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LASER COMPONENTS now also offers Silicon Carbide (SiC) detectors

The monitoring of UV sources is an important precautionary measure to avoid health hazards when handling short-wave radiation. In the case of water treatment, thorough monitoring is even prescribed in the regulations […]

Cailabs and Edmund Optics® collaborate to develop the new Cailabs Canunda Reflective Axicons

Cailabs, a manufacturer of unique photonics products, has partnered with Edmund Optics® (EO) to make reflective laser beam shaping more accessible than ever before. The innovative Cailabs Canunda Reflective Axicons are now […]

Linear Variable Filter – a flexible solution for data acquisition in laboratory technology

Fast diagnostics and comprehensive data acquisition for safe analysis; medical systems that are multifunctional; perform a variety of analyses highly efficiently; evaluate data reliably. The importance of rapid and reliable acquisition of […]

SCANLAB celebrates its 30th anniversary as an OEM manufacturer in the photonics market

SCANLAB GmbH is marking its 30th anniversary as an OEM manufacturer of scan systems that guide and position laser beams. Residing in the Greater Munich area, the supplier of high-quality laser technology […]

LASER COMPONENTS now offers Diffractive optical elements on Corning 7979 quartz glass

Diffractive optical elements (DOEs) are now also available from LASER COMPONENTS on Corning 7979 quartz glass. With this low-OH material, the manufacturer Holo/OR guarantees an internal transmission of nearly 100% in the […]

The new ZEISS ASTERION is an ideal digital dome projection system for planetariums

ZEISS is launching a new planetarium projector. The all-new ZEISS ASTERION is an optomechanical component designed to be used with a digital dome projection system for Hybrid Planetariums. The projector features a […]

Yamazaki Mazak launches a new laser cutting machine

Mazak – tube laser for small to medium diameters

Yamazaki Mazak launches a new high productivity laser cutting machine specifically designed for super-fast cutting of small to medium diameter tubes in large quantities. The new, extremely compact FT-150 FIBER laser cutting […]

Innolux Adopts Cornings Latest Innovation For The Auto Panel Industry

Corning Incorporated announced that Innolux Corporation will use Corning Laser Technologies’ Large Platform Cutting Tool and Full Automation System for its high-end auto display panel manufacturing process, enabling superior design flexibility, improved […]

ZEISS expands its ZEISS Conquest V4 family with new models optimised for demanding requirements

ZEISS is optimizing the ZEISS Conquest V4 family for demanding target shooting and ambitious hunting. A total of eleven new models will be available starting from summer 2020. Each model utilizes the […]

LASER COMPONENTS now offers in-house production of fiber strippers for industrial applications

LASER COMPONENTS now offers fiber strippers for industrial applications that are produced in house. Six different versions are available for processing large-core fibers with outer diameters between 230 µm and 690 µm. […]

Optics Balzers HQ

Materion Corporation acquires Optics Balzers

With the focus on the company’s growth strategy, the shareholders of Optics Balzers have been looking for new business opportunities: On Monday, June 8, 2020, Materion Corporation, a US-based company listed on […]

FISBA office in shanghai

FISBA AG opens sales office in Shanghai, China

FISBA AG, a leading global supplier of components and systems in the field of micro photonics, is expanding its network of subsidiaries by opening a sales office in the World Square Building […]

Kappa optronics introduces its new RIB 4D Combined Laser Scan/Camera System

Innovative Combined Laser Scan/Camera System RIB 4D by Kappa optronics. Kappa optronics presents its new gun barrel inspection system. Brilliant images and highly sensitive scans from the barrel’s inner surface provide excellent […]