro […]

HÜBNER Photonics expands its Cobolt product line with the new Cobolt Tor XS™ Q-switched laser

From the HÜBNER Photonics Cobolt product line comes the Cobolt Tor™ XS, a compact high performance Q-switched laser at 1064 nm and 532 nm, with 100 uJ/pulse and 50 uJ/pulse respectively. The […]

Hexagon’s new LS-C-5.8 system offers metrology-level precision for freeform and large surfaces measurement

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division is bringing laser scanning with metrology levels of precision to machine tool measurement with its new LS-C-5.8 system. Ideal for measuring freeform or large surfaces, the LS-C-5.8 integrates […]

All-in-One Scan System for Multi-Head Laser Machines by SCANLAB

Leading high-quality OEM scan solution producer SCANLAB GmbH is unveiling a new additive-manufacturing scan head at Germany’s formnext 2019 tradeshow in Frankfurt. SCANLAB poured decades of 3D printing expertise into fiberSYS so that sector newcomers, too, […]