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Inrotech-Crawler welding robot relies on Micro-Epsilon’s powerful laser profile scanners

The Danish company Inrotech A/S relies on sensors from Micro-Epsilon. A special welding robot, the »Inrotech-Crawler«, is used to generate an optimal weld seam in fully-automated processes. Therefore, the welding processes are […]

Edmund Optics®’s Nebular™ Technology won Gold-Level 2020 LFW Innovators Award

Edmund Optics® announced that Nebular™ Technology, a process for creating nanostructured anti-reflective laser optics with a high laser-induced damage threshold (LIDT), was awarded a Gold-Level 2020 Laser Focus World (LFW) Innovators Award […]

TROTEC’s new Ruby laser workflow software offer simple and rapid workflow for product development

The open BETA version of “Ruby,” TROTEC’s new generation of laser workflow software, is now available. Ruby sets new standards in laser software by providing the most simple and fast workflow from […]

Schneider-Kreuznach’s anti shading lenses now available equipped with TFL- Mount

The resolution of modern sensors is increasing with every generation. Pixels are getting smaller and while the sensor itself is getting bigger. It shows that the standard C-Mount is too small to […]

LASER COMPONENTS develops new optical filters specifically for testing SARS-CoV-2 virus

Optical filters play a crucial role in detecting the corona pathogen SARS CoV 2. With the expanded Ultra series, LASER COMPONENTS now offers that were specifically developed for real-time qPCR tests for […]

Sill Optics presents its new zoom beam expander S6EXZ0940/574

Sill Optics has developed the zoom beam expander S6EXZ0940/574 which is especiallly suitable for the use of short pused high power lasers. See product video In the product video “variable expanding of […]

STUDER offers laser measuring technology optimised for highly accurate measurements

Demands for integrated production measuring technology Finishing processes on grinding machines often demand exacting tolerances in relation to dimension, form and position accuracies, as well as highly accurate surface qualities. Often companies […]

Edmund Optics®’s TECHSPEC® CA Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses receives Silver-Level 2020 VSD Innovators Award

Edmund Optics®, the premier provider of optical and imaging components, announces that their TECHSPEC® CA Series Fixed Focal Length Lenses were awarded a Silver-Level 2020 VSD Innovators Award in the lighting, lenses […]

Pilz releases its new safety laser scanner PSENscan optimized for the production logistics sector

The safety laser scanner PSENscan from Pilz now goes beyond safe, productive monitoring of stationary or mobile danger zones, offering new possibilities for the production logistics sector. Availability of the ROS (Robot […]

Ewag launches its new LASER LINE ULTRA machine designed to meet electronics industry’s demand

Historically, sectors such as the electronics, medical and micromechanics industries have been pioneers in the area of miniaturisation. In the electronics industry, consumer goods such as flat screen TVs, wearables, mobile phones, […]

Furukawa’s new S185LDF and S185PMLDF splicers now available from LASER COMPONENTS

Furukawa is expanding its FITEL S185 splicer series with two new models, the S185LDF and S185PMLDF. Both are specifically designed for thick fibers with outer diameters up to 500 µm. Like all […]

Vision Components VCnano3D-Z laser profilers features high precision down to 10 µm

Vision Components manufactures intelligent laser profilers for a wide range of applications. The standard VCnano3D-Z models cover working distances from 50 mm to 2025 mm and between 40 mm and 1250 mm […]

avantes mini avalight

Updated: the AvaLight-HAL-S-Mini by Avantes

Due to the worldwide ban on halogen, big companies like Philips and OSRAM have stopped producing halogen light bulbs. This includes the ones we used in our AvaLight-HAL-S-Mini light sources. In spectroscopy, […]